Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Mourning in America," the video

"Mourning in America"; not "Morning in America."

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Councilman Dominy files bill to keep fairgrounds

By Nate Rau • THE TENNESSEAN • September 27, 2010

Metro Councilman Duane Dominy has filed legislation that aims to keep the Tennessee State Fair and Expo Center at their current location a few miles south of downtown.

Mayor Karl Dean said last year that Metro should get out of the fair business, and expressed desires to redevelop the prime 117-acre piece of property.

Dominy’s bill would direct the Fair Board to continue operating the state fair and expo center until a plan is in place, or a new Davidson County location is selected.(link)

Comment: The bill will be on first reading on Tuesday, October 5th. Most bills routinely pass on first reading, however if you wish to keep the state fairgrounds and the state fair, it is not too early to let your wishes be known. To find out how to contact your councilman, follow this link: Metropolitan County Council.

Below is the text of the ordinance sponsored by Councilman Dominy.


An ordinance amending the Metropolitan Code to assign certain duties and responsibilities to the Board of Fair Commissioners of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

WHEREAS, Chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923 and chapter 490 of the Acts of Tennessee for 1909 and amendments thereto created a Board of Fair Commissioners and provided for its powers and duties; and

WHERAS, Section 8, Chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923 allowed for adequate funding of the Board of Fair Commissioners through a .2 mill property tax levy; and

WHEREAS, Section 10, Chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923 provided that the Board of Fair Commissioners be vested with the power to gain complete charge and control of fair property for the purpose of holding a fair once a year; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to section 10, chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923, the Davidson County Board of Fair Commissioners did gain complete control of more or less 128 acres of fair property located on the east side of Rains Avenue and south of Wingrove Street and identified today on Metro Property Maps with Parcel ID 10511030100; and

WHEREAS, a deed was recorded on August 17, 1911 whereby the fair property was conveyed to Davidson County in consideration for the sum of $150,000; and

WHEREAS, the powers granted the by Chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923 were incorporated into and continued by Section 11.602 of the Metropolitan Charter; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Fair Commissioners has successfully held a fair for the benefit of the people of Davidson County for over 100 years on the same property it was directed to acquire by section 10, Chapter 515, Private Acts, 1923; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Fair Commissioners has operated the fair property to great benefit for the people of Davidson County by welcoming over 1 million visitors annually, generating almost 30,000 hotel room night sales, and producing $50-60 million in annual economic impact; and

WHEREAS, section 11.602 of the Metropolitan Charter provides that the Board of Fair Commissioners shall perform such other duties as may be imposed upon the board by ordinance; and

WHEREAS, the fair property is a valuable and irreplaceable asset of the people of Davidson County, Tennessee.


Section 1. Title 13 of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by amending Division 1 to create a new chapter 13.25:


13.25.010 General Provisions and Administration

A. The Board of Fair Commissioners, as established pursuant to Section 11.601 of the Charter of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (hereinafter “Fair Board”) shall continue to hold a fair as more particularly described in sections 1 and 10, chapter 515, Private Acts 1923, which shall be known as “The Tennessee State Fair” on the more or less 128 acres conveyed to Davidson County and recorded in Book 410, page 385 at the Davidson County Register of Deeds on August 17, 1911 and more commonly referred to as the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. The Tennessee State Fair shall be held at least once a year for a minimum of 6 days.

B. The Fair Board shall lease all or part of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property at such times and in such ways as to not interfere with the operation of the Tennessee State Fair. At a minimum, the Fair Board shall make the property available for recurring and occasional events including but not limited to a monthly flea market, annual lawn and garden show, annual gem show, annual car show, motor sports and such other activities and events that took place on the property in Fiscal Year 2009.

C. Notwithstanding the provisions of Metro Code of Laws § 2.24.220 et seq., the Fair Board shall not sell, lease, convey, transfer or otherwise dispose or divest of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property unless and until such time as property of similar location, size and market value, is acquired through fee simple ownership by the Fair Board and adequate facilities are constructed for the continued operation of the Tennessee State Fair, motor sports, and other recurring and occasional events including but not limited to a monthly flea market, annual lawn and garden show, annual gem show, annual car show, and such other activities and events that took place on the property in Fiscal Year 2009.

