Saturday, August 07, 2021

Metro Nashville Council Approves Opportunity Grants to 21 Nonprofits

Community groups will work to enhance safety, reduce violence 

Metro Press Release, August 5, 2021 - On August 3, 2021, the Metropolitan Council approved 21 Opportunity Grants to nonprofits working to enhance community safety and reduce violence in Nashville-Davidson County. 

This is the first round of funding from the $2 million Community Safety Partnership Fund, which Metro Nashville created with Governor’s Grant dollars earlier this year. 

“Community safety requires community solutions,” said Mayor John Cooper. “These small grants will have a big impact in helping nonprofits in neighborhoods that need help the most.” 

In voting to provide funding to community groups, the Metro Council acted on the recommendations of the 11-person Community Safety Partnership Advisory Board, which is chaired by former Mayoral Policing Policy Commission member and YWCA President and CEO Sharon Roberson.

“Last year, the Policing Policy Commission highlighted the need for investments in community groups and partnerships,” said Sharon Roberson. “These grants are a first down payment on a much-needed investment.” 

Metro Community Safety Coordinator Ron Johnson will work with selected nonprofits to provide technical assistance. "While overall crime rates have fallen nearly 10 percent across the city this year, violent crimes have increased sharply," said Metro Council Public Safety Chair Jennifer Gamble. "Investing in grassroots organizations that work to provide opportunities and programs for at-risk communities and coordinating those activities with Metro agencies will help make our neighborhoods safer.” 

The Metro Council voted to approve funding to the following nonprofits: 
“For many years, Impact Youth Outreach and several other community-based nonprofits have been doing the work to create a better tomorrow for our youth, city, and communities,” said Impact Youth Outreach President Robert Sherrill. “While the city is growing, funding opportunities for youth-based organizations are small and the pot is competitive. These funds make a difference and we are beyond grateful.” 

“Creative Girls Rock® is proud to play a role in Nashville’s efforts to promote a sense of safety and belonging for all in our community,” said founder and executive director Charmin Bates. “Through the Opportunity Grant, Creative Girls Rock will be able to develop programming and events to inspire creativity to strengthen connections in Nashville’s diverse communities. We are grateful to Metro Nashville for laying the groundwork for this collaborative effort.” 

Nonprofits must be registered with the federal Internal Revenue Service and the Tennessee Secretary of State in order to be eligible for funding. Groups with budgets of more than $50,000 must also have an audit from the most recent fiscal year. Grant recipients will be required to enter into a contract with Metro and provide a report on expenditures at the end of the calendar year. The Community Safety Partnership Fund will post an application for larger Implementation Grants later this month. The Fund will also do another cycle of Opportunity Grants in the fall.

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Senator Jack Johnson's Boots & Jeans BBQ & Beans, August 22nd



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Friday, August 06, 2021

The draft of the proposed "Prohibited Concepts in Public Instruction Rule"

From Tennesee Eagle Forum:

The draft of the proposed "Prohibited Concepts in Public Instruction Rule" was posted online for public comment on Monday, Aug. 2. PLEASE CLICK ABOVE AND READ IT. 

Members of the public can weigh in through Wednesday, Aug. 11. Among some observations -- what will you see?? 

The rule limits complaints to students, parents, and employees of the district where the allegation was raised. Thoughts?? 

The rule establishes a 30-day window for filing a complaint. Thoughts?? 

The public is being given only 10 days to comment on the rule - beginning the week school starts. This is an abnormally short period, during an unusually busy time, which can only be meant to limit comments. Thoughts? 

One suggestion has been made: Taking this proposal before the House Education Committee for a hearing. Thoughts? 

Some of the House Education Committee members who might be interested in hearing your thoughts on the proposal: Rep. Mark White, Rep. Chris Hurt, Rep. Charlie Baum,Rep. Michele Carringer , Rep. Glen Casada , Rep. Scott Cepicky , Rep. Mark Cochran , Rep. Tandy Darby, Rep. John Gillespie , Rep. John Ragan , Rep. Justin Lafferty . 

