Saturday, February 11, 2012

State threatens suit against boat hobbyists

The Tennessee Department of Revenue is threatening court action against a Murfreesboro man who built a small wooden boat in his garage with his 7-year-old son.
The state says that makes him a boat dealer and subject to paying extra taxes.
The boat is 14 feet long and made of wood. The family ordered the plans over the Internet because 7-year-old Carter loves to fish with his dad.
But when the Kings registered their boat and paid the boat registration fees, the nightmare started.
Letters from the Tennessee Department of Revenue say that because the Kings are boat dealers and manufacturers, they have to pay $539 dollars in taxes on the boat. (State threatens suit against boat hobbyists - WSMV Channel 4)

My view: You just can not make this stuff up! From ticketing a livery service for daring to only charge $25 for a 10 minuet limo ride rather than a mandated $45, to restricting casket sales to only licensed funeral directors, to charging someone a fine of $539 for building his own boat, it seems state and local government is determined to curtail freedom and protect established concerns from competition. Will someone in the state legislature move to repeal this law that requires a license to build a boat? 

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Liberty on the Rocks,Thursday the 16th. Meet Shayne Edwards.

Be sure and join us at this Thursday's Liberty on the Rocks, 5:30 pm till whenever at Mafiaoza's! Mafiaza's is on 8th Ave South.

LOR is always a lot of fun: no prayer, no pledge, no reading of the minutes, no call to order. Just an excellent social opportunity to meet and talk with other conservatives and libertarians. Come meet Shayne Edwards the director of An Inconsistent Truth which has been hammering the box office during it’s preview release. Mr. Edwards will share with us some insight on the topic of Global Warming. Movie trailer:

As usual there is a 2 for 1 special on for our group.

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2nd Annual 9.12 Project Tennessee Membership Dinner

Saturday, February 18, 2012, 
5:00 PM Hotel 
Preston 733 Briley Pkwy, Nashville, TN
"All patriots are invited to attend our 9.12 Project Tennessee Annual Membership dinner at the lovely and chic Hotel Preston. The evening agenda is as follows:
  • 5-6p Registration and social mixer (cash bar), 
  • 6-7p Guest Speaker Senator Bill Ketron "Redistricting Process and Outcome" followed by Q&A,
  • 7-8p Dinner and Dessert Service, 
  • 8-9p Dr Ming Wang presentation and musical performance, 
Dinner $35.00 per person. 
Additional special guests will be present at this event. Evening Attire is preferred. To review the menu and register for this event please go to"

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Friday, February 10, 2012

An Inconsistent Truth. Highly Recommended

An Inconsistent Truth is one man's odyssey to find the truth about man-made global warming. As the title suggests, this is an answer to Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary but it's much more than a simple rebuttal. We not only talk with leading scientific experts on the 'skeptic' side but we explore the entire culture of the global warming movement; often in a humorous and satirical way. The viewpoint of this film might not be the most popular position on the subject but it offers refreshing diversity. Diversity, after all, is not just found in different cultures or races or religions. True diversity is diversity of thought.

I watched this movie last night and highly recommend it. It is well made and it is quick paced. It is entertaining, informative, and funny.  It presents the arguments of the critics of global warming and shows that there are critics who are as credentialed as the advocates of the theory. One of the revealing things in the movie is how blindly accepting of the theory are people who do not have a clue as to why they believe it. Another revealing aspect of the movie is the exposure of the hypocrisy of Al Gore and how he financially benefits from promotion of the theory. The movie also corrects a lot of misinformation such as the claim that the population of polar bears is shrinking or that there has been an increase in hurricane activity in recent years.  While a true believer in global warming will most likely not like this movie, people with an open mind will find that it contributes to an understanding of the debate.

