Friday, April 06, 2012

Nashville Transportation Licensing Commission uses police-state tactics to squash limo competition

Nashville Transportation Licensing Commission Admits To Using Police Badges
NASHVILLE -- Last fall, The Huffington Post reported that the city of Nashville had begun to push new regulations that were driven by big limo companies and aimed at squashing independent competition. The small car companies fought back, filing a lawsuit to overturn the new requirements.
That's when it got ugly.

Drivers allege that after the lawsuit was filed, city inspectors, working on behalf of the Nashville Transportation Licensing Commission, began targeting independent operators by pulling their cars over and issuing citations -- even when presented with the legal documents in question -- and harassing off-duty drivers in their personal vehicles.Read more
This is an outrage! Please read this story! A former inspector for the TLC is coming out and telling how the  inspectors for the Nashville Transportation Licensing Commission have been impersonating police officers and how they have been on a mission to destroy the independent private car service companies.

Not only has the city tried to force competitors of the big limo companies out of business by imposing minimum fare price-fixing, the Transportation Licensing Commission has been acting like police-state gangsters, illegally impersonating police officers, illegally using blue lights, writing tickets on phony trumped-up charges and intimidating and threatening drivers of the independent private car services.

Many of the drivers of the independent car companies are immigrants and some come from authoritarian countries where the police are feared and corrupt. They may be more susceptible to "police" intimidation than native-born Americans. If there is a thorough investigation this history of abuse of authority and intimidation and corruption will come to light.

This whole episode of how Metro has used price-fixing and police-state tactics to squash companies that dared to try to compete with the politically-connected luxury limo companies is disgusting. I am thankful that the Huffington Post has investigated this story but it is a shame that no local media has shown an interest. Why has the local media, not shown an interest in this story?

The Mayor should demand that TLC's Brian McQuistion resign immediately, the Attorney General's office should investigate McQuistion for criminal activity and bring criminal charges against TLC inspectors who impersonated police officers,  the Metro Council's public safety committee should hold hearings on this criminal activity and abuse of authority, and the Council should repeal limo price-fixing. 

(To learn more about this issue and read related stories click here.)

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Obama says GOP budget would close "hundreds" of national parks.

Obama told a gathering of newspaper editors in Washington that the GOP budget would leave needy children to starve, cut 10 million college students' financial aid payments, close hundreds of national parks, and even prevent weather forecasters from spotting deadly storms. (link)

The United States has 58 national parks. (link)

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Human Relations Budget Hearing. An agency that should be abolished.

Watch the video
Summary of the Human Relations Budget hearings

Caroline Blackwell, the Executive Director makes the presentation. A 2% reduction in the budget would negatively impact the agency. The agency would be less able to fund guest speakers for the proposed Student Human Relations Summit and would otherwise impact the agencies outreach effort. 

My View

Most people have probably never heard of the Metro Human Relations Commission. They are a relatively small agency with a  budget of $234,100 and a staff of three.  To learn more about the agency visit their website

Below is a description of their function:
The Metro Human Relations Commission protects and promotes the dignity of all people through a menu of services that help ensure safety, health, security, peace and general welfare in Davidson County. Committed to community education and advocacy for diversity—and for the cultural awareness, understanding, and behaviors needed to foster inclusion—the Commission assists individuals and organizations in understanding and defending their civil and human rights.

The MHRC core services include educational resources that promote effective intergroup relations, diversity training, dialogue, study circles and other group facilitation models, Title VI training and compliance support, data collection, intake and timely processing of discrimination inquiries and complaints, community forums, ADR and community problem-solving, policy recommendations, public hearings and Commission reports.

This agency could better be named The Agency for Political Correctness and Indoctrination.  It is not that I do not share some of the objectives of the agency. I am opposed to hate and bullying and I want Nashville to be a welcoming community that appreciates our cultural diversity and I am a pretty tolerant guy. I do not, however, think that an agency of government should be devoted to the functions of this agency. All of the functions of this agency could either be done by existing government agencies such as Fair Housing, the Attorney General's Office, and law enforcement or by private liberal advocacy agencies such as the Scarritt Bennett Center, the First Amendment Center, The Peace and Justice Center, The Neighborhood Resource Center, The NAACP or any of a number of other advocacy groups.