READ IT and SPEAK while you have the opportunity!!

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Democrats Applaud Biden’s Unconstitutional Act

By RICH LOWRY, National Review, August 6, 2021 - Is a president of the United States flagrantly defying the Constitution an authoritarian act? A threat to democracy? Something that at least should be discouraged or frowned upon? 

Judging by the reaction of Democrats and center-left commentators to the lawless last-minute decision of President Joe Biden’s CDC to extend an eviction moratorium sure to be struck down in the courts, the answer is emphatically “no.” 

At the same time that we are constantly being told that, say, a Texas election bill to prohibit drive-thru voting or Tucker Carlson’s latest monologue represents dire democratic backsliding, almost none of Biden’s allies are raising a peep against a measure that represents exactly the sort of high-handed unilateral rule practiced by authoritarians everywhere. (read more

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Crybully Dems got their little feelings hurt and want Kevin McCarthy to apologize

by Rod Williams-  I wish I would have coined the term "crybully."  It perfectly suites what we witness as Dems play the victim card as a tactic to shut up their critics.  They are snowflakes and they use their status as sensitive and fragile as a cudgel to beat their opponents over the head. 

I was at the Stateman's dinner in Nashville last Saturday where House Minority Leader Keven McCarthy was the keynote speaker.  As expected, he detailed in his speech a litany of how Dems are mismanaging the country in every endeavor, from sitting us up for a financial crisis to the problem on the southern border.  He also spoke about the prospects for Republicans to retake the House in 2022 and stop this runaway train of destruction. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, he was honored by being given a large oversize gavel with the words "fire Pelosi" on it. He good-naturedly quipped that it would be "hard not to hit her" with it when he is sworn in as speaker. 

Well, Dems are having a little hissy fit. They are demanding an apology and saying, "threatening violence against the Speaker of the House is no joke.” And, “This is the kind of reckless language that led to a violent insurrection.”

In my view, Dems need to put on their big girl britches and grow up, and Republicans need to refuse to be intimidated by someone else's sensitivity.  We need to take the view that if someone else is easily offended, they are the ones with the problem; not we.  

I also think this is the approach one needs to take when encountering a progressive crybully snowflake in personal encounters.  When a close friend or a relative pulls this on you, the first impulse may be to conclude the relationship is not worth the effort.  You may want to distance yourself from the other person.  After all, it is no fun being around one who is so sensitive that you must walk on eggshells not to offend them.  

However, upon reflection, I think that is the wrong approach.  I think it may be best to realize that they may really be suffering real pain and really are that sensitive.  We should pity them and realize they have a problem.  Their sensitivity may be the result of being in lockdown for a year and a half and watching Rachel Maddow every night.  They may have other things going on in their life and they may even need help.

If the relationship is worth having, then one should make an effort to avoid antagonizing the other person.  I favor a certain amount of decorum, civility, and good manners.  However, there are limits to how sensitive one can be to the other's political sensitivity. If they find the mere existence of someone with your views intolerable, let them sever the relationship but if the relationship is worth having don't be overly sensitive to their sensitivity.  It may be best to be tolerant of their intolerance. Also, however, don't let the crybully manipulate you into submission. Don't be intimidated into not being yourself.  They have the problem, not you. 

While there are things that in my view are offensive or crude and should not be said, comments like that made by Kevin McCarty, said in a joking manner on Saturday, are not beyond the pale.  Do not apologize, Kevin.  Democrats have the problem not you.  They need to grow up!

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Thursday, August 05, 2021

Update 5: The nation should defy the eviction moratorium! Regarding the eviction moratorium and Rental Assistance in Nashville. Small-Time Landlords ‘Hanging on By Their Fingernails’ as Eviction Moratorium Drags On

The nation should defy the moratorium!

by Rod Williams-  I do not believe in state nullification.  I accept the supremacy clause of the constitution.  I have opposed cities or states that have declared they would not follow federal law such as when jurisdictions declare themselves immigration sanctuary cities or states declare themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary states.  The moratorium on eviction however is different.  Landlords, states, cities, and courts should ignore the moratorium. For one thing, it is not a law people would be violating.  Congress has passed no such law.  It would be a ruling by an administrative body.

