Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tennessee Conservatives Fund endorses David Hall

Join The Cause

Dear Friend,
I am very pleased to announce our most recent endorsement - David Hall for Congress in Tennessee's 5th Congressional District.
David HallDavid Hall surprised the local media and various political pundits with his win in the August 5th Republican primary race for Tennessee's 5th Congressional district in Nashville and parts of Wilson and Cheatham counties. The Tennessee Conservatives Fund has taken an interest in this race in part because David Hall has made this unlikely race competitive through an unrivaled persistence and work ethic in contacting voters directly through door knocking and phone calls. This is the tactic that earned Hall a huge upset against much higher-profile candidates who had the backing of Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.
The Hall campaign reported last week that hundreds of volunteers turned out on Saturday, October 9th and made nearly 15,000 voter contacts, and they plan to do the same this Saturday. In fact those wishing to participate should visit the Davidson County Republican Party Headquarters today at 2416 21st Avenue South in Nashville or contact At 9:00am former Governor Winnfield Dunn will be on hand to announce his endorsement of David hall.
Tennessee 5th Congressional DistrictIn addition to Hall's conservative stance on a number of issues, the TCF has also targeted this race because of Jim Cooper's reckless spending votes over the past two years. Despite the Cooper campaign running laughable television ads flashing piggy banks and claiming Cooper is fiscally conservative, his record shows that he voted for the trillion-dollar healthcare bill, Cash For Clunkers, Cap and Trade, stimulus and for the biggest budget deficit in American history. The budget deficit may be even larger this year but Congressional Democrats have refused to pass a budget for fear of revealing the depth of their spending to the American people.
Cooper's most contentious vote was in favor of the deeply unpopular Democrat healthcare bill. The NASHVILLE SCENE reported that after Cooper cast his vote for government healthcare he said, "I find much of the bill deeply flawed," but he didn't think it would become law anyway. This and other votes have earned Cooper a failing grade from fiscal watchdog groups like Citizens Against Government Waste, though Cooper can claim support from liberal groups like the ACLU, numerous national unions, and the Hispanic supremacist group La Raza.

David Hall is running largely on conservative fiscal policy and simplifying the tax code, with a notable endorsement from renowned economist Arthur Laffer who created the Laffer Curve. He also claims membership to the NRA, Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce, and is pro-life. Hall is a general contractor and electrician who has been a small business owner since 1989 and currently owns and operates David is strongly supported in his campaign by his wife Michelle and five children, who have tirelessly campaigned throughout the Nashville community.
The TCF has endorsed David Hall through use of our selection criteria that limits support to strong conservative candidates who are facing liberal incumbents in a race widely supported by Tea Parties and liberty groups.
I urge you to take action this weekend to help rid us of lying Jim Cooper and replace him with a true fiscal conservative.
Visit the Davidson County Republican Headquarters starting at 9am Saturday to phone bank or go door to door.
Contact to volunteer.
Make a contribution to the David Hall campaign.

Rep. Susan Lynn
Rep. Susan Lynn, Chairman

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sherry Jones explains how raising taxes creates jobs

Candidate Forum, September 30, 2010, Haywood Hills Lutheran Church, Nashville, TN
59th State House candidates,
Sherry Jones, 'Democrat Incumbent & Duane Dominy, Republican Challenger
Elect Duane Dominy

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Don't be Fooled! Jim Cooper is no conservative.

The below Jim Cooper ad is a good ad. It is cleaver.
Too bad it is not true. If I did not know the real Jim Cooper, I would be tempted to vote for him.

Here is the Jim Cooper Record:

•BANK BAILOUTS (“TARP”) ($700,000,000,000) (HR1424)
    •INCREASE OF THE DEBT CEILING TO $14,300,000,000,000 (TRILLION) (RES 1065)

    Don't be Fooled! Jim Cooper is no conservative.
    Jim Cooper is a Nancy Pelosi lap dog.
    vote for a real conservative
    Vote David Hall
    Stop the Spending!

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    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Early Voting started today...

    Early voting started today for Republicans and Independents. Election day is November 2.

    Early voting for Democrats and Socialist starts November 13th and election day is December 2.

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    Vote Now for David Hall in a straw poll!

    Topix, a popular news aggregator website, is conducting a 5th Congressional District straw poll.
    Click here and Vote for David Hall.

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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Early voting starts tommorrow. Don't vote.

    Early voting starts tomorrow. Between now and the closing of the polls on November 2, you are going to be urged, shamed, and cajoled into voting. You will be told that it is your right and your duty to vote.

