Saturday, July 02, 2022

Robby Starbuck will run as a write-in candidate in the August Republican primary for the open 5th Congressional District


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Friday, July 01, 2022

Mayor Cooper Calls for Metro to Pay the travel Cost for Metro Employees who Travel for an Out-ot-State Abortion.

Rod's Comment: This is one of those stories that may require reference to the Liberal Speak Translation Guide. "Protecting women's health care" or "support women's health care," means "facilitating women killing their baby" or "having an abortion," if you prefer.

This may be one of those cases in which the State needs to intervene and pass legislation to prohibit a local government from providing this type of assistance to women who want an abortion. 

Mayor Cooper, joined by three Council Members will advocate for Metro Employees to have access to out-of-state abortions.

Metro Press release, July 1, 2022- Today, Mayor John Cooper and Council Members Burkley Allen, Delishia Porterfield and Erin Evans called for a new initiative that will continue protecting women's health care for all Metro Nashville employees, which totals well over 15,000 Middle Tennessee residents. The Mayor and Council Members will formally request the Metro Employee Benefit Board to extend health coverage for Metro employees to include reimbursement to obtain medical procedures unavailable in Tennessee. The benefit would include transportation, accommodations, and related costs. Council Members Allen, Porterfield and Evans will sponsor a resolution for Council to consider codifying this request.

"Last week the Supreme Court overturned 50 years of precedent and took away a fundamental right for millions of people across the country, including hundreds of thousands right here in Nashville," said Mayor John Cooper. "While our options to protect the right to choose in Nashville are limited by current law, we must do everything we can to continue providing access to health care and safe, affordable care for those who need it. I'm proud to be advocating for all Metro employees to have this essential benefit."

"There is nothing more important for every Nashvillian than access to good, quality health care, and it's our job as city leaders to support and protect the rights of everyone to afford and access that care," said Council Member Burkley Allen. "That's why I'm partnering with Mayor Cooper and my colleagues today in calling on the Metro Employee Benefit Board to ensure the women serving our community have the resources necessary to access reproductive care when they need it."

The resolution to be filed with the Metro Council calls for the Metro Employee Benefit Board to first assess the current availability of benefits providing transportation, accommodation, and related costs when necessary to obtain medical treatment unavailable in Tennessee. It further requests that in the event that medical benefits do not include coverage for costs of obtaining reproductive healthcare medical treatment unavailable in Tennessee, that such coverage be extended by the Metropolitan Employee Benefit Board.

"I applaud Mayor Cooper and the leadership in Nashville for stepping up to protect the fundamental rights of Metro employees," said Francie Hunt, Executive Director of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood. "I hope today's announcement will serve as inspiration for other local leaders across the state to follow suit and fight back against the outrageous injustice imposed on millions of women across Tennessee."

"We are really excited about Mayor Cooper's commitment to the health and wellbeing of Metro Nashville employees," said Jennifer Pepper, President and CEO, CHOICES. "CHOICES looks forward to being able to provide critical access to women's health services for those traveling from the Metro Nashville area to providers like CHOICES Carbondale."

"It's vital that Nashville remain a welcoming space for everyone, and that city government do everything in our power to advance reproductive freedom,'' said Council Member Delishia Porterfield. "The Dobbs decision will disproportionally impact families from working-class and lower socio-economic backgrounds, and I'm grateful this proposed action will provide much needed support for our Metro employees who may not have the means to travel for out-of-state procedures."

"A week ago, every woman in the Metropolitan Government enjoyed medical benefits that guaranteed access to safe and legal abortion services whenever medically necessary," said Council Member Erin Evans. "No one ever wants to endure an agonizing choice, but knowing there was access to reproductive healthcare was of enormous comfort to women everywhere. Last Friday, the Supreme Court unilaterally removed that right and that security. If the Council can provide alternatives for thousands of Metro Government employees who no longer have that choice, we should do just that."

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Molotov device, vandalism found at Nashville pregnancy center

 BY: ANITA WADHWA, Tennessee Outlook, JULY 1, 2022 -  Federal and local authorities are investigating an overnight attack Thursday on a pregnancy counseling center in Nashville, where a window was left smashed with an un-ignited Molotov cocktail device found inside, according to Metro Nashville police who called it the “first act of vandalism seen as related to the U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision.”

The Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville has been in operation since 1983. The Christian pregnancy center provides pregnancy testing, counseling and parenting classes and works to steer women and girls away from abortions. (link)

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Former White House Aide Testifies Before the January 6 Committee; Said Trump and Others Knew About Potential for Violence

New York Times -On Tuesday, the January 6th Committee held an unanticipated hearing to reveal explosive testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows, President Trump’s Chief of Staff. Hutchinson said the former President and other White House officials knew of the potential for violence before January 6 from the white supremacist groups who showed up at the Capitol that day, and that  people in the crowd at Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 were armed . Hutchinson testified that Meadows seemed to have little reaction to and Trump did not care the insurrection was occurring, with Trump even encouraging the rioters to continue marching on the Capitol. Hutchinson added that several people asked Trump to make a statement to call off the attack and he refused. She recounted conversations she had with White House staff who said the former President became enraged when the Secret Service refused to take him to the Capitol because he wanted to join the rioters. (link)

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Bellevue Breakfast Club ***THIS SATURDAY *** July 2022

From Lonnie Spivak: 
Greetings Breakfast Club Members,
It's had to believe this will be our last meeting before the August primary. We have been fortunate to have so many incredible candidates and speakers over the last several months, including some that didn't quite make the ballot. This month will be the last of our candidates before we go to the polls, with early voting in just a few short weeks. Please plan to attend as we welcome Jeff Beierlein, a candidate for the 5th congressional district, and Wyatt Rampy who is a Candidate for State House 59.

We will meet Saturday, July 2nd, at the Plantation Pub located at:
8321 Sawyer Brown Rd,
Nashville, TN 37221
Our meeting will begin around 8:30 am and will wrap up around 10.

See you all soon.


Jeff is a husband and father, a proud Conservative, a West Point graduate, a combat veteran, a Black Hawk helicopter pilot, and a former Unit commander from the 101st Airborne Division, having served multiple tours  in Iraq, Eastern Europe and Central America.  With a Vanderbilt MBA, he has served as a healthcare operations leader in the private sector, including through the duration of COVID.



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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

July 5 is the Registration Deadline to Vote in the Aug. 4 Election

Press release, NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennesseans who want to cast a ballot in the Aug. 4 State and Federal Primary & State and County General Election must register or update their voter registration before the voter registration deadline on Tuesday, July 5. 

“Going into this 4th of July holiday, I can’t think of a more patriotic thing to do than to register to vote,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett. “With our convenient online voter registration system, it’s never been easier or safer for Tennesseans to register to vote or update their registration.”

Registering to vote, updating your address or checking your registration status is fast, easy and secure with the Secretary of State’s online voter registration system. Any U.S. citizen with a driver’s license or a photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security can register online in minutes from any computer or mobile device at

Voters can also download a paper voter registration application at Completed paper voter registration applications must be mailed to your local county election commission office or submitted in person. Mailed voter registrations must be postmarked by July 5.

Election Day registration is not available in Tennessee.

Early voting for the Aug. 4 election starts Friday, July 15, and runs Monday to Saturday until Saturday, July 30. The deadline to request an absentee by-mail ballot is Thursday, July 28.

However, eligible voters who will be voting absentee by-mail should request the ballot now.

For up-to-date, accurate information about the Aug. 4 election, follow the Secretary of State’s social media channels Twitter: @SecTreHargett, Facebook: Tennessee Secretary of State and Instagram: @tnsecofstate.

For more information about registering to vote, voter eligibility and other Tennessee election details, visit or call the Division of Elections toll-free at 1-877-850-4959.

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New Bombshell testimony paints Trump as out of control madman believing Mike Pence deserved mob justice.

by Rod Williams, Jan. 29, 2022- Please watch the above short clip.  

I have been dismayed that many Republicans have vowed not to watch the Jan. 6th Congressional hearings and have denounced them as infomercials or a show trial. They have also distorted what a congressional hearing is, dismissing it because it did not follow the same rules as that of a trial. A congressional hearing is information gathering. It finds no "guilt" or innocence. It does not even have to make a recommendation to prosecute or even have to suggest legislative remedies. Those who dismiss the because of the procedure are not like that of a trial know better.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Trump loyalists who are true believers. Their mind is closed to believing anything that contradicts what Trump tells them. They are like Jim Jones followers and would drink the Kool-Aid if Trump told them to. By no means is that all Trump supporters but many will not open their minds to the possibility that Trump lied to them and misled them and tried to subvert our democracy.