Secondly, the Supreme Court has already ruled the CDC has no authority to impose such a rule. In this case, it is the federal government that is violating the law.  Landlords, states, cities, and courts should follow the law and follow established legal procedures for evicting a tenant who will not pay his rent. This is the time for a showdown between the lawless federal government and those who would follow the law. 

By RYAN MILLS August 5, 2021 - One of Raj Sookram’s tenants stopped paying rent in December. Another man hasn’t paid him a cent in 20 months. He now owes Sookram over $20,000. 

One woman stopped paying this spring, Sookram said, then demanded that he fix her hot water heater when it blew. That ended with city officials threatening Sookram with daily fines. In all, Sookram said, about half of the tenants living in his 13 Rochester, N.Y., rental properties are behind on rent. Sookram said he’s struggling to pay his bills and taxes. 

He’s had to take out loans and work side handyman gigs to provide for his wife and three kids. As the coronavirus pandemic drags on – and as the federal government continues to extend its legally dubious eviction moratorium – more and more people are “jumping on the bandwagon, like, ‘Oh, I don’t have to pay you,’” Sookram said. (read more)

After Claiming It Didn't Have the Power To Impose A New Eviction Moratorium, the Biden Administration Imposes a New Eviction Moratorium 

The new eviction moratorium applies to the 90 percent of counties in the U.S. where the spread of COVID-19 is "substantial" or "high." 

By Christian Britschgi, Reason, 8/4/2021- After three days of finger-pointing between a Democrat-controlled White House and a Democrat-controlled Congress, President Joe Biden's Administration has now revived an eviction moratorium it previously said it has no legal authority to impose. An order issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) Tuesday evening generally bans the eviction of non-paying tenants in counties identified by the CDC as having "substantial" or "high" rates of COVID-19 transmission. About 90 percent of the counties in the country, per the CDC order, meet that definition. (link)

By THE EDITORS, National Review,  August 4, 2021 -  The Center for Disease Control’s eviction moratorium, which was first instituted last September under President Trump and was renewed under President Biden, expired on July 31. That sentence should start alarm bells ringing in the heads of any American who has read the Constitution. 

The Center for Disease Control’s . . . what? Insofar as it is legitimate for any government entity in the United States to engage in an “eviction moratorium,” it is quite obviously a question for the states and localities, not for the federal government — and certainly not for an executive agency whose remit is the study and containment of infectious diseases. That, for eleven months, the American rental sector was controlled by the director of the CDC is nothing short of astonishing. Americans who wonder why they have such trouble keeping their government in check should look at this incident for instruction. (Read more)

by Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, Aug. 2, 2021- I happen to believe that the eviction moratorium has been dreadful policy and a deceptively packaged one — harebrained socialism masqueraded as a humanitarian counter-pandemic measure. 

Progressives (not just Democrats but the Trump populists who first conceived of the policy) will, of course, disagree with that, and that’s a fine policy argument to have. One thing House speaker Nancy Pelosi should not get away with, though, is her claim that the Biden administration could have extended the moratorium unilaterally. 

... That said, the principal flaws in the moratorium were that a) Congress did not explicitly authorize it, b) there is no inherent executive authority to order it, and, fatally, c) it is not authorized by the statutory law that the CDC distorted in rationalizing it.(read more)

 Thousands could get evicted following expiration of CDC's eviction moratorium         

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Thousands of people could be getting eviction letters starting Sunday from their landlords as the CDC's eviction moratorium is set to expire July 31st. This comes after the Supreme Court allowed the eviction ban to stay in place, but said it would need congressional action to extend past the end of this month. (Read more)

Small-Time Landlords Struggle to Keep the Lights on as ‘Devastating’ Eviction Moratorium Continues

Covid relief rental assistance is being administered in Nashville by the Metro Action Commission.  To apply for rental assistance follow this link.

