Thursday, March 16, 2017

First person account of going to the Trump rally and not getting in.

I attended the Trump rally last night and did not get in. Here is what I wrote on Facebook at the time:

The below is the Facebook posting of Bill Hobbs, conservative political activist and former blogger. He gives a good report. I agree with him; the Trump phenomena is a movement. Also, the anti-Trump anguish and hysteria is unprecedented and is a phenomena.

Bill Hobbs
I used to silently laugh at the notion that Trump was leading a "movement." Winning a campaign? Sure. He did that. But leading a movement? That's a whole different political animal.
I'm not laughing anymore. In a blue city, a city where Democrats always win every election that matters, Trump drew a massive crowd to Nashville's old Municipal Auditorium. The line to see him was a mile long. That's not hyperbole. It really was a mile long, snaking around the state capitol and through downtown streets.
Thousands of people stood in line for hours to see the president and were turned away because the arena was full. The arena holds more than 10,000 people for an event like a political rally in which the floor is covered with temporary seating. Even without floor seating, Municipal Auditorium has more than 9,600 fixed seats. With floor seating that number is above 10,000.
The Secret Service stopped letting people in when the arena was full.
How many were turned away?
There's no official count, but from my observation the number of Trump supporters who couldn't get into the venue because it was full was at least double and probably triple the number of anti-Trump protesters gathered outside the venue.
Hundreds, probably thousands, more gave up and went home after standing in the cold for a few hours and realizing they were unlikely to get in to the arena.
I stand by my estimate that if the Trump rally had been held at Bridgestone Arena, it, too, would have had every seat full, at more than 19,000 seats.
The local daily birdcage liner estimates the number of protesters at 2,500. I'd say that's a generous number, probably inflated by the standard inflation that the liberal media tends to give liberal crowds. (There's also a standard deflation the liberal media applies to conservative crowds. A good rule of thumb is if 75 liberals show up it's 100 in the newspaper, and if 125 conservatives show up it also is 100 in the newspaper.)
But the newspaper can't apply the standard conservative discount to the pro-Trump crowd inside the arena as it was a ticketed event at a venue with a known number of seats. The exact attendance number is a number that can be known with a fair degree of accuracy and certainty.
Which makes it rather curious that the newspaper has a number for the protestors but not for the Trump supporters.
The newspaper's main story about the Trump rally doesn't give a number for attendance at the event. It only describes it as "thousands in attendance."
The word "thousands" is the same word it uses later in the story for the number of protesters, as in "thousands of protesters." A separate story is headlined "More than 2,500 protest Trump rally."
Somehow they are certain about the number of protesters though there's no way to get an accurate count, but they don't know how many people were in the arena even though an accurate count is possible.
The paper uses the same phrase - "thousands of ..." because it wants to mislead readers into thinking the protesters and supporters were there in comparable numbers.
It isn't true. The arena, with seating for more than 10,000, was full. And somewhere around 5,000 people were turned away, judging from how much of the formerly mile-long lines of people were left standing outside the venue when the arena was full. An unknown number didn't stand in line that long or didn't come because they heard on the news about the mile-long line and realized they had no change to get into the venue.
Even if you accept the inflated number of 2,500 that the newspaper claims for the crowd of protesters, that is still only a quarter the size of the pro-Trump crowd in the arena - and only a sixth, or less, of the total crowd that came out and stood in line for Trump. (And that doesn't even include the thousands of Trump supporters who lined the motorcade route from the airport to the Hermitage.)
Let's be clear: This was a huge crowd that came out to support President Trump. Nashville saw nothing like it on the various occasions when President Obama came to town - and this is a Democrat-majority city. Supporters of President Trump vastly outnumbered the protesters. In a Democrat city.
Yes, there is a Trump-lead movement. A bigly one.
Photo by Connie Hunter
Here is a link to a video of the protestors by Chris Butler, Investigative Reporter with Tennessee Watchdog.

These Black and White photos are of the protestors are by Bill Hobbs. To see more follow this link.
Here is Big John Smith's Facebook report:

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St. Patrick's Day tips from the Rod Williams School of Drunk Driving.

