Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Sheri Weiner, Candidate, Metro Counil District 22

Join us for a meet & greet
Monday, June 27
6:30 p.m.
Dixon Center
211 Old Hickory Blvd.
(see map)
Nashville, TN 37221

 Candidate, Metro Council District 22
Sheri Weiner

Sheri Weiner will make a great council member. She has a long list of civic involvements and recognitions including 2007 Bellevue Citizen of the Year; Past President, Bellevue Chamber; President, Bellevue Exchange Club; President, Pine Forest Homeowners; Chair, Bellevue Picnic; Chair, Bellevue Clean Up Days; and Chair, Bellevue Weather Radio Distribution to Seniors. She has the support of Councilman Eric Crafton who is vacating that seat due to term limits and at-large Councilman Charlie Tygard and the endorsement of the DCRP.
For more information see Sherri Weiner for Metro Council.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann and Conservative Hypocrites taking Government Handouts.

Last night liberal broadcaster Lawrence O'Donnell took Michele Bachmann to task accusing her of hypocrisy for preaching a message of anti-socialism and free markets yet at the same time accepting a quarter-million dollar agriculture subsidy for her family farm. Is that criticism justified?  Does it make her a hypocrite?  I don't know but I am bothered by it.

I like Michelle Backmann but think her anti-government, pro free-market message would ring more true if she were not taking a government hand-out. Our own Rep. Stephen Fincher, a tea party favorite,  from 1995 to 2009 received over $3.3 million in farm subsidies. How devoted is he to curtailing the reach of government? Would he support policies that would end that subsidy?

If one accepts a government hand-out does that mean you give up your right to criticize the government and have an opinion on economic policy? A relative of mine criticized me for my opposition to Obamacare pointing out that I had good insurance through the Metro government due to my former service in the Metro Council, as if that made me a hypocrite for opposing Obamacare.  If one used government subsidized student loans to go to college, or takes the home interest deduction on their income tax, or draws a social security check, does that mean they give up the right to express an opinion on government fiscal and economic policy? I don't think so.

The danger in an expansive government is that when people do get on the dole, they are less likely to criticize the welfare state of which they are now a part and once they start receiving benefits they fear losing them. The welfare state can turn almost everyone into an advocate for a larger and larger public sector.

We all have to work in the environment that exist. If one is entitled to a handout, they should not be criticized for taking it. A person who qualifies for food stamps is doing nothing immoral by getting food stamps. It is the system that makes food stamps available to so many people that is at fought, not the individuals legitimately qualifying for the assistance. It is the policy that makes $3.3 million available to Stephen Fincher that is at fought, not Stephen Fincher accepting the subsidy.

Nevertheless, I think people who have benefited to the extend of Bachmann and Ficher need to explain themselves. They need to reassure us who believe in less government that despite personally benefiting from agriculture subsidies that they are committed to reform that would vote to end those subsidies.

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Ken Jakes wins Firefighters endorsement

The Nashville firefighters union, IAFF Local 140, has released their list of endorsements for the upcoming Council election and they have endorsed Ken Jakes. While many firemen are conservative, the Union usually tends to favor candidates who would be inclined to support higher taxes. Except for Ken Jakes and a couple other incumbents who may be considered conservative, most on the list are the more liberal candidates. For weeks now, at-large candidate Ken Jakes has been visiting fire halls meeting with firemen. He told me he had visited every fire hall in the county and listened to the concerns of the firemen and asked for their support. It appears to have paid off. This should be a big boost for Jakes. The firefighters are one of the most dependable voting blocks in the city. Firemen and their families vote.

Congratulation Ken Jakes!

