Saturday, July 09, 2011

The 2011 Davidson County Republican Party Picnic

Kathleen Starnes
The Davidson County Republican Party picnic was today at the Centennial Park Pavilion in Centennial Park. About 150 to 200 people attended. Ninety-six cast votes in the straw poll, but not everyone took part in the voting. We had Whitts pork barbecue with beans and cold slaw and ice cream and cake. Several organizations and candidates had booths. The weather was pleasant and it was not too hot for this time of year. Kathleen Starnes, Chairman of the DCRP served as master of ceremonies for the program.

Tootie Haskins, recipient of the very first Governor Winfied Dunn Leadership Award (2009) presents the award to this years recipient Senator Jack Johnson

Winners of the Governor Winfiedl Dunn Leadership award, left to right: Rod Williams  (2010), Tootie Haskins (2009) Senator Jack Johnson (2011)

Congressman Marsha Blackburn delivers the Keynote address. She spoke about the debt crisis and the fact that China and OPEC owns a large share of America's debt and the importance of getting our spending under control and reducing the US debt.
Karen Bennett
Sheri Weiner
Several candidates for Metro Council in the upcoming August 4th Metro General Election were introduced and briefly addressed the gathering and were warmly received. Unfortunately, my skills as a photographer are not the best and most of the photos did not produce well enough to post (very bright outside the pavilion, I should have used a flash). So, while I don't have pictures to prove it I assure you they were there. It is heartening to see so many Metro Council candidates seek votes at a Republican gathering. Among the candidates was Dave Patterson, District 4; Sherri Weiner, District 22; Josh Stites, District 13; Bob Ries, District 19; Davette Blablock, District 27; Isaac Okoreeh-Baah, District 29, Tonya Jones, District 35; James Kaminski, District 25; Karen Bennett, District 8; Robert Duvall, District 33; Duane Dominy, District 28; and At-large candidates Renard Francois, Ken Jakes, Eric Crafton and Charlie Tygert. I know there were a couple or three other council member candidate there but I did not take notes and am not sure who they were. If I missed mentioning your name, I apologize.
Gail and Peter Voysey man the Green Hills Breakfast group booth.

In the Presidential straw poll the results were as follows:
Bob Corker 1 (write-in vote)
Donald Trump 1 (write-in vote)
Marsha Blackburn 2 (write-in votes)
Rick Santorum 2
Newt Gingrich 4
Jon Huntsman 6
Ron Paul 7
Tim Pawlenty 8
Herman Cain 17
Mit Romney 19
Michele Bachmann 29.

The poll asked, if Sara Palin or Rick Perry got in the race would you change your vote and vote for one of these candidates. Sara Palin got ten votes and Rick Perry got an amazing 39 votes, making him the winner and he is not even a candidate. 

There was also a question asking if you support keeping the fairgrounds. 83 people voted yes and 7 people voted no.

Former candidates chat. Steve Dickerson, former Republican candidates for State Senate District 21 chats with Jeff Hartline, former Republican primary candidate for the US 5th Congressional District. Jeff was manning a booth for the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, an organization of which he is the Director.

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Teacher Union (MNEA) Endorses Candidates for August 4th Election

The Metropolitan Nashville Education Association has issued its endorsement for the August 4th Metro General Election. With only a few exceptions, highlighted in Red below, this is a list of people not to vote for.

I am pleased to see that in District 33 they failed to endorse anyone. Robert Duvall, one of the really good councilmen, is in a very tough battle in that district. Of course, I wish they would have endorsed Robert, but I did not expect it.  At least they did not endorse any of his several opponents. This is a plus for Robert.

In District 29, I am surprised that they failed to endorse Karen Johnson. Karen is a former member of the School Board. In the Spring, when the unionist flocked to Nashville for a big rally to oppose education reform, Karen marched with the teacher union to support their cause. You would think in gratitude they would have endorsed Karen. Who did she make mad?