Back in the 80's when I was serving in the Metro Council during a particularly tight budget year, the Council defunded the agency, essentially closing it down for a year, or maybe two. The Commission still existed but had no staff and could not do much. I was instrumental in helping that to occur. It is one of my proudest accomplishments of my service in the Council. I was aided in this effort by the fact that we had a particularly outspoken director of the agency at the time who had had the agency participate in Gay Rights events and who had written a letter on Metro Human Relations letterhead opposing the war in Nicaragua where the US was supporting the anti-Communist freedom fighters know as the Contras.  The director at that time had been able to offend quite a few people by his promotion of a very left-wing agenda.

Metro Government should not be in the business of progressive indoctrination and community organizing.  Rather than raise taxes one cent, this agency should be abolished.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Marsha Blackburn has no Republican opponent

Below is the list of candidates seeking the District 7 seat.

District 7
Akin, William – I
Amouzouvik, Credo – D
Arnold, Jack – I
Blackburn, Marsha – R
Ladner, Leonard (Lenny) – I
District 7 – (continued)
Martin, Chris – D

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Charlotte Bergmann seeks nomination to challenge Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, the most liberal member of the Tennessee Congressional Delegation by far, and one of the most liberal members of congress scoring a perfect 100% from the ADA,  has one primary opponent and three independent opponents.  There are three Republicans running in the Republican primary including Charlotte Bergmann, who was the Republican nominee who challenged Cohen two years ago.

I know nothing about this race except I know I like Charlotte Bergmann and would love to see Steve Cohen defeated. It is my understanding that the district is majority Black. Cohen is white and Bergmann is Black. I hope the three independents are strong candidates and all liberal and a couple strong Black liberals. All of the independents of course will be on the ballot; there is no "independent" primary.  It Charlotte gets the Republican nomination and three independents and Cohen are in the race, she might just win.

President Obama has already endorsed Steve Cohen. When asked for her comment about the Obama endorsement, Bergman said “birds of a feather flock together.” Asked to explain, she said Cohen and Obama share “the same ideology” to “advance socialism and the redistribution of wealth.”

If I read something that sheds more insight on this race, I will update. Below is the list of all candidates in the 9th District race.

District 9
Cohen, Steve – D
Bass, Herbert A. – I
Bergmann, Charlotte – R
Flinn Jr., George S. – R
Hart, Tomeka – D
Joiner, Gregory M. – I
Lunati, Ernest – R
Saulsberry, Brian L. – I
Stooksberry, Rollin Wilson – R

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Look who is running for U. S. Senate from Tennessee

Anderson, Fred – R
Clayton, Mark – D
Clemens, Mark Twain – R (Mark Twain!)
Corker, Bob – R
Crim, Larry – D  (This is the Larry Crim who runs for everything and publishes the Larry Crim News.)
Crowell, Shaun E. – I
Davis, Gary – D
Gatchell, David – I
Hancock, Dave – D
Higdon, James – I
King, Ashley – D
Lenard, Brenda S. – R
Long, Michel – I
Overall, Park – D (This is an enviornmental activist and actress from east Tennessee)
Owens, T.K. – D
Poskevich, Zach – R (This is the TEA party challenge from the right)
Roberts, Benjamin – D
Scoggin, Troy Stephen – I

For insight on this race read this:

Corker draws challengers from the left and right
By Michael Collins,April 5, 2012 at 7:16 p.m. Knox

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Bob Corker will face a challenge from Democrats on the left and the tea party on the right as he tries to persuade voters to give him a second six-year term. Eight Democrats are seeking their party's nomination for the right to run against Corker, a Chattanooga Republican, in the November general election. But before Corker will face off against the Democratic nominee, he first will have to get past four Republican challengers in the GOP primary. keep reading

I am going to go out on a limb and say Corker will win the nomination by a landslide and will easily win reelection. 

