Saturday, December 11, 2021

NFIB Files Amicus Brief Defending Tennessee Home-Based Small Businesses

 The case concerns arbitrary zoning restrictions on home-based businesses

Press release, NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 9, 2021) – NFIB filed an amicus brief in the case Elijah “LIJ” Shaw et al., v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County at the Tennessee Supreme Court. The case concerns a lawsuit filed by two homeowners challenging a metropolitan code provision that prevented them from serving customers at their home-based businesses.

“Many small businesses begin in people’s homes and on their private property,” said Karen Harned, Executive Director of NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center. “Small business owners have a fundamental right to earn a living and the right to use their property. Unreasonable zoning restrictions, as highlighted in this case, interfere with those rights.”

“Small businesses are a crucial part of Tennessee’s economy and local communities,” said Jim Brown, NFIB Tennessee State Director. “The government is punishing small businesses who work out of their home-based business without evidence that their business caused harm or disruption to neighboring homes. We urge the court to stand up for Tennessee’s small businesses and reject this standard.”

NFIB argues Tennessee courts should adopt “real and substantial” basis review as the minimum standard for challenges brought under Tennessee’s due process and equal protection clauses and reverse the lower court’s decision.

The NFIB Small Business Legal Center protects the rights of small business owners in the nation’s courts. NFIB is currently active in more than 40 cases in federal and state courts across the country and in the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Partisan school board elections are headed to Nashville and Williamson Counties.

Partisan school board elections are headed to Nashville after local Democrats, GOP request primaries

Williamson County school board to switch to partisan elections going forward

Shelby County Democratic and Republican parties won't endorse school board candidates next year, despite new law allowing it.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Not content with losing Georgia's Senate seats and giving Dems control of the U. S. Senate, Trump to engineer a Republican loss of the Georgia governor's office.

National Review, Morning Jolt, Dec. 7, 2021- After Georgians voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election from 1996 to 2016, elected Republicans in every gubernatorial election from 2002 to 2018, elected Republicans to control the state general assembly in every election since 2004, elected two Republican U.S. senators in every race since 2002, and electing Republicans in just about every statewide office during those same time periods . . . everything came crashing down in 2020.

Joe Biden won the state by 11,779 votes — yes, they counted, recounted, and audited the vote — and in the January Senate runoffs, Democrat Jon Ossoff beat David Perdue by 54,944 votes, and Democrat Raphael Warnock beat Kelly Loeffler by 93,272 votes. The fact that you may not like those results does not make them any less true or accurate.

One of the reasons that Ossoff and Warnock won was that a lot of white, rural Georgians who had voted in the November presidential election did not think it was worth voting in the Senate runoffs — after the president of United States had spent the past months insisting the Georgia election results were rigged: ...The Georgia runoff results are why we have Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer instead of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. ... Now, former Senator Perdue is running for governor as a Republican, challenging incumbent Brian Kemp, on the key policy issue that Donald Trump really hates Brian Kemp. Not only is the former president seething with rage at Kemp for not overruling the election results and appointing pro-Trump electors, but he contended yesterday that any Brian Kemp victory in the upcoming primary must be the result of voter fraud: (read more)

Trump’s Georgia Vendetta

He stokes a GOP primary fight that may elect Stacey Abrams.

By The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 7, 2021 - For a glimpse of the long shadow Donald Trump may cast over the 2022 midterm elections, see former Sen. David Perdue’s Monday announcement that he’ll challenge Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in a Republican primary. This is a good way to turn a major state over to the progressive left.

Mr. Trump has prodded Mr. Perdue to jump into the race for months, as part of the former President’s vendetta against Mr. Kemp. He claims the Governor didn’t fight hard enough to overturn Mr. Trump’s loss of the state in 2020. (Read more)

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Sunday, December 05, 2021

Yog Nepal Is a Poseur

Hattie Bryant
by Hattie Bryant, Dec. 2, 2021 - Yog Nepal, Dr. Yog Nepal and Nabin Nepal is the same person as far as I can tell.  He has a brochure that says he would like to be a Republican candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives District 59.  About six months ago I personally met Mr. Nepal at a meeting where someone, I have no idea who, whispered to me that he is a physician who works at Vanderbilt.  I was impressed and happy that he was taking time on a Saturday morning to attend a meeting of Republican activists.

