Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reflection on Trump's victory

I did not vote for Donald Trump and I did not expect him to win.  I fully expected Hillary Clinton to win last night. My greatest hope for the evening was that Republicans could hold the Senate. That is what had me anxiously watching the election returns   I thought a weakened Clinton as president with a Republican Congress was the best possible outcome. Four years of obstruction and gridlock with a weakened Hillary Clinton on the ropes was, I thought, the best possible outcome.

I had and still have reservations about Trump, especially on trade policy and government spending and Trump's temperament. However, I am pleased that Obamacare will be repealed and replaced and that a Conservative Justice will fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. 

Despite not voting for Trump, I could not help myself but get excited as I saw the vote tallies come in. It may just be tribal identity and team loyalty, but I was cheering for a Trump win. My head still thinks he may be a danger and is a big-spending liberal, but my gut was cheering for a Trump win. 

Now that he has won, I hope Republicans will regain their values and stop Trump's  proposed massive new spending programs and new entitlements and a trade war. I hope Trump surrounds himself with good advisers and is really more open to listening to expert advice than he appears and I hope his ego is not as big as it appears. 

Despite not voting for Trump, I am relieved that Clinton did not win. Someone with her recklessness and ethics should not be in the White House. Although I did not vote for Trump, I am pleased with the outcome. May God give him wisdom and give Republicans in Congress some backbone to stand up to him when he is wrong. 

Below are comments gleaned from Facebook from people whose opinions I respect.

From Gene Wisdom:
I was clearly wrong in my judgment that someone of Trump's lack of judgment, temperament, character, and integrity could not win the election (assuming it goes the way it is currently headed). I'll leave aside what that speaks of the American electorate. But I may have been wrong on another consideration: I have long worried, since Trump won the nomination, that his nomination would mean the dissolution of the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

What if I read that wrong (and, of course, here is a huge dash of hope)? Perhaps the anger exemplified in this election is an OPPORTUNITY that the Republican Party should not piss away as they have so often in the past. Now that the GOP may now gain all three political branches (President, House, and Senate), will they now:
--scrap Obamacare and strengthen free-market principles in healthcare?
--seize the opportunity to unshackle the economy from burdensome regulations?
--strengthen the American energy market and finally give some "ooomph" to domestic fossil fuel production and reverse the Obama attempt to destroy the coal industry?
--restore America's military and scrap the social laboratory Obama was turning it into? Will they rebuild American military presence around the world as a deterrent to those eager to displace American leadership in the world?
--continue to chip away at the baby-killing industry of America's abortion "clinics"?
--capitalize on the opportunities to restore common sense and a faithful adherence to the Constitution by the selection and Senate consent to originalist jurists on the High Court, in the mold of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito?
--turn back the educariat's domination of our schools and get back to local control? --cut back on our punitive tax code, especially capital gains that chase American industry overseas? Is America no longer naturally an industrial giant? Was it inevitable that we evolve away from that industrial backbone? Perhaps. But let's let a dose of freedom and incentive have a shot at it. --turn loose the economy, as Reagan did, and bring back actual strong economic growth, not the 1-2% malaise we've been stumbling along with?
--work to preserve and restore religious liberty even while the assault on the family continues apace.
There is anger in this election tonight, for sure. Congress may have to work to channel that anger away from Trump's protectionist predilections, an impulse that could very easily lead us, as my friend Rod Williams has reminded us, into trade wars and even worse economic malaise. We would be foolish to ignore the role of high tariffs in bringing about the Great Depression.

There is a reason that Republicans control the majority of state legislatures, of governorships, and of both houses of Congress: Republican principles of economic growth and a firm grasp of traditional values work. Strong and stable intact traditional families provide a foundation which means boys aren't as likely to wind up in prison and girls aren't as likely to become single mothers.

Is Trump's election a cure-all for all our ills? Gosh no. If it was I would have supported his candidacy. Given his appalling personal qualities, he is not the ideal person to guide us in the direction of the policies above. His election now simply increases the CHANCE that the Congress will steer HIM in these directions.

God be with us.

From Daniel Turklay:
Elections have consequences.

I am not a Trump supporter, but America dodged a giant bullet tonight in avoiding Hillary. Everybody knows it.