D. In the event the Board of Fair Commissioners is unable or unwilling to continue with their responsibility to hold the Tennessee State Fair, they shall sub-contract to a suitably qualified non-profit entity the operation of the Tennessee State Fair and the occasional and recurring events referred to in the foregoing section 2. The Tennessee State Fair and the occasional and recurring events shall be conducted by the suitably qualified non-profit entity at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds or such other property under the control of the Fair Board pursuant to the foregoing section 3. Any arrangement by the Fair Board to sub-contract its responsibility to hold the Tennessee State Fair and other events shall be approved by resolution by the Metropolitan Council.

Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its final passage, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government requiring it.

Sponsored by: Duane Dominy

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MoveOn wants me to host a party.

I belong to so you don't have to.

I thought you might find this interesting. These MoveOn folks are not giving up. We conservatives are going to have to dig deeper, work longer hours, walk the streets more, and work the phone banks more. We don't want to wake up on November 3rd and say we could have won if only we cared as much as the people at MoveOn. I wish we did have corporate allies pouring millions into defeating progressive candidates, but the good people I know, like David Hall, Charles Williamson, Jim Gotto, Duane Dominy and other Republican candidates, have limited resources and have to fight hard to get the money they need to finance a campaign. Many of them are spending a lot of theri own money. To me, it looks like the big money is on the other side.

If you have not contributed or been involved, all of the local Republican candidates need contributions and boots on the gound. Get involved! Your one-stop location to get active is the Davidson County Republican Party headquarters. Visit their web site, see the headquarters location and office hours and then drop in and they can put you to work immediately making phone calls for a candidate and they can put you in touch with the candidate of your choice. There is plenty to do. Don't let MoveON out work us.

Dear fellow MoveOn member,
Remember how you felt the night of November 4, 2008?

I do. Elated is the best word I can think of. And it wasn't just electing a president I believed in, or the history made by the first African American president.

It was that we made it happen. Millions of regular people across the country, knocking on doors, calling voters, going to rallies,or donating five or ten bucks. We turned "Yes We Can" from a slogan into reality.

Today, two years later, we've got to do it again. With Republicans and their corporate allies pouring millions into defeating our progressive heroes and taking control of Congress, we're facing an outright takeover—unless we stop them.

So we're gathering for "Yes We Can!" parties all over the country on October 9th and 10th, where MoveOn members will come together to call thousands of potential volunteers in key congressional districts nationwide.

We need a place in Nashville for people to make calls together next weekend. Here in Austin, I've been involved with a bunch of parties over the years, so I can assure you it's simple to host, and MoveOn will give you all the tools and tips you need.

Can you host a "Yes We Can!" party in Nashville? Click here:
Like I said, hosting is simple, and a lot of fun—call parties are some of
the best times I've had volunteering with MoveOn over the years here in Austin.

And the impact is huge. This year, we're aiming to make over 500,000 calls to help recruit volunteers for candidates in tough races, including progressive heroes like Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, and more. The more parties people host, the more people there are calling potential volunteers—and the more boots on the ground there will be to make sure these progressives have the grassroots power they need this election.

As a party host, you'll give people in your neighborhood a place to gather to make a big impact on the upcoming election. Here's what to expect:

•You'll invite friends and family, and MoveOn will email people nearby
to invite them as well.
•We'll ask everyone to wear their Obama gear from 2008, if they'd like—t-shirts, hats, buttons—and we'll watch a quick video from the 2008 election to remind us all of the power we have to make change.

•MoveOn organizers will provide clear materials to walk you through the event, including scripts and lists of names and numbers. There's even live volunteer support if you have questions during the party. It's simple, but so important, to host a party. Because of you, folks in your area will have a place to gather together to make a serious impact on the upcoming election.

Can you host a "Yes We Can!" party on October 9th or 10th in Nashville? Click here to get started:
Thanks for all you do.

