Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflections on the Fox loss. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Megan Barry.

I, like I am sure many of you who are reading this, are feeling blue today about the outcome of the mayoral election yesterday.  I have been in elections where I have won and in elections where I have lost and winning feels much better.

Why did we lose? The short answer is Megan Barry got more votes than David Fox.  In days to come, I will be looking at the returns and be talking to people who have insight to see why and where we lost and provide an update and some analysis or asking others who are better at that than I, to provide some analysis.  Did the last minute race-baiting, painting Fox as a segregationist win the election or some other factor?  Did the questioning of Barry's values and faith backfire and cause more secular and progressive voters to rally behind her? I don't know. I would welcome readers thoughts on these questions.

I cannot second guess the Fox campaign team strategy. Up until last night, I thought it would be a very close election but I really thought we were going to win.  I thought the Fox team had ran an excellent campaign. I was very impressing.  I am disappointing in that people like Representative Beth Harwell and Senator Steve Dickerson did not endorse David Fox, while the whole  Democrat machine got behind Barry, but maybe there was a logic to that.  Maybe they did not want to turn the race into a partisan contest. Also, the State Democratic Party spend money on behalf of Megan Barry, but the State Republican Party did not do so on behalf of David Fox. Would that have made a difference?

I enjoyed being involved in this campaign and getting to attend the rallies, fundraisers and forums. I enjoyed the substantive issue discussions and the camaraderie of being with friends fighting for the same cause.

I enjoyed getting to know David Fox.  I saw him speak numerous times and attended several functions with him. Back in April, I met him for coffee and presented my ideas on transit issues and we also discussed some other issues.  We met in just a one-on-one for over an hour. David Fox really listens to what you have to say when you talk with him and he asks questions and takes notes. He is smart, humble, and has a sly sense of humor. Having talked to David on that occasion and having been around him on several other occasions, I believe David Fox is one of the finest people I have ever met. I believe he would make a great elected official. I hope he will consider a future run for public office. Maybe David has had his fill of running for public office, but if not, I think he should consider a run for the 5th Congressional District next go around. The demographics are a little more in our favor in that contest. He would make a great U. S. Congressman.

Congratulations to Mayor-elect Megan Barry.  I am sure she cares deeply about Nashville and people who know her say she is a consensus builder and works hard and is a good person.   I hope my worse fears do not come true and she is concerned about unfunded liabilities, growing city debt, continuing education reform, and spreading some of the benefits of being an "it' city beyond downtown. I hope she realizes that constantly increasing taxes can have a detrimental effect on growth and on the budgets of working families and I hope she will be constrained in raising taxes. I hope she will govern moderately and responsibly and not be a crusader for social issues, but will deal with the nuts and bolts of making Nashville an even greater place to live.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today is Election Day ! Vote David Fox for Mayor.

  Today is Election Day !*
Vote David Fox for Mayor. 

Thursday September 10, 
Polls are Open 7AM-7PM
If you are not sure where to vote, follow this link

This is going to be an extremely close election.  Every vote counts. 

* Today is election day for David Fox.  Supporters of Megan Barry should go to the polls on September 11th.

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Amy Frogge is continuing her war against Metro public charter schools. Why The Latest Flap Is About More Than A Book

School Board member Amy Frogge is continuing her war against Metro public charter schools, this time using the argument that a certain book selection used at Nashville Prep contains four-letter words and sex scenes and therefore the school, which is one of the top-performing schools in Nashville, should be shut down.  Nashville Public Radio explains in the piece below. For the rest of the story follow the link.

Why The Latest Flap Between School Board Member And Nashville Charter Is About More Than A Book

What appears to be a battle over an inappropriate book is really the latest skirmish in Nashville’s running feud over privately-operated, publicly-funded charter schools.

A seventh grade reading assignment resulted this week in calls for one of the city’s top-performing schools to close. Twelve-year-olds at Nashville Prep were reading City of Thieves. A parent alerted school board member Amy Frogge about the prevalence of four-letter words and sex scenes. Frogge then asked for the school district’s office overseeing charter schools to step in, telling them that Nashville Prep  "needs to be shut down."