    You will be told you have an obligation to vote. You do not; just ask Barack Obama. Before becoming president, as a U. S. Senator, he abstained from voting on very many occasions and on very important issues. He simply voted “Present” time and time again. So, if Barack Obama did not bother to vote while serving in the US Senate, why should you?

    Do you know who Bill Frist is? He is a famous Tennessean who was former Senate majority leader. Before he was elected to public office he didn't vote for 18 years when he could have voted. You may have heard of Meg Whitman? She is running for Governor of California and she was not even registered to vote until 2002. John Edwards? He was a former Senator from North Carolina who almost got the Democratic Party nomination for President. He has since been disgraced in a sex scandal. Anyway, until he ran for office he hardly ever voted. My point is, that if famous politicians like Bill Frist, Meg Whitman and John Edwards did not bother to vote until they decided to run for office, why don't you just wait until you decide to run for office and then start voting.

    Remember two years ago when you voted for Obama and the people who wanted you to vote for him told you that if you did not that any number of bad things might happen: homes would get foreclosed, unemployment would increase, a war would continue, and we would all die from global warming.

    Well, you voted for Obama and all of those things happened anyway, except we did not all die from global warming, but his administration did nothing about global warming so you wouldn't have died from global warming anyway.

    OK, last time you wanted to vote because that was a historic election and the Nation elected its first Black president. I understand that. You did your part. You were part of history. That is not the case this time. This election is just boring. It is not a historical election. Be honest. How excited can you get about Jim Cooper?

    Some people will tell you that not voting is a sign of a weak democracy and a sign that you just don’t care. Well, I am here to tell you that not voting is not a sign of a weak democracy or not caring. You could interpret not voting as a sign that things must be going so well, that people see no reason to vote. When the actions of government are so unimportant that people don’t feel compelled to vote, that is a sign that people must be pretty content and pretty certain that those who do vote will make the right decision. Not voting is a vote of confidence.

    You should not let anyone shame you into voting. You should not vote unless you are real informed and confident in your decision. Don't let anyone tell you it is your patriotic duty to vote. It is unpatriotic to cast an uninformed vote. What if you vote the wrong way and the person you vote for does something to really screw up the world? Do you want that responsibility?

    Voting casually without being certain of your vote is wrong. Casting your vote should be a sober decision. Casting an unsure vote is sort of like driving drunk. So, if you don’t feel certain that you are qualified to vote or have adequately studied the issues; please don’t vote. If you haven't been paying attention, don't vote. If you get most of your news from Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report, please do not vote.

    Some people will tell you that if you don’t vote you have no right to complain. I don't know who started that lie. It is just not true. By not voting, you are not giving up the right to complain.

    I don’t want you to vote. You see, if you don’t vote, my vote carries more weight. If only 33% of the people vote, it is like I am voting for three people; if 50% of the people vote it is like I am voting for only two people. I don’t want you to dilute my vote. Let me vote for you. I have studied the issues. I am qualified to vote.

    Voting is difficult. It is very complicated to figure out how to do it right. The new electronic machines are real difficult to figure out and anyway, with the electronic machines, how do your even know your vote is counted? Also, the lines are often real long and it can take a lot of your time.

    You do know that if you vote, you will probably get called to jury duty? Also, I understand that this year immigration officials will be at the voting places looking for illegal immigrants. There are always a lot of police at the voting places too. A lot of outstanding warrants are served on Election Day. Voter registration records are public records so the police know who will be voting so it is easy pickings to serve warrants. I have heard that officials also stake out the voting place to look for people who are behind on their child support.

    So, if I were you, I wouldn’t vote.

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    Monday, October 11, 2010

    “I am not a constitutional lawyer,” said Jim Cooper.

    “I am not a constitutional lawyer,” said Jim Cooper in response to a question submitted by a member of the audience at last night’s candidate’s forum sponsored by the First Baptist Church Capitol Hill.

    For David Hall, last night’s candidate’s forum was the first time he had met the incumbent Congressman. Jim Cooper has kept a low profile for the last 18 months avoiding town hall meetings or chances to engage the public. David Hall has challenged Cooper to a debate but Cooper has not yet accepted. Cooper has also been a no-show at one other forum. Last night was a rare chance for Cooper to be seen by any group except a safe audiences of known supporters.

    Last night’s event drew an audience of fewer than one hundred people. Although one might assume a candidate's forum at First Baptist Church Capitol Hill would draw an audience that would be Cooper-friendly, it appeared by audience applause to candidates statements, that there were more supporters of David Hall present than Jim Cooper.

    The format of the forum did not provide an opportunity for the candidates to ask each other questions or respond to the same question; never the less, the differences between the two candidates was clearly revealed. Cooper as always spoke of his fiscal conservatism and his concern over the growing deficit, but his voting record of support for Cash for Clunker, the various stimulus bills, and Obamacare was revealed, making his concern over the deficit and government spending sound lame and contradictory.