Here is the list:

Mayor: Karl Dean

Vice Mayor: Diane Neighbors

At-Large:  Megan Barry

               Sam Coleman

               Jerry Maynard

               Ronnie Steine
               Vivian Wilhoite

District 1: Lonnel Matthews, Jr.

District 2: Frank Harrison

District 3: Walter Hunt

District 4: Brady Banks

District 5: Scott Davis

District 6: Peter Westerholm

District 7: Anthony Davis

District 8: Nancy VanReece

District 9: Bill Pridemore

District 10: No Recommendation
District 11: Darren Jernigan

District 12: Steve Glover

District 13: Marilyn Robinson

District 14: Bruce Stanley

District 15: No Recommendation

District 16: Anna Page

District 17: Sandra Moore

District 18: David Glasgow

District 19: Erica Gilmore

District 20: Buddy Baker

District 21: Edith Langster

District 22: Seanna Brandmeir

District 23: Emily Evans

District 24: Jason Holleman

District 25: Sean McGuire

District 26: Chris Harmon

District 27: No Recommendation

District 28: Tanaka Vercher

District 29: No Recommendation

District 30: No Recommendation

District 31: Fabian Bedne

District 32: Jacobia Dowell

District 33: No Recommendation

District 34: Carter Todd

District 35: Bo Mitchell

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Friday, July 08, 2011

You Tube - Save the Fairgrounds!

This election season, we will vote to save the fairgrounds. Why? See video below.

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The Nashville Business Coalition Metro Council endorsements

The Nashville Business Coalition has announced its support for candidates in the Aug. 4 election. Below are the NBC endorsements. I have highlighted some of favorites in red.

District 1: Lonnell Matthews
District 2: Frank Harrison
District 3: Walter Hunt
District 4: Brady Banks
District 5: Scott Davis
District 6: Hans Schmidt and Dave Rich
District 7: Anthony Davis
District 9: Bill Pridemore
District 10: Doug Pardue
District 11: Darren Jernigan
District 12: Steve Glover
District 13: Josh Stites
District 14: Robert “Bob” Budesa
District 15: Phil Claiborne
District 16: Anna Page
District 17: Sandra Moore
District 18: David Glasgow and Burkley Allen
District 19: Erica Gilmore and Curt Wallen
District 20: Buddy Baker
District 21: Edith Langster
District 22: Sheri Weiner and Seannalyn Brandmeir
District 24: Sarah Lodge Tally
District 25: Sean McGuire
District 26: Brock Parks
District 27: Davette Blalock
District 28: Tanaka Vercher
District 29: Karen Johnson
District 30: Jim Hodge
District 32: Jacobia Dowell
District 33: Page Turner
District 34: Carter Todd
At Large: Tim Garrett, Megan Barry, Ronnie Steine, Charlie Tygard, Jerry Maynard and Renard Francois
Vice Mayor: Diane Neighbors
Mayor: Karl Dean

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Realtors endorse candidates

 Below is the list of candidates endorsed by the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

I am mystified. I don't know what to make of it. What goes into consideration in making their endorsements?  I am disappointed at some of the choices. Neither Karen Bennett, Robert Duvall, Duane Dominy, nor Emily Evans, some of my favorite incumbent district council members, received endorsements. I know these council members to be smart, fair-minded, even-handed, hard-working and proponents of good government. Is the GNAR so in the pocket of the Mayor that they dare not support any of the candidates the Mayor has targeted for defeat? I don't know.

While they did pick a few good candidates (highlighted in red below) they also picked some real losers. I also do not understand why they would pick two candidates in some districts. (highlighted in blue below) By picking two candidates, if there is a third candidate in the race, that gives the third candidate an advantage by splitting the vote of the opponents of the third candidate. It makes no sense to me. In District 19, by picking two candidates that may actually help Bob Ries. I hope so, Bob Ries is a good guy.