“It really isn’t about a book," school founder Ravi Gupta says. "That’s a judgment call. We could debate it out, and we may never use that book again. But it’s about the fact that we went from a choice of a book to shutting down a school in a matter of hours.”

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Southeast Nashville Conservatives' Breakfast with Special Guest Ryan Hayes

What: Southeast Nashville Conservatives' Breakfast Saturday,
When: September 19, Social/Dutch treat breakfast 8:30 - 9:00 am Program 9:00 - 10 am.
Who: A Very Special Guest Speaker!!!! Ryan Haynes,  TN Republican Party Chairman.
Why: Haynes is the former State Representative for District 14 (part of Knox County). He was elected earlier this year as Chairman of the TNGOP.
Where:  Shoney's in Antioch Corner Bell Rd &Cane Ridge Road (I-24E, Bell Road Exit)

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The New York Times writes about the Nashville Mayor's race

It is probably pretty rare that the New York Times sees fit to cover a race for mayor in some far off city.  It covered the Nashville's mayor's race in yesterdays newspaper in a 1242-word piece. The piece says the race is "decidedly partisan," and characterized by mudslinging. The article describes the negative campaigns of both candidates. Megan Barry is correctly describes as "an unabashed Southern liberal who supports a minimum-wage increase and presided over Nashville’s first same-sex wedding." To read the article, follow this link: In Mayoral Race, Nashville Politics Forgets Its Manners.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

If you are not sure who to vote for tomorrow, just don't vote. Don't be shamed into voting.

Tomorrow is election day and probably in tomorrows newspaper there will be an editorial that says you really ought to vote and that shame on you if you don't vote.  While I want to turn out the vote for my candidate David Fox, but if you don't give a damn who is the next mayor, if you don't normally pay attention to politics, then don't vote.

You will be told you have an obligation to vote. You do not. Just ask Barack Obama. Before becoming president, as a U. S. Senator, he abstained from voting on very many occasions and on very important issues. He simply voted “Present” time and time again. So, if Barack Obama did not bother to vote while serving in the US Senate, why should you?

A lot of people - important people, never bother to vote. Do you know who Bill Frist is? He is a famous Tennessean who was former Senate majority leader. Before he was elected to public office he didn't vote for 18 years when he could have voted. John Edwards? He was a former Senator from North Carolina who almost got the Democratic Party nomination for President a few years ago. He has since been disgraced in a sex scandal. Anyway, until he ran for office he hardly ever voted. My point is, that if famous politicians like Senator Bill Frist, and Senator John Edwards did not bother to vote until they decided to run for office, why don't you just wait until you decide to run for office and then start voting.

Remember some years ago when you voted for Obama and the people who wanted you to vote for him told you that if you did not, that any number of bad things might happen: homes would get foreclosed, unemployment would increase, a war would continue, and we would all die from global warming?

Well, you voted for Obama and all of those things happened anyway, except we did not all die from global warming, but his administration did nothing about global warming so you wouldn't have died from global warming anyway.

OK, a few years ago you wanted to vote because that was a historic election and the Nation elected its first Black president. I understand that. You did your part. You were part of history. That is not the case this time. This election is just boring. It is not a historical election. It is just an election for mayor of Nashville. Be honest. How excited can you get about Megan Barry or David Fox?

Some people will tell you that not voting is a sign of a weak democracy and a sign that you just don’t care. Well, I am here to tell you that not voting is not a sign of a weak democracy or not caring. You could interpret not voting as a sign that things must be going so well, that people see no reason to vote. When the actions of government are so unimportant that people don’t feel compelled to vote, that is a sign that people must be pretty content and pretty certain that those who do vote will make the right decision. Not voting is a vote of confidence.

You should not let anyone shame you into voting. You should not vote unless you are real informed and confident in your decision. Don't let anyone tell you it is your patriotic duty to vote. It is unpatriotic to cast an uninformed vote. What if you vote the wrong way and the person you vote for does something to really screw up the world? Do you want that responsibility?