I have not had Trump's back in this election and I will be watching him like a hawk along with every other bonafide Constitutional Conservative in this country waiting for him to expose his New York liberal roots, But, what I can say for Trump that I never could say for Hillary is that at least I can root for the man to succeed. The man DOES love this country and he will not be giving any speeches about fundamentally transforming her. I'm rooting for him, but I'm not going to be shocked at all if he's a giant letdown. Trump is fully primed to be the first sitting President to face a serious primary challenge, and I know exactly who will be waiting to do it.

Elections have consequences.

To all of the absolutist political pundits who claim over and over that X can't happen and Y has no chance....your analysis means nothing.

To Obama, your legacy is nothing but a severely crippled national health care system. Your executive orders are about to meet a shredder. Your fundamental transformation of America is a colossal failure. You outkicked your coverage for 8 years and this is what happens. I'm sure you'll spend the next 2.5 months trying to stuff the White House toilets with paper towels and issuing pardons to all of your friends and arming America's enemies.....but I suppose all of that is your parting gift for 8 years that add up to nothing. Good for you. Take your pen and phone with you.

Elections. Have. Consequences. And they start now.

God Bless the United States of America: a Republic, if we can keep it.
Richard Upchurch
Many good people I know are expressing their pain, shock and perplexity. I share some of this with them. Why was the electorate so angry this time? Why have they chosen such an unlikely, inept and unready champion? Perhaps radical and extremist policy has indeed provoked a commensurate reaction. Perhaps the present administration's policies of effective disdain for what is most fundamental in human society has stirred up not reactionary revolution but a dull, inarticulate gesture of uncertain and reluctant insurrection. The voters cast ballots as though believing that in our public life something is deeply amiss but as though they recognize not yet, at this juncture, what they want or need or where they want to go.

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Haynes won't seek another term as Tennessee GOP chairman

Haynes won't seek another term as Tennessee GOP chairman

Haynes won't seek another term as Tennessee GOP
Haynes won't seek another term as Tennessee GOP ... Ryan Haynes will not seek re-election as chairman of the Tennessee ... State Forestry team leader

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Voters in the Shadows

By Erick Erickson | Friday, November 11, 2016

The polling and exits were wrong because so many people refused to talk to pollsters. We live in a day when the President of the United States hired a propaganda officer who encouraged people to report their neighbors for lying about Obamacare. They encouraged people to forward emails to the White House from friends and family that had "misinformation". The left took to systematically shaming people and hounding people from jobs if those people dared to disagree on cultural issues. Give money to support traditional marriage and expect protestors to show up at the restaurant where you wait tables and demand you be fired.

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Honoring our Veterans

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-November 11, 2016—The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Ryan Haynes in recognition of Veteran's Day:
"With the excitement of the election concluding this week, it is appropriate we come together as a nation to commemorate those who have ensured we always have peaceful elections--the proud individuals who have served in our Armed Forces. America's ability to become a more perfect union is a direct result of those willing to fight for and protect the freedoms we hold dear. Throughout America's history, our veterans have exemplified some of the best of what this nation has to offer: service, sacrifice, and love of country. Today is a day for our nation to honor the men and women who have put country before themselves and for that I say thank you."

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Veterans Day: Honoring all who served,

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump's victory speech, Hillary Clinton's concession speech.

In his victory speech last night Trump was humble, conciliatory and modest. He set the tone for bringing the country together.  Below is the video of the full speech.

Hillary Clinton's speech. I did not think she was appropriately conciliatory.  It was not bad but she could have done more to set a tone for unity and healing. She still sounds like she is in campaign mode.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I am not disappointed that Hillary is going to be elected

The election will be tomorrow and I fully expect Hillary Clinton to be elected. Polling is pretty accurate these days, and I have no reason to believe the polls are wrong. I am not terribly unset that she will be elected, given the choice.  I think we had a choice between two evils and one of them was going to be elected. We had a choice between really, really, really bad and really, really, really, really bad. Someone on a Facebook meme said a vote for Trump was the equivalent of passing a bill to find out what was in it and someone responded and said a vote for Hillary was the equivalent of passing the worst bill ever introduced but at least you had read it and knew what you were getting. I think that about sums it up. The way I feel about a Hillary election is that, the devil you know may be better than the devil you don't know. 

