Saturday, June 19, 2010

You are invited! Reception for Eric Crafton

Are you really invited?
Yes. I am on the host committee and I am inviting you. I hope you can make it.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Help Elect Eric Crafton.

Please mark your calendar and attend this important event:

The Priest Lake Republican Summit

New temporary location:
The Spirit of Life Church , 3646 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville , TN 37013 (map)
Date: Saturday June 19th, 8:30AM-10:30AM

Meet two of the Republican candidates for 5th Congressional District and help elect Eric Crafton to the office of Juvenile Court Clerk.

Special Guest
5th Congressional candidates David Hall and Cece Heil
Special Guest
Eric Crafton

Eric Crafton is the Republican nominee for the office of Juvenile Court Clerk. The election is August 7th. This is an important election.

Eric's election is important to the children of our community:

  • One of six children at some time will be in the juvenile justice system.
  • Learn about Eric’s proposed Helping Hand program designed to make a difference in the lives of children while in the system.
  • Eric has the skills, experience and competence to professionally administer this important office and restore dignity to an office disgraced by the current office holder.

Eric’s election is important to the future of the Republican Party:

  • Eric’s opponent is part of the old guard court house crowd and Democratic machine.
  • The Democratic Party has controlled Davidson County ever since reconstruction. It is time to change that and this is a start.

  • Republicans need to win. This will give us momentum leading to the November elections.

Please attend this meeting get to know Eric, his plans for the office of Juvenile court clerk and what you can do to help him win this election. Pick up your yard sign.

Free Coffee and Pastry

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tennessee's next governor continue to hold double-digit leads over Democratic candidate

According to Rasmussen the next Governor of Tennessee will be a Republican! Knoxville's mayor Haslam leads the pack with a lead of 50% to 32% over presumed Democratic nominee Mike McWherter. Wamp and Ramsey are tied, beating McWherter 44% t 33%.

This is great news! Not only is it great news because we can almost be assured the next governor will be a Republican but if the top of the ticket is a Republican this is good news for Republicans further down the ballot. This means that Republican state representative candidates and senate candidates and Republican U. S. representative candidates. and Republican courthouse candidates have a better chance than they otherwise would have of winning elections. Many Democrats will be discouraged and stay home. This is a Republican year!

Another encouraging finding of this recent poll is that Tennesseans favor repeal of Obamacare by a 63% to 30% margin. This does not mean we can relax and assume our good Republican candidates are destined to win. It means the public is conservative and are inclined to support our candidates. It means that if we work hard they have a chance to win. It is still an uphill battle.

We all need to pitch in and open our wallets so they have the money to challenge the entrenched liberal career politicians and we need to volunteer to work the polls on election day and put a yard sign in our yard and work the phone banks and host a neighborhood "meet and greet." We have an opportunity to win elections if we work hard and don't blow it.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

David Hall, candidate for Congress, is hosting a FREE Cut the Pork BBQ

The Just Vote Hall Tour
David Hall, candidate for Congress, is hosting a FREE Cut the Pork BBQ @ Edwin Warner Park - Pavilion 11). Register to win a personalized copy of Senator Fred Thompson's book, Teaching the Pig to Dance. Plan to attend for great family entertainment, food, fellowship and fun! Wife Michelle is running for State Exexutive Committee in District 20, son Dave Hall is running for State House in District 50, and Daughter Alexandra Shea is running for Davidson County Register of Deeds.
Click here to for an audio invite!
Here's the details:
Friday, June 18, 2010
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Edwin Warner Park (Pavilion 11)
Rain or Shine
50 Vaughn Road
Bellevue, TN

RSVP by email to Michelle@JustVoteHall, by calling 615.730.8696 or on the Facebook Event Page

Come visit with your conservative candidate for Congress, David Hall, as he proclaims true conservatism to the voters of the 5th District.