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Look who is running against Jim Cooper

Jones, Justin – R
Ries, Bob – R
Smith, John (Big John) – R
Staats, Brad – R
Tarum, Tracy – R

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Look who is running for School Board

Sharon Gentry ** 4109 Kings Ln, Nashville, 37218 School Dist 1
Edward T. Kindall*** 2512 Scovel St, Nashville, 37208 School Dist 1
Jarod DeLozier 1201 Littonwood Dr, Nashville, 37216 School Dist 3
W. Fred Lee, jr. 916 Graceland Ct, Goodlettsville, 37072 School Dist 3
Jill Smith Speering 1131 Fernbank Av, Madison, 37115 School Dist 3
Rick Williams +++ 1733 Neelys Bend Rd, Madison, 37115 School Dist 3
John E. Haubenreich 1615 Fatherland St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Elissa Kim 811 Fatherland St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Erica Lanier 1707 Neal Tr, Nashville,  37203 School Dist 5
Gracie Porter *** 808 Russell St, Nashville, 37206 School Dist 5
Anna Page  (withdrew petition, not running) 222 Wheeler Av, Nashville, 37211 School Dist 7
Will Pinkston ++ 937 Battlefield Dr, Nashville, 37204 School Dist 7
Alan C. Sharp 212 Shawn Dr, Nashville, 37211 School Dist 7
Hillyard Al. Wilkins 6525 Arvington Wy, Antioch, 37013 School Dist 7
Bob Bogen * 6755 Pennywell Dr, Nashville, 37205 School Dist 9
Eric Crafton 7557 Oakhaven Tc, Nashville, 37209 School Dist 9
Margaret O. Dolan+ 6108 Hickory Valley Rd, Nashville, 37205 School Dist 9
Amy Frogge 7237 Riverfront Dr, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
Juliet "Julie" Lamb 207 Bellevue Rd, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
Ronnie Osborne 716 Magnolia Tl, Nashville, 37221 School Dist 9
*Former Metro Councilman and MNEA Executive Director Bob Bogen
** Incumbent member, Wife of former Vice Mayor Howard Gentry
*** Incumbent member
+ VP of of Community Relations at Ingram Industries
++ a former Gov. Bredesen aide
+++ a long-time political campaign volunteer, Doug Henry's "sign" man, a Democrat, opponent of Metro's limo price-fixing scheme 

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Look who is running for office.

The following is an unofficial List of 2012 State Legislative Candidates as provided by the Tennessee Secretary of State's office. Petitions have not yet been verified.

Tennessee Senate District 20
Democratic James A. Baxter 216 New Brick Church Pk, Goodlettsville 37072 Davidson
Republican Steven Dickerson 93 Victoria Park, Nashville 37205 Davidson
Republican David Hall 5673 Lickton Pk, Goodlettsville 37072 Davidson
Republican Rob Mortensen 1204 Harding PL, Nashville 37215 Davidson
Democratic Phillip L. North 109 Menees Ln, Madison 37115 Davidson

Tennessee House District 50
Republican D J Farris 6820 Highway 70 S, Apt. 111, Nashville 37221 Davidson
Republican Dave Hall 5673 Lickton Pk, Goodlettsville 37072 Davidson
Democratic Bo Mitchell 6421 Riverplace Dr, Nashville 37221 Davidson
Republican Charles Williamson 2360 Baker Rd, Goodlettsville 37072 Davidson

Tennessee House District 51
Democratic, Michael L. Turner 1408 Hadley Av, Old Hickory 37138 Davidson
No Democratic primary or Republican opponent

Tennessee House District 52
Independent Daniel Lewis 611 Brooksboro Terrace, Nashville 37217 Davidson
Democratic Michael Stewart 410 N 16th St, Nashville 37206 Davidson
I assume this is Daniel Lewis, Chairman of the Davidson County Libertarian Party. The State Legislature needs one libertarian.

Tennessee House District 53
RepublicanBen Claybaker 5845 Nolensville Pk, Apt 417, Nashville 37211 Davidson
Republican Tonya Miller 2802 Ennis Rd, Nashville 37210 Davidson
Democratic Jason Potts 3914 East Ridge Dr, Nashville 37211 Davidson
Democratic Jason Powell 1007 Warren St, Nashville 37208 Davidson

Tennessee House District 54
Democratic Brenda Gilmore 3009 Vista Valley Ct, Nashville 37218 Davidson
No primary or Republican opponent.

Tennessee House District 55
Democratic Gary Odom 119 Dunham Springs Ln, Nashville 37205 Davidson
No primary or Republican opponent.