Saint Patrick’s Day brings to mind shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold and good luck and wearing green. Unfortunately, March 17 has become a deadly day in the United States, with a dramatic spike in drunk-driving fatalities.  It can't compare to New Year's eve for a favorite day to drive drunk, but its close. A lot of people who do not normally go to bars and drink will be out drinking tomorrow night. In recognition of St. Patrick's day I am again posting my guide on driving drunk.

This  guide from the Rod Williams School of Drunk Driving is provided  to help you improve your drunk driving skills.

(1) Don't Drive drunk. That is the number one rule: don't do it. Getting arrested for drunk driving is only one reason not to drive drunk.  The most important reason is you could kill yourself or someone else.  If you are lucky and don't kill someone else or yourself, getting arrested for drunk driving could cost you your job, your election, your social standing, custody of your children or visitation rights, a lot of money, and maybe your marriage.

If you overindulge, there are alternatives to driving drunk. Take a taxi, get a hotel room, call a friend or family member and ask them to come get you. If at a friend's house and you have had too much to drink, stay the night.  Use the peer-to-peer livery services like Lyft and Uber. These services are cheep, fast, and convenient.  To use these services you page a ride using your phone. To do that you must first download an app. Don't wait until you're drunk to try to download the app. Here is a link to the Uber app.
(2) Pick the designated driver before you start drinking.  If you are not going to rely on a commercial service such as a cab or Uber, and you know you are going to be drinking and you are going with other people, then have a designated driver. I prefer being the designated drinker, but someone needs to be the designated driver.
Despite the above advice I know there will be times when a person will have had too much to drink and not think they are too drunk to drive but will have had a sufficient amount of adult beverage that they could register drunk even though they don’t think they are drunk. I myself have probably driven many times when I would have registered drunk had I been stopped. I am not by any means advocating driving drunk, but if you are possibly driving impaired I am providing these below tips to help you increase your chances of getting home safely without getting arrested.

(3) Know that you don’t have to be “drunk” to register DUI. You do not have to be sloppy, falling down drunk to register as DUI. If you think you should not drive then by all means don’t. See the above tips. Often you will not know if you are drunk or not, so unless you know exactly how much you have had to drink and whether or not that would constitute drunk driving, then assume you are technically drunk. You do not have to appear intoxicated or have any of the symptoms that we think of as “drunk” to have a Blood Alcohol Content that legally makes you guilty of Driving Under the Influence. If you drink and you drive you have probably driven “drunk.”

(4) Track your consumption and don’t have “one for the road.” That is what often happens. If during the evening you are having dinner with friends and you have a pre-dinner cocktail and wine with dinner and an after dinner liquore with coffee, and a champagne toast, you might register drunk. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to a level that falls below the BAC limit.

On occasion, but not as often as I would like, I like to go to Lower Broadway to listen to live music and party. If I have 8, 12-ounce beers in a four-hour period I should have a BAC of about .068, however if I have 9 beers in four hours that means I have a BAC of .085 and am legally drunk. “One for the road” could put me over the limit. Actually, I seldom have eight in a four hour period, but it has happened.

A female can drink less than a male and a slender person can drink less than a heavy person. For a 115 pound female, three glasses of wine in two hours is drunk. Don’t try to keep up with the other people in your party. Know your limit. Skip a round. Drink slower. Some people assume that wine is less inebriating than tequila shots. That is not so. A 12-ounce beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ounces of 100 proof distilled spirits have the same impact on an individual's BAC level.

Here is a calculator that will give you guidance on how much alcohol you can consume and an estimate of BAC. Please be aware that this is only a guide. If you are drinking on an empty stomach, your BAC may be higher than indicated in the calculator.

(5)  Point your car in the direction of home.  Plan your trip. A good car should be able to find its way home, with a little help.  Avoid places where the police might see you. In the days before Uber and when you could still park on Broadway, I would visit the honkytonk strip of Lower Broad. I would I never park on Broadway, however. I live on the south side of town, so I would park a block or two south of Broadway on one of the one-way streets heading south. That meant I did not have to circle a block and be concerned about traffic lights and stop signs. The less exposed one is to the police the less chance one has of getting caught. It is worth parking four or five blocks away to reduce your exposure.

