Saturday, January 09, 2010

Drop the Moneybomb for Scott Brown

Scot Brown campaign


The far left wing attack machine is stepping up to try and defeat our movement to win the Special Election for the United States Senate on January 19th. The radical has decided to MoveIn to Massachusetts to try and help the lethargic Martha Coakley campaign gain some traction. The SEIU, the nation's largest public employee union is also pouring thousands of dollars into this race to defeat our movement.

These groups like and the SEIU along with the political machine in Massachusetts have an agenda to continue the reckless spending in Washington and to dramatically expand the size of government.

There is only one thing standing between these groups and their hope for a victory on January 19th, and that is you.

On Monday, January 11th we are having a moneybomb and I am asking for your pledge, right now. Once you make your pledge today, please return to on Monday, January 11th to fulfill your pledge and make your contribution.

I refuse to let these far-left groups slow our momentum with their special interest money and I'm asking you to help us fight back, right now.

Our Brown Brigade is strong and our morale is high. Together, we have built a strong grassroots movement to win this special election for the United States Senate on January 19th and send a political shock-wave across the country and to the Washington establishment.

If we win on January 19th, it will deliver a devastating blow to the out-of-control spending bureaucrats and those that want a Government Run take-over of our health care.

You can send a strong message right now by going to and making your pledge, right now.

To Victory,

Scott Brown

P.S. Our call from home application is a fantastic way to volunteer to reach the voters that we need to turn out on Election Day - it's critical to inform OUR voters about Election Day being January, 19.

Comment: I dropped my $35 last night. If you have not given, please do. I can't think of better race to win than this one. If I was young and unencumbered, I would head to Massachusetts to volunteer. Conservatives across America need to rally to this campaign. Don't forget to pray for a blizzard on election day.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Could Scott Brown actually take Ted Kennedy's seat?

Scott Brown for Senate
It is possible! Please contribute now!

I know it hard to believe but the Senate seat held forever by the late Senator Ted Kennedy is in play. According to a Rasmussen poll on Tuesday, State Attorney General Martha Coakley holds only a nine-point lead over her Republican rival, state Senator Scott Brown in that Massachusetts contest. Seven percent of the voters are still undecided.

I know it is an uphill fight, but who would have ever thought a contest for Kennedy's Senate seat could be that close. If Republicans can win Massachusetts they can win anywhere. Win or loose, that the contest is this close is significant. This bodes well for Republicans next fall. What an astounding victory it would be if Republicans could take this seat. If a Republican can win this contest, many Democrats will simply decide to retire.

When a race is this close then voter intensity counts. Brown has the enthusiasm factor. If a blizzard hits on election day the candidate with the most committed supporters could win. Election day efforts to get voters to the polls can make a difference when elections are this close.

Unfortunately the fight is a David versus Goliath battle. The Dems vastly outnumber the Repubs in Massachusetts and Coakley has a current war chest of almost three times that of Brown and throughout the campaign she has vastly outspent Brown. Brown has spent only $450,000 on television ads compared to $1.4 million by Coakley. (link) The momentum however is going in the direction of Brown! Daily, the gap has been narrowing and recently funds have been pouring into the Brown campaign. While there are only eleven days left until the election, a lot can happen in eleven days.

I can't support every Republican running and am a person of modest means, but I just now made a $35 contribution to the Scott Brown campaign. This is a race worth contributing to. This would be a great seat to win. Please send a contribution now to the link below and pray for a blizzard on election day.

Contribute to the Scott Brown Campaign.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama: "These negotiations will be on C-span."

"Not negotiating behind closed doors..."

"..but these negotiations will be on C-span."

"It will be on C-span."

"We will have the negotiations on C-span; it will be televised."

Is President Obama truth-challenged? Did Obama misspeak? Does anyone care?

Would it be impolite to say President Obama is a liar?

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Editorial Boards Weigh in on Democrats’ Decision to Break the President’s “C-SPAN Pledge”

by Kevin Boland on January 6th, 2010

Reports that President Obama and Democratic Congressional leaders have cut a deal to skip a formal Conference on their health care legislation - a flat violation of the President’s promise that such negations would be broadcast on C-SPAN for the American people to see - has provoked outrage across America.

Today, editorial boards from coast to coast weighed in, and - to say the least - they disagree with Speaker Pelosi’s assertion that “There has never been a more open process.”

A roundup of newspaper editorials from this morning’s papers follows:

Boston Herald: “Let Public in the Room”

"This administration - and Democratic leaders - talk a good game about transparency in government. Now they have an opportunity to practice it. If they’re going to throw the legislative rulebook out the window, at the very least they could give congressional Republicans a chance to watch the process on TV."

Investor’s Business Daily: “Let the Sun Shine”

"House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, has called the Democrats’ plan to bypass a conference committee a “shady backroom deal.” An overstatement? Hardly. One House Democratic aide told a blogger that “this process cuts out the Republicans.” The Democrats fear that if they follow the traditional route, the GOP could use the Senate filibuster rule to shut down the process of organizing the committee.

