Friday, November 18, 2011

Less Climate Alarmism may Lead to Rational Discourse

While the science of global warming has recently been reaffirmed in a study lead by a former skeptic and while global warming seems more of a certainty than ever before, something else is also going on. The sensational and alarmist forecast of the ill effects of global warming are being scaled back.

One study, soon to appear in Science, concludes that the climate sensitivity (that is, how much the earth temperature will rise as a result of doubling of carbon Dioxide) is projected to be about half of what was previously reported by the IPCC.

Another report from the IPCC says that there is "low confidence" that tropical cyclones have become more frequent and that there is "limited-to-medium evidence available" to assess whether climatic factors have changed the frequency of floods, and "low confidence" on a global scale even on whether the frequency has risen or fallen. This new report also says it is only "likely" that anthropogenic influences are behind the changes in cold days and warm days. (link)

This is a positive development. It seems like the professional skeptics and the histrionic alarmist are both loosing ground and maybe there can be a rational discussion about how to deal with this issue.

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Adam Nickas, Executive Director Tennessee Republican Party at WEST NASHVILLE EGGS AND BACON SUMMIT

DCRP-Davidson County Republican Party
Breakfast Summit, Saturday, November 19,
Meeting at 
365 White Bridge Pike, Nashville
Saturday, November 19, 2011
Fellowship, Dutch Treat Breakfast 8:30 AM, meeting 9:00 AM

Special Guest 
Adam Nickas 
Adam Nickas
 Executive Director
Tennessee Republican Party
Hear the update on redistricting and more

 Moderator - Matt Nemeth
Regional Vice Chairman - Lonnie Spivak

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deforestation could contribute to Global Cooling.

I know a lot of the readers of this blog are still skeptical of global warming claims. I am not, or at least not very skeptical. I accept the scientific consensus and have explained why here and here.  Having accepted the prevailing consensus on global warming, I am intrigued by the dogma and cult-like acceptance of the supposed solutions of many of the global warming activist. While they accept that global warming is happening, they have a faith-like, almost mystical, set of proposals for dealing with it. They accept global warming but they are in denial of human nature and economics. They are in denial of the enormity of the problem. They are into simple answers and symbolism.

We need to get past the argument of whether or not GW is occurring and start serious discussion of how to deal with it. We need conservative think tanks proposing solutions to the problem. The current discussion of possible solutions is like people on the Titanic arguing over which sponges are best for sopping up water and urging each other to not leave the tap water dripping in their cabin.  Just hugging a tree and loving mother nature is not going to stop the GW process. It will take science and economics and rationality.

One of the causes of global warming is deforestation. Everyone knows that, right? According to new research from a team of scientists representing 20 institutions from around the world,  "The impact of deforestation on global warming varies with latitude." At higher altitudes, deforestation could contribute to global cooling. The  tree huggers will not like that.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Highlights of the Nov.15, 20ll Council meeting

Former Metro Councilman Mike Jameson was elected General Session Judge. In the first round of votes, of the eight candidates running, Jameson, Freeman and Jones received votes in that order with none getting 21 votes resulting in a runoff between Jameson and Freeman. Jameson won the runoff.

RESOLUTION NO. RS2011-59 sponsored by LANGSTER & MCGUIRE was deferred to November. Duane Dominy raised a question, asking if using  public funds for this purpose would endanger the tax exempt status of the church. The staff adviser confirmed it possibly could, but that would be a decision for a state agency to make.  This resolution approves a contract between the Metropolitan board of health and Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church to upgrade the church’s kitchen facilities and to promote community gardens in North Nashville. The funds for this contract are from the federal stimulus grant the health department received to promote healthy living. These funds will be used to provide nutrition education, as well as to purchase a dishwasher, install kitchen sinks, purchase a new refrigerator, and purchase kitchen utensils for the church.  The church is to receive $24,275 in federal stimulus pass-through funds under this contract. An amendment was approved to revise the language of the bill to remove any reference to the ministry activities of the church and to specify that the programs are open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Despite this amendment, this still appears to be the use of public funds to benefit a religious institution and in my view should be rejected.

BILL NO. BL2011-3 sponsored by Councilman Tygard would allow recreational athletic fields and associated structures to be constructed within the floodway under certain conditions. Councilwomen Evans argued that fences and dugouts could obstruct water flow and be detrimental to flood control. Councilman Dominy argued that ball fields could be build that would not obstruct water flow. The bill passed on a voice vote.