Voting casually without being certain of your vote is wrong. Casting your vote should be a sober, thoughtful decision. Casting an unsure vote is sort of like driving drunk. So, if you don’t feel certain that you are qualified to vote or have adequately studied the issues; please don’t vote. If you haven't been paying attention, don't vote. If you get most of your news from Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report, and don't know about Metro's debt obligation and what the property tax rate is, then please do not vote.

Some people will tell you that if you don’t vote you have no right to complain. I don't know who started that lie. It is just not true. By not voting, you are not giving up the right to complain.

I don’t want you to vote. You see, if you don’t vote, my vote carries more weight. If only 33% of the people vote, it is like I am voting for three people; if 50% of the people vote it is like I am voting for only two people. I don’t want you to dilute my vote. Let me vote for you. I have studied the issues. I am qualified to vote.
Voting is difficult. It is very complicated to figure out how to do it right. The new electronic machines are real difficult to figure out and anyway, with the electronic machines, how do your even know your vote is counted? Also, the lines are often real long and it can take a lot of your time. And, it might rain tomorrow.

You do know that if you vote, you will probably get called to jury duty? Also, I understand that this year immigration officials will be at the voting places looking for illegal immigrants. There are always a lot of police at the voting places too. A lot of outstanding warrants are served on Election Day. Voter registration records are public records so the police know who will be voting so it is easy pickings to serve warrants. I have heard that officials also stake out the voting place to look for people who are behind on their child support.

So, if I were you, I and I didn't feel well-informed on the issues and qualified to make a very important decision that will have an important impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,  I just wouldn’t vote.

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" Friends For Fox" needed to wave and smile on Thursday

From Tim Skow, host of First Tuesday:

1ST TUESDAY members.... and friends

We are within sight of the goal line ... 7pm Thursday night.

NO DOUBT...... TURN OUT is the true KEY to VICTORY !

Hence...looking to assemble ..... The "F Troop" ...... those being "Friends For Fox".... for what is the easiest of all things to on election day....

We know the parts of town where "Voters of Fox" are the highest... So, we are seeking people who will simply HOLD a Fox yard sign... wave and smile at the car going by on the busiest of streets... high traffic corners ....and near the entry way to Interstates.

The goal is TO REMIND those who haven't voted that its ELECTION DAY!

Bellevue, Bellemeade, Brentwood-area at I-65 and Old Hickory Blvd, Cane Ridge, Donelson/Hermitage, White Bridge and so forth...

Needless to say... The more the better


Can you help us assemble a cadre of " Friends For Fox" ?

Feel free to pass this to others who may wish to help morning ...or afternoon or BOTH!

My cell is 615-429-7569 if anyone has questions.

Thanks again for everything... and please make sure you and those you know VOTE !


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Tomorrow--Thursday--Is The FINAL Opportunity To Vote In Metro's Runoff Election

From Peter Voysey, Chairman of the Green Hills Republican Breakfast Group:

Tomorrow--Thursday--Is The FINAL Opportunity To Vote In Metro's Runoff Election For:
Mayor, Council Members-At-Large and (in some Districts) Individual Council Members.

If you haven't voted yet, YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED!  We're told the Mayor's race
is very tight---and it's VERY IMPORTANT!

Early Voting is over now, so go to your designated polling place (indicated on
your Voter I.D. Card).  Polls are open from 7am To 7pm.  It's quick and easy.
All you need is your Tennessee Photo Driver's License.  You can do this!  Let
me know if you need a ride to your polling place.

Peter Voysey

P.S. If you haven't read David Fox's New Pro-Growth Agenda For Nashville, check it out here:

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Join David Fox and Family on Election Day

Nashville, Tenn. – David Fox and family will vote on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 8:15 am at
West End Fire Hall #17.  After voting, David Fox will address the media and be available for questions.

