Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Day Special, 50% off on Carbon off-sets today only!

Buy your Carbon Off-Sets Here!
Earth Day Special

Live Guilt Free, Get Your Certificate Suitable For Framing.
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$5.50 per Ton, this week only !

For only $5.50, I will give you a certificate saying that you have my permission to spew one ton of carbon into the air and not have a dirty conscience.

Projects funded by purchase of offsets, include the following:
  • Preservation of the tree in my front yard
  • Forgoing auto trips from Nashville to Knoxville. I can forgo up to 3 trips a day
  • For $42,000 worth of offsets, I will trade my low gas-mileage car for a high mileage hybrid.

  • Forgoing owning a dog. One of the worst things you can do for the environment is own a dog. A look around the Centennial Park Earth Day celebration shows many attendees own dogs. A dog has a larger environmental impact than an SUV.  I will forgo getting a dog, you can pay me for doing so, and you can own your dog guilt free.  Price negotiable.

Purchase our “Green Elephant Special”: 2 tons of carbon off-set for only $9.50.

If you purchase before midnight Earth Day 2016 you will get Earth Day special price of only $3.50 per ton! 

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Breitbart picks up TN GOP controversy story: Growing Grassroots Anger at GOP Establishment in Tennessee

Growing Grassroots Anger at GOP Establishment in Tennessee

by Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart News, April 21,2016 - Controversy is threatening to bring an early end to the regime of thirty-year-old Ryan Haynes, who was named chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party in April 2015.

.. Breitbart News asked Tennessee Republican Party executive director Brent Leatherwood if Chairman Haynes had received the April 18 letter and whether he was going to terminate Walker Ferrell.

“Chairman Haynes considers all these individuals good friends and he would in no way allow his staff to be involved in their legislative primaries. In fact, TNGOP bylaws prohibit that from occurring. It hasn’t happened and it never will,” Leatherwood responded by email.
“Voters decide who the nominees are and we work with those individuals to beat Democrats,” he added.

Leatherwood said Haynes would not terminate Ferrell.  “Mr. Ferrell is a valuable member of our staff. Per our bylaws, no staff member is involved in any legislative primary, therefore no action is necessary,” Leatherwood subsequently told Breitbart News. (link)

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The 27 GOP State Representatives who signed the letter wanting Walker Ferrell fired

27 GOP lawmakers want Tennessee party official fired over wife's work

The Tennessean, by Joey Garrison and Dave Boucher, April 20, 2016 - Twenty-seven Tennessee state House Republicans have called for the firing of a high-ranking state Republican Party official whose wife leads a political consulting firm they say is working for candidates challenging GOP incumbents in this year’s primary.

Lawmakers also want any GOP party superiors who knew about or condoned the "engagement" of the consultant to resign.

The group, which includes House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada....

The 27 lawmakers who signed the letter are from all over Tennessee. Here's a list of those who signed the letter; names in bold have primary challengers. 
Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver
Rep. Jeremy Faison
Rep. Courtney Rogers
Rep. Judd Matheny

Rep. Curtis Halford
Rep. Bill Sanderson
Rep. Jimmy Eldridge
Rep. Timothy Hill
Rep. Mark Pody
Rep. Bryan Terry
Rep. Jay Reedy
Rep. Dawn White
Rep. Mary Littleton
Rep. Mike Sparks
Rep. Gary Hicks

Rep. Micah Van Huss
Rep. Jimmy Matlock
Rep. Billy Spivey
Rep. Glen Casada
Rep. David Byrd
Rep. Dennis Powers
Rep. Matthew Hill
Rep. Sheila Butt
Rep. Rick Womick
Rep. Susan Lynn
Rep. David Hawk
Rep. Ron Lollar 


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Siding With Governor, Tennessee Lawmakers Decide Not To Make Bible The State Book

Siding With Governor, Tennessee Lawmakers Decide Not To Make Bible The State Book  

 House fails to override Haslam's Bible bill veto 
The Tennessean - Tennessee will not become the first state in the nation to make the Holy Bible its official book after an effort to override Gov. Bill Haslam's veto failed to receive enough support in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. With a 43-50 vote, the House failed to give the Senate a chance to vote to override Haslam’s veto

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Scandal at the TNGOP. Republican legislators demand Walker Ferrell be terminated.

There is a scandal brewing at the Tennessee Republican Party. TNGOP political director Walker

Walker Ferrell
Ferrell is married to Taylor Ferrell and Taylor Ferrell is the sole proprietor of Southland Advantage and Southland Advantage is seeking clients who are challenging incumbent Republican political office holders.  This is clearly a conflict of interest and certainly appears a violation of Party bylaws. Several member of the state legislature have signed a letter to Chairman Ryan Haynes demanding the termination of Walker Ferrell.

If this is all true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, this is an outrage. I agree that Mr. Ferrell should be terminated.  This is not the first time something like this has happened at the TNGOP. The Party has a history of this sort of thing. There is a current member of the TNGOP Executive Committee who has provided his professional campaign services to serves Democrat Party clients and who works to defeat Republican candidates yet has access to Republican strategy and has a vote on how much money will be appropriated to fund the Republican candidates he is working to defeat, and yet the Party allows him to continue to hold his seat. I am very disappointing that the Party allows this situation to continue. I am disappointing that there is a climate of corruption at the TNGOP that makes anyone think that financially benefiting from a position with the Party is appropriate.