–Stephanie Hamm
MoveOn Regional
Coordinator, Austin, TX

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Council Lady Sandra Moore is peeved that Councilman Duane Dominy is trying to save the fair grounds

Council Lady Sandra Moore is peeved that Councilman Duane Dominy is trying to save the fairgrounds without her. She assures us however that she has been working on this issue for the last three years and will take whatever action she deems is in the best interest of her district.

Council Lady Moore,
Please get off the fence. Are you going to work to save the fair grounds or not? Since you, "have worked for the past three years to ensure that any future use of the fairgrounds property is in the best interest of the citizens of the 17^th District and the city as a whole," I would like to know what you have done. Have you introduced any legislation to stop the sale? What have you concluded is in the best interest of the citizens of the 17^th District and the city as a whole? This steam roller to sale the fair grounds is about to run over us. It seems like the decision to sale the fairgrounds is almost a done deal. If someone does not act soon, it will be too late. Where do you stand?
Rod Williams

See below:

This communication is being sent on behalf of District 17 Council Lady
Sandra V. Moore.
Date: September 30, 2010
To: Constituents of the
17th Council District
From: Sandra Moore, Council Lady, District 17
*Fairgrounds Legislation*

As you have probably heard, legislation was filed this week by Councilman Duane Dominy of the 28^th Council District that, if enacted by the Council, would essentially require the Board of Fair Commissioners to continue to hold an annual state fair on the fairgrounds property. The legislation would also require the Fair Board to make the property available for other events, including "a monthly flea market, annual lawn and garden show, annual gem show, annual car show, *motor sports*, and such other activities and events that took place on the property in Fiscal Year 2009." (emphasis added). I want to make it perfectly clear that I was not asked to co-sponsor this legislation nor was I even informed that it existed until after it had been filed. I have worked for the past three years to ensure that any future use of the fairgrounds property is in the best interest of the citizens of the 17^th District and the city as a whole. I am frankly disappointed that another district councilmember felt it appropriate to file legislation regarding property that is located solely within my district, but it is within his purview to do so.

Please know that I will be reviewing this legislation closely in the coming days and
will take whatever action I deem to be in the best interest of the 17^th District when the bill comes up on first reading at the October 5^th Council meeting. As always, if there are any concerns or comments please give me a call at 386-9246, or you may email me at .

Thank you for your continued support as we work together for the benefit of the community.

*Elease M. Waller*
*Metro Council Office*
*One Public Square, Suite 204*
*P. O. Box 196300*
*Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300*
*615-880-3348 (office)*
*615-862-6784 (fax)*

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Another repoft from the candidates forum

Here is Mike Morrow's report on the candidates forum published in the Nashville Political Buzz Examiner.
Henry delivers a question to love

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cooper a no-show at candidates forum,

Jim Cooper
Henry looked frail. Jones and Dominy go at it.

Jim Cooper was a no-show at tonight scheduled candidates forum sponsored by the Haywood Lane Neighborhood Association. The program consisted of three forum segments: one for U. S. House District 5 candidates, incumbent Democrat Jim Cooper and challenger Republican David Hall; one for State Senate District 21 candidates, incumbent Democrat Senator Doug Henry and challenger Republican Steve Dickerson; and State House District 59 candidates, incumbent Democrat Representative Sherry Jones and Republican challenger Councilman Duane Dominy.

Cooper was listed in the announcements as a participant in the forum. The moderator, Councilman Charlie Tygard, said Coooper was absent because he was attending a function raising money for Metro Greenways. The function was a pricey $150 per attendee event called Dinner on the Bridge. The moderator said Cooper had sent word that he may arrive late. He never made it. It is unclear if Cooper had a previous engagement or a preferred engagement. Cooper was listed in the advertisements for Dinner on the Bridge as the Honorary Chairman. It is a shame Cooper could not make this event. I would really like to see Cooper and Hall in a one-on-one debate. There are vast differences between these two candidates.
David Hall
David Hall was well received and delivered a message of smaller government, less taxation and less regulation. He said Obamacare was a mistake he thinks the bailouts have been counter productive. Hall answered the question submitted by the public with calm, confidence and directness. I think that if Cooper and Hall ever did debate that Hall would come out the winner.

