Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show me your papers

show me your papersI am a small government Republican. As such, I am opposed to the nanny state. I don’t want a safety net that protects people from the consequences of their actions. If I rode a motorcycle and wanted to be stupid and ride without a helmet, I don’t want the government requiring me to wear a helmet. I don’t want womb to tomb government welfare programs. I want some people to excel and others to fail. I want it to still be possible to get rich in America. I don't want government taking money I earn and giving it to someone else. I reject the notion that if it moves we must regulate it and tax it. I want less bureaucracy and lower taxes.

Also, however, being a small government Republican means I don’t want a police state. I don’t want the government reading my email or listening in on my phone conversations without a warrant issued for probable cause. I support the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” I don’t want the government pressuring my employer to make be pee in a cup to insure I have not been smoking marijuana. I don’t want the government keeping track of what library books I read or websites I visit. I don’t want the police beating confessions out of suspects. I like "innocent until proven guilty." I don't even want cameras catching me running red lights.

This week Arizona passed an anti-illegal immigration bill. This bill would require law enforcement officers to investigate, detain and arrest people if there is ‘reasonable suspicion’ that a person may be undocumented. It would give state and local police the power to detain people who cannot prove their citizenship or legal right to be in the country.

Unfortunately, many conservatives are applauding this law. I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry a passport or a birth certificate. Many Americans don't have passports. We do not have a form of national ID and I don't want one. With fifty states, each with their own design for birth certificates and with birth certificates easily forgeable, I am not sure that a birth certificate proves citizenship. This bill gives too much authority to the police.

I don’t want America to become a nation where the police stop you and make you show your papers. I like the idea that the police can’t stop you without probable cause. I want a government that fears the people, not people who fear the government. I don’t want America to become a nation where you must “show me your paper.”

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Surprise, Surprise...Health Care to Cost More!

Wow! Who would have thought it! Health care is going to cost more! Surprise, Surprise!

According to this AP story:

President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law is getting a mixed verdict in the first comprehensive look by neutral experts: More Americans will be covered, but costs are also going up.

Economic experts at the Health and Human Services Department concluded in a report issued Thursday that the health care remake will achieve Obama's aim of expanding health insurance — adding 34 million to the coverage rolls.

But the analysis also found that the law falls short of the president's twin goal of controlling runaway costs, raising projected spending by about 1 percent over 10 years. That increase could get bigger, since Medicare cuts in the law may be unrealistic and unsustainable, the report warned.

You mean the medicare cuts in the law were "unrealistic and unsustainable?" You mean they put phony numbers in the bill to show that it would save money and that those medicare cuts are not realistic and it really won't save money? I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked! You don't think they knew this do you? Why didn't someone expose that? Why didn't someone tell the Democrats in Congress this before that passed this bill. Why didn't someone suggest we scrap this bill and pass health care reform that would lower cost.

To read a real authoritative, boring thirty-eight page report from the Office of the Actuary of the Department of Health and Human Services with lots of numbers and tables that explains why Obamacare will increase health care cost click here.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun times at the Reagan Day Dinner

Rod Williams and Louella Ballenger

Me and my wife at the Registration desk

In the last year I have become very active in the county Republican Party and local political activity. I not only do it because I believe all citizens who cherish liberty must oppose what is happening to our country and that we have an obligation to get involved, but I enjoy it!

Unfortunately, most of the members of my family are flaming liberals and most people I casually know are apathetic or liberal. It is great to be around like-minded people who are smart and informed and share my values and my passion.

A few months ago, on the night that Scott Brown won the Massachusetts senate seat, I was at the State Republican Party headquarters working a phone bank drumming up attendance for the Republican breakfast groups I have been helping to form. About a dozen of us were making phone calls and the TV was turned low in the background. When the announcement of Brown’s victory was made there were hoops of joy and high fives and big grins and exclamations of delight. I had been following that race closely. I am glad I was with people who shared by delight in that victory rather than with liberals, or people who could care less or at home watching it alone.

The Reagan Day Dinner had been planned for some months. I knew I would be attending. The invitations had said something about “ranch wear” and wearing your cowboy hat and boots but I had not given it much thought. I no longer owned a cowboy hat or boots. I used to. All through college I wore a pair of worn blue suede cowboy boots and have owned several other pair. I wore cowboy boots for years. I also used to wear a cowboy hat, especially when I would go honky tonkin or go to country music concerts. I got to where I was comfortable in a cowboy hat, but somewhere along the way, I gave up the cowboy thing.