The movie is currently playing at Regal Hollywood 27 near 100 Oaks and Carmike Thoroughbred 20, 633 Frazier Drive, Franklin TN. For viewing times and more information click here

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16 Prominent Scientists Dissent on Global Warming

An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today signed by 16 prominent scientist dissent from the view that the evidence about global warming is incontrovertible. They write, " A candidate for public office in any contemporary democracy may have to consider what, if anything, to do about "global warming." Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists demand that something dramatic be done to stop global warming is not true. In fact, a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed."(link)

They go on to say, " The lack of warming for more than a decade—indeed, the smaller-than-predicted warming over the 22 years since the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) began issuing projections—suggests that computer models have greatly exaggerated how much warming additional CO2 can cause. Faced with this embarrassment, those promoting alarm have shifted their drumbeat from warming to weather extremes, to enable anything unusual that happens in our chaotic climate to be ascribed to CO2."

I have been a global warming skeptic and a global warming believer and have vacillated back and forth and most often have only been slightly in the skeptic column or slightly in the believer column. I think it is still an open question if global warming is occurring, if it is man made and what if anything we should do about it. I do think there has been an effort to stifle descent in the scientific community and skeptics have been intimidated into silence.  

Please read this article.These scientist are not local TV weathermen meteorologist or scientist in unrelated fields. These are prominent people. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever is not a kook. My global warming belief meter dropped a little bit back toward the skeptic side. I do not think the science is settled.

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sponsored by
Davidson County Republican Party
 see new location
8:30 am - Breakfast & Social (Dutch Treat)
 9:00 am - Meeting
 546 Donelson Pike  37214
Guest Speakers: 
Beth Campbell
 SEC (State Executive Committee)
 Topic: What is the job description of a SEC member and
 the current developments at the TN Republican Party.

Michael Sullivan
Political Director at the State Party
Topic: Delegate Process and Apportionment of laws for the GOP nominations as a whole
 and the future of the nomination process.
 Please Welcome Alex and Kathyrn Stillwell
Chairmen of the Donelson-Hermitage Conservative Group

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

What is the Full Story about Helen Bailey's Pending Foreclosure?

Occupy Nashville has come to the assistance of 78-year-old Helen Bailey trying to prevent Chase Bank from foreclosing on her home. The story has gained national attention. Over 40,000 people have signed an on-line petition protesting the pending foreclosure including notable civil rights activist Cornel West.

This is a sad story. No one wants to see a 78 year old women be put out on the streets. However, before we jump to the conclusion that Chase should just write off $9000 in debt and let Ms Bailey stay in her home, pause and think about this situation.

What is the full story? 
The newspaper article says Ms Bailey has lived in the home for 28 years. There are some details that may not be relevant, but they very well may be. I don’t think we are getting the full story. There were two recent quit claim deeds filed on the property where other parties gave up an ownership interest in the property. I would be curious why there were two quit claims filed on the property. One quit claim was from Meriel Bailey dated 5/9/2011. The original warranty deed dated April 1999 transferred the property to Kimberly F. Bailey, Helen Bailey, and Meriel Fulton. Also the newspaper says her two daughters recently moved out of the property. Were the parties giving a quit claim her daughters? Did someone give up their ownership interest in the property so Ms Bailey could qualify for a reverse mortgage? Is Ms Bailey the only person on her mortgage? If other parties are on the mortgage they are still responsible for this debt. When one gives up an ownership interest in a property, they do not escape their obligation to pay the debt. I don’t know the facts. I am only asking questions but I think these questions need to be asked. (For property information see here and here.) 

Can Chase forgive $9000?
Ms Bailey is trying to get a reverse mortgage and the reverse mortgage is $9,000 short of the amount needed to pay off the existing mortgage. Occupy is asking Chase to take a short pay-off of $9000. While I do not know that Chase cannot do that, it may very well be that they cannot. Mortgage companies often cannot just write off a debt. When a mortgage company makes a loan, the loan is bundled and sold with similar type loans. The investor in these securitised debt instruments could be Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or any of about 4000 other investors. Chase is no longer the owner of the debt. The debt instruments which secure the bundled mortgages often contain language that prohibits writing down any of the principle. So even if Chase wanted to write off $9000 they may be prohibited from doing so.