Enjoy FREE barbecue as David explains why 2010 will be our year! This is an event you don't want to miss, we will be giving a signed copy of Fred Thompson's book "Teaching The Pig To Dance" to one of the lucky participants! Great family fun, food and fellowship!

Comment: Please note that reposting a candidates press release or invitation to an event does not constitute an endorsement by The Disgruntled Republican. I may or may not make an endorsement in this race. I encourage everyone to get to know all the candidates and take advantage of any opportunity to hear them speak. I will eat anyone's free barbecue.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sontany: "You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women."

NASHVILLE, TN, 6/14/2010, Tennessee Republican Party – Today it was reported that Democrat State Rep. Janis Baird Sontany made questionable comments regarding female Republican state legislators. According to the blog that posted the comments:
“Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (D-53) said of female Republican state legislators, ‘You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote!’"
“Rep. Sontany’s comments are very strange and definitely inappropriate,” said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney. “Questioning the other side’s voting record is one thing, but using this verbiage to get your point across is petty and insulting.”
According to the blog, the comments were made at an event honoring Democrat Congressman Jim Cooper which was attended by a number of Democrat legislators and candidates. The blog continued:
"Sontany joined her fellow Davidson County Democrats for a legislative breakfast to honor U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper at the United Steelworkers building. Other state legislators at the breakfast were Sen. Douglas Henry (21) and Rep. Gary Moore (50) plus several candidates for legislative office.”
“It is a bit disturbing that Rep. Sontany would speak this way about her colleagues just because she felt she was in the presence of ‘friends’,” continued Devaney. “I would hope that Congressman Cooper and the other Democrats in attendance would denounce these disrespectful remarks.”
This remark by Sontany says volumes about how Democrats think about people. They do not see them as individuals who can think for themselves; people are blocks of voters who vote their identity. Liberals go ballistic when a Black leader such as J. C. Watts or Colin Powell or Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele emerges as a Republican. All Blacks are supposed to stay on the liberal plantation. If they are conservatives they have betrayed their race according to the liberal mindset.
Likewise, all women are supposed to toe the feminist line and be for expanded government and advocate for things such as equal gender representation on boards and committees, mandated family leave, and government wage laws that ensure men earn no more than women despite what the market may determine to be the value of various jobs. Women are supposed to be for bigger and bigger government because, after all, it is "for the children." Women are also supposed to be for a defeatist foreign policy and non-violence, because women are by nature peacemakers.
And, lord knows they are all supposed to be for "a woman's right to choose." To a liberal, feminism is not about advancing the statue and expanding opportunities for women but is about advancing the liberal big-government agenda. So when a strong conservative women comes along, she must be a man in drag according to the liberal mindset.
Liberals hated Margret Thatcher and they detest Sarah Palin. Liberal women feel conservative women are betraying their gender. Liberals don't admire strong women, only liberal women. Liberals are especially hurt and offended this year by the emergence of a new class of strong female Republican candidates. Republican women are kicking butt and liberal women don't like it. Women are supposed to stay in the liberal kitchen of identity politics.
Janis Sontany needs to apologize for her crude and insulting remarks. A strong Republican women need to run against Sontany next time she is up for reelection.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hartline Campaign intercepts smear campaign

This weekend I received the following email from some one named Kimberly Kay:

From: Kimberly Kay
Subject: Jeff Hartline Article - correction and more information
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010, 9:03 PM

I read the article, in the Tennessean this morning, about Mr. Jeff Hartline. The paper mentioned that Hartline's cabinet shop was based out of Wisconsin, however, Worth Custom Woodworks LLC was actually in Nashville, TN. I have attached scans of the court records. Mr. Hartline's cabinet business was sold at an absolute auction last year and he is scheduled appear in court tomorrow concerning a recent judgement. I was unaware that Hartline had secured Rep. Johnson's endorsement. I'm not sure why, since he has recently been involved in a lawsuit and has at least one judgement against him. This isn't the first time either, in 1994-96 he had several more judgements, all associated with his LLC "Hartline & Assoc.) Again, I thought you might find this information interesting and I've attached the court records.
The attached court record did not shed any light on the allegations and I was still not sure what to make of this. If Kimberly Kay thought I was going to rush to blog about this, she was mistaken.