While I wish we had a Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz being elected tomorrow, since the choice is between Clinton and Trump, I am not disappointing it is Hillary.  One thing that makes me optimistic about Hillary being elected is that there will be no honeymoon period.  She will not be able to immediately push through her agenda. She gets elected severely weakened. She takes office with most people thinking she is untrustworthy.

The FBI Director has said he stands by his July decision that her level of recklessness did not rise to the level of indictment. That does not negate the fact that she was terribly irresponsible with classified information, that she committed perjury by lying to Congress numerous times, and that she destroyed 32,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by Congress.  Those issue do not go away by virtue of her election. This is not over.

Also, the investigation of the Clinton Foundation continues.  Wikileaks further confirmed what we already knew about the pay-to-play scandal and the interaction of the State Department, Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton's personal enrichment. That scandal is not going away.

I would not be at all surprised if Congress appoints a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's alleged misdeeds. It is not likely but possible that President Obama will pardon Clinton before he leaves office. If Obama does not pardon her, it is possible that Clinton will pardon herself. If she is pardoned that would keep her from going to jail, but would further diminish her stature and reputation.  All but the most zealous of liberal partisans would conclude she is a crook. An aggressive investigation of  Clinton would most likely result in some of her closest confidants flipping to save their own skin. I expect more and more wrong doings to come to light.  I fully expect that she will be impeached.  So, the good news is that Hillary will be on the ropes for a long time and severely weakened. She won't be able to push forward an agenda.

Another reasons that I am not terribly disappointed with Clinton getting elected is that it appears Republicans will hold the House.  The Senate is too close to call, but if the Republicans can hold the Senate then her agenda can be totally frustrated. If we lose the Senate, of course, Hillary will be able to appoint a Supreme Court judge.  The most persuasive argument that made me almost persuaded to vote for Donald Trump a time or two, is that I did not want Hillary appointing Supreme Court justices. If we hold the Senate, the Senate can just refuse to confirm her appointees.  There is no requirement that the Supreme Court have nine justices and I think there is a compelling argument that we would be better served by an even number of justices than an odd number of justices on the Supreme Court. If Republicans fail to hold the Senate then I expect Republicans will regain it in two years.  While one liberal justice can do a great deal of damage to our country, I do not see her getting the opportunity to appoint more than one.

Another reason that I am not terribly upset with Hillary's election is that I am really glad Trump is not being elected. A person who makes wild inflammatory Twitter tweets at 3AM may have too little self control to be trusted with his finger on the nuclear button. I am also concerned by Trump's comments about NATO and his seeming unconcern about nuclear proliferation. When it comes to foreign policy I expect Hillary to continue the timid policy of Obama, but I do not expect her to weaken NATO or let a hot temper and big ego lead us into wars.

I also trust Hillary more than Trump when it comes to trade policy.  Tump's position on trade scares me.  I know that Hillary jumped on the anti-trade bandwagon herself during the campaign, but I believe she lies and panders and does not really believe her own rhetoric; Trump does. Trump has pledged to impose a 35% tariff on vehicles and Carrier air conditioners imported from Mexico, he has promised to build a wall the length of the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, he has promised to defeat the Transatlantic Trade Partnership, and to renegotiate or terminate NAFTA.  These actions will surely be met with retaliatory actions.  One of the top two or three causes of the great depression was high American tariffs imposed on imports and retaliation from our trading partners.  I fear Trump would start a trade war that would lead to the Second Great Depression. I trust Hillary with trade policy more than Trump.

If Hillary was beating a conservative Republican, I would be depressed about the outcome.  Hillary, however. is beating the ultimate RINO.  She is beating someone who may be more liberal than is she.  Until a few years ago, Trump was a registered Democrat. Throughout his career he has contributed more money to Demarcates than Republicans. Until fairly recently he was pro-abortion and pro-gun control. Trump has been more specific than Hillary about how he wold expand and grow government. Trump has advocated so-called equal-pay-for-equal-work, a new child care entitlement, a new parental leave entitlement and bailing out students burdened by student debt. While Hillary promised a $250 billion massive public works project, Trump has proposed  $1 Trillion in public works spending.  Hillary may be the conservative in this race. If Trump is elected it is doubtful Republicans would oppose his agenda; Republican will oppose Hillary's agenda.