I had not actually given much thought to what I would wear to the Reagan Day Dinner until the day before the event and realized I did not even own a decent pair of jeans. Oh well, I thought, I will just wear normal everyday clothes. Then, on the day of the dinner, I got an email from Bob Swartz a friend of mine who is one of the candidates for the 5th Congressional District. I don’t recall what we were talking about in the email, but Bob said something about he would see me in my cowboy hat that night. It was then that I thought, it would be nice to have a new pair of jeans and a cowboy hat. I took off work early and went shopping. I didn’t have much time.

I normally hate to shop. I know some people shop for pleasure; not me. I would almost as soon go to the dentist as go to the mall. But, I enjoyed shopping. I went to Wallmart and bought a new pair of jeans. They did not have a good selection of cowboy hats, so I headed downtown to the honky tonk strip of lower Broadway. Luck must have been with me. Normally parking is hard to find during business hours downtown, but I found a parking meter right on Broadway. Hats were much more expensive than I thought they would be but in the third store I went in they had white straw hats at an amazingly cheap price. I put on a hat that fit me perfectly and I felt like a cowboy. I then started looking at boots that were on sale and for just a little over a hundred dollars I found a comfortable pair of boots that I really liked. Wearing boots and a cowboy hat makes you feel different.

I went to the Reagan Day Dinner in style. It was a great evening. I heard speeches by people I really admire like our own Representative Marsha Blackman and Senator Bob Corker. There was a candidate’s forum of the candidates running for governor. There was musical entertainment, good food and wine, good conversation, balloons and banners.

If you have been unhappy about the direction our county is going, do something about it. Don’t just sit at home and cuss at the TV. Get involved! Start a Republican breakfast group. Volunteer to help a candidate. Attend a fundraiser. You will feel better for having done it and you might have fun. And, don’t pass up the chance to wear a cowboy hat.

April 16
DCRP Reagan Day Dinner was a huge success!

From The Davidson County Republican Party
Over 400 energized GOP’ers filled the Banquet Hall at the TN State Fairgrounds on Friday, April 16 for the Davidson County Republican Party’s Reagan Day Dinner featuring Sen. Bob Corker as the keynote speaker.

It was a new day for Davidson County Republicans—eagerly assembling for their first Reagan Day event in a number of years—who sense the momentum is now theirs in capturing strategic positions in the County, State and US House during 2010 elections.

The four Republican gubernatorial candidates—Bill Haslam, Joe Kirkpatrick, Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp—further fired up the crowd with crisp and often impassioned answers to questions posed during a forum moderated by former NewsChannel 5 television personality Harry Chapman. Questions were asked on jobs, education, State budget/economy and State sovereignty. Bill Haslam won the straw poll taken immediately after the forum as the choice for governor. He was followed by Zach Wamp, Ron Ramsey and Joe Kirkpatrick.

During his speech, Sen. Corker drew loud affirmative applause when he stated he would never be a member of AARP. His comments made national news.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tracy C. Tarum, Republican seeking the 5th Congressional District seat.

The following questionnaire has been submitted to each candidate running in the Republican primary seeking the nomination for Republican candidate for Tennessee's 5th Congressional District. This seat is now held by Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper. Whoever wins the primary on August 5 will most likely face Cooper in November.

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from, what to you do for a living, what is your educational background, your political experience?

I grew up in Bryant, South Dakota, and graduated from Hamlin High School in 1994. I worked for my uncle, farming and milking cows through high school. I joined the Air Force DEP before I graduated, and was enlisted 13 July, 1994. I served four years, working as a Sensor Troop on the AC130U and AC103H Model Gunships and C130 Talon 2’s at Hurlburt Field, Florida.

I took a job with Lockheed-Martin in September of 1998 that brought me to Middle Tennessee, doing electrical installations and modifications on the Tennessee National Guard’s C130’s. Since 2003 I have worked on commercial aircraft as an Avionics Technician/Aircraft Electrician.

I am a devout Christian, staunch Constitutionalist, freedom-loving, small-government Conservative. My wife and I have been married for over 15 years. We have three children, ages 16, 13, and 12. I am terrified for their future if we do not take control of our current spending and taxation. It MUST be stopped! As for political experience…none! I am not a politician, I am a Patriot.

Why are you running for this office?

God, Family, Country. It really is that simple to me. That is the order of importance in my life. It is not negotiable and it will not be compromised. I see financial and social ruin on our horizon if we continue down our current path. I know I have the integrity and fortitude to stick to my Conservative roots. I will not compromise my integrity or my morals. I cannot be bought. All this having been said; the fact remains that even as outspoken and opinionated as I am I would NEVER have had the courage to pursue this on my own. I am truly running because I know that I have been called by God for this endeavor. I have been led and convicted by God, and I have answered the call. This is WAY out of my comfort zone, but this is not about me.

