Saturday, March 03, 2012

Nashville Mitt Romney rally Sunday March 4th

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Bill Haslam Tennessee Governor
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Sunday, March 4th, 2012 | 5:30 PM EST
West Hills Elementary
409 Vanosdale Road
Knoxville, Tennessee

RSVP/Questions: | (615) 745-9816
For Important Campaign Updates: TN to GOMITT (466488)

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Political entertainer uses vulgarism to describe women

No, not Rush Limbaugh; I am speaking of the left wing political entertainer Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin a "cunt" and a "stupid twat," and referred to Palin and Bachmann supporters as the "Milf vote." (For those who may not know, Milf means "mothers I would like to F**k.")

Rush Limbaugh created a firestorm of relentless trumped up phony indignation by crudely calling a women a "slut" and a prostitute because she testified she wanted the government to force her employer to provide her with birth control pills paid for by someone other than herself. Rush's critics have succeeded in getting two sponsors to drop sponsorship of his show.

You may have heard a lot about what he said. Here is what he said:

Can you imagine if you’re her parents how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter…testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them, or the pope.
Fluke testified that without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman as much as $3,000 during law school. Three thousand dollars for birth control in three years? That’s a thousand dollars a year of sex — and, she wants us to pay for it.
They’re admitting before congressional committee that they’re having so much sex they can’t afford the birth control pills! What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps. 
I think Limbaugh was over the top and offensive. However, that is what he does. He is often offensive. He is a pundit who uses humor, exaggeration, and rant to make a point. He is an entertainer.

I have a close member of my family who is as about as far left as one can get without being an armed revolutionary. We have simply come to an understanding to avoid controversial topics. I am sure she will be fighting to contain herself from blasting Limbaugh when next she sees me. The funny thing is, she and her husband watch Bill Maher faithfully. They are big Bill Maher fans.

When Bill Maher used his vulgarity to describe Sarah Palin, The National Organization for Women issued a critical statement and the conservative media was critical, but the mainstream liberal establishment was very quiet. There was no outrage among liberals and there was not an effort to get him kicked off the air. You may not have even heard about it. He got a pass.  Democratic leaders and Democratic political candidates were not asked to denounce him. No one asked candidate Barack Obama what he thought of Maher's comment. When Piers Morgan interviewed Bill Maher and Maher made his "milf vote" comment, Piers laughed and found if oh so amusing.

Can anyone say "phony indignation," "hypocrisy," "opportunistic sensitivity" or "double standard?"

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Bye bye Occupy

The Governor today signed the bill making it illegal to camp on state owned public property not designated as camping sites.  This means Occupy Nashville will have to go.  It is about damn time!

Enforcement will start a week from today.  The penalty for unauthorized camping will be a fine of up to$2,500 and up to 11 months, 29 days in jail.

I support the right of people to peaceably protest but camping is not protesting. Allowing anyone who so desires, to camp out on public grounds not designated for camping is just nuts. For the first few weeks of the camp out, the state even provided them with free electricity. I never did understand that.

What is the difference between protesters taking over the War Memorial Plaza and tourist taking over the Bi-Centennial mall and pitching tents and parking RV’s?  None.  If the difference is that you have to say you are protesting, the tourist could protest the cost of lodging. Who is to say one person who is camping on public property is a protester and another is not? What kind of logic says you can just pitch a tent on state property and stay as long as you like and camp for free?

Unfortunately, we had an extremely mild winter this year or Occupy would probably already be gone. I was hoping for a really cold winter with lots of freezing rain. During today's hard hail and strong winds I thought of Occupy.  Maybe today's bad weather caused a few more to fold up tent and go. The group which once numbered about 200 and consisted of as many as 60 tents in now down to about 20 tents and many of the people who remain are homeless who have joined the movement for convenience rather than the original types that made up the Occupy movement. Some of the tents are even said to be empty at night.  Still, Occupy Nashville is one of the longest lasting of the Occupy camp outs. The original Occupy Wall Street ended with a whimper on November 18th and despite lots of media attention it only lasted two months.

Nationally, Occupy has been a mixed lot from the very first with everyone from freaks, Nazis, libertarians, Communist, committed left wing activist, idealistic youth and a mixture of homeless people and people just looking to party. Nashville’s Occupy has engaged in various protest around the city and on the Plaza there have been fights and theft and incidents of public intoxication and public sex and filth and urinating on passersby.  Nashville’s Occupy, however, has been much less violent than the Occupy of places like Oakland California which saw riots and major property damage and violence. Mainly Occupy Nashville has been a nuisance depriving the rest of the community from enjoying one of the most beautiful spots in downtown Nashville.  