I believed the whisper.

Now that he has taken to crashing Republican meetings, I decided to vet this man.

By crashing I mean he arrives at events without making a reservation or paying the ticket price and begins passing out his brochure.  He was asked to leave the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women state convention which was held in October.  The woman in charge of reservations for a recent Nashville Republican Women luncheon meeting told me that he was asked to stop passing out brochures and to leave because he did not have a reservation.  He argued that he did.  He was wrong. 

 Are you ready?

In February 2020 he created a GoFundMe account and on November 23, 2021 when I took this screenshot you can see that he has raised $2,210.  

There are guidelines that must be followed by any person who wants to run for office.  Funds are not to be raised without putting proper paperwork and organization in place. You can see instructions for campaigns here: Qualifying Procedures for Tennessee House of Representatives

I called the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance and was told it has no record of Yog Nepal establishing a campaign. No person who wants to run for office can raise funds until they go to:

This form must be completed with the original filed with the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance.  If you are one of his donors, feel free to demand your donation be returned. 

What I have learned from veteran Davidson County Republicans tells me that he is a poseur.  My sources say:

  • At a fund raiser for a Republican candidate in 2019, Nepal told the candidate that he, Nepal, is a cardiologist at Vanderbilt.
  • At another event, Nepal told others that he is a cardiologist at St. Thomas.
  •  He has told some that he is a veterinarian.
  •  He told one woman that he is a nurse.
  •  Facebook posts that have been deleted stated he holds a Master’s in Physics & Nursing from Belmont University then a later post states he has a nursing assistant certificate from Belmont.

Truth is Vanderbilt and St. Thomas say they have never heard of Nepal, he is not a licensed physician or veterinarian in the state of Tennessee nor is he a registered nurse in the state of Tennessee. According to his own LinkedIn post, he has worked for Lycra Mobile since February 2013.  Another source tells me he works as a security guard for Allied Universal.

Nepal has worked at Happy Retales Animal Rescue and I have learned that there are no veterinarians employed there, only animal technicians.

This photo from one of his posts shows him posing as state vice chairman for the Tennessee Republican Party.

 Scott Golden, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, writes in an email to me, "He has never had an official or unofficial role with the TNGOP…..I did check his voting record, he voted in the Presidential primary and August Senate primary in 2020.  Voted in the 2016 presidential but missed the other 2 elections (Aug of 2016 and 2018) that would have counted toward his unquestioned bono fide status."

This means he does not have the voting record needed to be a bono fide Republican candidate.

Here’s an August 16, 2021 LinkedIn post. True, English is not Mr. Nepal’s first language and I suggested to him that he take down the title he gave to himself which he has done so you won’t find this today.In emails and texts between the two of us Mr. Nepal has provided many documents showing that he has a great deal of education and has told me that he has worked for years in healthcare.  After I saw this image I asked him, “What Nashville healthcare organizations have you worked in?  He did not answer that question.  I waited three days and asked again, and he did not answer. 

Nepal is creatively building his brand by nominating himself for awards.  As a member of the Bhutanese community, he has a built-in group of friends to cast votes his way. I have written to several of the entities he is said to be recognized by and have not heard back.  This happened to me during my first round of vetting Quincy McKnight (LinkLinkLink) who claims to do volunteer work for foster children.  Nepal and McKnight are playing us.

Nepal and McKnight also have track records we long-time Republicans don’t find appealing. We can trace Nepal back to being a Bernie supporter and McKnight to Instagram President Trump bashing.

Mr. Nepal says he is starting a home care business and I suggested to him that he focus on his personal life and stop his pursuit of public office.  Let’s hope he takes my advice. 

Hattie Bryant lives downtown Nashville and is active in civic affairs.  You can learn about her at

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