Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tonya Miller runs for State Rep in District 53

Tonya Miller ran for State Representative in 2010 running against incumbent Janice Sontany. Now, Ms Sontany has chosen not to seek reelection and Tonya is again running for that seat. She is seeking the Republican nomination in the August 2, 2012 election.  To learn more about Tonya and her candidacy and her position on the issues, visit Vote Tonya Miller, State Representative for District 53.

What inspired Tonya to run for State Representative?
"There are a few good examples as to why I decided to run.  One example is when I was fortunate to go on a professional exchange to northern Argentina through the Rotary Club.  As my profession is a court interpreter, the Rotarians tried to find a comparable category for the exchange, which happened to be seeing judges, lawyers, politicians and human services.  I saw the differences in leadership styles and the good accomplished through steadfast focus on integrity, service and goodwill.  With that, it became apparent that we share similar challenges.
As an interpreter, I see our laws at work in almost every facet of state government.  I see where making small adjustments in laws can ultimately save everyone a lot of time and money.  That is why I feel most prepared for being a state representative.  I have been by your side, saying what you say and feeling tremendous compassion.
One more reason I am running is because my service-commitment is not just on the outside, it is also in my family.  My two brothers have been very successful in the military, which falls in line with my grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Service is everyone's duty. Thanks for yours" Tonya.

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