(6) Be aware that you are impaired. If you didn’t keep track of how much you drank then assume you are may have had enough to register drunk and use your best drunk-driving skills. "Thinking" skills, like perceiving and evaluating risks, or processing information are not easily visible to outside observers, but they are the first skills to be adversely affected by alcohol. Be aware of this.

(7) Stop the Party. You are having a good time. You are joking and singing and laughing. You hate to end the party, but if there is any chance that you are driving with an elevated BAC, then stop the party. Say, “OK folks, we need to straighten up. I need your help in getting us home.” Don’t sing or engage in distracting conversation. Turn off the radio. Don’t talk on the cell phone. Give driving your undivided attention. Don’t let anyone in the car have an open container. You may be perfectly capable of driving, but if a drunk passenger is yelling out the window, the police may stop the car and give you a drunk driving test. The moment you get in the car the party is over.

(8) Check the checklist. Have a mental checklist. You don’t want to get stopped because you failed to use your turn signal. I was once stopped by the police on lower Broadway and forced to take a Breathalyzer. I knew I had only had two beers in a two-hour period so I was not concerned. The reason they stopped me is that I had not tuned on my headlights as I pulled out into the street. This was in a previous car years ago when headlights did not turn on automatically. The downtown area is well lit and this was just an oversight. The police are looking for excuses to stop you; don’t give them one. Seat belts? Check. Adjust the mirror? Check. Turn off the radio? Check. Turn on the headlights? Check.

(9) Do not also commit other crimes while driving drunk. If stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, don't compound your problems by being arrested for drunk driving and somethings else.  Don't smoke dope while driving drunk. Don't get arrested also for speeding, possession of a controlled substance, or contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or soliciting prostitution.

(10) Concentrate; pay attention. Be aware of your driving. Don’t relax. Keep both hands on the wheel. Don’t be distracted. Don't answer the phone. If you feel you must answer the phone, safely pull off the road. Don't even engage in conversation.  Make sure you do not weave. Are you staying within the lines? Drive just below the speed limit. Don’t tailgate. Pay attention to the car in front of you. If they put on their brakes, notice it. If you are approaching an intersection with a traffic light, pay close attention. Plan that traffic light stop. Don’t run a yellow light.

(11) Use your co-pilot. Ask the person in the passengers seat to help you drive. Ask them to tell you if you weave or tailgate or go too fast. Make them pay attention to your driving.

(12) If you get stopped. Unless you are certain that you have had less than the number of drinks it would take to raise your BAC level to the .08 level, then common wisdom holds that it is a good idea to refuse the breathalyzer test. It generally is more difficult to convict a driver of drunk driving if no chemical tests are taken.

Rep. Bill Beck
(13) Use your influence to get the charge thrown out. Be a State Representative or other person (link) with important friends who can get a judge to throw out the charge based on lack of probable cause for making the stop. Despite the police seeing you drive with wheels over the lane line and observing the smell of alcohol, slurred speech, and inability to walk straight and a despite the arresting officer saying you were "absolutely hammered," the judge may rule the arresting officer did not have probable cause for making the stop.

This is an additional tip suggested by a student of the Rod Williams School of Drunk Driving.

(14) If you are seeing double, close one eye. 

I have never been arrested for drunk driving but I admit I have been guilty of it. I guess I have been lucky. As a young adult I was more often guilty of it than I have been as an older adult. Nevertheless, from time to time, I still have probably technically met the blood alcohol level for being drunk.

Stay safe. Don't drive drunk. Drive careful. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bastiat Society meets March 23rd

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Mayor's Budget "Discussions" going on now.