WHO:              David Fox and Family
WHAT:            Election Day – Voting
WHEN:            Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 8:15 am CT
WHERE:          West End Fire Hall #17 – 3911 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205

Thursday evening, the Fox family, friends and supporters will convene at the David Fox for Mayor Victory Celebration at Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery in Marathon Village.

WHO:              David Fox and Supporters
WHAT:            Victory Celebration
WHEN:            Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm CT
WHERE:          Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery – 1414 Clinton Street, Nashville, TN 37203. In Marathon Village – (Just West of Downtown and 2 Blocks North fromCharlotte Avenue.)

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Save Our Fairgrounds Supports David Fox for Mayor of Nashville

From Rick Williams, Chairman, Save our Fairgrounds:



The current board members of Save Our Fairgrounds have voted and gone on record supporting David Fox for Mayor of Nashville.

It was a simple issue for us to decide since just a few months ago Megan Barry voted to support a Mayor Karl Dean appointee to the Fair Board who we had on tape speaking for the demolition of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds just a few years earlier. She voted to support this gentleman's appointment to the Fair Board, the very organization that runs the Historic Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Several Board members tried to get her to not vote for the appointment. 

This was just one of the many actions taken by Megan Barry over the past 5 years that were negative to the Fairgrounds. We need a fresh start in the Mayor's Office and David Fox will be that person. A businessman with expertise in Finance and Business. David is also a humble man of faith who will show compassion to fellow Nashvillians that need a helping hand, but will also be guiding the growth and development of Nashville that looks after the whole city and not just in Downtown Nashville.

Please be aware that that Darrell Waltrip and Tony Formosa are also supporting David Fox for Mayor. The Save Our Fairgrounds Board of Directors asks that you PLEASE GO AND VOTE FOR DAVID FOX FOR MAYOR TOMORROW! 

For the article regarding David Fox endorsement from Save Our Fairgrounds - click here.
Thank you again for your support!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Senator Corker Opposes Implementation of the Iran nuclear Agreement.

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reiterated his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal today when opening Senate debate on a resolution to disapprove of the agreement. Corker was the author of the law establishing the process for congressional review and a vote on the nuclear deal.

“I oppose its implementation,” said Corker. “Rather than ending it, this agreement allows the industrialization of the nuclear program of the world's leading state sponsor of terror, and it does so with our approval. Now, that is a large step from where we began these negotiations.”

Many on the far right have been very unfair in their criticism of Bob Corker. The Tea Party narrative is that the proposed U.S. deal with Iran is a "treaty" and if not for the manipulation of Bob Corker, the Senate would have have had to approve the treaty by a two-thirds vote or it would not become law. That is simply not true. It is far from the truth. Without the law pushed by Corker that established the process for congressional review and a vote on the Iran nuclear deal, the proposed deal would not have been before the Congress at all.

While  Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes the "Treaty Clause," which empowers the President of the United States to propose and negotiate agreements with foreign powers, which then must be confirmed by the Senate, there are many agreements between a Presidential administration and a foreign power which are not treaties. The difference between a treaty and an executive agreement is that if a deal with a foreign power is just an executive agreement, the next president may terminate the agreement.  A treaty can only be terminated by an act of Congress. The Iran nuclear deal is not a "treaty," but an "agreement."

Many of the most significant "treaties" in our history were treaties only in the conventional use of the term but were not treaties in the constitutional sense of the term. The Potsdam and Yalta agreements of World War II, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which regulated international trade for decades, and the numerous status-of-forces agreements the United States has concluded with foreign governments were never approved by the U. S. Senate; they were not "treaties," but were executive agreements. If you doubt this is true, do your own research.

President Obama was going to negotiate a deal with Iran with absolutely no role for the Congress. Due to the leadership of Bob Corker the Congress got a role to play in the process. Without a super majority, the best Corker could get was a requirement that any deal negotiated by the administration had to come back to the Congress and Congress would have a chance to reject it.  Unlike a treaty, this agreement did not have to get 2/3rds vote to be approved but had to get a super majority of both houses to be stopped from being implemented by the administration. While not enough Democrats would join Republicans in rejecting this "treaty," which among its major flaws is that within fifteen years it will allow Iran to become a nuclear power; without the work of Bob Corker,the deal would not have even been considered by the U. S. Senate. There would have been no hearings, no votes and no exposure of just how bad of a deal this agreement really is.