    At one point, Cooper touted a book he wrote some years ago dealing with the looming debt crisis. When Hall got a chance to speak, he said he had read the Cooper book and complemented Cooper on it but said Cooper needed to reread it. He pointed out that Cooper’s voting record did not follow the Cooper rhetoric.

    Instead of audience members asking candidates questions directly, questions were submitted on note cards and read by the moderator. Someone submitted a question, asking Cooper if the provision in the health care bill that requires everyone to purchase health insurance was constitutional. Cooper dodged the questions and responded by saying, “I am not a Constitutional lawyer.”

    I find that a sad commentary and wonder how many other members of Congress have the same attitude. When members of Congress are elected to office they take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Does Congress not have an obligation to take care that the laws they foist on us are Constitutional? Such callous unconcern for the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress is sad and unconscionable.

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    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Mosque hearings turning into farce

    An editorial in today's Murfreesboro newspaper The Daily News Journal argues that the hearing before the Rutherford County Chancery Court regarding the Murfressboro Mosque has turned into a farce. The hearing was supposed to be about challenges to the county's zoning rules and alleged Sunshine Law violations surrounding public notice for the meeting at which the approval for construction of the mosque was approved. Instead of the narrow question at issue, the court has allowed the plaintiffs in the suit to argue that Islam is not really a religion and that local Muslims are intent on replacing the Constitution with the Islamic legal code of Shariah law.

    I agree with the DNJ. The court should stick to the narrow issue of whether or not the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission followed the law in approving the zoning change. It is not or should not be within the purview of this Court to decide if the Muslim faith is a real religion.

    Here is an excerpt from the editorial:

    The First Amendment protection of religious freedom is one of the fundamental principles that governs our republic and arguably its most important. Yes, the founding of this nation had decidedly Judeo-Christian influences, but the founding fathers knew that mixing religion and government could easily lead to the destruction of both. Freedom of religion means just that.

    While Muslims make up only a small, but growing percentage of America's population, Islam is a faith that goes back thousands of years and boasts over 1 billion followers worldwide. Yes, the terrorists elements committing heinous acts in the name of Islam are a cause of great concern, but that tiny fraction of Muslim extremists doesn't suddenly mean all Muslims have to prove to every Joe Blow who asks that they're not a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. (link)
    I have been embarrassed by this controversy. It makes Murfressboro look like a bigoted backwater. I am also embarrassed by those local conservative activist, including candidates for office (who thankfully lost their primary contest), who have taken a position of opposition to the First Amendment. Some of those who have chosen to take a stand in opposition to the Mosque are unfortunately constitution waving activist. I have little in common with that brand of conservatism. They are very selective of their love of the Constitution. I am sure they love the Second Amendment and the Tenth, but they don't care much for the First and they don't seem to care much for the Fourth either. Don't claim to love the Constitution if you want to prohibit Muslims from building a house of worship. That is not conservatism but a nativist nationalism.

    I agree with the argument above that says that because a tiny fraction of Muslim are terrorist, not every Muslim is obligated to prove they are not a terrorist. Every Italian should not have to prove they are not a member of the Mafia. Every white person should not have to prove they are not a member of the KKK. That is un-American. In America, you should not have to prove what you are not.

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    Steve Gill has done nothing but trash our candidates

    Today on The Steve Gill Show, Steve went off on David Hall, telling his audience that Jim Cooper was a better choice. Actually what he said was, “The only thing that would be worse than Jim Cooper being elected would be if David Hall were to be elected.” He told people not to waste their time working for David. He was a loser.

    Enough is enough. I have always thought Steve Gill was the worst of the conservative talk show host in Nashville. In my opinion Steve Gill is a self-promoting, egotistical, loud-mouth showman who is not a friend of the conservative movement and is only interested in Steve Gill. I have always thought he appealed to the worst instincts in people and lacked substance. I will not listen to his show anymore. I hope he goes off the air.

    I am proud of Kathleen Starnes, Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party. Today she issued the following statement:

    Over the course of this campaign season, Steve Gill, on his radio show, has done nothing but trash our Davidson County Republican Candidates and our congresswoman we share with Williamson Co. This morning's October, 9th radio show was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    As chair of the DCRP, I cannot in good conscience, justify promoting an event with Steve Gill.

    I will be looking for an alternate venue to celebrate our Davidson County victories on November 2nd. I was looking forward to being with the Haslam Campaign and the Tennessee Republican Party.

    Kathleen Starnes
    Davidson County Republican Party

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