If the Trump supporters would have watched the hearings would not have seen a bunch of Democrats denouncing Trump but loyal Republicans who love this country calmly telling how Trump tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.  Almost all of the witnesses have been Republicans. If Republicans who refused to watch would have watched they would have seen that Trump was told time and time again by stalwart conservatives such as former Attorney General Jim Barr that there was no credible evidence of election fraud and how he tried to dissuade Trump from attempts to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power.  They would have seen how Trump's own advisor who was pushing the theory that Mike Pence could change the outcome of the election knew he had no legally defensible leg to stand on in making that claim.  They would have seen how numerous courageous Republican state election officials resisted demands by Trump to overturn the election results. We came close to losing our Democracy in the days leading up to January 6th and a violent coup resulted in the murder of Vice President Pence on January 6th.

Yesterday's testimony was the most damaging testimony yet. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump Chief of Stall Mark Meadows says that Trump was out of control and wanted to march with the protestors to the Capitol, At his rally at the Eclipse he wanted the devices that detect guns entering the area to be removed saying those people were not there to hurt him. He had no concern for Mike Pence's safety. When in the Presidential car he tried to take the wheel from the secret service and demanded they drive him to the Capitol. They refused. 

If you can't sit through hours of the Jan. 6 Congressional testimony, please watch the above short clip.


The Case for Prosecuting Donald Trump Just Got Much Stronger

New testimony may have produced a smoking gun.

by David French, The Dispatch, Jun 28, 2022- I confess that I’ve been skeptical that the January 6 committee would produce evidence that Donald Trump was directly criminally responsible for the attack on the Capitol. Certainly, he was morally and politically responsible. ... a mob would have stormed the Capitol if he had the basic decency to concede a race he clearly lost. 

At the same time, it’s legally quite difficult to hold a politician responsible for the violence of his followers. ... the primary responsibility for a riot rests with the rioters... .... Yes, Trump urged the mob to “fight like hell” and march on the Capitol, but he also said they should “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard. That caveat was likely enough to spare him from prosecution.

That was yesterday’s analysis. Today’s is different. Because of a courageous woman named Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows. Earlier this afternoon she gave the most extraordinary congressional testimony I’ve ever seen. She testified that the president was so committed to walking to the Capitol with his own supporters that he allegedly tried to grab the wheel of his Secret Service vehicle. She painted the picture of a president utterly out of control, a man so committed to preserving his own power that he approved of the riot and believed that Mike Pence deserved to face mob justice. 

But the most legally significant testimony came in a few key sentences: (link)


Wall Street Journal: Cassidy Hutchinson Says Trump Demanded to Be Driven to the Capitol on Jan. 6

National Review: ‘They’re Not Here to Hurt Me’: Trump Urged Secret Service to Allow Armed Supporters into January 6 Address, Witness Testifies

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Federal Court Lifts Injunction Against Tennessee Heartbeat Bill, Legislation Allowed to Take Effect

by Cooper Moran, Tennessee Star, June 29, 2022 - A federal court lifted an injunction against Tennessee’s “heartbeat bill” that will implement a six-week abortion ban throughout the state.

The ruling follows a request from Attorney General Herbert Slatery to lift the measure, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade. The landmark decision previously established a constitutional right to abortion.

“The 6th Circuit upheld our heartbeat law, marking another significant protection for unborn children in our state. I thank TN Attorney General Slatery for his tireless efforts and commend the Court’s swift action on behalf of Tennessee families,” Governor Bill Lee said in a tweet after the ruling. link

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Radio Host Dave Ramsey Endorses Andy Ogles in TN-5 Race

Radio Host Dave Ramsey Endorses Andy Ogles in TN-5 Race

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Libs to Host School Board Candidates Forum, Tuesday, June 28th.

This is hosted by a bunch of liberal groups. It may be interesting and I am sure the Republican candidates participating in the event would welcome some supporters in the audience.

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Support Michelle Foreman, State House District 59



Let's get a few things straight. For the record:

  • I am Pro-Life. 
  • I love America. 
  • I support school choice. 
  • I #BacktheBlue. 
  • I reject government overreach and wasteful spending. 

 I am running to make Davidson County a safer and more prosperous place to live, work, and raise a family. I can't do it without you! 

Will you join me Thursday for a fundraiser at Hows Manor in support of my campaign for State Representative District 59?


Michelle Foreman

Host Committee:

Lee Beaman

Representative Clark Boyd

Sandra and Michael Gallagher

Lulu and John Elam

Majority Leader William Lamberth

Karen Moore

Dr. Tracy Miller

Jeremy Reed

Joe Scarlett

*at time of printing

Thursday, June 30th, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at:

Hows Manor, 7401 Huntwick Trl. Nashville, 37221

Reply or text (901.258.9557) to RSVP


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