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I am Supporting Robert Duvall

Friends and Supporters
Councilman Robert Duvall
(District 33)

Invite you to an evening at
The Standard Restaurant
167 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard
(formerly 8th Avenue, North)
Nashville, TN 37203

Thursday, June 23, 2011
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(Suggested Minimum Donation, $100)

Hosts and Supporters of Councilman Duvall

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey
Senator Jack Johnson
Senator Douglas Henry
Representative Jim Gotto
Representative Ben West, Jr. (retired)
Council Lady Karen Bennett
Councilman Michael Craddock
Councilman Eric Crafton
Councilman Duane Dominy
Mark Winslow
Tootie Haskins
Kathleen Starnes
Al Bodie
Anthony Roberts
Daniel Davis
Pat Carl
Shiri Anderson
Charles Williamson
Sharon Ford
Chuck Grimes
Neil & Sandra Chaffin
Ken Jakes
Bob Pope
George Gruhn
Don Spangler
Rod Williams
Frank & Scarlett Cappas
Lt. Col. Bob Garrison (retired)
Charvis Rand
Denise Andrews

I wholehearted endorse Robert Duvall's reelection. He is a principled, common-sense, hard-working, smart conservative who is not hesitant to identify himself as a Republican. He has done a lot to help build the Republican Party in Davidson County. He cares about his community, Nashville and his country. He supports limited government, private property rights and low taxes.  And, he is a caring, kind individual. He is a fighter. Because of his leadership and willingness to stand up to the administration, he is being targeted for defeat. We must reelect Robert Duvall. Please attend, contribute, volunteer and help spread the word. Rod

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green HIlls Breakfast Summit- Redistricting Saturday with John L. Ryder

DCRP-Davidson County Republican Party Announces
Saturday, June 25, 2011
Swett's-Green Hills-2209 Abbott Martin Rd.
Breakfast begins @ 8:15 ($8.75 cash, no credit cards)
Meeting begins at 9:00.. sharp

Event Chairman - Peter and Gail Voysey
DCRP Chair - Kathleen Starnes
DCRP Summit Consultant - Rod Williams

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Criteria for choosing a Metro Councilman

On August the fourth we will go to the polls to elect 35 district councilmember and five at large councilmembers. Many people, especially public sector union members, will simply vote for the person recommended by their union bosses. Others will vote for a person whose name they recognize, perhaps based on who had the most yard signs. This is a shame. Metro council is the government that is closest to the people. You can't pick up the phone and call your congressman, but you can your Metro Councilmember. Your quality of life may be more affected by who serves in the Metro Council than who serves in Washington. It is important that we elect good people to serve in the Council. People should not take their vote lightly for these important offices.

While I do not expect to find someone I agree with a hundred percent of the time on every issue, I do want to vote for someone who reflects my values and someone who is qualified to serve. Below are the qualities and policy position I am looking for in a council member.

Integrity, honesty and good moral character. A strong moral character is very important. I want someone who will not be swayed by flattery or other inducements to influence his or her decisions. I want a person of conviction and integrity. I want a person who I could trust with my wife, my daughter or my credit card. If a candidate is willing to engage in a smear campaign of lies against his opponent in order to win the seat, he does not deserve it.

Intelligence, education and wisdom. While one does not have to be a lawyer, engineer or accountant to effectively serve in the Metro Council, one should know how to talk intelligently to lawyers, engineers and accountants and know the questions to ask them. A college education, while not a necessity, is desirable for a councilman. I want to know that the person who is going to represent me is smart. If someone is not smart enough to understand the issues, I don’t think they can be wise enough to make the right decisions.

Community involvement and leadership. I want someone who has exhibited concern for his community and has shown leadership capability prior to announcing his candidacy for the Metro Council. Having chaired a neighborhood organization, a PTA, a civic organization or having served as a member of a church deacon board is good training for a Metro councilman.

A desire to serve people. While the primary job of the councilmember is to vote on local legislative matters, much of a councilman’s time is spend helping people deal with the local government bureaucracy and making sure complaints get addressed. If someone is not going to be concerned when a constituent complains about stray dogs, down stop signs and pot holes, they will not make a good councilmember.

A vocal and visible crusader. I want someone who will seek out wrongs to address, waste to expose, and who will ask the hard questions and not be afraid to criticize a department head or embarrass the mayor. Too many elected councilmembers quietly do their job and go alone to get alone and don’t rock the boat. They never speak out on an issue or take the lead. There is no shortage of issues that need addressed and waste, arrogance, and corruption that needs exposed.

Success and achievement and a good work history. The candidate for council should have a good work history and a record of accomplishments. View the candidate as an applicant for the job.