"Bypassing a conference committee also cuts out a public that will suffer losses from whatever monstrosity is produced by the cover of darkness. Americans stand to lose their power of choice over health care decisions and be stripped of a significant portion of their earnings to pay for a plan most don’t want. They deserve to see in an open forum what is being done to them. Instead, they’re likely to get whatever the Democrats want to force on them."

New York Daily News: “Ready for Prime Time”

"Candidate Barack Obama made a straightforward health care reform promise on the campaign trail in 2008: ‘We’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so the people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who is making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.’ At the time, he hit all the right notes. Populism. Transparency. Good government. But today, President Obama is not quite with the program."

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Broken Promise”

"What Americans don’t know — and what they won’t get to see — is how far Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi will go to get what they want. Taxpaying voters will be cut off from the decisive debate on a monstrous increase in consumer costs and federal authority. Can senators and representatives defend the economically impossible concepts they embrace — more health care, lower costs — in spontaneous, free-flowing discussions? Or will they simply push forward a slip of paper with the dollar amount needed to secure their support, as Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., already has?"

New York Post: “Dems Against Democracy”

"As DC Democrats slink behind closed doors to craft a final health-care bill — thousands of pages long and sure to sap the nation’s economic future — Americans need to ask: Just what are Dems so ashamed of? ‘We will do what is necessary to pass the bill,’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted, as she and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid moved to forgo a panel to finalize legislation. Instead, they’ll build their Frankenstein’s monster of a bill in secret, mocking democratic principles all the way."

The Wall Street Journal: “The Tom DeLay Democrats”

"Evading conference has become standard operating procedure in this Congress, though you might think they’d allow for the more open and thoughtful process on what Mr. Obama has called ‘the most important piece of social legislation since the Social Security Act passed in the 1930s and the most important reform of our health-care system since Medicare passed in the 1960s’…Apparently this Congress knows no shame."

In my last post I said an intemperate thing when I condemned the "sanctimonious main stream press" for their failure to condemn the disgraceful backroom deal making and lack of transparency in the health care refrom legislation negotiations. I should not paint all of the press with the same brush. They are not "phonies, one and all." There are still some elements of the press that have integrity and believe in good government and democracy.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Open the Health Care Negotiations!

The Democrats are proving they are the party of the backroom deal, the party of special interest, kickbacks and bought votes. Did a candidate named Obama once say something about "transparency?" Why are Democrats afraid of making law in the light of day? Where are all of the so-called good-government types like Common Cause and League of Women Voters and the idealistic youth of America and most of the sanctimonious main stream press? Damn phonies, one and all! The new Democratic Party would make Mayor Daley proud. The Democrats are still the party of the corrupt political machine.

C-SPAN asks Dems to televise negotiations for health reform bill
By Eric Zimmermann - 01/05/10 09:29 AM ET, The Hill

Democratic leaders have reportedly decided to skip formal conference and instead talk behind closed doors to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate bills.

C-SPAN, which would normally televise a conference committee, especially on such a hot topic, wants the negotiations to be public.

"Now that the process moves to the critical stage of reconciliation

Boehner backs move to open health care talks to media
Posted: January 5th, 2010 04:34 PM ET, CNN Politics

Washington (CNN) - The top Republican in the House of Representatives is backing a move by C-SPAN to allow television coverage of House-Senate health care reform negotiations.
In a December 30 letter to Democratic and Republican congressional leadership, C-SPAN Chairman Brian Lamb requested that they "open all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage."

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Special First Tuesday: Jobs

Date: Monday Jan 11, 2010 (First Tuesday is second Monday this month only.)
Time: 11:30 AM
Location: Waller Lansden, 511 Union St Floor 27, Nashville, TN 37201

1ST TUESDAY attendees:
Of course the word for 2010 will be "JOBS" -- wished I was going to get a nickle for every time we hear that word spoken by an Obama Admin supporter this year !!
Given the importance of this topic, it will be the focus of our meeting this month.

1st Tuesday is a always a great event. Hear interesting speakers in a room with a view, have a nice meal for a reasonable price and network with other Republicans. Park cheap at 511 Union or free or cheap in the public garage beneath the library, which is less than a block away. Anyone is welcome to attend. The meeting is exactly one hour long, so you can attend and not be gone from work that long. Lunch is from Alexander's Catering and is $20 for guests, $15 for members. Membership in 1st Tuesday is only $20 a year. If you are a Republican or a conservative and in the Nashville area, you really owe it to yourself to start attending 1st Tuesday.

For more information click here: 1st Tuesday Meetup.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Joy Behar Caption Contest

Joy Behar

The winner of this contest will have the screen shot of their blog put on the top of the Conservative Blogs Central website for a week. If you do not have a blog and you win you can recommend any blog (A Disgruntled Republican?) on Conservative Blog Central and the blog will be displayed at the top of the page. So click the link below and post a suggested caption.

Here's the rules....

* Enter the funnest caption pertaining to the picture you can think of ...

* "Winner" will be determined by the caption that makes me laugh the hardest ...


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It's so Cold

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John Coleman on Global Warming

John Coleman is a TV weatherman and founder of the Weather Channel. This is his take on global warming. It should be pointed out that Coleman is not a scientist, but then neither is Al Gore.

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