Corker at least put the Senate on record as to how they feel about the deal. Since this is not a legal treaty but only an executive agreement, the next President can revisit the agreement. Instead of unfairly vilifying Bob Corker, he should be praised for at least trying to stop a bad deal and at lease letting the U.S. Congress have a voice.

To see Senator Corkers editorial on the Iran deal that appeared in today's Tennessean, follow this link: Americans deserve to know how we stand on Iran deal.

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Monday, September 07, 2015

Dems Reach a New Low in Slimy Politics in Davidson County by Implying David Fox is a Racist

The Tennessee Democratic Party has reached a new low  in slimy politics in Davidson County by paying for an advertisement implying that David Fox is a racist who wants to bring back segregation. The ad in question is paid for by the Tennessee Democrat Party and not the Barry campaign although Megan Barry has not repudiated the ad. Barry is close friends with Mary Mancini, chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

The Tennessean and prominent Democrats had previously taken a high-minded pious position that criticized Republicans for supporting Fox in the non-partisan mayors race.  My name was printed in The Tennessean along with The Republican Minority Coalition, Dr. Ming Wang, Representative Glen Casada, Senator Jack Johnson and several other Republicans who were among those hosting a Fox fundraiser, implying that Fox was a Republican candidate for mayor and that Republicans were turning the mayor's race into a partisan contest. (See Ming Wang, area Republicans raise funds for David Fox.)

The Davidson County Republican Party, nor The Tennessee Republican Party, nor Davidson County Republican Senator Steve Dickerson, nor Nashville Republican Representative Beth Harwell have made endorsements in the non-partisan mayor's race while many prominent Democrats have endorsed Barry.  The Republican Party has not spend the first dime promoting the candidacy of David Fox. Now, the State Democratic Party has paid for this despicable ad accusing Fox of being a racist. It is not Republicans who have made the mayor's race partisan; Democrats have.

Ad paid for by Tennessee Democrat Party
and mailed to Black voters.

Not only have Democrats spend money in what is a non-partisan race but they have done so in the most  vile manner.  They are trying to appeal to Black voters by telling them that David Fox is a throw-back to the 1950's segregationist.  I assume they are hoping that most Black voters will not recall that it was Democrat governors and mayors across the South
who blocked school house doors and beat and jailed Blacks for attempting to register to vote or for not sitting in the back of the bus.  I assume they think Blacks are so ignorant that all they have to do is call someone a racist and Blacks will automatically vote for the other person.

No one should be stirring  the pot of racial animosity to pick up votes. No one should be accusing their opponent of being a racist unless they have a solid reason to believe that is true.  While I find it hard to believe that there was not coordination between the candidate Megan Barry and Dem chair Mary Mancini, if Megan Barry had an ounce of decency should would condemn such a race-baiting  appeal.

Read The Tennessean's report on this issue at this link: Democrats' ads evoke segregation in attacking David Fox
Here is the WSMV news coverage:
WSMV Channel 4

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Liberty on the Rocks Thursday, 5:30 PM Sept. 17.

Liberty on the Rocks Thursday, 5:30 PM Sept. 17. For more information follow this link. This is a fun event. No prayer, no pledge, no treasurers report, no speaker; just good conversation with liberty-minded people over beer.

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Nashville for Rand Paul Republican Debate Watch Party

Nashville for Rand Paul 2016 Republican Debate Watch Party, Wednesday, 7:00 PM Sept 16. For more details, follow this link.

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How a New Obama Policy will Kill More Jobs

Phil Roe
Phil Roe
By Phil Roe - On Monday we will observe Labor Day. This federal holiday originated as a way to honor the contributions and achievements of the American workforce. Unfortunately, too many Americans are still struggling to find work this Labor Day.