So, what will happen next week?  If any of the original occupy is left, will they fade away before the deadline and go occupy their parents’ basement again or will they stand firm and force the police to arrest them and Occupy the jail?  I really don’t care if they fade away or are hauled off; I just want to see them gone.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sixteen Year Old Accused In Child Porn Case - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

OK kids, this is some sage advice from Uncle Rodney. Don't take naked pictures of yourself and send them to anyone on your cell phone or don't post them on facebook. Not wise.
Sixteen Year Old Accused In Child Porn Case -

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No Mountain-top Removal Mining in Tennessee

(Nashville, TN - Feb. 28, 2012) The Senate Energy and Environment Committee approved legislation this week ensuring that Mountain Top Removal Mining, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the federal Office of Surface Mining, is banned in Tennessee.  State law already prohibits this form of surface mining that involves the blasting of the summit of a mountain to expose underlying coal seams.  Senate Bill 577 adds the federal definition of the practice to Tennessee’s law to ensure that there is no misinterpretation that Mountain Top Removal Mining is prohibited in the state.
Well-meaning environmental groups have for years sought to ban the practice in Tennessee not realizing the surface coal mining done in this state consists , primarily, of re-mining  which involves reclaiming old mine sites. Scientific evidences suggests re-mining improves water quality in the areas being re-mined.
The bill will not adversely effect existing mining jobs and maintains coal severance taxes used by mining counties for schools and roads.
"This bill is good news for miners, their families, and the taxpayers of Claiborne County which stood to loose thousands of dollars in coal severance taxes if the bill as originally proposed had passed," said Senator Mike Faulk who represents Claiborne County. "There should be no mistake, mountain top removal mining, no matter what the definition, will be banned in Tennessee. If that's all the environmental groups seek, it will be clear when the bill finally passes. But if their true wishes are to ban coal mining altogether, that issue will have to be debated another day."
Comment: The above is a press release from Senator Mike Faulk. 

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rick Santorum To Hold Rally At Belmont Tonight

by Janet Kim
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - After losses in Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will try his luck in the Volunteer State on Wednesday.
Santorum will attend a "Rally for Rick" at 7 p.m. at the Curb Event Center at Belmont University. He will first make a stop at Crown College in Knoxville. Rick Santorum To Hold Rally At Belmont Wednesday -

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Nashville Scene's hit job on Newt Gingrich's First Tuesday event

Newt Gingrich's appearance in Nashville yesterday was widely covered by local and national media. Most media factually reported the events of the day and if they had a bias they hid it. While most members of the working press may be liberal, most journalist try to adhere to a code of ethics and strive for at least a semblance of fairness, truthfulness and objectivity. Not the Scene's Jeff Woods.

The Nashville Scene's coverage of the First Tuesday Newt Gingrich event made no attempt at fairness or objectivity. It was a hit job. Even in opinion pieces, most writers do not resort to juvenile name calling. But that is standard fare for the Scene's Jeff Woods.

"A glittering galaxy of Tennessee's craziest Republicans came out to hear Newt Gingrich speak this afternoon in downtown Nashville," begins his article. "Robin Smith, Stacey Campfield, Mae Beavers, Tony Shipley, Jim Gotto and Lou Ann Zelnik were among the many wingnuts crammed into a room at the offices of the Waller Lansden lobbying/law firm for Gingrich's appearance." From there it gets worse.

He reports that Senator Stacy Campfield was "snubbed" at the event by not being introduced when other dignitaries were introduced. "Tim Skow, president of the GOP club hosting Gingrich, introduced a gang of elected officials," writes Woods, "but pointedly refused to acknowledge Campfield." "Is Campfield now an embarrassment even in this crowd?" he writes.

Why would Campfield be considered an embarrassment? Woods does not explain. I can guess it is because he is the sponsor of the so called "Don't say gay" bill which would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom in the lower grades. This has sent some liberals off the deep end. I have not really given much thought to the issue but I certainly don't find that the bill makes Senator Campfield one who would be an embarrassment.

Even if one does not agree with some of the legislation that a particular elected official has sponsored, if other dignitaries of equal rank are being introduced, I don't know of any moderator who would purposely single out one person to fail to recognize. That violates protocol. That would simply be poor manners. It just isn't done.

I asked Tim Skow about the failure to recognize Campfield and he explained that it was simply an oversight. "Because you mentioned his comments, I wasted the time to look at what Mr. Woods wrote," said Tim. "Must admit, I roared with laughter at any suggestion of 'snubbing' of Senator Campfield. All I can say is consider the source of the comments.. and that I suspect Mr. Woods has fallen off his prescription medications again". 

Tim is being less outraged than I would be, but just "considering the source" is probably the best response to reporting like this. I know the Scene strives to be youthful and hip and "with it" and this is the kind of reporting you get when that is more important than fairness, truthfulness and objectivity.

