Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help Haiti

The news from Haiti has been heartbreaking. With current estimates of as many as 50,000 dead, this is a terrible tragedy. If relief efforts are not quick and effective many more will die. The threat of deaths from outbreaks of deadly decease and deaths from thirst and starvation and violence is very real. The human suffering is unimaginable and could get much worse.

Even in good times there are no good times in Haiti. It is one of the world’s hellholes. It is one of the poorest and least developed countries of the world. The average person lives on less than $2 per day. It is not for lack of assistance that Haiti is poor. The world has forgiven debt and poured untold treasure into Haiti to see it stolen by the series of corrupt dictators who have ruled that nation. Haiti was a basket case before this disaster and will be so long after it is forgotten.

Haiti is also one of the least healthy countries of the world, ravaged by AIDS and diseases that hardly exist elsewhere. The per capita annual expenditure on health care is about $67 compared to over $6000 in the U.S. With malnutrition the norm and an unhealthy population anyway, the Haitian people are more vulnerable to death from starvation and disease following the devastation of the quake than would be the people of other nations.

Last night I was flipping channels and landed on one of the religious channels and PTL was reporting on the Haitian disaster and then made a pitch for contributions for Haitian relief. I don’t know how much of the money raised for Haitian relief through PTL will actually go to Haitian relief but I would not give them a dime. I just don’t trust them. People who live in numerous mansions scattered around the country and who fly in their private luxurious jet and raise their money by begging for contribution from widows living on social security are not gong to be trusted with my charitable contributions.

There are many worthwhile charitable organizations raising funds for Haitian relief, but unfortunately there are many charlatans, poorly managed charities, and people with their own agenda raising money. Please know who you are giving to and don’t be scammed. Just because someone can tug at the heartstrings does not mean they are doing the Lord’s work.

Please don’t sent money to a foreign bank account or contribute on the internet or respond to a telephone solicitation from an organization you never heard of without checking them out. I always feel comfortable contributing to the American Red Cross but there are plenty of other good organizations. Other charities that I feel good about are World Relief, Doctors without Borders, and Oxfam, but of course there are also many other worthwhile organizations.

I have made my contribution and urge everyone to do so and to help bring relief to the suffering of Haiti and to help avert a larger disaster. Other than pray and contribute there is not much most of us can do. Do what you can.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Brown Leads by 4 Points!

In the most recent poll, Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by four points! Wow! The momentum is going Brown's way. He continues to climb in the polls.

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Martha Coakley staffer attacks repoter.

After leaving her DC lobbyist fundraiser, Coakley fails to answer a question as to whether she stands by her comments that terrorists are not in Afghanistan. Coakley simply responds by asking if there are any more questions. When McCormack tries to follow up with Coakley, he is attacked by a member of Coakley's entourage and thrown to the ground as Coakley looks on. After he gets up, McCormack is attacked again, and not allowed to pass.

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Don’t let them take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat!

Joe Kennedy

Massachusetts Voters!
Don’t let them take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat!

That seat should forever belong to a Kennedy.

It is an outrage that anyone but a Kennedy should ever sit in that seat!

There is a Kennedy running to fill the seat that was left vacant by the death of our beloved Senator Edward M. Kennedy.
He is from Massachusetts and his name is Kennedy, what more do you need to know?

On Tuesday November 19, go to the polls and vote for Joe Kennedy!
(Those intending to vote for Martha Coakley should go to the polls on Wednesday November 20)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scott Brown tells CNN's David Gergen..

"Well with all due respect its not the Kennedys' seat, and its not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat."

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen did not even try to hide his bias in moderating a debate between Republican challenger Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley.

In the debate, he asked Republican candidate Scott Brown a question about his opposition to the pending health care bill and asked whether he'd be willing to "sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat and say, I'm going to be the person who's going to block it for another 15 years."

Brown responded, "Well, with all due respect it's not the Kennedys' seat, and it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat."

I saw the full debate on CSPAN. Brown is quick, sharp, charismatic, knowledgeable and confident. This man needs to win! If he wins, he could quickly be a potential Presidential contender. He would be star in the Republican Party. I think we need new faces. We need a new star. Quite frankly, I am not enamored of any of the current Republicans mentioned as possible presidential nominees. None of them really do it for me. I want some fresh faces in the party.

This race is so very, very close and no one thought a Republican had a chance of taking it. There is probably not a lot anyone can do from here, now to impact this race. I don't know, but I wonder if even more contributions would help at this late date. Brown may have raised more than can be spent in Monday's moneybomb. There may not even be more media buys available. If you haven't given, please contribute anyway however. More money still might make a difference and the Democrats are still funnelling massive amounts to the Coakley campaign.

I doubt outside Republican leaders going into the state to campaign for Brown would help. Any outside Republican, (Newt, McConnell, Palin, McCain, Romney) may cost him as many votes as they win for him. They each have their negatives. Maybe some billboards that say "Joe Kennedy for Senate" would help. Maybe if Obama would go to the state and campaign for Coakley, that would help Brown. I don't know. Maybe Coakley will do or say something really stupid in the final days of this campaign. I am praying for bad weather on election day.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Rasmussen poll shows Massachusetts election is a dead heat

A new Rasmussen poll has come out showing the Massachusetts Special Election for U.S. Senate is a dead heat. The poll has Democrat Martha Coakley (49%)leading Republican Scott Brown (47%) by just a 2% margin.

The previous Rasmussen poll showed Brown closing the gap but still down 9%. This new poll shows the momentum continues to be with Scott Brown.

