Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Constitution 101, free from HIllsdale College.

I have enrolled in this course. I have not yet taken the first lesson, but plan to start soon. You can take it on your own time. You can stop and start, and if you are already knowledgeable about the portion of the Constitution under discussion, you can skip.

Hillsdale College has launched a major national campaign to educate millions of citizens, including our elected officials, about the Constitution.
Weeks 1, 2, and 3 Archived Online
Sign Up TODAY!

Dear Supporter of Liberty,
For the first time ever, Hillsdale College is offering a no-cost 10 week online Constitution course based on the course Hillsdale College students must complete, in order to graduate. 

I am proud to be teaching part of our NEW Constitution 101 Course and hope YOU will be one of my students!
Many in our country, particularly those in elected leadership, have strayed from the principles of individual liberty and limited government that the Constitution upholds.
That’s why Hillsdale College has launched one of its most ambitious undertakings yet . . .
This course on the U.S. Constitution will be offered online and at no charge to everyone who wants to understand and defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which our nation was founded!
"Constitution 101" began on February 20, 2012, and concludes the week of April 30. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, because it is archived online, you can take each course at your leisure. The course covers such topics as the Declaration of Independence and its connection to the Constitution, how the Constitution is structured to protect individual liberty and ensure good government, the crisis of constitutional government faced by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and its modern challenges during the "Progressive" era.
It is my honor to teach the first class, "Introduction: The American Mind," and the final class, "The Recovery of the Constitution." All of the classes will be taught by Hillsdale College professors — the top teachers in their field and the same ones who instruct our students here on Hillsdale’s campus.
Constitution 101 Schedule
  1. Introduction: The
    American Mind

    Larry P. Arnn
    Monday, February 20
  2. The Declaration of Independence
    Thomas G. West
    Monday, February 27

  3. The Problem of
    Majority Tyranny

    David Bobb
    Monday, March 5

  4. Separation of Powers:

    Kevin Portteus
    Monday, March 12
  1. Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
    Will Morrisey
    Monday, March 19

  2. Religion, Morality,
    and Property

    David Bobb
    Monday, March 26

  3. Crisis of
    Constitutional Government

    Will Morrisey
    Monday, April 2
  1. Abraham
    Lincoln and the Constitution

    Kevin Portteus
    Monday, April 9

  2. The Progressive
    Rejection of the Founding

    Ronald J. Pestritto
    Monday, April 16

  3. The Recovery of
    the Constitution

    Larry P. Arnn
    Monday, April 23
As Hillsdale’s president, I have devoted my life to education, helping students understand the meaning and history of the American founding. Here at Hillsdale, we know that can only come about through a close reading and study of our nation’s founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
In recent years, Hillsdale has worked hard to expand its educational outreach, teaching citizens and policy makers (especially members of Congress and their staffs) about the timeless truths contained in our nation’s founding documents. This is a direct response to the way the Constitution is being ignored and violated by our government.
After all, the Constitution is the supreme law of our nation, the framework by which our country should be governed. Its principles and structures are responsible for the greatest government in human history.
Like you, I see the coming months as pivotal in the history of our country. And I am deeply concerned about the future.
Will we as a nation succumb to bureaucratic despotism, or will we take a stand for liberty?
The century-old attack on the Constitution, that continues today, has threatened to undermine our hard-won liberties and is reducing American citizens to subservience to an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

Our choice of whether to recover the principles of liberty and limited government under the Constitution will determine if we will remain self-governing citizens or become dependent subjects ruled by unelected bureaucrats.
That's why Hillsdale College is committed to restoring and reviving the public's understanding of the Constitution, once again making it the central focus of American government.
As you probably know—especially if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin on the radio—Hillsdale College is one of the few colleges or universities in the country that requires all of its students, regardless of their major, to complete a one-semester course on the U.S. Constitution.
Over the years, many Hillsdale friends, even those who never attended college here, have commented to me: "Dr. Arnn, I wish I could take Hillsdale’s Constitution course."
In response to these requests, this past year, for the first time ever, Hillsdale College offered a condensed "Introduction to the Constitution" online course at no charge. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what sort of a response a course like this would have.  However, more than 180,000 people from all over the United States registered for this program.
I was thrilled, not only by the reaction, but at what it indicates: Americans are willing and eager to study and defend the founding principles that made our country so prosperous!
This re-awakening of national interest in the Constitution comes not a minute too soon.
My Request to You
ACTION STEP #1: Be one of the first to sign up for "Constitution 101" by completing the course REGISTRATION form.
ACTION STEP #2: Please include the best donation you can make to help Hillsdale College fund this vital project.
The course, available at no charge to the public, is not without cost to Hillsdale. The College has already invested much to make this landmark course a reality. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been committed to create and prepare the course for one of the most far-reaching webcasts in our history . . . and to mount a massive email, radio, and mail marketing campaign to enroll an initial ONE MILLION course registrants.
To make "Constitution 101" available nationwide will cost nearly $1,000,000. While a monumental expenditure for Hillsdale College, it must be made if we are to reach as many citizens and elected officials as possible during 2012.
ACTION STEP #3: Please forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to enroll in "Constitution 101."
For liberty to prevail, Americans must come to understand and defend the Constitution.
And they must do so urgently.


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  1. I'm interested in learning about the Constitution, and I really like Dave Ramsey. But I don't consider myself a Republican AT ALL, not a conservative. I am not interested in being indoctrinated into any particular political party. I am just interested in learning the facts. What is your response?

  2. Anonymous, actually I have not taken the Hillsdale college course although I have intended to. I studied Constitution in college and have read a lot of other works on the constitution since then and just never found time to take the Hillsdale course but I still want to. Hillsdale, while a conservative-leaning school, has a reputation for excellence in scholarship. I would try this free course and if you feel it is biased, supplement it with other material. Also, if you have never read the constitution, start by just reading it. It is a short document and lays out the framework of government. It is understandable. The meaning is pretty clear. Next, read The Federalist Papers, to see how those who wrote the constitution and advocated for its passage thought about it. A great book I recommend that explores some of the conflicts resolved and compromises made to pass the constitution, which reads almost like a novel, is Miracle At Philadelphia by Catherine Drinker Bowen . Even it you read something written by an avowed liberal, as long as you know the bias of the author and the author is a scholar and hot just a partisan hack, you will gain insight.