It was concerning that in the July jobs report one of the counties in the First Congressional district, Hancock County, had the highest unemployment rate in the state of Tennessee at 12.9 percent. While the national unemployment rate hovers around 5.3 percent, unemployment in 53 Tennessee counties rose in July. This is unacceptable, and more must be done to ensure hardworking Tennesseans have the opportunity to find good-paying jobs.

Too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are worried about the future of their family. During these tough times, President Obama should focus on empowering job creators and promoting policies that allow for economic growth, particularly with regard to franchise businesses. More than 8 million Americans are employed by more than 750,000 franchise businesses across the country.

Just last week, the activist National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued their ruling on what they interpret to be a joint employer. This decision discourages small business entrepreneurship, essentially allowing labor unions to bypass franchisees who own their businesses and negotiate directly with corporate offices. The Wall Street Journal underscored that this new joint employer standard “radically rewrites U.S. labor law and upends thousands of business relationships.”

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised the president’s NLRB has ruled to take power away from franchisees; President Obama himself said in 2012 that small business owners didn’t build their businesses. Unfortunately, this case is just the latest example of President Obama’s NLRB siding with union bosses over workers and business owners despite warnings that the board’s radical policies will harm economic growth.

On August 25 and 27, I traveled to Mobile, Alabama, and to Savannah, Georgia, where I chaired subcommittee field hearings to learn first-hand from local franchise owners and operators what the NLRB’s change to the definition of joint employer would mean. What we heard was that this ruling will mean less opportunity for individuals to pursue the American Dream by building franchised businesses in their communities. One franchisor in Mobile, Air Force veteran Colonel Steve Carey, told the committee that he probably wouldn’t be in business today had this ruling been in place seven years ago when he started his business. This is just one example of many small business owners who will be negatively impacted by this ruling.

The franchise model has allowed countless Americans to pursue entrepreneurship, create jobs and grow our economy. I am very concerned the expanded definition of a joint employer could take control of small businesses out of the hands of their owners, possibly discouraging new small businesses from being created. This is the last thing we need to add to an already struggling economy, and I will continue to fight to protect American workers and small businesses from this gross overreach.
Phil Roe represents the First Congressional District of Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is physician and co-chair of the House GOP Doctors Caucus and a member of the Health Caucus. Prior to serving in Congress, he served as the Mayor of Johnson City, Tennessee.

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Happy Labor Day Comic Book

Add caption

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Labor Day Statement from the TNGOP

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Ryan Haynes to mark the celebration of Labor Day:

Whether it was the abolitionist movement that gave us our start, the Civil Rights movement that we aided, or the pro-life movement that we're leading, the common theme throughout the history of the Republican Party has been a belief in the inherent dignity of every human being. We believe, and fight for, unlimited opportunity for all. That is the foundation for the American Dream.

Unfortunately, in the last seven years, that dream has grown harder to achieve. Income inequality has been exacerbated and government has grown into uncharted territories, not to help our working individuals, but to stifle them. Visions of prosperity for busy families have been replaced by dim prospects. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner for president, would only continue these failed policies. This is not how our country should be and the American worker knows that all too well.

So we're going to continue pushing for a better America for all workers, whether they're in the factory, field, offices, or schools across the land. Safer streets in our communities, access to a quality education, and the ability to find a good job are our aims, on Labor Day, and every day. This nation is brimming with potential and more government is not the solution to unleashing that--the innovation and ingenuity of the American worker is.

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Early Vote Surge Shows David Fox Well-Positioned for Election Day

Press Release, Nashville, Tenn. Strong turnout, during the early voting period for Nashville’s mayoral runoff election, shows a likely surge of support for David Fox heading into Election Day on Thursday.

“David and the team have knocked on over one hundred thousand doors and from what we saw in the early vote, that hard work is now paying off with a huge jump in Fox support across the county,” said Chris Turner, campaign CEO for the David Fox for Mayor campaign.

Turner said he sees massive gains in areas that are likely to go big for David Fox, as he itemized the turnout increases from the early vote in the runoff versus the early vote from the August 6th election.