Flexible schedule. The council is a part-time job but can be very demanding. There are luncheons to attend and phone calls that can only be made during business hours. There are committee meetings that start at 4 pm in the afternoon, council meetings that go until 11:30 at night and weekend events a councilmember should attend. A good councilmember needs an understanding and supportive boss or needs to work for himself.

Conservative values. I want a councilman who tends to favor fewer taxes rather than more taxes, who expects government to operate efficiently, who is cautious by nature when entrusted with spending other people’s money and does not want to use the power of government for social engineering.

Civil Libertarian values. I want someone who respects private property rights, believes government should not have the right to demand to see my papers or search my home without probable cause and who believes the First Amendment applies to everyone.

A love of Nashville and a vision for the city. I want someone who wants Nashville to be a great city. I want someone who loves Nashville, not just Madison or Antioch or Woodbine or Bellevue. I want a council member who, when he travels to other cities, feels compelled to tell people what a great hometown he comes from. I want someone who is not embarrassed by the moniker “music city.” I want someone who expects Nashville to become an even better place to live. I want someone who is passionate about Nashville.

Save the Fairgrounds. The candidate I support needs to support preserving the Fairgrounds.

Convention Center.

Support Private property Rights. Nashville has a history of either attempting to take people’s property for the private use of other interest or of actually taking property such property for the private use of others. I will only support a candidate who supports private property rights. Only the Metro Council should have the right to exercise eminent domain.

Legalize economy limousine Service/Oppose price fixing. Recently, the city passed a minimum price for limousine service. This does nothing to protect the consumer and only protects the high-end limo owners. Unfortunately, not a single member of the Metro Council voted against this price-fixing bill. I want to vote for someone who is opposed to price fixing.

Opposition to increasing the cable tax. The city is contemplating increasing a cable tax so we can watch the Metro Council and The Bat Poet in high definition. This is a luxury we do not need.

Someone to question why we build sidewalks stupidly. I support expansion of sidewalks. I want a walkable city. However, we have wasted massive amounts of money building sidewalks to nowhere and replacing perfectly serviceable sidewalks instead of adding new sidewalks. I want someone to investigate and expose the waste in our sidewalk program.

Insure that Metro ordinances are not ignored when they become law. The Metro Council may pass an ordinance and it get signed by the Mayor and then conveniently left out of the Metro Code and be ignored for the next twenty years. This happened to a bill I sponsored some twenty years ago. How many other times has this happened? Procedures need to be put in place to insure this does not happen.

A Republican. The council is a non-partisan race and most issues to not break along party lines, but I would prefer to have Republicans in the Council rather than Democrats. The council is a good training ground and stepping stone for higher office. It is the farm team. Having Republicans in the Council will give us qualified Republicans candidates to compete with Democrats for Courthouse “clerk” offices, for judgeships, for State House and Senate seats and for the US Congressional seat. We need to build our farm team.

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Fundraiser for Councilwoman Karen Bennett

You are cordially invited to a reception honoring

Councilwoman Karen Bennett
Candidate for re-election, District 8

Thursday, June 23rd
5 to 7 p.m.
 Historic Amqui Station
301B Madison Street
Madison, Tennessee 37115

Suggested donation -- $50 per couple
Business Casual

Make checks payable to:
"Friends of Karen Bennett"
106 Alhambra Circle
Nashville, Tennessee 37207

I am already committed to the fundraiser for Councilman Robert Duvall which is the same night; I will, however, be sending my donation. Karen is one of the good council members and is not embarrassed or afraid to be identified as a Republican. We need to reelect Karen Bennett.

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Pedophiles Weep as Supreme Court Backs Congressional Cutoff of ACORN Funding

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition for review from ACORN, ruling in effect that Congress was absolutely entitled to cut off federal taxpayer funding of ACORN, the depraved radicals who used to employ President Obama, according to reports.Read more

Wonderful! We win one.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be Fair in Redrawing the District Lines.

A committee of Tennessee Republican lawmakers met last week to begin the process of redrawing the state’s political districts. This will be the first time since reconstruction that Republicans have got to be the ones to redraw the lines. In the past, Democrats used redistricting as a chance to throw two incumbent Republicans into the same district and create new districts that favored Democrats. I hope the Republicans are fair in redrawing the lines- as fair as the Democrats have been.

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