I usually read the Scene. I like to keep up with the art and entertainment news, restaurant reviews, movie reviews and music industry news. In fact, I think they do a pretty good job of that coverage. When reading the Scene's coverage of news events however I do not expect facts. Facts might get in the way of attitude. The Nashville Scene is like The Rolling Stone with an underpaid and less talented staff. The Scene is to newspaper journalism what The Colbert Report is to television journalism. Consider the source.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich needles Obamacare in Nashville

Republican presidential nominee hopeful Newt Gingrich was in town this morning talking health care as part of a panel discussion that took aim at the Affordable Care Act, which has become a key topic this election year. Newt Gingrich needles Obamacare in Nashville - Nashville Business Journal

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Gingrich campaigns in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich was campaigning in Nashville on Monday. Gingrich attended a roundtable discussion about health care reform Monday. He was on a panel with doctors and other health care providers.

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Gingrich: Impossible to 'Fix' Afghanistan

Monday, 27 Feb 2012,

Newt Gingrich said Monday it is impossible to "fix" Afghanistan and suggested the US should tell Afghan citizens to "figure out how to live your own miserable life." Speaking at a business luncheon in Nashville, Gingrich amped up his criticism of US involvement in Afghanistan following a string of attacks by Afghan soldiers on American troops. "We're not going to fix Afghanistan," the former House speaker said. Gingrich: Impossible to 'Fix' Afghanistan

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The Newt Gingrich First Tuesday luncheon experience

Tim Skow introduces Newt Gingrich
Today I had the privilege to attend a luncheon featuring Presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
The event was a special meeting of the First Tuesday Group.

 First Tuesday is a monthly luncheon that normally occurs the first Tuesday of the month and thus the name. It has been going on in Nashville for about 15 or more years but I only learned about it about four years ago. I have been attending faithfully ever since. It takes place downtown on the top floor of an large office building which is occupied by the law firm of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis. Each month Republicans gather for lunch and hear an engaging speaker. Tim Skow is the host (Chairman? Organizer? Moderator?) of the events. First Tuesday has become quit influential. No Republican running for County or State office skips making an appearance at a First Tuesday event. In addition to local Republican citizens and activist there are always various State representatives and Metro councilmen in attendance.

At today's event, First Tuesday members were offered tickets before the event was opened to the public. The room can only hold about 80 people and it was packed. I had the good fortune to have a seat at the table immediately in front of the podium and had the opportunity to have my picture taken with the Speaker and shake his hand.

 I personally think Newt Gingrich is one of the smartest political thinkers of our time. When I look back at other people in my lifetime who I think were exceptional and should have been President- people who I felt a passion for, it is a small list: Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Jack Kemp. I feel the same way about Newt Gingrich. He is on that list. I feel we are at a pivotal point in our nation's history when it is not a matter of simply a slight change in direction but one of those occasions when we can continue down the wrong road toward European style socialism and national decline and mediocrity or reclaim our heritage of American exceptionalism and put our country back on the road to greatness, prosperity and liberty. So, for me today was a thrill.

 If you have watched the debates or heard Newt speak then there were no real surprises in today's speech, but it was a thrill to hear his proposals and opinions from his own lips, up close and personal. He said that it is time we had the guts to tell the truth about who it is that is trying to kill us. He said it is time to admit we are in a war with radical Islam. He said when American's are being killed, an American President should not be apologizing to foreign leaders. He said we need a bold energy policy that will bring down the price of gasoline. He said we need a major reform that would allow one to choose the current tax code to file their income taxes or choose a new simplified system. He advocated offering younger tax payers a choice between the current social security regiment or a privatized social security investment plan that they actually own. He said we not only need to repeal Obamacare but need an alternative of market based health care reform. He said now is not the time for tweaking of policy but a time for bold thinking outside the box.

He said that if elected he would ask congress to stay in session and repeal Obamacare so that he could sign the bill within two hours of being inaugurated. He said that two hours after the inauguration he would sign several executive orders. One would be to abolish all of the positions of "Czars" created by President Obama, another would be to prohibit any use of federal funds to implement Agenda 21, and another would be to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Rod Williams, Newt Gingrich, Linda Knight
I am glad I got to be at this event. I still think it is possible for Newt to win the nomination. If Newt is the nominee we will have a clear choice of two dramatically different visions for our country. If Newt is the nominee we will have a candidate who can inspire and motivate and articulate a vision. I don't think any of the other remaining candidates offer that; certainly not Mitt Romney.

Other Newt Gingrich activities in Nashville included a health care panel discussion earlier in the day and a 2PM a receptions for Callista Gingrich, a 3PM Capitol Hill rally, and tonight a fund raising receptions for high rollers.

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Newt Gingrich in Nashville Monday Feb 27

Senator Fred Thompson will be joining Speaker Newt Gingrich on stage at the Tennessee Town Hall on Monday in Nashville.

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