Also, in districts with only one candidate (highlighted in green below) they made no endorsement. You know who is going to win and have nothing to lose by endorsing an unopposed candidate. What is the logic in making no endorsement when  their is only one candidate in the race, unless that one candidate is known to be adamantly opposed to your agenda. Endorsing an unopposed candidate could win you a little good will.

I wish someone from the GNAR could explain the criteria used for endorsing candidates.

Mayor: Karl Dean
Vice Mayor: Diane Neigbors
At-Large: Maynard, Jerry
               Garrett, Tim
               Tygard, Charlie
                Barry, Megan
                Steine, Ronnie
District 1: Matthews, Lonnell Jr
District 2: Harrison, Frank
District 3: Hunt, Walter
District 4 Banks, Brady
District 5: Murray, Pam
District 6: Westerholm, Peter
District 7: Davis, Anthony
District 8: VanReece, Nancy

District 9: no endorsement
District 10: no endorsement
District 11: Jernigan, Darren
District 12: no endorsement
District 13: Stites, Josh
District 14: Stanley, James Bruce
District 15: no endorsement
District 16: Page, Anna
District 17: Moore, Sandra
District 18: Allen, Burkley
District 18: Glasgow, David
District 19: Gilmore, Erica
District 19: Wallen, Curt
District 20: Roberts, Mary Carolyn
District 21: no endorsement
District 22: Brandmeir, Seanna
District 22: Weiner, Sheri 
District 23: no endrosement
District 24: Tally, Sarah Lodge
District 24: Holleman, Jason
District 25: Mc Guire, Sean
District 26: Harmon, Chris
District 27: Parks, Brock
District 28: Vercher, Tanaka
District 29: Tataryn, Vicky
District 30: Hodge, Jim
District 31: Bedne, Fabian
District 32: No endorsement
District 33: Turner, Page
District 34: Todd, Carter

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Davidson County Republican Party Picnic

Davidson County Republican Party
Summer BBQ Picnic
Saturday, July 9, 2011
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Rain or Shine ~ Centennial Park Pavilion

Meet Candidates for Upcoming Metro Elections
Straw Poll
& Family Activities
Keynote address by Rep. Marsha Blackburn

$20/person or $50/family
$10 for students with valid ID
Purchase tickets online
or call for information 
(615) 320-9018
Please Join the DCRP here

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Gay publication, Out and About, endorses candidates

Below are the endorsement of the homosexual publication Out and About and some of the commentary that accompanied the endorsements. This is a good list of people to vote against with the exception of Glover, Evans, Blalock, and maybe Holleman, who despite the endorsement of Out and About are worthy of support. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. Even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn.

Those highlighted in red are good candidates disliked by Out and About who are very much worthy of our support.

Mayor: Karl Dean
Mayor Dean has supported and signed two non-discrimination ordinances and directed his administration to lobby actively against HB600, a state law that eventually nullified Metro’s 2011 contractor non-discrimination ordinance. At this year’s Pride, he told the crowd, “We’re with you,” and he has consistently demonstrated his support.

Vice Mayor: Diane Neighbors
Vice Mayor Neighbors has not had to cast any controversial tie-breaking votes on equal rights ordinances, but her inclusive outreach to our community is always appreciated. Last year, she was the keynote speaker at the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition’s dinner.

Council Members At-Large: Megan Barry, Jerry Maynard, Ronnie Steine, Vivian Wilhoite, Sam Coleman. Barry, Steine, and Maynard were all sponsors of the 2009 non-discrimination ordinance. In addition, Barry and Steine were cosponsors of the 2011 CAN DO law.

District 1: Lonnell Matthews.  Councilman Matthews was a sponsor of the 2009 NDO and voted for   CAN DO.

District 2: Frank Harrison. Councilman Harrison voted for the NDO and CAN DO.

District 3: No endorsement. Incumbent Councilman Hunt is unopposed and abstained on third reading of CAN DO

District 4:  Brady Banks. 

District 5: Scott Davis.

District 6: Peter Westerholm. He has been the public policy chair for the Tennessee Equality Project. He is the embodiment of an ally.