If Chase could write down the debt would it be good policy?
If Chase does a write off of debt for one person so they may get a reverse mortgage then others will have a similar expectation. What is the limit on how much debt a mortgage company should write off in order to accommodate someone in getting a reverse mortgage? Believe me, people will figure out how to make the system work for them. If it becomes Chase policy to write down debt in order for a party to get a reverse mortgage one may see situations in which people purposely modify their circumstances in order to qualify for such a write down. Wives may quit claim their interest in the property to their husband in order to let an older husband get a reverse mortgage and then they may expect the mortgage company to just forgive any shortage necessary to get the reverse mortgage. All of this money that is being written off is someone's money.  Part of it may be the tax payers money and contribute to the $14 trillion deficit.  If you own a share in a mutual fund in an IRA, you may experience a loss in your retirement account when an investor writes off a debt. There are consequences to debt forgiveness programs.

If Chase does write down the debt, can indeed Ms. Bailey get a Reverse Mortgage?
Reverse mortgages are not as automatic as they once were. Reverse mortgage companies have been having a problem with borrowers who would get a reverse mortgage and then still not be able to keep up the home, keep it insured, and pay the taxes. The newspaper story says Ms Bailey only has $700 a month income. In considering Ms. Bailey for a reverse mortgage, the reverse mortgage company would have to be assured that she is financially able to provide for home upkeep, taxes and insurance and still have money to live. I am not so sure she can qualify for a reverse mortgage. Does she have a conditional approval from a reverse mortgage lender?

Why did the daughters abandon their mother?
The Tennessean report says, “She fell behind on her mortgage in April after her two daughters moved out, leaving her with a mortgage just under $1,000 to pay alone.” Why did her two daughters move out? If everything was OK prior to the two daughters moving out, do the two daughters not have the obligation to help their mother? Are either or both of the daughters on the mortgage note? Can the two daughters raise the $9000 shortage? Are the two daughters not more responsible for their mother’s well-being than Chase? What is the story?

Is keeping this home in Ms Bailey’s best interest?
The newspaper story says, “She receives less than $700 a month in Social Security.” Think about that. Even if Chase writes off the $9000 and Ms Bailey is able to get a reverse mortgage, can she stay in her house on $700 a month? The home is a 4-bedroom, three-bath, 2720 square foot house. That is a lot of house to heat and maintain.  If she is only $9000 short on getting a reverse mortgage then my best wild guess is that she owes about $128,000 on the home and it is worth about $176,000. (See value estimates click here.) It is probably in Ms Bailey’s best interest to sell the home and downsize.

Why not let Occupy pay the $9000 shortage?
If 40,000 people think Chase should forgive the $9000 in order for Ms Bailey to stay in her home, then do the math: $9000/40,000= 22.5 cents each. If each of the 40,000 people who signed the petition would send Ms Bailey a quarter her problem would be solved. Maybe Cornel West could send a dollar.

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Update: What happened at the Metro Council 2-7-2012: The School Unions, John Arriola and more.

Council Highlights: Council meetings can be very boring, so I have highlighted the interesting parts of this meeting. I watch the whole council meeting so you don't have to. 

Council Highlights:

Ordinance 2011-83 to allow Metro water services to extend water lines to residential properties currently served by private wells is deferred until the second meeting in March. Councilman Stanley explains the bill. (See 25:06 in the video above)

A memorializing resolution by Councilman Robert Duvall calling for the resignation of John Arrriola. (see video at 34:55)

A memorializing resolution by Councilman Tygard urging the State to expand the prohibition of the manufacture or sale of synthetic drugs. Tygard has various samples of the drugs which he shows to the council. Tygard’s presentation is informative and he makes a passionate argument in favor of passage. (See 36:29) We need to see more presentations like this on the Council floor.