Cooper's failure to be at a forum where he would have to have his record examined and answer questions should surprise no one. All summer, when the public was urging Cooper to have town hall meetings and face the voters he hid out. I will give Cooper the benefit of the doubt however and assume his failure to show was simply a scheduling conflict. If so, between now and the election there is still time to engage in a public forum or debate. I urge Hall and Cooper to schedule a debate so the public can compare the two candidates and make an informed decision about this important upcoming election.
Senator Doug Henry
Steve Dickerson and Senator Henry had very few differences and they were gentlemanly and polite toward each other. Senator Henry looked weak and feeble and occasionally confused. He had trouble getting out of his chair and the design of the forum required the candidates to get up and down several times as they rotated their turns at the podium.

The closest thing to a real debate in the evening was between Sherry Jones and Duane Dominy. It was obvious they do not like each other and have very different policy positions. In a longer and different format they could present a real lively debate.

One point of contention in their portion of the forum was over the use of the legislators per diem. Jones only lives 10 miles from the State Capitol yet is one of the legislators who has taken the most in per Diem.
She defended receiving the amount of money she has received. Dominy said if elected he would not take it and he would propose reform of the expense reimbursement so that legislators living within 30 miles of the capitol only get mileage and meals, not the funding for lodging; those living within 100 get a higher level of per diem; and those beyond 100 miles get an even greater level of per diem.

Dominy and Jones also disagreed about an issue that should simply be a matter of fact and not a matter of opinion. Jones said most of the funding for Metro schools comes from the State. Dominy said the Federal government pays approximately 10%, the State about 30%, and Metro about 60%. Both candidates were adamant they were correct and seemed exasperated with the other over this issue. I am almost certain that Dominy is closer to correct on this point but I could be wrong. I will attempt to fact-check this issues update this post when time permits. I also recorded the event and may update with more quotes and details. Check back.

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Sen Bob Corker rated "Hero" by Taxpayers Against Earmarks

Sen. Lamar Alexander rated a "Hooligan."

Taxpayers Against Earmarks (TAE) has a page on their website called "Heroes & Hooligans" used to recognize those in Congress standing up against wasteful spending and to help taxpayers hold those politicians accountable who refuse to stop earmarking. "To be a 'Hero,' a Member of Congress must have refrained from requesting any earmarks this year," states the TAE website. "'Hooligans' are those who have requested earmarks this fiscal year, even if they support efforts to reform or eliminate the practice of earmarking." They listed all members of Congress as either "heroes" or "Hooligans."

In the Senate there were only 10 "heroes," seven of them Republicans and three of them Democrats. John McCain and Scott Brown were other notable "heroes."

In the House, there were 178 "Heros," 173 of them Republicans and five of them Democrats. Tennessee Heroes were Marsha Blackburn, Jim Cooper (Yes, our own Jim Cooper), and John Duncan. All other Tennessee Congressmen were "Hooligans."

Of the 259 House "Hooligans," 253 were Democrats and only six were Republicans. One to the six Republican "Hooligans" was Ron Paul or Texas.

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Candidates forum tonight, including Hall and Cooper

An election forum is scheduled tonight for the following candidates in the November election:

  • U.S. House District 5 — Jim Cooper; David Hall.
  • State Senate District 21 — Steven Dickerson, Douglas Henry
  • State House District 59 — Duane Dominy, Sherry Jones

The forum will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m., Thursday, September 30th, at the Christ Lutheran Church gymnasium, 299 Haywood Lane.

Questions can be submitted in advance by e-mail to

There has been almost no publicity for this event.

This may be the only time we will have the opportunity to see the candidates on the same stage. While a forum is not a debate, this may be the closest we get to having a debate. Giving Jim Cooper's reluctance to face the voters I am surprised but pleased he is participating. Please show up tonight and support our candidates.