First, this is about God’s will and my submission. Second, it is about me standing up for what is right and for my family; my children and my children’s children. Third, it is for me answering the call from the grave of so many brave men and women (most notably our Founders) who fought and died to assemble this great nation and defend it, whose dreams of a Republic and formation of a Constitutional Republic Nation are being trampled underfoot. My country needs me. God, Family, Country, 1, 2, 3. As I said, it really is that simple. I am NOT a politician, I am a Patriot! I want my country back, governed by the Constitution, led by honorable men. Count me among them!

What do you see as the primary issue is this race?

Legalize the Constitution! I recently saw it on a bumper sticker, and it’s sadly true. Here are two mistakes I frequently see from the Republicans. First, when the Democrats propose asinine legislation, the Republicans are too often afraid to call it unconstitutional and oppose it. Instead, they offer a watered down version of their own and proclaim a victory to their electorate (as if we’re dumb enough to believe that). Second, Republicans have been good at cutting taxes, but not at cutting spending. We MUST cut Federal spending, period! I WILL NOT be bringing home pet projects to the 5th District. I will lead by example, and expect others to follow. I really think there will be a rash of new fiscal conservatives such as myself, so cutting out the pork will be a very real possibility. So, in summation, the primary issue(s) for me are to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION, CUT SPENDING, and CUT TAXES.

If you are successful in wining the Republican nomination and you are successful in defeating Jim Cooper, when serving in the US Congress what issue will be your primary focus? What will be your priorities?

See first my previous statement in answer to “primary issue in this race”. Adhere to the Constitution, cut spending, and cut taxes. Those are primary. Secondary is reinforcement and re-education of the populace as to the purpose, reasoning, intent, and protections provided by the Second Amendment. It is imperative for our freedom that people know that it is as important as the First Amendment, if not more so. Also, illegal Immigration MUST be stopped! We must secure our borders. Furthermore, we need to drill and refine our own oil, and quit enriching our enemies who wish to destroy us. We must cut taxes to stimulate growth in the economy by enabling entrepreneurs to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.

Basically, cut the Federal government back to what it was designed to do; provide a national defense, regulate interstate trade fairly (without meddling), and provide only what the private sector can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t do!

When I make my decision who I will vote for for this office, not only do I want to vote for someone who has solid conservative values and who I think would make a good Congressman, but I want to vote for someone who I think can beat Jim Cooper. Best person and electability may not necessarily be the same thing. I have heard that it will take anywhere from $500,000 to $2 million dollars to mount a successful campaign. Do you have the support, the time and resources to conduct a wining campaign?

This is not a typical “politician” answer I know, but it is the truth; I don’t know. I would love to say yes, but I simply do not know this for sure. The truth is ANY Republican will have a long, hard haul in attempting to unseat Cooper. The Democrat’s have held this seat since 1875. It will be no easy task for anyone. I do, however, know this for sure; I am running because I feel led by my convictions. I will campaign as hard as I can, meet as many people as I can, and accept as much help as people will give me in my fight for this seat.

I know in my heart that I am the right person to carry Tennessean’s values to Washington, D.C. And as a Christian, I know that you can ask Goliath about long shots. If God wants me to win, no one can stop it. So the answer in that case would be yes! As for the time, I can make the time if the victory is within sight. The means will be provided, I know that. As far as the resources, no; I will not have the resources on my own. I will need a lot of support. That is where I trust in Him to provide, if it is His will. I am 100% serious when I say that at the end of the day, I am answering a call. As a Christian, I understand that God doesn’t always call the equipped, he equips the called. I stand on His promise, I count on Him to provide, if that is indeed His will. That is not phony, that is not contrived. This is me, this is who I am.

If one wants to know more about your campaign or contact you how to they do that?

Check out my website,,,; they all take you to my site. There is contact information there. PLEASE contact me. Tell me how you can help me, or just let me know that you want to help. Spread the word, tell ALL your friends in Middle Tennessee, especially in the 5th District. Let’s get the word out, win this thing, and take common sense, Conservative, Christian values back to Washington, D.C., and put Mr. Cooper in the unemployment line!

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Jarod Scott at the Madison Eggs and Bacon Summit

On April 10, Scott Jarod was one of the guest speakers at the Madison Eggs and Bacon Summit along with three other of the ten active candidates running in the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District seat now occupied by Democrat Jim Cooper. Other candidates are scheduled to speak at the forum in May and June.

I am impressed by Jarod Scott. I like Jarod's focused campaign message and his emphasis on economics . To learn more about the Madison Republican Breakfast group visit the Meetup site at

To learn more about the Jarod Scott campaign visit his website at

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