Mayor Megan Barry's budget "discussions," began yesterday.  Budget "discussions" have always previously been called "budget hearings."  I guess "discussions" sounds a lot more warm and fussy.  At the "budget discussions," each department head makes an appearance usually along with their chief staff members.  This year the mayor has announced she will not be seeking a tax increase so the department heads know not to ask for a big increase. Since Metro is awash in money, there is plenty of money to go around without a tax increase this year.  In years when the mayor has already indicated he will be asking for an increase, the department heads really poor-mouth it and say they can not possibly do their job without more money and explains how the need for the service they provide is greatly outstripping the service the city provides.
The mayor usually thanks the department head for doing a great job, the department head or his assistance update the mayor on major projects or changes occurring in the department, the mayor ask a couple questions about staffing issues or something and the department head may justify any increase budget request. The process only takes a few minutes for a small agency and maybe 45 minutes for a larger agency.
The budget "discussions" which began yesterday will continue until March 17th. Metro School's budget "discussion" will occur on April 13. For a schedule of the "discussions" follow this link. If a member of the public wants to attend one of these discussions, they may attend but can not take part in the discussion. One may watch the discussions live on Metro Nashville Network or Metro streams them on  If you missed a Department's budget discussion, they will re-run on Metro Nashville Network and are available on the Metro Government YouTube Channel.
Once the mayor has completed her budget discussions, the mayor's proposed budget is presented to the Council and then the Council has budget hearings. At lease I think what the Council has is budget "hearings," but it may be "discussions." The Council then may modify the mayor's budget and then it becomes the council's budget or they may vote on the mayor's budget without changing anything.  Due to the way the Metro Charter is written, if the Council does not pass a budget the mayor's budget becomes the city budget by default.  A vote against the alternative budget before the Council is in effect a vote for the mayor's budget. If there is not an alternative budget before the Council and one votes against the mayor's budget, the effect of such a vote is to vote for the mayor's budget. You read that right.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Share your Obamacare disaster story.

The White House

President Trump wants to know your Obamacare story. Share today: |
The White House

Obamacare has been a complete failure since the beginning, and things are only getting worse.

Today, President Donald J. Trump held a listening session to hear directly from Americans who have experienced significant hardship as a result of Obamacare's poor coverage and rising prices.

President Trump wants to hear from hard-working Americans like you. How has Obamacare affected you? Share your Obamacare disaster story.
First 50 Days

During the meeting, one woman revealed that she had her health insurance cancelled three times since Obamacare became law. Another attendee had her insurance jump from $17,000 a year to a devastating $52,500 a year for her struggling family, while yet another said her health insurance now costs more than her mortgage.

Obamacare came packaged as the healthcare solution for all Americans. Instead, the country was given hundreds of pages of broken promises.

Millions of hard-working Americans have been impaired by soaring costs, cancelled plans, and overbearing mandates. As one of those innocent Americans, President Trump wants to hear your story about how this disastrous law has affected you and your family.

Share Your Story

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Looks like the anti-Trump forces of evil have a plan.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sen. Lamar Alexander sees the Republican healthcare plan released this week as a good start

USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee, WASHINGTON – Sen. Lamar Alexander sees the Republican healthcare plan released this week as a good start toward repealing and replacing the reforms enacted under former President Barack Obama, but he’s not yet ready to commit to voting for the package.

“Let’s wait to see what comes out of the House,” which is currently reviewing the legislation, the Tennessee Republican said. .... Alexander predicted the GOP plan would bring stability and more choices to the insurance market in Tennessee, where Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak has warned that the exodus of insurers has left the Obamacare exchange, or market, near collapse.

Alexander said one of the things he likes most about the GOP plan is that it would allow 40,000 residents in the Knoxville area who buy their health insurance on the Obamacare exchange to use their subsidies to purchase insurance on the open market. Without that provision, they will be unable to buy a policy because the insurance giant Humana, the sole provider on the federal exchange in Knoxville, has said it will exit the market in 2018.

That “would be like having a bus ticket in a town with no buses running,” Alexander said. “These are some of the most vulnerable people in our state who need help buying insurance, and they literally won’t have any insurance to buy unless Congress acts.” (link)

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Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd donated a quarter of a million dollars to Conexion Americas

Read more.

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