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Metro Government is reimplementing masking inside Metro buildings

Metro press release, August 4, 2021 - While we wait for some of our neighbors to catch up and join the majority of Nashvillians who are already vaccinated, Metro Government is announcing an additional measure to protect public health. 

With the rapid increase of the Delta variant, and in accordance with CDC and Metro Public Health recommendations, face coverings will be required inside Metro Government buildings beginning Thursday, August 5. 

The Delta variant has led to the beginning of a third wave of COVID-19 cases, with the number of active cases now standing at 2,718, compared to 444 one month ago. The percentage of positive tests is currently higher than 11 percent, compared to less than 2 percent in June. Meanwhile, 53.6 percent of Davidson County’s population has received at least one shot of the vaccine, compared to 57.9 percent nationally and 44.8 percent in Tennessee.  Metro’s masking policy will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis as disease rates decline and vaccination levels improve. 

“Vaccinations are our best tool for ending the pandemic,” Mayor Cooper said. “If you’ve been on the sidelines, waiting, now is your time to get vaccinated. Our Public Health Department has a vaccine waiting for you so you can protect your health and your family’s health.” 

Metro Government is reimplementing masking inside Metro buildings to protect the public and city employees so Metro can continue to deliver quality services to residents. This requirement does not apply to private businesses, which are always encouraged to consider the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers as they decide what safety measures make sense in their particular situations. Consistent with CDC evidence of transmission by vaccinated persons, face coverings will be required for both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals while inside Metro buildings. The executive order applies to both Metro employees, as well as members of the public. Masks are not expected to be worn if an employee is working in their individual workstation or while outdoors. 

Metro Government joins Shelby County, Hamilton County and the City of Knoxville in requiring masks inside city buildings. Notably, the University of Tennessee system will also require masks indoors on all its campuses. Due to TSA regulations, WeGo and BNA will continue to require masks.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Mom's for Liberty issues an action alert.

A new rule proposed by the Tennessee Department of Education, under Penny Schwinn, is intentionally designed to make it difficult to comment and to file a complaint about CRT-type teaching. It amounts to legislation and is intended to undermine the intent of the Tennessee Legislature... and we only have 10 days to act! (now 7)

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1st Tuesday, August 10th, Republican State Chairs of TN and GA are guest speakers.


Visit the website at this link

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Nashville is not among the top 15 metropolitan areas with the highest in-migration activity in 2020

by Rod Williams-  A lot of people are moving to Nashville. Compared to the places people may be moving from, our taxes are relatively modest, we have no state income tax, the economy is booming with a growing big tech sector, we have excellent universities, excellent restaurants, beautiful parks, and exciting outdoor activities, a lively arts scene and of course, the music. 

Around 82 people a day are moving to Nashville and the number is going up steadily. However, that is not enough to make us one of the top 15 metropolitan areas for in-migration.  Core Logic, a real estate research firm, compiled a list of the 15 top metropolitan areas for in and out-migration and also analyzes why people move and what factors cause people to leave areas and the factors that attract people.  You can view the full report at this link

The top out-migration Metro areas: 

These are the top Metro areas for in-migration

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Bellevue Breakfast Club August 7th guest speaker is Jim Garret, Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party.

From Lonie Spivak:

Greeting Breakfast Club Members, 

We have a great speaker for our meeting on Saturday, August 7th. The newly re-elected DCRP Chairman Jim Garret will join us to give us an update on the status of the Davidson County Republican Party. He will also let us know what plans the party is making as we enter the 2022 election season. I am hopeful he can also give us an update on redistricting, and the future of the 5th Congressional District. 

Our meeting will start around 8:30 am at the Plantation Pub, Located at 8329 Sawyer Brown Rd Nashville, TN 37221 

I look forward to seeing everyone, as we head into the busy season. 

Stay well, 


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