A memorializing resolution calling on Metro Public Schools to abide by the current labor union negotiation policy.  This bill required a suspension of the rules and could have been stopped from consideration had two people objected but none did.  Councilman Karen Johnson, a former School Board member, makes an argument that the Director of Schools changed policy without bringing it to the Board. Councilman Glover counters her argument and makes a good presentation explaining the state law and why the Director is following the law and Board policy. He is clear and his thoughts are well organized. Councilman Bo Mitchell make a pro-union argument and several other members weigh in on the issue. The vote was 29 yes votes, 5 no’s, 2 abstentions and 4 members not present. The four no’s were member who are generally thought to be conservative or Republican members of the council.  They were Glover, Stites, Claiborne, Tenpenny, and Todd. The two abstentions are from members identified as Republicans also, Tygard and Dominy.  Two other Council Members who are considered Republican, Duvall and Blalock, voted with the majority and supported the resolution. (The discussion starts at 40:20)

The Unions win, Arriola condemnation put off two weeks. 

On the memorializing resolution urging embattled County Court Clerk John Arriola to resign, the Rules Committee vetoed 10 to zero to defer until the DA had acted. Councilman  Phil Williams of Channel 5 reported that the committee room was full. He tweeted that there were lots of county court clerk employees present to support their boss.  

Jason Holleman argued the Council should wait until the District Attorney takes action as did the Council in the case of David Torrence.  In the Council meeting, the bills sponsor, Councilman Robert Duvall argued against deferral. Duvall said he "takes no malice with the committee," but said he disagrees with their position. He reviewed the comptroller's audit and said, "These violations are much worse than anything David (Torrence) did." He argued for an up or down vote. The Council voted to defer the resolution for only two weeks. This is a partial victory for Duvall. The DA may not act for months. This drama will be played out again in two weeks.

The Metro Council sided with the SEIU and the Steelworkers union which represent school custodians and bus driver sand voted against Director of Schools Jessie Register's effort to curtail union power. Register recently ended the district's Memorandum of Understanding policy with those union. "He should not unilaterally change existing policy," argued Council Member Karen Johnson, a former School Board Member. The vote was 29-5-2.

A Bill calling for preparation of a fiscal impact statements on most legislation passed on second readings. Council Member Sherri Weiner is the lead sponsor of this bill.

The Council approved on third reading a bill that authorized $2.5M to complete infrastructure in subdivisions that were never finished.

The Council approved Mayor Karl Dean's appointment of former Council Member Anna Page to the MDHA board. She is a former one-term council member who was supported by the Mayor in her reelection bid and who was defeated by current Council Member Tony Tenpenny.

The Council unanimously approved a rules change to have public hearings every month instead of the current every other month.  The change begins in June.

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Metro Council votes to urge Jesse Register to return to previous terms with service workers

For more on this issue and another perspective follow this link:
Metro Council votes to urge Jesse Register to return to previous terms with service workers

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Council Decides On $71,000 Worth Of Lawsuit Payouts - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

by Heather Graf

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- It's a number that might shock you - nearly a million dollars in taxpayer money is being shelled out each year, because of mistakes made by Metro employees.

In fact, on Tuesday night,, council members had to approve another $71,000 in settlements. It's money that is paid out to people who've filed claims against the city. (Council Decides On $71,000 Worth Of Lawsuit Payouts -

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Council Delay Arriola Vote As Fireworks Fly - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

By Phil Williams
Chief Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Davidson County Clerk John Arriola may be under criminal investigation, but he had the votes Tuesday night to put off a Metro Council resolution calling for him to resign.

Still, there were some testy exchanges in the Council's Rules Committee that raised even more questions. (
Council Delay Arriola Vote As Fireworks Fly - )

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Another Update: What is on the 02-07-2012 Council Agenda? School Unions and John Arriola

Will Council Say No to Jessie Register's standing up to School Unions?  Will Council Say Arriola, you gotta go!