I know that honorable people are often sued. I am just an average citizen, not an independent businessman, and have had to sue people twice in my life and was counter sued both times. Also I was once sued for a very minor dispute involving an item I sold at a yard sale, if you can believe it. In addition I had some very damaging untruthful allegation made against me in a divorce proceeding. If one had only published the allegations in the suits and not my counter suit or not published the results of the suit, I would look like a pretty bad guy.

I know this: Because someone alleges something in a law suit does not make it true. Anyone can sue anyone for any reason. Many honorable people have been sued. If you have never been sued or sued anyone you have probably never done much of anything.

The allegations spread rabidly and several people contacted me wanting to know what I knew about this. I didn't know anything. No one was alleging any wrong doing on the part of Hartline, they were just seeking information and forwarding something of interest.

Today Hartline released the following press release:

Worth Custom Woodworks
Summary: Jeff Hartline is paying off about $5,000 in debts incurred by a former employer
who failed to pay vendors.

  • Jeff Hartline was hired in 2007 to manage the shop for Worth Custom Woodworks, a new custom cabinetry shop owned by two local custom home builders.

  • Jeff was never an owner of Worth Custom Woodworks.

  • On behalf of the company's owners, Jeff hired the staff, directed the purchase of equipment, set up the shop, established relationships with vendors and sold business for manufacturing.

  • Worth Custom Woodworks opened as the housing sector began to decline, leading to a drop in business for its owners’ home-building business and, of course, less demand for cabinetry produced by Worth Custom Woodworks.

  • In 2008, Jeff went to work as a manufacturer’s rep for a company that supplied components to cabinet shops. Jeff’s former employers at Worth Custom Woodworks assured him that he would be removed as a guarantor of any of the company’s debts.

  • In summer 2009, more than a full year later, the owners of Worth Custom Woodworks closed the business amid the broad decline in new home construction, and sold the company’s assets at auction.

  • Several months later, Jeff received calls from a couple of his former employer’s vendors about unpaid bills. Jeff directed them to the principals to have the invoices paid. When they were unable to contact the former owners of Worth Custom Woodworking, the vendors sought payment from Hartline because, despite the assurances of his prior employers, he was still listed as a guarantor on the vendor files.
Although no fair-minded person would think it right that an employee would have to pay off debts incurred by his employer, Jeff has stepped up to pay from personal funds about $5,000 in debts to two vendors who were left “high and dry” by his former employer.
As far as I am concerned the issue is settled. Jeff's explanation sounds reasonable and it sounds as if went beyond the call of duty to do the right thing. I have responded to Kimberly Kay asking her what is her interest in this and her motivation.

I am please that none of Hartline's opponents tried to make hay out of these allegation. If any candidate has anything damaging or controversial in their past it is better that it be exposed now than in the general election, should that person win the nomination. I commend Hartline for addressing this head-on and early. Case closed.

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Jeff Harline of Planet Rabid, says Scene writer.

Jeff Hartline as the perceived front runner in the Republican primary seeking to win the nomination to challenge Jim Cooper is the man with a target on his back. His views are scrutinized today in a piece by Bruce Barry in the Nashville Scene entitled, Jeff Hartline: Congressional Candidate on a Mission from Planet Rabid.

Barry features some of Hartlines more "extreme" positions and calls Hartline a "far-right true believer" and says his ideas are "downright scary." Barry is speaking of idea like abolishing all federal entitlement programs except for social security, abolishing the Department of Education, ending the requirement that hospitals provide emergency care to the indigent. Barry concludes that Congressman Cooper could be venerable to a challenge from a moderate Republican but that Hartliine, "a Tea Party-esque extremist, is not that challenger."

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