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Early voting has begun for several important local races -- and with many of them in a dead heat, every vote is needed.

The members of the next Davidson County Metro Council will play an important role in shaping our community and creating jobs over the next few years, so these elections matter. We're expecting high turnout for races like these -- if you live in Council District 4, 5, 6, 13, or 33, be sure to head to the polls by Saturday, September 10th, to vote early and make your voice heard.

Early voting takes place at the Davidson County Election Commission, which is located at 800 2nd Avenue South in Nashville. Hours vary by day -- you can get more details here:


If you are unable to vote before early voting ends, you can always go to your regular polling place on Election Day, Thursday, September 15th.

Voting will be even easier if you make a plan first, so make sure you know how you're getting to your polling place and what time you're going. You should also reach out to your friends and neighbors to make sure they're voting and offer them a ride to the polls, if you can.

Please be aware that Tennessee's new voter ID law does NOT require all voters to show a photo ID in this election. However, if you are a first-time voter, you should be prepared to show proof of identification. Acceptable forms of ID include a current voter registration card, a current utility bill, or a current Tennessee driver's license or other photo ID.

To make your plan and find out early voting hours, visit the official Nashville website:




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