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Jim Gotto gets Mitt Romney's endorsement

By: Chas Sisk, IN Session, September 30, 2010

Lucky recip­i­ents of the Romney’s bless­ing include Bill Haslam, Mar­sha Black­burn, Diane Black, Stephen Fincher, Mae Beavers, Bill Ketron, Joe Carr, Joshua Evans, Jim Gotto and Tim Wirgau. Haslam and the can­di­dates for fed­eral office will each receive a check for $2,500 from Romney’s polit­i­cal action com­mit­tee, as will the Sen­ate Repub­li­can Cau­cus PAC and the House Repub­li­can Cau­cus PAC.(link)

Comment: Congratulation Jim Gotto! Few candidates for State House races get endorsements from PAC's of this stature. This is a vote of confidence.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gold Standard, Abolishing the Federal Reserve and Money and Banking 101

Last Wednesday night I was at a Liberty on the Rocks event and got into a discussion with someone who advocated abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning the U. S. to the gold standard. This is a reoccurring theme on the part of supporters of Ron Paul and a lot of tea party members. You see "Abolish the Fed" signs at rallies and any call for abolishing the Fed gets cheers. I am always surprised that so many people care so passionately about this issue. I am really surprised that they know enough about the issue to have a passionate opinions.

While I am not an expert on the Federal Reserve, I tend to think we need the Federal Reserve or something like it. I am also not convinced that returning to a gold standard would end inflation and solve our economic problems. I am open however to hearing the arguments from those who advocate the gold standard and abolishing the Fed. I am open to being persuaded.

In my discussion with this guy on Wednesday night, it was clear that he had strong views on the topic, but I discovered he had very little knowledge about money and banking. He did not know how money is created. If one is going to argue passionately for the gold standard and abolishing the Federal Reserve, it would help your credibility to understand a few basics about money and banking. It would help your cause if you knew what you were talking about.

Now, I am not an economist. In college, I earned enough credit-hours to have a major in economics and have continued to stay informed on economic issues since then, but there are many people who know more than I do. I think, however, that I have an understanding of a few economic basics. Here are a few essential, elementary things anyone who wants to speak intelligently about monetary policy should understand.

  • Most money is not currency. The money supply includes coins, currency, traveler's checks, checking account balances, NOW accounts, and balances in credit unions accounts and more. Currency is only small part of money.
  • Government does not determine the money supply; the government only controls the amount of currency. Currency and money are not the same thing.
  • Money was never backed by gold, only currency.
  • Money is created when people borrow and repay loans.
  • An expanding money supply facilitates economic growth.
  • An expanding money supply is not inflationary if goods and services are increasing by the same amount.
Many people are totally mystified about how the money supply expands and think it only expands when government prints money. I suspect many of those carrying signs to abolish the Fed and who cheer at rallies when someone advocates abolishing the Fed do not understand the basics. Below is an explanation of how money is created.

Modern money developed from the trade of goldsmithing at the end of the middle ages. At that time people began storing their excess gold and silver with the local goldsmith for safekeeping. When gold or silver was put in storage, a receipt was issued by the goldsmith to the owner, as a record of ownership. The paper receipts were much easier to carry than the gold or silver, especially for larger transactions, so they began to be used instead of the precious metal itself.

Then the enterprising goldsmiths figured out that they could loan out the gold they held for their customers, to third parties. Or better yet, they could issue receipts instead of actually loaning the gold. The next step was recognizing that they could print more receipts and make even more loans than they held in gold. In the idea of loaning the value of gold they did not own, but only held in trust, and the value of gold that did not even exist, was the germ of the invention of modern money.

As long as not everyone wanted to redeem their receipts and loans for gold at one time, this system created by the goldsmith/bankers did facilitate trade when there was a shortage of the commodity, gold, which was used as currency. The fact that the goldsmiths provided an adequate money supply made possible the industrial revolution. Meanwhile, the goldsmith/bankers had a good thing going. They were receiving interest by loaning the gold assets that they were being paid to hold in trust for others, and additional interest from loans based on gold that did not even exist.
However, the system was not perfect. When economic conditions changed or trust in this shell game waned, there were bank runs, and people lost their money and their gold as a result. If a goldsmith could not come up with enough gold to satisfy all claims to redeem receipts for gold at a given time, the system broke down.

