Saturday, April 26, 2014

Melissa not "Marsha" is the "proud Davidson County Democrat" whose campaign is being managed by a member of the Republican State Executive Committee

In this clever ad, Melissa Blackburn makes the point that she is not "Marsha" Blackburn. I always liked the Jessie Colter song "I'm not Lisa."  This song was popular in 1975 and I remember it, but I wonder how many other people do. Even if you don't know the original song, I still think this is a cleaver way to make her name stand out in a crowded field.

In this ad she makes the point that she is "a proud Davidson County Democrat." To any Republicans who may have heard that she is really a Republican, I think she puts that notion to rest.  There is a real Republican running for that office and that is Marian Fordyce

If any Democrats are reading this blog, you do need to be aware that her campaign is being managed by Mark Winslow a member of the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee.  If you are a Democrat and want to vote for a Democrat, you may want to consider that fact. 

There are Republicans on the Ballot.  
are urging you to vote in the Democrat Primary.  

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Mark Winslow threatens to sue me.

I received the following communication from Mark Winslow.  Winslow has a tendency to sue people. He has sued the Tennessee Republican Party in the past.

Mark Winslow
Mark Winslowunless you can produce proof of anything i have said about Melissa Blackburn's party affiliation, i strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with this state's libel laws
What I said that causes Winslow to communicate  the above was this:
Early in her campaign, prior to the qualifying deadline, Winslow started working for Blackburn as her paid campaign manager. He reportedly took her around introducing her to people telling them that she was really a Republican but was running as a Democrat because her chances of getting elected were much greater in Davidson County if she ran as a Democrat. (link)
I did not state it for a fact but said "reportedly."  I was told this by more than one person.  I may need to seek legal assistance but I will not be intimidated. To read more about Winslow  go here, here, and here.

If Mark Winslow wants to be on the payroll of Democrat seeking political office, he should do the honorable thing and resign from the State Executive Committee.  One can not possible serve the interest of the Republican Party and also serve the interest of your Democrat candidate employer. One cannot serve two masters.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Personal attacks, tempers flare at Nashville GOP meeting over Mark Winslow's conflict of interest.

Mark Winslow
There were fireworks at the Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee (DCRP) meeting earlier this week resulting from the conflict of interest inherent in a member of the Executive Committee serving in that position while at the same time managing the campaign of a Democrat seeking office. “The most interesting meeting ever!!!” is the way one person described the meeting. "Disgraceful," someone else said.  Debate turned into personal attacks, tempers flared, voices were raised, and profanities were reportedly uttered.

Mark Winslow who serves as a member of the State Executive Committee of the Republican Party, by virtue of that position, also serves as a voting member of the Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee. Mark Winslow is also managing the campaign of Mellissa Blackburn who is running for Davidson County Judge Division II has a Democrat. She has four opponents also seeking that seat.  On the Republican side, Marian Fodyce is seeking the position.

Early in her campaign, prior to the qualifying deadline, Winslow started working for Blackburn as her paid campaign manager. He reportedly took her around introducing her to people telling them that she was really a Republican but was running as a Democrat because her chances of getting elected were much greater in Davidson County if she ran as a Democrat. Mark Winslow works for SmithWaterhouse, a firm that manages political campaigns and lobbies. The principles in the firm are Robin Smith, a Republican and Albert Waterhouse, a Democrat. Robin Smith formerly served as the chairman of the Tennessee Republican party.

Earlier this month, Mark Winslow’s candidacy to again run for a position on the State Executive Committee was challenged because of his managing the campaign for a Democrat. Party Chairman Chris Devaney showed lack of courage however and refused to uphold the challenge and Winslow was allowed to keep his name on the ballot. (link)

At the meeting of the DCRP this week, Beth Campbell who is also a member of the State Republican Party Executive Committee and therefore also a member of the DCRP executive committee, offered a motion to give each judicial candidate running for office as a Republican a sum of money now, to help them in their campaigns. The logic for this is that all the Republican candidates for judge have uncontested primaries. The Democrats candidates do have contested races, so Democrats will be actively campaigning prior to the start of the general election campaign and will have had yard signs posted and have been otherwise gaining name recognition. By giving Republicans some campaign assistance now, at least they would have some money and could be gaining some name recognition. Also, candidates for the office of Judge are prohibited from soliciting campaign contributions. They can accept contribution and have someone else raise money on their behalf but without the ability to personally ask for a contribution, they are handicapped.