BILL NO. BL2011-4 sponsored by Councilman Stanley which would require quarterly stormwater reports to be submitted to the Metropolitan Council was deferred one meeting for more study.  Councilman Stanley did not oppose the deferral but argued in favor of the need for the bill. I found his arguments persuasive. This bill needs to pass.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-31 sponsored by TYGARD and others amended the “meal ban” provisions in the Metro ethics code to allow elected officials, employees, and members of boards and commissions to accept free food or drink up to a value of $25 from a single source in any calendar year. This bill restores some sanity to an overreaching reform that went as far as prohibiting Councilmembers from accepting a cup of coffee at a neighborhood meeting. It passed by voice vote.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-39 privatized the metro tow-in lot eliminating several metro positions and saving millions of dollars. This was discussed at length at the Budget and Finance Committee and passed the Council without discussion.  This seems like a very wise move to me. Privatization almost always saves the city money. 

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-39 increased from $2 to $3 a per seat ticket tax at Titans stadium.  The reason for this is to have the revenue to fund a bond issue to be presented next council meeting that would in essence have Metro co-sign a loan for improvements to the Titans stadium. It looks like a bad deal to me.  One of the objections was that the bonds were 25 years and the useful life for the improvements was much less than 25 years. Another objection is that the deal between the city and the Titans, has Metro taking the risk and the Titans taking the profits. The bill passed by machine vote 36-1. However there was a lot of discussion and many are not pleased with the relationship between the city and the Titans but feel the Titans have the city over a barrel. 
Controversial BILL NO. BL2011-25 sponsored by Councilman Matthews that would rezone a small portion of the lot in order to allow Temple Baptist Church to construct an LED sign was deferred one meeting.

The backyard chicken bill was not on the agenda but will be up for public hearing in December.

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Herman, you know "Libya," that country in Africa? Gaddafi?

Oh no. This is painful to watch. Between Rick Perry and Herman Cain, this makes Perry look like the smart one. Perry's brain freeze is easier to excuse than Cain's stalling and stumbling and trying to remember his position on Libya.  I wanted to help him and say, "you know, Libya, that country in Africa."  What would he have said if they would have followed up with a question about the War Powers Act?

After watching the Gingrich-Cain Debate a couple weeks ago I said my dream ticket would be Gingrich-Cain. I have liked Cain. I have liked his straightforwardness and common sense approach to issues. I like his private sector success.  I like his charisma and personality.

I did have my reservations however when some time back, while visiting Murfressboro, he said the First Amendment did not apply to Muslims and said local governments should get to decide which religions get to build houses of worship. Later he did backtrack.  I excused and overlooked that. He had a lot of other things going for him.

Rightly or wrongly, however, I think Cain is damaged. I do not think he can overcome the damage done by the sexual harassment allegations.

I do not think he helped himself by defending water-boarding the other night. And, with performances like this, I am not sure he is ready for prime time. I am beginning to believe Cain would be a drag on the ticket.  I am cooling to Herman Cain.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attention Nashville Homeless! Help Occupy Nashville!

Attention Nashville Homeless!

Join the party!

Free Stuff!

Help Occupy Nashville!

Legislative Plaza- 24 hours a day!

Free Food! Free blankets! Free winter clothing.
(Also, some have found unattended lap top computers and cell phones on the mall and that they have been able to claim and sell. Some protestors have abandoned their tents and belongings and they are now free for the taking. )

Companionship and all night conversation!

Join generous people who advocate sharing the wealth, who do not like authority or conformity. Like you, they feel "the man" has screwed them. They hate the rich; they love the poor. 

They will share their donated food and blankets and money with you and they most likely will invite you to share their tents and other belongings. They advocate sharing the wealth and believe in economic justice.

Don't worry about the police arresting you for loitering or sleeping in the park or urinating in public. The laws are no longer in effect. 

Enjoy all night guitar playing and conversation and camaraderie. Bring your booze and drugs. They won’t mind. These are very non-judgmental, tolerant, and loving folks who share your values.

Most of them or what you might think of as rich privileged kids but they are doing their protest for everyone except the very, very, very rich.  

Their movement is for everyone except the top 1%.  
That means you!  

Many of them don't really know any real poor people and they will be excited to hear you stories. Also, some of these folks have never spent the night out before when it is cold and rainy. You can help them by showing them how to do it. They will appreciate the help. You will be welcomed with open arms! They would find it hypocritical to turn away the homeless.
They are waiting for you to Join the movement!

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