Banks are the modern successors to the goldsmiths. The way they operate is basically the same, although money can no longer be redeemed for gold; it is now only a token or medium of exchange. (link)
If this explanation of how money is created is not right, then please explain why it is wrong. If I am wrong on some of the basics, please correct me. If we are on the same page about the basics, then we can move on to talking about abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to the gold standard. I'm ready to listen.

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Jim Gotto receives the endorsement of Nashville's Fraternal Order of Police

Nashville, TN–The Andrew Jackson Lodge 5 (Nashville) of the Fraternal Order of Police today announced its endorsement of the Jim Gotto, Republican candidate for Tennessee House District 60.

"I am pleased to be endorsed by The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)," said Jim. "This endorsement is determined by a vote of the membership of the FOP, not by a committee in a smoke filled room and it is truly an honor to be recognized by those brave men and women who put their life on the line every day to protect us."

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Monday, September 27, 2010

MoveOn.Org endorses Jim Cooper

I belong to so you don't have to. This radical, extremist, progressive organization is working to reelect "blue dog" Jim Cooper. I thought you might find this interesting. Rod

Dear MoveOn member,

MoveOn members in Tennessee's 5th District have voted to endorse Jim Cooper for Congress. It's up to all of us to stop the corporate takeover of Congress—you can volunteer with the campaign here:

Below is a special message for you from Jim Cooper.

Thanks for all you do.

–Steven, Anna, Duncan, Adam, Carrie, and the rest of the team

I'm thankful for the support and endorsement from Middle Tennessee MoveOn members.

Despite the devastating floods of May and our ongoing recovery, Middle Tennesseans have demonstrated their true character of strength and resilience, and I've never been more honored to serve them in Congress.

Now is a critical time in American politics, and more than ever we need leadership focused on fiscal discipline, Tennessee values, and getting our communities back to work. We're less than 6 weeks from the November election and voter turnout is crucial. With your support, we can continue making Middle Tennessee a model for the rest of the nation.

Sign up to volunteer with my campaign, put a yard sign in your yard, and share with your friends and family the importance of casting a vote on November 2.

I hope to see you at the polls.

Jim Cooper

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David Hall offers views on job creation

By Bill Theobald • TENNESSEAN WASHINGTON BUREAU • September 27, 2010

Republican challenger David Hall, Goodlettsville: Would not have voted for the stimulus legislation because he believes it intrudes on what the private sector should do. Supports extending the Bush tax cuts, at least until the economy stabilizes. He said the first step to building jobs is to get the federal government's finances in order, which would provide businesses with the sense of stability they need to expand, hire new employees or take other calculated risks that would benefit the economy.(link)

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Voter Registration Deadline...have you registerd to vote?

The Deadline to Register is One Week from Today
Monday, Oct. 4th

Check Your Registration Status

Register in person on or before Monday, Oct. 4th
at one of these following locations:
  • County Clerk's Offices
  • County Election Commission Office
  • Department of Health (WIC program)
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Department of Safety (motor vehicles division)
  • Department of Veteran's Affairs
  • Public Libraries
  • Register of Deeds Offices
Or complete and mail in your:
Voter Registration Application

If you have further questions, please contact:
Davidson County Election Commission

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David Hall endorsed by Nashville's Fraternal Order of Police

Nashville, TN – David Hall, Republican nominee for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, is pleased to accept the endorsement from Nashville’s Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police in his race against Jim Cooper:
“Today I received word that the Nashville Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police is endorsing me to be the next Congressman from Tennessee’s 5th District. I am especially humbled and honored by their support because these are the men and women who daily risk life and limb to keep us safe. I will work hard to make them proud," said Hall in a statement.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stop Digging

As the old saying goes: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. But instead of trying to crawl out from its decades-long dig, Washington is just shoveling FASTER. Join our email list and get free, timely updates about the urgent issue of government overspending. We can still climb out of our fiscal hole, but it’s going to require awareness and action from you and other concerned citizens. Get involved now.

Visit Bankrupting America.

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