Will Council say Jessie, Don't bust the Unions?
A late resolution has been introduced by Councilman Bo Mitchell, the most pro labor union member of the Metro Council,  that would urge the Metro School Board and the Director of Schools Jesse Register  to abide by the current labor negotiation policy.

As reported in the City Paper, The School Board currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Unions concerning labor negotiations which Register says is not binding. This year, the State of Tennessee passed a new law that stripped teachers’ unions of their ability to bargain collectively. Mitchell says the law applied only to "certified" personnel and was not applicable to unions representing support personnel.

This is the same argument that Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205 made on January 13th when they filed a complaint with the school board. "This is not a dispute over wages, funding, or benefits" said Doug Collier when filing that complaint. "Last year, the state legislature passed laws which affected teachers' right to bargain collectively. Dr. Register is now trying to use those laws – which do not apply to school support employees - as an excuse to overreach his authority and silence the voices of thousands of loyal city employees who voted to form a union." (See: Complaint filed against Metro schools director.)

I am not sure that the question of whether or not the law stripping teachers unions of their ability to bargain collectively applies to other school personnel is even relevant. Other public sector unions, as far as I can tell, never had that right written into state law in the first place. The more relevant question maybe whether or not our current MOU with the unions is a binding agreement that can be terminated by one party.

One of the more conservative members of the Council to whom I talked to today, said that he is uncertain if the MOU is a contract or not.  If the MOU is in fact a contract and by Register suspending it the city would be liable for violating a contract and face a law suite we are likely to lose, he said he would have to support Mitchell's resolution.  Whether or not the MOU is a contract is a fact yet to be determined. As reported in the City Paper, Register is very clear in saying the MOU is not a binding agreement. Unless the MOU is a binding contract,  I would have to vote to stand with the Director of Schools. If that cannot be determined at this time, then this resolution should not be passed but time should be given to make that determination.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the United Steelworkers are the unions involved in this dispute. In this year's elections the SEIU endorsed a broad range of candidates, not just liberal Democrats. Conservative and independent minded members of the Council endorsed by SEIU included Tim Garrett, Robert Duvall, Duane Dominy, Emily Evans, and Davette Blalock. (To see who the SEIU endorsed, click here.) Union members vote heavily in Council elections and can mobilize their relatives and friends and can exercise considerable clout. I hope members of the Council do not buckle to the Unions.

I hope members of the Council have the fortitude to stand up to the Unions and stand with Director of Schools Register. According to Council rules, a late resolution can be stopped if two members object. They should object. There is no crisis that requires a late resolution. Let this resolution be introduced following the normal procedures and give the council time to deliberate and get all the facts.

 Arriola you gotta go!
The most interesting item on the agenda will probably be RESOLUTION NO. RS2012-158 by Councilman Robert Duvall calling on John Arriola to resign. It is only a memorializing resolution which means it expresses the will of the council but is non-binding. Last year the council rejected this resolution.

Arriola is under investigation by the District Attorney's office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and a recent audit revealed massive irregularities and questionably practices in the office. The most troublesome issue surrounding Arriola is his charging a $40 fee to perform marriages and pocketing the money.

Robert Duvall is to be commended for pushing this resolution. It this does not pass, I will be totally disgusted with our Metro Council. This is a vote that will tell us a lot about the Council: who is for defending the good 'ole boy system of political corruption and who favors honest government. I don't know how anyone can spin this any other way. To read the full text of the resolution click here.

Get your own copy of the Agenda and Analysis: 

You can find the agenda at the link: Metro Council Agenda. And,  the analysis at this link: Metro Council Analysis. The council meeting are less boring if you have an agenda and an analysis, not that they are still not boring, but they are less boring.