The final reason I am not disappointed that Hillary is going to be elected is that I think, even if he won, Trump would be bad for the future of the Republican Party.  I do not want a  Republican Party that can spend more on pubic works than the Democrat Party.  The Republican Party has traditionally been the party of free trade and lower tariffs. I have not change my view. I can not feel at home in a protectionist Republican Party. I do not feel at home in a Republican party that advances new entitlements. I am surprised at how many Republicans jettisoned every thing they ever once professed to believe in, to support Trump. If the Republican Party is to be a mirrored reflection of the Democrat Party, then I will just retire from civic engagement. I want the Republican Party to be the party of small government and fiscal responsibility.  That is not what Donald Trump offered.

Also, Donald Trump set a tone that belittled and offended women, Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and the disabled. That is not the way you grow the Party. I do not want the Republican Party to change its core believes in order to compete. I do not want us to try to be as politically correct as the Democrats. I do not want us to pander and buy votes.  However, we must win converts to our political views. If we alienate people, then they are not even going to care what we have to say.  By 2043, America will be a majority minority country.  There is not enough angry white men to win future elections. By losing this election, Republicans can regroup and reflect and decide who we want to be.  I think Donald Trumps defeat was a blessing in disguise for the Republican Party.

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Can we just put away any talk of a “Libertarian Future” for a while?

If there was ever a year when the Libertarian Party should have done well, this was the year as explained below in this communication from National Review.  Despite getting off to a rough start when the Libertarian chairman did a striptease dance down to his underwear at the convention, I thought the Libertarian candidates would do better.  In Johnson and Weld they had two experienced candidates who had been popular Republican governors.  If there is a receptive audience for a fiscally conservative, small government, socially liberal, isolationist message, then this is the year that message should have resulted in votes.  I for one do not think the libertarian movement will ever become a political force.  I don't know what the future hold for the Republican Party, but whatever it is, I do not see it benefiting the Libertarian party or the libertarian movement.

Can we just put away any talk of a “Libertarian Future” for a while? I’d love to live in it, but there’s no sign it’s coming, in either a capital-L Libertarian Party way or a small-L philosophical way. This was the year that the Democrats nominated a corrupt, longtime-insider, big-government, scandal-ridden statist, and the Republicans nominated a guy who wants government to get bigger – more infrastructure spending, mandated maternity leave, opposes entitlement reform, cheers eminent domain, and a new 35 percent tax on companies that fire workers. Trump’s focus was never freedom or liberty. It was about empowering government, run by him, to address grievances of working-class whites and return America to a golden past, un-doing decades of changes to the country and the world.
This year was the golden opportunity libertarians – capital L and little L – had dreamed of for decades… and they fumbled it away.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

GOP Victory Election Night watch party

Get your $10 tickets in advance of Williamson Co Republican Party Website so they have a good idea of how many to prep for !!

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Why I did not vote for Lesser Evil. Why I did not vote for the crook or the jerk.

by Rod Williams, Nov. 6, 2016- I early-voted on Thursday and voted for Evan McMullin.  It is not that I expect him to win, but I do not view elections as a game of sport where you put your money on a winner. I know it feels good to vote for a winner; we all like to win, but surely elections are about more than feeling good because your team won.

There is no way, I could ever have voted for Hillary Clinton.  I don't need to list all of the reasons why. If you know anything about the issues, you know why a conservative could not support Hillary. You also know why a person who believes character and ethics are important could not vote for Hillary.  Despite all of the other reasons I could never vote for her, her endangering national security by the way in which she mishandled classified information disqualifies her, in my view.  The only way I could have voted for Hillary was if I thought that her opponent was so despicable that she was the lesser of two evils and if I had the deciding vote. There was a time or two when it might have been a close call as to who I thought was the greater evil, but on balance, I think it is Hillary.

