Thursday, March 11, 2021

Want a history lesson with that beer? Bold Patriot Brewery is here to serve.

The Tennessean - West Nashville neighbors Mark Rivers and Wayne Castor have a new place to hang out Monday nights to learn about history and talk politics over freshly brewed beers. 

They call it a "safe space." 

The new Bold Patriot Brewery is giving weekly early-American history lessons led by co-founder and ardent history buff Galen Walker. His grandson is the brewer and sometime-bartender. 

"If you don't learn history, you'll repeat it," Rivers said. "You're better off coming to a place like this to discuss opinions in a civil manner." Flintlock muskets decorate the door handles and taps, and the walls are covered in American Revolution-themed murals. 

... Like many people fleeing California, they found a welcome lower-tax haven in Nashville. (link)

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