Other issues worth watching:

Ana Page is to be confirmed as a Mayor's appointee to the Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency for a term expiring November 5, 2014. These appointees to boards and commission are usually routine and I expect this one will be also. The thing that makes this appointment noteworthy is that Ms Page is a former member of the Metro Council who was defeated for reelection by Councilman Tony Tenpenny. She was only one of two incumbents seeking reelection to the Council that was not reelected in the last council election. The Mayor's office supported Page. It seems like an unfriendly act on the part of the Mayor to appoint a sitting councilman's former and possibly future opponent to a position of influence.

RESOLUTION NOS. RS2012-136 & RS2012-137 are on the consent agenda so most likely will pass with no discussion and I bet, if truth be known, there is not a council member up there who really knows what they are voting on. I may sound like I understand this but am still vague on how all of this works.

These two resolutions appropriate $600, 000, $300,000 each, ultimately to two different entities. The money is appropriated from the Capitol Mall Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) to MDHA for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and ServiceSource.

One interesting thing about this is that the money has to be spend in a “pocket of poverty” areas of the Metropolitan Government. Now, if you are familiar with downtown, think about the boundries of this "pocket of poverty:" The Capitol Mall pocket of poverty includes basically the heart of the downtown area bordered by 2nd and 4th Avenues to the east, Union Street to the north, 8th Avenue to the west, and Peabody Street to the south. Think about those boundaries. That has got to be some of the richest poverty areas I have ever seen! If you want to try to understand this, look at the analysis and good luck.

Every Resolution on the agenda is on the consent agenda which means they have received anonymous approval in committee and will be voted on as a group instead of individually.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-83 by Councilman Stanley which is on second reading would allow Metro to extend water lines to homes using private wells. Currently, if one wants to extend a water line to ones property, it is at one's own expense. The director of finance was unable to certify that funds are available to implement this ordinance. Fiscal watchdogs in the Council may have a problem with this bill. I hope there is an explanation of why we would deviate from a long-standing prudent fiscally-sound policy.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-91 which is on second reading would require a  fiscal impact statements to be prepared for legislation pending with the council, other than zoning ordinances and non-binding memorializing resolutions. The fiscal note is to include a dollar estimate of the anticipated change in revenue, expenditures, or fiscal liability associated with the resolution or ordinance. 

This is a good move. Council needs to know what something will cost before they vote on it.  However, Council should not let a fiscal note replace good judgement. As we see at the state and federal level, an estimate of cost is a static estimate and changes in expenditures and tax rates are often dynamic. A "saving" may cost more elsewhere or later and an increase in tax rates can sometimes lead to less revenue to the government rather than more.

ORDINANCE NO. BL2011-82 on third reading creates a means whereby Metro can accept unfinished infrastructure. When a developer develops a subdivision, he is supposed to complete the streets to an acceptable standard before Metro will accept them. There are several developments around town, where the developer went broke or the developer just abandoned the project and the streets were never completed. The developer is supposed to post a bond or secure a letter of credit which would insure that if the developer does go broke or abandon the project, Metro has the funds to complete the project. That did not always work out as planned. This bill establishes a procedure whereby, under certain circumstances, Metro can accept the incomplete streets and complete the development. This will set the stage for finishing the streets and infrastructure such as sidewalks and drainage systems in several subdivisions where the infrastructure was never completed. 

I am disappointing that this bill was not publicly discussed on second reading. I would like to know who screwed up and cost the city millions of dollars and have assurances that the problem has been fixed.

I had thought this meeting would be super short and super boring, but the the resolution calling on Arriola to resign and the resolution supporting the SEIU, may make this a good meeting. 