Tennessee House District 56
Republican Beth Harwell 413 West Tyne Dr, Nashville 37205 Davidson
No primary or Democratic opponent

Tennessee House District 57
Republican Linda Elam 3005 S.Waterford Ct, Mt Juliet, TN 37122 Wilson
Republican Susan Lynn 510 Barton Shore Court, Lebanon 37087 Wilson
No Democratic candidates

Tennessee House District 58
Democratic Harold M. Love 2516 Buchanan St, Nashville 37208 Davidson
Democratic Mary Pruitt 1813 Hillside Av, Nashville 37203 Davidson
Democratic Steven Turner 1109 Pennock Av, Nashville 37207 Davidson
No Republican candidates

Tennessee House District 59
Republican Robert Duvall 308 Cambridge Pl, Antioch 37013 Davidson
Democratic Sherry Jones 4947 Sherman Oaks Dr, Nashville 37211 Davidson

 Tennessee House District 60

RepublicanJim Gotto 5108 John Hagar Rd, Hermitage 37076 Davidson
Democratic Darren Jernigan 4837 Rainier Dr, Old Hickory 37138 Davidson

Tennessee House District 61
Republican Rob Hathaway 137 Clarendon Cr, Franklin 37069 Williamson
Republican Charles M. Sargent Jr. 117 Ashton Park Blvd, Franklin 37067 Williamson
No Democrat candidates

Tennessee House District 62
Republican Pat Marsh 2105 Hwy 130 E, Shelbyville 37160 Bedford
No opponents.

Tennessee House District 63
Republican Glen Casada 3144 Natoma Cr, Thompson's Station 37179 Williamson
No opponents.

Tennessee House District 64
Democratic Brian Brewer 998 Old Lewisburg Highway, Columbia 38401 Maury
Republican Sheila Butt 3870 Albert Mathews Road, Columbia 38401 Maury

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TNGOP Chairman's Statement On Democrat Gary Moore's Decision Not To Seek Re-Election

NASHVILLE, TN – Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney released the following statement on Democrat State Representative Gary Moore’s decision not to seek re-election. Moore is now the eleventh Democrat legislator who has announced he will not be seeking re-election this year.

"We wish Gary Moore well. It is obvious that his big labor ties were going to be a drag on his candidacy.  Moore’s stance on the issues epitomize why Democrats are having so much trouble connecting with Tennessee voters," said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney.

In August of last year, Moore was elected to serve as President of the Tennessee Chapter of the AFL-CIO Labor Council, a big union that has once again enthusiastically endorsed President Obama’s campaign.  Soon after that announcement, TNGOP Chairman Chris Devaney sent Moore a letter asking him to make a choice between serving the interests of his constituents or the interests of the AFL-CIO.

“While I never received a response from Representative Moore, today, Tennesseans are being made well aware of whom he would prefer to serve,” concluded Devaney. 

Recent Democrat retirements include four state senators (Joe Haynes, Roy Herron, Eric Stewart and Andy Berke) and seven state representatives (Eddie Bass, Bill Harmon, Mike McDonald, Gary Moore, Jimmy Naifeh, Janis Sontany and Harry Tindell).

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Gary Moore announced he is NOT seeking re-election!

WOW!  Gary Moore announced he is NOT seeking re-election!

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Michelle Obama is Coming to Town

You can have lunch with the First Lady on April 17th for $500. For $5000 you can have lunch and have your picture taken with her. To be part of the host committee will set you back $30,000. You can charge it to your credit card. read more.

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Nation's Earliest Tax Freedom Day: Tennessee!

Washington, DC, April 4, 2012--Tax Freedom Day, the date on which Americans will have earned enough money to pay this year's tax obligations at the federal, state, and local levels, fell on March 31 for residents of Tennessee this year. The average date for all Americans, as announced this week by the Tax Foundation, will be Tuesday, April 17.

To learn more, click here.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S.

( - Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he is working to craft an alternative version of the DREAM Act that would allow younger illegal aliens who came to the United States "through no fault of their own" to stay here legally and, if they wished, get in line to become a citizen.

"There is nothing that prohibits them from getting citizenship,” Rubio told the Tampa Bay Times in an April 3 interview in which he explained his plan.  “We just don't create a new pathway. The bottom line is they would have a visa of some sort and like they and any other visa holder in this country can get in line and apply for residency. You have to wait in line but you get to wait in line in the U.S. legally.”
Read more| 

Good for Senator Rubio! I hope Republicans do not go nuts over Rubio's sensible, humane first step toward solving a difficult issue.