District 7: Anthony Davis. Current District 7 Councilman Eric Cole will be hard to replace, but Davis’s business endorsed CAN DO and his guest editorial in the Tennessean in support of the ordinance showed equality is one of his core commitments.

District 8: Van Reece. She has been active in support of our community organizations for years. Her opponent, incumbent Karen Bennett, voted against the CAN DO law on third reading.

District 9: No endorsement. Candidate Bill Pridemore is unopposed.

District 10: No endorsement

District 11: Darren Jernigan. Voted for the NDO and CAN DO. He is opposed by a socially conservative candidate.

District 12: Steve Glover. Said to be conservative, Glover nevertheless voted for inclusive non-discrimination policies for Metro teachers and students as a school board member. He is unopposed.

District 13: Marilyn Robinson. 

District 14: No endorsement, but a recommendation.Councilman Bruce Stanley did not vote in favor of the NDO or CAN DO, but his opponent is reported to be more socially conservative. Stanley did support Councilwoman Barry’s resolution opposing HB600, though. For that reason, we recommend a vote for Stanley.

District 15: No endorsement.  Councilman Phil Claiborne is unfortunately unopposed. He spoke and voted against the NDO and CAN DO. If you live in this district, consider writing in your own name.

District 16: Anna Page. Councilwoman Page supported both the NDO and CAN DO.

District 17: Sandra Moore. Councilwoman Moore supported both the NDO and CAN DO

District 18: David Glasgow. He has been an active supporter of our community for a number of years.

District 19: Erica Gilmore. She has a perfect voting record on equality ordinances and was a sponsor of CAN DO. She is a plaintiff in the suit to overturn HB600.

District 20: Buddy Baker. Councilman Baker was a sponsor of the NDO and voted for CAN DO. He has the distinction of being, as far as we know, the only Council Member who is a parent of a gay child, a son who was tragically lost to HIV/AIDS. As well as his long history with his West Nashville district, he has a perspective that we need on Council.

District 21: Edith Taylor Langster. Councilwoman Langster voted for the NDO and CAN DO. She is unopposed.

District 22: Seanna Brandmeier. A former executive director of the Davidson Co Democratic Party, Brandmeier has received a warm reception from members of our community who have already volunteered in her campaign. Her openness will be a welcome change from Councilman Eric Crafton who currently holds the seat.

District 23: Emily Evans. Councilwoman Evans voted for the NDO and CAN DO despite the fact that socially conservative organizations targeted her vote during the discussion of both ordinances.

District 24: Councilman Jason Holleman. Voted for the NDO and CAN DO.

District 25: Sean McGuire. A sponsor of the NDO and voted for CAN DO.

District 26: Chris Harmon. Harmon has reached out to our community.

District 27: Davette Blalock. Blalock has reached out to our community.

District 28: Tanaka Vercher.

District 29: Karen Johnson. As a school board member, Johnson voted for inclusive non-discrimination policies for Metro teachers and students.

District 30: No endorsement. Incumbent Jim Hodge fiercely opposed the NDO and CAN DO. His opponent Jason Potts is reportedly as socially conservative.

District 31: Fabian Bedne. When he was president of the Middle TN Hispanic Democrats, Bedne led the organization to endorse the NDO.

District 32: Markeith Braden. Supportive of CAN DO and reaching out to the community when the bill passed Metro Council.

District 33:  Page Turner. Turner has the best chance of defeating incumbent Robert Duvall who aggressively opposed the NDO and CAN DO.

District 34: No endorsement. Councilman Todd voted for the NDO

District 35: Bo Mitchell.  Councilman Mitchell voted for the NDO and for CAN DO.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

A Whitland Avenue 4th of July

Today I attended the Whitland Avenue July 4th Celebration. There was a patriotic song sing-along, Sousa marches, a dramatic reading of the Declaration of independence, a parade, campaigning politicians, reunion with old friends, a keynote address by Representative Beth Harwell, and a picnic. The Whitland Avenue 4th of July celebration is a Norman Rockwell Americana patriotic experience. Here are a few pictures.