The bylaws should be enforced and people who are serving the Party to enrich themselves should be terminated or purged.

Southland Advantage | Meet Taylor Ferrell
Taylor Ferrell

Below is the letter signed by various members of the state legislature.  The quality of this copy is poor but with effort one can read it.  If someone will send me a clearer copy I will replace this poor quality copy with one easier to read.

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Davidson County GOP Carnival Party, May 22nd

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What happened at the 4-19-16 council meeting: Farmers market funded but gets close scrutiny, $2.1M wage dispute settled.

Council meetings are less boring if you know what the Council is voting on.  To access my analysis of the council agenda and to link to the council agenda and the council staff analysis follow this link.

The video of the council meeting of last night's meeting is not yet available.  As soon as it is, I will post it.

The most important work of the council is done in committee and the most important committee of the Council is Budget and Finance. Discussion takes place at committee meetings and you gain a lot more insight by watching B&F meetings than you do Council meetings. If something passes B & F it is almost certain to pass the Council. Below is the meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee.

The first item of business at the B&F meeting is the discussion of RESOLUTION NO. RS2016-172  which appropriates $3,347,400 split between different departments to provide money to those departments that was not originally in their budget.  Part of this is understandable.  Departments do not know all of their revenue or expenses when projecting for the coming year.  As an example, Courts do not know how many trials there will be so they can only give a good guess at how much jury pay expense they will incur.  They do not, not have a trial because they have exceeded their budget. One can understand that. Some of these request however show poor management or perhaps indicate major changes need to be made in how a service is delivered or even if it is needed. I am not exactly sure what the consequence is if the Council fails to approve these supplemental appropriations.  The money has already been spend so there is no getting it back. What this bill really does is move money from reserve funds to the ledger of the department in order to close out the books for the year for the various departments. The council is under considerable pressure to do that and not doing it does not save any money.

The most controversial supplemental request is  $837,900 for Farmers Market.  This bill was on the agenda last council meeting also and at that time there were a lot of hard questions asked of Farmers Market and B&F recommended a deferral of one meeting, so at the last council meeting it was deferred "by rule."  At this meeting of B&F there is also good questioning and lame explanations.  A couple of the Black council members allege there has been a effort to drive off Black vendors from the market. The Farmers Market head takes strong offense to that suggestion and gives an emotional response. Council Glover ask the FM to look into the process for early termination of the lease. Good suggestion! If Farmers Market cannot break even, then maybe Farmers Market needs to be closed and moved to a different location. In my view, a farmers market at the Fairgrounds would be a good location. There is plenty of available parking and the overhead could be lower. 

As part of RESOLUTION NO. RS2016-172  there is a request for an additional  $422,200 to fund Municipal Auditorium.  Municipal Auditorium seems like another operation that should be able to fund itself buy can't. Advocates of Municipal Auditorium would argue that, that venue is needed because it fits a niche between larger facilities and smaller facilities.  I am not buying it.  We have numerous venues in town now. If Municipal Auditorium cannot cover its operating cost, I think we should close it and sell the property. It sits on some of the most valuable property downtown. Members of B&F question and Municipal defends the request.

The resolution passes on a voice vote of the Committee so I assume it passes at the Council meeting. 

RESOLUTION NO. RS2016-205  is the settlement of a wage dispute.  It passes B&F and Council. Below is The Tennessean explanation. 

The Tennessean- The Metro Council has approved a $2.1 million settlement, the largest in recent council history, to end a four-year legal dispute about how corrections officers are paid.

Only Councilman Russ Pulley voted against approval, ... ...Pulley's concerns prompted brief discussion of delaying the vote one week, but that failed by an 18-19 vote and the council then approved the settlement.

This is a draft of a work in progress. Check back.  

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Monday, April 18, 2016

It's only money: $1.3 million to remodel the Mayor's office!

In case you missed it in the The Tennessean yesterday, Mayor Barry has had the mayor's office remodeled.  I know everything wears out and furniture has to be reupholstered, cleaned or replaced from time to time, and ever so often things need a new coat of paint. Now, I don't want the mayor's office to look shabby.  When out of town business people or dignitaries visit our city, I don't want the mayor to feel embarrassed, but $1,300,000.00!  That is lot of nice carpet, and new lamps! How many units of affordable housing could that have bought?  From what I see in the pictures, I don't even like it.

Mayor Megan Barry's office gets $1.3M renovation

Furniture is contemporary. Lighting is brighter. And offices of aides now have sliding glass doors that let visitors walking through see government in action.

In a facelift billed as a shift to a "more modern, open and transparent working environment,.....(link)

To get a feel of what you can buy for $1.3 million dollars in Nashville, here are a couple homes in that price range.


406 Westview Ave Nashville, TN 37205

  • Single-Family Home
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 full, 1 partial Bathrooms
  • 4,640 sqft
  • $279/sqft
  • Lot size: 1.74 acres

5742 Laura Hill Dr Nashville, TN 37215

  • Single-Family Home
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 full, 1 partial Bathrooms
  • 3,987 sqft
  • $337/sqft
  • Lot size: 4.04 acres

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