While I am an advocate of sealing the borders and while I support programs like the 287g program, I have always thought we need a program to deal with those who are here illegally.  "Round 'um up and send 'um home" is not a program. How many concentration camps would we have to build to hold them while waiting to transport them home? At what cost?  Rounding up and deporting 12 to 20 million people is not a viable option. That would be viewed as ethnic cleansing and an atrocity by the rest of the world.  It would make the trail of tears and the Japanese internment look like child's play. It would probably destabilize Mexico to have 12 million people return in a short period of time. Mexico is already teetering on the verge of being a failed state; we do not need to push if over the edge by returning 12 million unhappy citizens.

I have always thought that anyone who is willing to serve our country in the armed forces should be moved to the front of the line in the quest to become a citizen, however I never did think that simply obtaining a college degree should be treated as equal to serving in the armed forces. If I were developing a "dream" act, I would support a policy that allowed anyone who honorably served our country in uniform to be granted a rapid path to citizenship.

Governor of Texas Rick Perry took a lot of grieve from the nativist crowd because he favored letting children of illegal immigrants who had been brought to this country by their parents and had been educated in the Texas public schools, attend Texas State colleges at the in-state tuition rate. I thought that was humane and reasonable, but Perry lost some conservative support because some viewed that policy as amnesty.

Newt Gingrich has a reasonable proposal to grant work permits to those here illegally and to establish something that resembles a draft board in each community.  This board would determine who should be put on a path to eventual citizenship and who should not. “I do not believe that the people of the United States are going to take people who have been here a quarter century, who have children and grandchildren, who are members of the community, who may have done something 25 years ago, separate them from their families and expel them,” Newt has said.

Beyond some sort of sensible humane "dream" act, the next thing we ought to do is allow illegals to register and get a work permit as Newt has suggested.  We need somebody to pick those oranges and tomatoes. Despite 8% unemployment, Americans will not leave their home and become migrant farm workers. We need Mexican labor. Let us admit that fact. Let those who are here illegally register and let us find out who is really here. That would be a good starting point. Let those who are willing to pay a fine and pay back taxes and who have become Americanized, become Americans.

I hope there are more Republicans who think like Rubio, Perry and Gingrich as opposed to the "round 'um up and send 'um home Republicans. Not only is alienating the Hispanic vote a recipe for electoral disaster, we also ought to humanely deal with the problem of illegal immigration because it is the right thing to do.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 4, 2012) – Dr. Steve Dickerson, a Republican candidate for the State Senate in District 20, has launched a radio ad promising to refuse the daily $173 per diem that legislators receive, including those who live within 50 miles of Nashville and who sleep in their own beds at night. “Any employee who turned in expense reimbursements for staying in hotels and eating at restaurants when they didn’t actually incur those expenses would be fired immediately. It is long past time to stop the practice of legislators in Middle Tennessee getting “bonus payments” for expenses they don’t incur,” Dickerson noted in releasing his new thirty second radio spot. “I will not only work to change the laws regarding per diem, but I will NEVER accept money from the taxpayers for expenses I didn’t really spend.”

Steve Dickerson is a practicing physician and founding partner of Anesthesia Services Associates. Dickerson attended the University of the South in Sewanee graduating with a B.A. in History. He then received his medical degree at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University. Steve Dickerson has been married to his wife Katrina for 19 years and they have three sons, Reid, Evan, and Bennett.

The copy for his new thirty second radio ad, already airing in Nashville, is a follows:
“If you slept in your own bed, in your own home each night…but then turned in ‘expense reimbursements’ to your employer for staying in a hotel – and actually collected that money -- do you think you would keep your job?  Legislators who live in Nashville do it all the time, and Steve Dickerson believes it is time to STOP IT! Legislators who commute just a few miles from their homes receive $173 a DAY for hotel and meal money they don’t actually spend! Doctor Steve Dickerson knows the right “prescription” for Tennessee starts with legislators who don’t waste taxpayer money…on LEGISLATORS! That’s why STATE SENATOR Steve Dickerson will not collect daily per diem! EVER! Paid for by Dickerson for State Senate.”

For more information about the Steve Dickerson campaign or to schedule an interview with Dr. Dickerson contact: 615-519-1896

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Tonya Miller runs for State Rep in District 53

Tonya Miller ran for State Representative in 2010 running against incumbent Janice Sontany. Now, Ms Sontany has chosen not to seek reelection and Tonya is again running for that seat. She is seeking the Republican nomination in the August 2, 2012 election.  To learn more about Tonya and her candidacy and her position on the issues, visit Vote Tonya Miller, State Representative for District 53.