Here are the top performers:

- Hermitage Library (+21.48% versus August 6th election early vote)
- Green Hills Library (+15.89%)
- Edmondson Pike Library (+15.26%)
- Bellevue Community Center (+13.05%)
- Belle Meade City Hall (+11.11%)
- Goodlettsville City Hall (+9.64%)

Each is an area the Fox team refers to as a “Fox Box” meaning that they are among David Fox’s strongest areas, areas he’ll either win or win big.

Other areas, that the Fox campaign considers to be “battlegrounds” showed much less growth, did not grow at all, or failed to deliver the same number of votes as the prior election.

- Casa Azafran Community Center (+7.88%)
- Howard Office Building (+5.36%)
- Madison Library (+0.78%)
- Southeast Community Center (-0.78%)
- Bordeaux Library (-9.4%)

“Combine these early voting results with The Tennessean poll that showed Fox up by 10 points (51% to 41%) over Barry among voters who intend to vote on Election Day, and we are feeling very good about where things are headed,” Turner said.

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Presidential Debate Watch Party Sept. 16th

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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Neighborhood Resource Center Fools Willing City Council

Dan Cook
by Dan Cook - At the August 18 Metro Council meeting, The Neighborhood Resource Center was given a financial windfall at the expense of the Davidson County taxpayers. The non-profit was allowed to purchase Metro’s interest in the organization’s building, the former Nashville Fire Hall No.1 in Germantown, for only $100,909. One week after the vote on August 25, the entity’s broker, Roscoe High of Southeast Ventures, listed the property for sale on the commercial real estate site LoopNet for a startling $1.8 million.

The listing has since been removed, according to Mr. High at the request of NRC. A sale would represent a windfall to the essentially defunct non-profit - and a loss to the taxpayers - of nearly $1.4 million. Of the 40-member council 33 voted for the tax giveaway, including mayoral hopeful Megan Berry.
The bill was sponsored by Erica Gilmour, who is running for an at-large council seat.

Here’s the timeline. In 2007, the city sold the firehall to the NRC for $86,000. At the time, the property was appraised for $147,000, resulting is a giveaway to the organization at that time of of $61,000. However, the deed stipulated that if the NRC ever failed to occupy the building, NRC was entitled to the $86,000 they paid for the property and the cost of any improvements to the property, but the property would revert to Metro. In the interim, the NRC purchased an adjoining property for $150,000. Together with the original purchase price of the fire hall, this brought the NRC’s total cost basis in the land to $236,000.

The NRC did indeed fall on hard times and reduced their staff to only one person, the Executive Director, Jim Hawk. This triggered Metro’s right to buy back the fire hall for $86,000. But the NRC decided to change the deal. Real estate had appreciated tremendously in Germantown, a fact not lost on the NRC. The NRC decided to offer Metro $100,909 for the City's interest in the property. The council acceded to the NRC’s request on August 18, bringing the non-profit’s cost basis in the property to approximately $337,000.

Alarmingly, during the three readings of the bill before the Council, there doesn’t appear to be any disclosure of the property’s true value. The NRC’s broker, Roscoe High, confirmed that he and other brokers competing for NRC’s business had given their assessment of value to the non-profit as early as nine months before the Council votes. There is no indication that Metro conducted a market appraisal of the property before staff recommended the sale. The property is currently appraised for approximately $430,000 and a recent National Public Radio article estimated the value at “about a half a million dollars” (link).  It does not appear that the NRC’s board, which until recently comprised Metro Council Members Elect Britt Withers and John Syracuse, or Director Jim Hawk disclosed the market value to Metro.

To put this giveaway to the Neighborhood Resource Center into perspective, the $1.4 million would pay the salaries of over 30 teachers for a year.

Dan is an accidental developer and designer in his pursuit of operating an event venue.   He has started a number of businesses from a restaurant in Wyoming to a software company.  He’s always on the lookout for his next venue location. He is the owner of Rubys event space on Blakemore Ave.

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