This latest poll results also include “leaners,” described as those who don’t initially have a preference for one of the major candidates but indicate that they are leaning in that direction. Without “leaners,” Brown was actually ahead by a single percentage point.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown Money Bomb Raises $1.3 Million in One Day

Scott Brown Money Bomb Raises $1.3 Million in One Day!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scott Brown pulls ahead! Leads 48 to 47 in MA.

Republican challenger Scott Brown has just pulled ahead of the Democratic incumbent Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race. According to Public Policy Polling, Brown now leads 48 to 47! Fantastic!

There is still time to impact this race. Scroll down two post and see the link to dropping the moneybomb.

Below is the PPP press release.

Senate Race Competitive

Raleigh, N.C. – The race to replace Ted Kennedy in the US Senate is looking like a toss up, with Republican Scott Brown up 48-47 on Martha Coakley.
Brown is benefiting from depressed Democratic interest in the election and a huge lead among independents for his surprisingly strong standing. Those planning to vote in the special election only report having voted for Barack Obama in 2008 by a 16 point margin, in contrast to his actual 26 point victory in the state.
That decline in turnout from Obama voters plagued Democratic candidates for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey last fall. Beyond that 66% of Republicans say they’re ‘very excited’ about turning out while only 48% of Democrats express that sentiment.

Brown leads 63-31 with independents and is winning 17% of the Democratic vote while
Coakley receives only 6% support from GOP voters. Both candidates are relatively popular, with 57% viewing Brown favorably to only 25% unfavorable and 50% with a positive opinion of Coakley to 42% negative.

Those folks planning to vote in the special election are actually opposed to Obama’s health care plan by a 47/41 margin and only narrowly express approval of the President’s overall job performance 44/43.

“The Massachusetts Senate race is shaping up as a potential disaster for Democrats,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Martha Coakley’s complacent campaign has put Scott Brown in a surprisingly strong position and she will need to step it up in the final week to win a victory once thought inevitable.”

PPP surveyed 744 likely Massachusetts voters from January 7th to 9th. The margin of error is +/-3.6%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.
Complete results are attached and can be found at
If you would like an interview regarding this release, please contact Dean Debnam at
(888) 621-6988 or 919-880-4888.

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MoveOn Member: Stop Scott Brown. "A Republican victory here would be a catastrophe—Democrats would lose their 60th vote."

I would bet most readers of A Disgruntled Republican are not members of I am. I am so you don't have to be. I thought you might find it interesting to see how concerned the left is about the possibility of losing the Ted Kennedy Senate seat to a Republican. Please read. If the left should loose this seat they would have a major pity party and would have the wind taken from their sail. Please, please do anything you can do to help Scott Brown take this seat. The post following this one has information about how to drop the moneybomb and push Scott Brown over the top. Also, I don't know for sure that God is Republican but I am praying for a blizzard in Massachusetts on January 19. Please pray for that blizzard; it can't hurt.

An interesting unknown in this race is the roll of the third party candidate. Some reports call him a "libertarian." I really have not researched him and don't know a lot about him. He could hurt Brown by pulling away a few votes that would otherwise go to the Republican. On the other hand, the third party candidate is named "Joe Kennedy." How lucky is that? I have always thought that stupid Democrats were more stupid than stupid Republicans. I am betting that Joe Kennedy will cost the Democrat more votes than he cost the Republican. We could win this one. It would be a fantastic victory. I know it is a long shot, but it is worth the investment.

Dear MoveOn member,

In 11 days, we could lose progressive hero Ted Kennedy's Senate seat—and with it, any hope for passing major progressive legislation this year.

A new poll Tuesday showed Democrat Martha Coakley's lead in the special election to succeed Kennedy is at the edge of the margin of error, and the non-partisan Cook Political Report now says it's very competitive.1 And today, some of the people behind the infamous Swift Boat and racist Willie Horton ads are spending $400,000 on a new attack ad. Republican Scott Brown and his extreme right-wing supporters are significantly outspending Coakley on TV.2

A Republican victory here would be a catastrophe—Democrats would lose their 60th vote in the Senate, health care could die, and the Republicans could block pretty much anything they want.

We can't let a right-winger take over Ted Kennedy's seat because not enough progressives are paying attention. Coakley urgently needs help before it's too late. Your contribution in the next 24 hours will help her expand her all-out campaign for victory. Can you contribute $5 to Coakley's campaign right away?
Martha Coakley will carry on Ted Kennedy's progressive legacy. In endorsing Coakley, Vicki Kennedy, Ted Kennedy's wife, said, "My husband fought for healthcare reform for more than 40 years. Martha Coakley shares those critical beliefs." Coakley has also been outspoken against restrictions in the bill on women's right to choose.3

As Massachusetts Attorney General, Coakley was aggressive in challenging the Wall Street titans who helped bring on the financial crisis, and she recovered tens of millions of dollars for taxpayers and victims of Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and UBS for their deceptive activities.4 She'll be a strong fighter in Washington for tough regulations on the financial industry.

And Republican Scott Brown? He's a "free enterprise advocate"5 who thinks the system works just fine. But he's giving Coakley a serious challenge. He promised, "As the 41st senator I can stop a lot of this stuff in its tracks....I can actually force them to go back to the drawing board."6 And there are rumors that the Republican Party and the Club for Growth will also begin attack ads on Coakley soon.

And the race is further confused by the presence of a 3rd candidate, named Joe Kennedy, who isn't related to Ted Kennedy, but is a tea-party extremist. Martha Coakley needs our help to cut through the clutter and get her message out—on TV, at the doors, and on the phones.

At this moment, when Ted Kennedy's greatest goal in life is within reach, we cannot afford to let Republican extremists snatch away his legacy. Can you help with an urgent contribution of $5? Click here:
Thank you. Sincerely,

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