Mark Rogers
Robert Duvall, chairman of the DCRP opposed this proposal. He had already appointed a three person committee comprised of Chuck Naab, Ed Smith and Pat Carl charged with vetting candidate. This process was not a vetting of their eligibility to run as a Republican but their deserving of financial support. Duvall’s view was that the Party should only financially support those candidates who are making the best effort to win a race. There are always some candidates who put their name on the ballot but then do not seriously campaign. Mr. Duvall did not want the Party to give campaign money to candidates who were not serious candidates. Also, Robert had reservations about giving money to candidates prior to the primary. The party cannot endorse a candidate in the primary and must not show preference to a primary candidate. While, not likely that a write-in candidate for one of the positions would emerge, Mr Duvall thought that since it was a possibility, he thought it not appropriate to contribute to candidates prior to the primary.

To wait until after the primary however would  result in the money getting to the candidates too late to have much impact, argues Campbell.  These candidates sacrifice to run and running in Davidson County as Republicans, they are the underdogs. The Party should show its support for their willingness to run by supporting them.

Prior to submitting her motion, Beth Campbell had discussed it with Robert Duvall and they had discussed their views of the issue and Robert Duvall had suggested that Beth get the item on the agenda for discussion. She did, and when she brought up the issue, the committee moved to go into executive session to discuss it.  Mark Rogers, not a member of the DCPR executive committee, was at the meeting and asked if he could address the issue under discussion before they moved into executive discussion to deliberate and vote. Mark has been hired by the State Republican party to help recruit local candidates for office as part of the Party’s “Red to the Roots” campaign to increase Republican officeholders at the local level in Tennessee. He is working closely with the various Republicans candidates for Judge helping promote their candidacies. He wanted to make the case in favor of Beth Campbell’s motion.

Beth Campbell
Mark Winslow objected to letting the committee hear from Mark Rogers. Kay Brooks joined Winslow in arguing the Committee should go into executive session immediately without hearing from Rogers. I was not at this meeting and here it gets a little murky. I am not sure who said what and exactly what was the order of the exchange but one person told me that Winslow was “very rude” to Mark Rogers. Someone else said Rogers was “humiliated” by Winslow. I also heard it described as Winslow “went off” on Rogers.

In executive session, the motion by Beth Campbell was discussed and Campbell asked Winslow to recuse himself from the vote, since he had an obvious conflict of interest. He angrily refused and, as I understand it, there was a heated exchange between Winslow and Campbell. The committee voted to appropriate the modest sum to each of the judicial candidates with Mark Winslow voting against it.

To me it appears an obvious conflict of interest that Mark Winslow can take part in the proceedings to determine to what extend and when the Party will support their candidates when he has an interest in seeing the Republican lose the race. One cannot serve two masters. Mark Winslow should do the honorable thing and either resign from the campaign of Milissa Blackburn or resign from the State Republican Party Executive Committee.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Adam Dread
Adam Dread is the Republican candidate in the race for General Session Judge, Division IX. The consistent theme in Adam Dread’s life is public service. With your vote for Adam Dread for General Sessions Judge, that service will continue with greater impact. He is honored to be endorsed by the Nashville Firefighters Local 140 in this race.

Adam Dread has called Nashville home for more than thirty years since graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1985. Between 1986 and 2000, he worked as a professional touring stand-up comedian touring the US and abroad, a freelance columnist, a radio host, and a feature producer of TNN’s Prime Time Country. He was appointed to serve on Metro Beer Board in 1999. In 2002, Nashvillians elected him to the Metro Council.

During his two terms as a Metro Councilman at Large, he served as Chairman of Public Safety and Regulated Beverage Committees, as well as chairing the Convention and Tourism Committee. He is credited for building the live music stage at the airport, in conjunction with the Convention Tourism Bureau, to welcome visitors and locals to Music City with live music. He also drafted and passed the laws making taxi riding safer and more efficient for passengers and drivers.