So, while I could not vote for Hillary, I could not bring myself to vote for Donald Trump either.  His view on trade, growing the government, and increased spending were all factors, as was his crude comments and attitudes. His attitude toward women is almost as bad of that of Hillary Clinton who enabled her serial abuser husband and smeared and demeaned her husbands victims. It was not only women, however, who he demeaned but John McCain for getting captured, a disabled reporter, Hispanics and Muslims. Trump is a jerk. I do not want to vote for a person like that.  Also, his lack of self control, his view toward NATO and nuclear proliferation leads me to think he is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.  (For more, see Why I cannot vote for Donald Trump)

I have been told that a vote for McMullin was a vote for Hillary or that I wasted my vote. That is not the way I see it. As far as my vote being a wasted vote, then unless you pick the winner, your vote is always a wasted vote.  There has never been any doubt that Tennessee's eleven votes were going to go to Trump. My not voting for Trump in no way affects the outcome of this election. We do not have a national election for president; we have 50 state elections for president.  Even if I did hold my nose and vote for Trump, it would not cancel out a Hillary vote cast in another state. The system simply does not work that way.

I can not vote for the crook or the jerk.  When neither candidate comes up to your minimal level of  standard of acceptability then I think you do not have an obligation to vote for the lesser evil. Voting for a third party candidate or writing in a name is an honorable and moral thing to do, rather than voting for evil. Not voting is also a moral option and is not an indication you do not care. Not voting may be a statement that you are not going to choose between evil choices. I would have felt slimy if I would have voted for either Hillary or Trump. I don't feel slimy.

For more on why you should not be pressured into choosing between Big Evil or Lesser Evil see these articles.
No, you don’t have to vote for Clinton or Trump, by Ramesh Ponnuru, American Enterprise Institute.
No, My Vote for a 3rd Party Candidate Is NOT a Vote for Your Opponent, by Brandon Morse, Red State
You Are Not Morally Obligated to Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils, by Robert Coleman, Foundation for Economic Education. 

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Why I cannot vote for Donald Trump

I am certainly not voting for Hillary Clinton, but neither am I voting for Donald Trump. Some of my friends tell me a vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Hillary. Obviously that is not true. That assumes that if I were going to vote for one of the two, that I would vote for Trump. That is not necessarily assured. If I had a gun to my head and the deciding vote and told to pick one or the other I would say, "can I have some more time to think about it." Many people who say a vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Hillary, apparently do not know or do not understand how the electoral process works.  The popular vote is totally irrelevant. My voting for Trump in Tennessee does not cancel out a vote for Hillary in a different state. Since I am virtually certain that all 11 of Tennessee's votes will go to Donald Trump I have the luxury of not voting or voting for someone other than Trump or Hilllary and my vote not effecting the outcome. I do not have to decide which is the lesser of two evils and vote for Lesser Evil.

There are several reasons I am not supporting Donald Trump for president.  Primary among these is that he seems to totally lack a governor, self control, or diplomacy. He says whatever pops into his head.  Some find that refreshing. That he does not parse words, or concern himself with political correctness, or does not appear to be a slick politician, they find to be breath of fresh air.  I understand that and at times have also cheered him on as he has said what I may have thought.  However, that may be good trait in a radio talk show host, but I am not sure "plain talk" is a good trait in a the person who will be the next president of the United States. I want a president who will think of everything he says before he says it. I want someone with some self control. I am not sure that I want someone with Donald Trump's temperament to have his finger on the nuclear button.

Another fault I find with Donald Trump is that he is simply a jerk, a bully, and impolite. He is not a gentleman. He acts like a reality TV personality.  I am sick and tired of political correctness but there is a difference between hiding the truth behind words that obscure and being a crude, rude, mean, jerk. Calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist or calling an illegal alien a undocumented immigrant is political correctness; making fun of a crippled person is being a jerk. Dishonoring John McCain by saying you like people who don't get captured is being a jerk. I would prefer a president with some dignity and who was a nice person. Donald Trump is not a nice person.

Trump's attitude toward women is also a negative factor.  This factor however is cancelled out by Hilary Clinton's worse treatment of women. Hillary's has enabled her serial abuser husband and has viciously attacked and demeaned his victims. When it comes to disrespecting women, Hillary trumps Trump. Neither of them deserve a vote.