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Occupy a year in jail or a $2,500 fine

"A committee of the state House of Representative sent a bill to remove Occupy Nashville protesters from the state Capitol to the House floor after increasing the bill’s penalty to nearly a year in jail or a $2,500 fine." (link)

Ok, Occupy! Don't be intimidated! Resist the effort to be moved. Lock arms and sing together, "I shall not be, I shall not be moved, I shall not be, I shall not be moved."  Wiggle your little fingers in a message of consensus to not be moved. You can continue your occupation in jail for up to one year! Do it! Don't fade away! Show 'em what your made of. Occupy the jail! Occupy the jail!

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It's Getting Crowded in the 20th: Tim Garrett, Dave Briley, Eric Crafton, David Hall and More.

The list of potential candidates seeking to replace Senator Sen. Joe Haynes, who recently announced he would not be seeking reelection, is growing longer. According to an article in today's City Paper, among Democrats considering a run for the State Senate District 20 seat  are At-large Councilmen Tim Garrett, At-large Councilman Ronnie Steine, District 4 Councilman Brady Banks, former school board member  Dewey Branstetter and former At-large Councilman David Briley who is the Grandson of former Mayor Beverly Briley and who was a former candidate for Mayor of Nashville.

Emily Evans has been mentioned as a candidate but it is unclear if she would run as a Republican or a Democrat.

Among Republican, Steve Dickerson who ran a good race against Senator Doug Henry in District 21 in 2010 was first to announce. Former Councilman Eric Crafton, who may be best known as the leader of the failed English-only initiative and who ran as as a Republican for the office of Juvenile Court Clerk has expressed interest in running. David Hall who ran against Congressman Jim Cooper for the 5th Congressional District seat is considering the race.  I have also heard some guy named Scooter somebody (don't know the last name) who is a big GOP bundler for fundraising is considering the race.

The qualifying deadline is April 5, Party primaries are Aug. 2 and the general election will be November 6th.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

More Council hearings cut red tape | The Tennessean |

by Councilman Jason Holleman and Councilman Ronnie Steine

There’s a simple reason why so many people have come to expect inefficient, cumbersome red tape when they deal with government services. It’s because of all the inefficient, cumbersome red tape. (More Council hearings cut red tape | The Tennessean |

My comment: I agree! This makes so much sense. Why did not someone think of this earlier? Why didn't I think of this? Why did no one ever suggest it? I don't know how long it has been like it is now, probably forever. When I was serving in the council in the 80's it was this way. We should not unnecessarily hamper growth and add to the cost of doing business. Congratulation to Councilmen Holleman and Steine !

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POLL: Should Occupy Nashville protesters be allowed to occupy Legislative Plaza indefinitely? | The Tennessean |

POLL: Should Occupy Nashville protesters be allowed to occupy Legislative Plaza indefinitely? | The Tennessean |

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Charles Williamson Announces Run for State House

Nashville, TN (February 6, 2012) – Charles Williamson today announced his candidacy for the Tennessee House of Representatives in District 50.
Williamson, a longtime resident of Northern Davidson County, is a registered professional geologist and an entrepreneur who also raises a herd of American Bison in Goodlettsville.
Through his involvement in the community, Williamson has noted the need for greater emphasis on limited government and for policies to help create jobs in Davidson County. 

“I love Tennessee, but Tennesseans are struggling.” Williamson said, “House District 50 needs someone who will work with state and community leaders to tackle fundamental challenges to shape our economy, invest in our children and promote job growth. I look forward to the opportunity to serve.”

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Liberate War Memorial Plaza! End the Occupation Now!

"Dozens of U.S. Park Police officers in riot gear and on horseback converged before dawn Saturday on one of the nation's last remaining Occupy sites, with police clearing the grounds of tents that they said were banned under park rules." Cops conduct 'media-friendly eviction' of Occupy DC | Times 247

Will Nashville be the last Occupy standing? Since October, they have occupied this piece of prime downtown real estate denying to everyone else the enjoyment of our War Memorial Plaza. The legislature needs to go ahead and pass the no camping bill, the governor needs to sign it and the state troopers in riot gear need to clear the Plaza. Resisters should expect pepper spray and tasers.

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