While still serving on the Metro Council, he began the Nashville School of Law and received his J.D. in 2004. During the last decade, his law practice has spanned many areas of law and helped many people. He was instrumental in the “Poison Pet Food Recall” case, and helped many Tennesseans who wrongly lost their pets. He was also an integral part of the team who fought the State for allowing people to carry open fire arms in to restaurants where alcohol was served. Since becoming an attorney, he has received numerous accolades, including being voted “ Nashville ’s Best Attorney” by the readers of the Nashville Scene four times. As a former City Councilman, Adam has donated his services to marry countless Davidson County couples.

Adam Dread became a Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator in 2008, in both Civil and Family law. Since then, he has also received additional training and certification to mediate situations in which domestic violence is prevalent. The training is relevant to his style of practice to this day since General Sessions Court involves a lot of mediation. Often, in civil matters, the attorneys (or mediators) and their clients will reach a resolution, which can then be ordered by the judge.

He is married to Leslie Darling . Adam and Leslie’s charitable involvement includes active participation in numerous Nashville charities including The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Community Resource Center, The Belcourt Theater and the General Sessions Drug Court Foundation. He also volunteers his time to emcee numerous charity events around the city, and the country.

He is a member of the American Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, Nashville Bar Association, The Tennessee Sheriffs' Association and The 100 Club of Nashville.

One unique thing about Adam Dread’s courtroom was published in April 17, 2014’s Tennessean, “ A Pledge to Say the Pledge” Dread, 51, said he would open each day in court by inviting, but not requiring, everyone to join him in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, “a good way to bond everyone in the courtroom.”

For more information or to get involved in Adam Dread’s election, please click on or, feel free to call Adam Dread directly at 615-300-7666

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A cynics view of the "Defend the Constitution Rally" this weekend.

I have become a little cynical.  When someone tells me how much they love the constitution, I am tempted to ask them, "which parts of it?" or "which constitution?"

This weekend there is a "Defend the Constitution Rally" in Waynesboro TN.  I would love to rally to defend the constitution. However, some of the participants in this event, in my view,  have a very warped view of the constitution.  For a complete list of speakers and to learn more about the event follow this link.

Joe Carr
Some of the speakers I know; some I don't. I know and respect Bobbie Patray head of Eagle Forum.  I share her values and most of her political positions. Some, I know who they are, but do not know enough about them to know what their specific views are on the Constitution. There are some at this rally who I do not respect and who's view of the constitution I would not trust.

Senator Joe Carr will be a participant in this "Defend the Constitution Rally."  I am sure he really loves the Constitution; he just doesn't love that "supremacy clause" part of it. Carr believes in the long discredited theory of nullification.

He is seeking to replace Lamar Alexander in the Senate. While many consider Lamar too liberal for their taste; Joe Carr is too nutty for my taste. While various national conservative organizations have joined the fight in other states to unseat a liberal  with a more conservative challenger, they have not rallied to help Carr. They know he can't beat Lamar and also that he is an embarrassment to conservatives. He is too far outside the conservative mainstream to be taken seriously.

Dr. Bill Warner
Another participant in this "Defend the Constitution Rally" is former Tennessee State University physics professor Bill French who goes by the name "Dr. Warner." He runs the Nashville-based, for-profit Center for the Study of Political Islam. I am sure Dr. Warner loves the constitution, except for that First Amendment:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Dr. Warner was a leader in the effort to stop Muslims from building a mosque in Murfreesboro.  Dr. Warner will tell you that Islam is not really a religion, instead its a totalitarian ideology and as such Muslims do not have the right to build a house of worship. That is not someone I would want to rally with to defend the constitution.

Another participant in this event this weekend is John Harris, Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association. Now, John Harris loves himself some second amendment. He likes it so much that he makes it mean things it doesn't mean. He likes the right to bear arms so much that he thinks he should have to right to bear arms in my house, even if I don't want him to.  His organization pushed the bill in the state legislature that said a person has the right to carry a gun onto the property of his employer even if the employer had a "no guns" policy. Most people see the specific rights enumerated in the Constitution as restrictions on government.  If I do not let you carry a gun into my house or my place of business, I have no more violated your Second Amendment rights than has The Tennessean violated your First Amendment rights by not publishing your letter to the editor. The Second Amendment prohibits government from infringing on your right to keep and bear arms. It does not prohibit me as an individual or a business owner from saying, "no guns allowed." The view of John Harris would trample property rights. That is a danger to the constitution!