The above things are more personality and character traits, not policy positions. On policy, I am not supporting Donald Trump simply because he is a liberal who advocates expanding government. He has said he would not touch the entitlements of Medicare and Social Security. Without some reform of these programs they will go broke and they are the largest part of the federal budget. He does not appear serious about reducing the national debt. He has called for creating parental leave and child care as a new entitlement and he wants the Federal government to insure so-called equal-pay-for-equal work and he wants to do something about student loan debt. He has also called for a one trillion dollar public works spending project to build roads, airports, hospitals and schools. Unbelievable! Our nation is already $20 trillion in debt. The only way to spend a trillion dollars on new public works projects is to borrow the money.  Our debt trajectory is not sustainable.  There is a limit.  If a Democrat was proposing these government intrusions and expansions and an additional trillion dollars to be spend on public works projects, Republicans would be screaming.

Trump, until he decided to run for president was pro gun control, pro choice and was a supporter of liberal politicians. More of his political contributions went to Democrats than Republicans. He once endorsed a massive surtax on the rich, but he now wants the top income tax rate cut in half. He once said of himself that he was a liberal on healthcare and he advocated a single-payer plan.  It was only in 2009 that Trump changed his party registration from Democrat to Republican.  I welcome former Democrats who become Republicans but with Trump, I just don't believe he has  had a real conversion. I just don't believe the leopard has changed his spots.

One positions where I find myself at odds with Donald Trump is his position on immigration. I am not so much in disagreement with his position that we must get control of immigration and control who comes into our country as I am his demonizing of Mexico and illegal Mexican immigrants. I am very much turned off by his characterizing Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapist. Most studies show that immigrants, legal or illegal, actually lower the crime rate.

The one position that makes me unable to support Donald Trump above all others, is his position on trade. Traditionally Republicans  have been the party of free trade and tariff reductions and Democrats the party of protectionism.  How life-long Republican activist can do a complete flip flop and allow the Republican Party to become the party of protectionism, I don't know. Ever since Trump announced his candidacy he has said that when he is elected he will impose a 35% tariff on Carrier Air Conditioners and vehicles imported from Mexico.  He has called NAFTA a disaster and the "worst trade deal in history."  He has said he would not approve the Trans Pacific Partnership. I know Hillary has also jumped on the anti-trade bandwagon of late but she does not express her anti-trade position with near as much passion and she had not called for specific tariffs. Also Hillary lies a lot and I just don't believe her anti-trade rhetoric.  In her speech to Goldman Sachs she sang a different tune.  When it comes to trade, I trust Hillary more than Trump.

The economic recovery has been anemic and we have a national debt of $20 trillion. Our economy is fragile.  If we start unilaterally imposing tariffs, if we tear up trade deals, we can expect retaliation. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 is considered one of the three of four primary causes of the Great Depression.  I fear that Trump's proposed trade war could lead to the Second Great Depression. I cannot support Donald Trump.

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Don't vote for Lesser Evil; vote for Evan McMullin

Rod —
Donald Trump is a liar. I must speak the truth.
During the presidential debates, live on national television, he said “I don’t know [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.” But in 2013, before he started running for president, he bragged in an interview about his relationship with the Russian president.
Americans often say casually that “politicians are liars,” but rarely have we seen someone so brazenly and frequently lie to the American people as Donald Trump does. He simply cannot be trusted, and he cannot be president.
And despite what you may read in the papers, this election is far from over. With her FBI investigation back in the headlines, Hillary Clinton is back on the defensive with just 7 days to go. Anything could happen on Election Day, and that’s why it’s more important than ever for us to double down on winning in Utah and the Mountain West.
If the results are close on Election Night and if we win in Utah, we can make history by sending this election to the House of Representatives under the 12th Amendment. And if that happens, we like our chances.
That’s right: if we win in Utah, we can save the republic by preventing either Clinton or Trump from ever becoming president. But to win in Utah, we need your help — today — with reaching undecided voters and in our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts.
Can you chip in $5, or whatever you can, to help us convince undecided voters in Utah? The polls show that we’re neck and neck with Trump in the Beehive State, and your donation could put us over the top.

If you've saved your payment information, your donation will go through with just one click.

Or, donate another amount:

Many Thanks,
— Joel
Joel Searby
Chief Strategist
McMullin for President

My Comment: You do not have to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I am voting for Evan McMullin.

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Nashville is among the 10 cities with the fastest growing rents

For more, see the full report.

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