What inspired Tonya to run for State Representative?
"There are a few good examples as to why I decided to run.  One example is when I was fortunate to go on a professional exchange to northern Argentina through the Rotary Club.  As my profession is a court interpreter, the Rotarians tried to find a comparable category for the exchange, which happened to be seeing judges, lawyers, politicians and human services.  I saw the differences in leadership styles and the good accomplished through steadfast focus on integrity, service and goodwill.  With that, it became apparent that we share similar challenges.
As an interpreter, I see our laws at work in almost every facet of state government.  I see where making small adjustments in laws can ultimately save everyone a lot of time and money.  That is why I feel most prepared for being a state representative.  I have been by your side, saying what you say and feeling tremendous compassion.
One more reason I am running is because my service-commitment is not just on the outside, it is also in my family.  My two brothers have been very successful in the military, which falls in line with my grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Service is everyone's duty. Thanks for yours" Tonya.

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Robert Duvall to challenge Sherry Jones

Robert Duvall to challenge Sherry Jones. More to follow.

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Lou Ann Zelenik has reportedly taken out papers to run against Diane Black.

Lou Ann Zelenik has reportedly taken out papers to run against Diane Black. More to follow.

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The Obama Supreme Court intimidation tactic

by Roger Bissell

Roger Bissell
Commenting on the President's insinuation that overturning Obamacare would be an illegitimate use of the Supreme Court's authority, Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said: "Nothing could be more appropriate for the Supreme Court to decide than whether a bill is constitutional or not. It is not unprecedented at all for the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional; they do that on a regular basis, so it's not unprecedented at all. What is unprecedented is the president of the United States trying to intimidate the Supreme Court."

 I agree with everything except Rep. Smith's last sentence. Actually, it is NOT unprecedented for a U.S. President to try to intimidate the Supreme Court. FDR did it in the 1930s when the Court overturned his attempt to convert the US to a Mussolini style fascist economy VIA the NIRA. Roosevelt threatened to "pack" the Court by nominating enough extra puppet Justices that the Court could no longer defy his and Congress's wishes. The Court got the message, even though packing didn't happen. They caved on many significant economic freedom cases after that. A truly chilling effect, where even the threat was enough to destroy the Court's role as a check and balance.

And now, when at long last the Court seems about to reassert itself in the face of a grotesquely unconstitutional healthcare law, another overreaching, statist POTUS tries to intimidate them. Unprecedented? Unfortunately not. Just more of the same power-grabbing, threat-waving tactics of a Chief Executive who defies the Constitution and defiles his oath of office.

Roger Bissell is professional musician and writer living in Antioch, Tennessee. He was founder and chairman of the Nashville Tax Alternatives Committee and a founding member and former chairman of the Tennessee Libertarian Party.

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Gaylord-Dollywood park, HCA tax abatements clear Council votes

By Joey Garrison. City Paper, Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 12:01am

Metro Council members reminisced about the bygone days of Opryland before giving preliminary approval of a $5.8 million tax break to accommodate a new tourist destination for that area: a water and snow amusement park billed as the first of its kind. Gaylord-Dollywood park, HCA tax abatements clear Council 

Robert Duval and Josh Stites speak out against the deal.
“The last thing we need to be doing is giving tax incentives to some individuals and then turn around and raise property taxes on people ...” Duvall said

By a vote of  29-3, the Council approved the tax break for HCA on third reading.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Constitution 101, free from HIllsdale College.

I have enrolled in this course. I have not yet taken the first lesson, but plan to start soon. You can take it on your own time. You can stop and start, and if you are already knowledgeable about the portion of the Constitution under discussion, you can skip.

Hillsdale College has launched a major national campaign to educate millions of citizens, including our elected officials, about the Constitution.
Weeks 1, 2, and 3 Archived Online
Sign Up TODAY!

Dear Supporter of Liberty,
For the first time ever, Hillsdale College is offering a no-cost 10 week online Constitution course based on the course Hillsdale College students must complete, in order to graduate. 