If you want to go to the rally this weekend, go and have fun, but don't take your instruction for what it means to defend the Constitution from the likes of Carr, Warner, and Harris.

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Thought for the day

Why the US is ranked 16th in world education.

"Thoughts for the day" are often discovered first posted elsewhere. This thought for the day comes Rosine Ghawji posted to East Shelby County Republicans.

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School Board Work Session of April 22, 2014

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Dr. Register to answer questions about Common Core at series of public meetings

Dr. Register speaks directly with parents about the facts and answers their questions 

MNPS Press Release - Parent Meetings Will Answer Common Core Questions

WHAT: Parents have plenty of questions about the Common Core State Standards and how they affect their kids in Metro Schools. To help keep them informed about this very important topic, Dr. Register and his staff are hosting a series of parent meetings designed to share the facts and dispel the rumors about Common Core. The district is now in its third year of implementation, with full adoption of the standards for reading/language arts and mathematics across all grades K -­‐ 12. These meetings will help parents learn more about how the standards are used in Metro Schools, the curriculum used to support them and the assessments needed to measure them. There will be an opportunity at each meeting for Q&A with district officials. 

WHO: Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register, teachers, parents, district administrators

WHEN:  Thursday, April 24 at John Overton High School
                Monday, April 28 at Gower Elementary School
                Thurs day, May 1 at Madison Middle School
                Wednesday, May 7 at Apollo Middle School

               All meetings will start at 5:30 PM.

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Amy Frogge steps up her attack on charter schools: They "opeate like vultures," "shodowy motives"

Amy Frogge
by Joey Garrison, The Tennessean, April 22 - The Metro school board's fiercest charter school critic called for an "end game" on what future Nashville charters should look like during a blunt speech Tuesday that made accusations of profiteering and corporate interference.

Board member Amy Frogge, calling for Metro to hit the "pause button" to think strategically on charters, used strongly worded closing remarks at Tuesday's board meeting to argue the district has gotten away from "early visionaries" who saw charters as simply labs of innovation.

"Many charter schools today have become something very different as corporations, not educators, are increasingly involved in setting their directions," she said. "Charter schools have become competitors with traditional schools for funding and for students. (link)

My Comment: I hope a qualified candidate runs against Amy Frogge next school board election. She needs to go! Here vitriolic attacks and relentless campaign against charter schools is unacceptable. Charter schools are outperforming traditional schools and people like Amy Frogge just can not stand it. They want to protect mediocrity and hate the competition that shows just how poorly regular public schools perform.

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Corker: Obama Administration Makes “Every Excuse Imaginable” to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), ranking member of the Senate

Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s announcement that it will delay again its decision on the Keystone XL pipeline:

It’s amazing to watch this administration make every excuse imaginable to delay a project that is unquestionably a win for our country, our economy and American workers. After more than five years of environmental reviews, it’s clear the president would rather avoid a tough political decision than create thousands of private sector jobs and enhance our country’s energy security, all while providing a safer and more environmentally friendly method of transporting oil.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tim Scott assured to win in South Carolina! He does not need your money.

Tim Scott
Senator Tim Scott
With elections taking place this fall, there is no shortage of appeals for money to support PACs, the Party, subsets of the Party, and individual candidates. One can't support them all. I am a person of modest means but I try to support candidates and causes I believe in.  However,  I want to put my money where it will have an impact.  I don't want to give money to a candidate who already has a war chest that is ten times that of only token opposition.  Also, I do not want to give money to a candidate that I know is going to lose.  Much of my giving is to local and State candidates for office but I do give some to the State and national Party and some PACs and, here and there, to other candidates.