Mayor Dean leads the Parade
Bicycles, wagon, baby carriages, all in red, white and blue make a parade.
Kathleen Starnes-Maxwell, Chair of the Davidson County Republican Party; their dog Bell, and Larry Maxwell
Speaker of the House Representative Beth Harwell gave a rousing key note address. 
Tucker Harwell, Beth Harwell, Rod Williams (that's me), and my wife Louella

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

America The Beautiful performed by Ray Charles

I love this Ray Charles rendition of America The Beautiful. Happy 4th of July.

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At-large Councilman Jerry L. Maynard II, License to Practice Law Suspended

At-large Councilman Jerry L. Maynard's has had his law license suspended for 18 months by the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. The suspension is retroactive to the date of a temporary suspension on January 25, 2010. Below is the text of the suspension notice:

TELEPHONE: (615) 361-7500
(800) 486-5714
FAX: (615) 367-2480


July 1, 2011

On June 29, 2011, the Tennessee Supreme Court suspended Jerry L. Maynard, II, of Nashville,
Tennessee, for eighteen (18) months retroactive to January 25, 2010, the date of Mr. Maynard’s temporary suspension from the practice of law.

The Board of Professional Responsibility filed a Petition for Discipline against Mr. Maynard pursuant to Rule 9 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Tennessee alleging that he was engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. Mr. Maynard was suspended for noncompliance with continuing legal education (“CLE”) on September 1, 2006; however, he continued to work while suspended as General Counsel for a health care provider until 2009.

Mr. Maynard’s actions violate Rules of Professional Conduct 5.5(a), Unauthorized Practice of Law;
8.1(b), Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters; and 8.4(g), Misconduct.
Maynard 1950-5 rel.doc
The document is not yet available on the web but if anyone would like the pdf version, email me and I will send it to you.

This is not the first time Mr. Maynard has been in trouble with the Board of Professional responsibility. In 2004 he was censored. Below is the text of that action.

August 18, 2004

On August 12, 2004, Jerry L. Maynard, II, of Nashville, Tennessee, received from the Board of Professional Responsibility a Public Censure. Maynard was given notice of the censure and did not request a hearing.
The censure arose from Maynard’s filing a notice of hearing date for a client on March 15, 2004 in the Chancery Court for Davidson County, Tennessee. At the time Maynard filed the notice of hearing, Maynard was administratively suspended for Continuing Legal Education noncompliance on November 14, 2001 and administratively suspended for non-payment of fees since September 10, 2001. Maynard’s filing a notice of hearing date while administratively suspended violates Rules 1.16; 3.3; 5.5 and 8.4 of the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct.

For these violations, the Board publicly censures Maynard.
Maynard 27173 rel.doc
TELEPHONE: (615) 361-7500
(800) 486-5714
FAX: (615) 367-2480
To view this document in its original format,follow this link.

On Mr. Maynard's campaign website he brags about his practice of law, and has this to say:
Inspired by Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and the impact an attorney of integrity could have on a community, Maynard chose to enter law school. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana..

Maynard began his legal career at Cincinnati's largest law firm, Dinsmore & Strohl, representing a number of Fortune 500 clients. He represented a variety of industries including banking, real estate, healthcare, construction, commercial lending, and faith-based nonprofit organizations. Next, Maynard joined Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN as the Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management, serving on the executive leadership team that completed $118 million dollars of capital improvements to the campus. Maynard later joined and became a partner at the law firm Manson, Jones & Associates.

I do not think Mr. Maynard should be using his record as a lawyer as a qualification for office. This pattern of an inability to stay out of trouble withe the Board of Professional Responsibility calls into question Mr. Maynard's fitness to serve on the Metro Council. 

In fairness to Mr. Maynard, I will be contacting him about this issue and will give him a chance to respond and will post his response if he replies.

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