I am proud to be teaching part of our NEW Constitution 101 Course and hope YOU will be one of my students!
Many in our country, particularly those in elected leadership, have strayed from the principles of individual liberty and limited government that the Constitution upholds.
That’s why Hillsdale College has launched one of its most ambitious undertakings yet . . .
This course on the U.S. Constitution will be offered online and at no charge to everyone who wants to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which our nation was founded!
"Constitution 101" began on February 20, 2012, and concludes the week of April 30. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, because it is archived online, you can take each course at your leisure. The course covers such topics as the Declaration of Independence and its connection to the Constitution, how the Constitution is structured to protect individual liberty and ensure good government, the crisis of constitutional government faced by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and its modern challenges during the "Progressive" era.
It is my honor to teach the first class, "Introduction: The American Mind," and the final class, "The Recovery of the Constitution." All of the classes will be taught by Hillsdale College professors — the top teachers in their field and the same ones who instruct our students here on Hillsdale’s campus.
Constitution 101 Schedule
  1. Introduction: The
    American Mind

    Larry P. Arnn
    Monday, February 20
  2. The Declaration of Independence
    Thomas G. West
    Monday, February 27

  3. The Problem of
    Majority Tyranny

    David Bobb
    Monday, March 5

  4. Separation of Powers:

    Kevin Portteus
    Monday, March 12
  1. Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
    Will Morrisey
    Monday, March 19

  2. Religion, Morality,
    and Property

    David Bobb
    Monday, March 26

  3. Crisis of
    Constitutional Government

    Will Morrisey
    Monday, April 2
  1. Abraham
    Lincoln and the Constitution

    Kevin Portteus
    Monday, April 9

  2. The Progressive
    Rejection of the Founding

    Ronald J. Pestritto
    Monday, April 16

  3. The Recovery of
    the Constitution

    Larry P. Arnn
    Monday, April 23
As Hillsdale’s president, I have devoted my life to education, helping students understand the meaning and history of the American founding. Here at Hillsdale, we know that can only come about through a close reading and study of our nation’s founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
In recent years, Hillsdale has worked hard to expand its educational outreach, teaching citizens and policy makers (especially members of Congress and their staffs) about the timeless truths contained in our nation’s founding documents. This is a direct response to the way the Constitution is being ignored and violated by our government.
After all, the Constitution is the supreme law of our nation, the framework by which our country should be governed. Its principles and structures are responsible for the greatest government in human history.
Like you, I see the coming months as pivotal in the history of our country. And I am deeply concerned about the future.
Will we as a nation succumb to bureaucratic despotism, or will we take a stand for liberty?
The century-old attack on the Constitution, that continues today, has threatened to undermine our hard-won liberties and is reducing American citizens to subservience to an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

Our choice of whether to recover the principles of liberty and limited government under the Constitution will determine if we will remain self-governing citizens or become dependent subjects ruled by unelected bureaucrats.
That's why Hillsdale College is committed to restoring and reviving the public's understanding of the Constitution, once again making it the central focus of American government.
As you probably know—especially if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin on the radio—Hillsdale College is one of the few colleges or universities in the country that requires all of its students, regardless of their major, to complete a one-semester course on the U.S. Constitution.
Over the years, many Hillsdale friends, even those who never attended college here, have commented to me: "Dr. Arnn, I wish I could take Hillsdale’s Constitution course."
In response to these requests, this past year, for the first time ever, Hillsdale College offered a condensed "Introduction to the Constitution" online course at no charge. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what sort of a response a course like this would have.  However, more than 180,000 people from all over the United States registered for this program.
I was thrilled, not only by the reaction, but at what it indicates: Americans are willing and eager to study and defend the founding principles that made our country so prosperous!
This re-awakening of national interest in the Constitution comes not a minute too soon.
My Request to You
ACTION STEP #1: Be one of the first to sign up for "Constitution 101" by completing the course REGISTRATION form.
ACTION STEP #2: Please include the best donation you can make to help Hillsdale College fund this vital project.
The course, available at no charge to the public, is not without cost to Hillsdale. The College has already invested much to make this landmark course a reality. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been committed to create and prepare the course for one of the most far-reaching webcasts in our history . . . and to mount a massive email, radio, and mail marketing campaign to enroll an initial ONE MILLION course registrants.
To make "Constitution 101" available nationwide will cost nearly $1,000,000. While a monumental expenditure for Hillsdale College, it must be made if we are to reach as many citizens and elected officials as possible during 2012.
ACTION STEP #3: Please forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to enroll in "Constitution 101."
For liberty to prevail, Americans must come to understand and defend the Constitution.
And they must do so urgently.

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