Tim Scott was one of those candidates I was going to support with a financial contribution. I want to see Scott win. He is a fiscal and social conservative, smart and articulate and he is Black. With attractive Black candidates, the Republican Party may be able to break the lock Democrats have on the Black vote.  Scott also has the support of tea party groups.  Having a Black candidate supported by tea party groups undermines the Democrat narrative that the tea party is racist.  Democrats have been vicious in denouncing Scott. The NAACP said he was a ventriloquist dummy for Republicans. Democrats really like Black people as long as they stay on the liberal plantation, but let them stray and think for themselves and Democrats get really nasty.

Today I received a solicitation from a PAC called  Patriots for Economic Freedom asking for a contribution to help the Scott campaign. I was doing some research to determine if I should support this PAC or give to the Scott candidacy directly or through another PAC, when I discovered his campaign doesn't need any money. Scott is assured to win and does not need my contribution. This blog post is much different than what I intended to write. I was going to say, I had contributed to the Scott campaign and was going to ask readers to contribute to this important campaign. Don't. Spend your money elsewhere where it will make a difference.

Tim Scott  is the junior United States Senator for South Carolina. He became a senator in 2013 after South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley named him to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jim DeMint. Prior to his appointment to the Senate, he served in the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013, being the first Republican African-American Representative from South Carolina since 1897.  Prior to that he served one term in the South Carolina General Assembly and prior to that he served as a Council Member on the Charleston County Council from 1996 to 2008. Scott will be on the ballot this November in a special election to complete the Demint term to which he was appointed.

Scott is one of only two African-American members of the United States Senate, the first African-American senator from the state of South Carolina, and the first from the South since 1881. Scott has only token opposition in the Republican primary and looks in good shape to win the election in November.  His primary Democrat opponent was Rick Wade, a former Barack Obama official. Wade had served in staff positions in several Democrat gubernatorial administration, was a big Obama supporter and had been rewarded for his support of Obama by being given a position in the Commerce Department.  Wade was considered the strongest potential challenger to Scott. He had filed to run three months earlier, but withdrew last month saying there was not time to raise sufficient money to mount a credible campaign against Scott.  This leaves only long-shot Democratic candidate Joyce Dickerson, a Richland County councilwoman as a Democratic opponent of Scott. The Tim Scott race is over before it even began and I could not be more pleased.

The lesson to take away from this is that those of us who contribute to campaigns need to be cautions about who we support. Those who contributed early probably helped ensure that Wade dropped out and that no serious challenger remains in the race. That was money well spend. A big war chest can scare off potential opponents.   To give at this point however is pointless.  An unknown county councilman with no statewide name recognition and little money is not going to defeat Tim Scott.

There are a lot of organizations raising money.  Often the money is used to support the organization and give them clout.  I am glad I did not click on that "contribute" button on the Patriots for Economic Freedom solicitation.

Read more here:

Last year Scott was key note speaker at the Tennessee  Republican Party's annual fundraising dinner in Nashville. He gives a great speech. He is motivational and rousing.  He may have the potential to be a presidential candidate some day or certainly a vice presidential candidate. I also saw him speak at CPAC this year. Below is a portion of his CPAC speech:

former Barack Obama official Rick Wade has officially dropped out of the race
former Barack Obama official Rick Wade has officially dropped out of the race

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Special Campaign Event for Len Silverman, May 15th

Save the Date! 
Special Campaign Event for 
Len Silverman 
Republican Candidate for State Representative, 45th District 
When: Thursday, May 15th at 6:30pm 
Where: Hazel Path 105 Hazel Path, Hendersonville 
Featuring Music by Conner Broome
This will be a great opportunity to hear Len speak about the critical issues facing our district and our state.
Sponsorships are still available: $1000+ (Diamond) $500+ (Platinum) $250+ (Gold)
 Contact me via email if you are interested in being a sponsor:

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tim Skow at center of much to do about nothing.

Tim Skow
Tim Skow, political activist and organizer of First Tuesday, organized a fund raiser for Republican candidate Troy Brewer who is seeking the house seat now occupied by Bo Mitchell, and The Tennessean alleges that Skow encouraged contributors to contribute through the political action committee Leaders of Tennessee to avoid disclosure. Tony Brewer is the treasurer of Leaders of Tennessee and received a contribution from that organization. That is not illegal. To read all about it follow this link.

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