Saturday, November 19, 2022

Republicans need to embrace early voting, learn to "cure" and "harvest" mail-in ballots, and meddle in Democrat primaries.

by Rod Williams, Nov. 18, 2022 - Now that the dust has settled from the mid-term election, it is safe to say that Republicans "underperformed." There was no Tsunami, no red wave; there was barely a pink trickle. 

I am not disappointed. I did not want to see Republicans loyal to Donald Trump constitute a supermajority.  I put loyalty to our nation above loyalty to Donald Trump. I did not want to see people holding office who would only certify election results if their party won. I am pleased that the worst of the election deniers lost. I did my part to help achieve this outcome. For the first time in my life, I contributed money to Democrats. In several races, I sent money to the Democrat opponents of the worst of the Trumpinistas.  

While I did not want to see election-denying Trump loyalists take control of the legislative branch, at the same time, I did not want to see a clear Democrat majority that could advance the Biden agenda. What we got was gridlock. While the Dems control the Senate, not much legislation will make it past the Republican-controlled House to make it to the Senate. Given the circumstances, we got the best outcome possible.

Under normal circumstances, Republicans should have won big.  With an unpopular president, high inflation, a crime wave, a southern border out of control, an energy crisis, a pandemic response based on pandering to teachers' unions rather than public health concerns, public schools that dumb-down kids and indoctrinate them, and the still recent Afghanistan debacle, the Republicans should have easily taken back both chambers of Congress.  Instead, Republicans had the worst midterm performance of a party out of power in two decades, Where did Republicans go wrong?

I think the number one thing leading to this debacle is that the leader of the Republican Party is Donald Trump.  Not enough people wanted to vote for a party, whose leader tried to overthrow the government and prevent the peaceful transfer of power.  Also, Republicans had some loser candidates. Too many of our Republican candidates were conspiracy mongers and election deniers. Some were downright nut jobs. Trump's handpicked election-denying candidates underperformed horribly. I hope this Republican underperformance results in a diminishing of Donald Trump and the nomination of fewer nutjobs candidates. 

I think it was not only trump and Trumpinista candidates that are the reason for a poor Republican performance, however. There are other things that I think contributed to a Republican loss and these are things that need to be fixed.  Below are three campaign strategy changes I would recommend to the Republican Party. 

Embrace Early voting.

Democrats are more likely to vote early than Republicans. This is generally true but not universal. In Florida, more Republicans vote early than do Democrats. Forbes reports that among the states that report early voters’ party affiliations, 43% of ballots were cast by Democrats and 34% were cast by Republicans (1). I am unsure why Republicans tend to shun early voting but we should embrace it and get out the early vote. Instead of the twentieth email or text or US mail solicitation to vote for candidate X, some of those solicitations should be to vote for candidate X and vote early.

A vote cast early means that a voter cannot change his mind due to a last-minute political development, or cannot fail to vote because of work obligations, family obligations, accident, illness, or death. An early vote is a vote in the bank. Republicans need an early voting strategy.

Learn to live with mail-in ballots and engage in ballot harvesting and promote ballot curing.

I would like to see mail-in voting curtailed. While there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud tied to mail-in voting, the potential is there.  In 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, many states liberalized their requirements for early voting, some without legislative action but in response to court orders. I support legislative action to roll back mail-in ballot voting and efforts to regulate who can pick up and deliver mail-in ballots. While trying to do that, however, Republicans need to learn to compete with Democrats for the mail-in vote. 

There are three strategies for winning the mail-in vote.  Republicans should encourage mail-in voting among eligible Republicans, should make sure Republicans take advantage of available ballot curing and Republicans should engage in legal ballot harvesting.

Republicans should target the Republican elderly and other Republican voters who may be eligible to vote by mail with advertisements informing them of the process and urging them to take advantage of it. 

Ballot curing is the process of fixing a defective ballot after it is mailed in. A lot of mail-in ballots are initially rejected because of failure to follow procedures. Rejected ballots could make a big difference in the outcome of a close election. Rejected ballots may be rejected because something like the signature on the outside of the envelope does not match the signature on file. This may be "cured." It may be as simple as filing an affidavit with the election officials that says something like, "Mrs. John Doe is the same person as Ms. Jane Doe." Democrats are much better than Republicans about checking to make sure mail-in ballots are counted and if not, contacting Democrat voters and telling them how to "fix" or "cure" a defective ballot. Republicans need to be as good as Democrats at this.

Ballot harvesting is the process of someone going out and calling on voters to collect from them the mail-in ballot they were mailed. I think this process should be banned or greatly curtailed. In my view, all mail-in ballots should be returned by US mail. Even if that is the case, there is still room for someone to knock on a door, help the voter fill out the ballot, collect it from them, and put it in the mailbox for them. 

The campaign worker doing this only calls on the people who are of his party. This kind of ballot harvesting works well in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Democrats are much better at doing this than Republicans. Republicans need to get as good as Democrats at this form of campaigning. When you think about it, this is not much different than giving elderly nursing home voters a ride to the polls on election day.  You only give people of your party the ride. While Republicans may be squeamish about ballot harvesting, as long as it is legal, we need to be as good as the Democrats about doing it. 

Meddle in Democrat primaries.

Perhaps the most important thing Republicans could do to improve their chances in the next election is to meddle in Democrat primaries. 

In the Republican primaries prior to the 2022 midterm election, Democrats threw a lot of money into the campaign of the most Trumpinista of Republicans. They spent more than $40 million boosting the candidacy of six GOP candidates. These radical Trumpinista Republicans beat their more mainstream primary challengers and the Trumpinista Republicans won their primary. The strategy was to nominate the most easily beatable Republicans. It worked. The Trumpinistas won the primary and all six lost to their Democratic challenger in the General Election.  

While this practice may appear distasteful, Republicans need to fight fire with fire and play the game. Republicans should help the most extreme Democrats in Democratic primaries.  We should help nominate the most beatable Democrats. 

Now, this would not work everywhere.  There are Democrat strongholds where a candidate could not be too woke or too leftist to be elected. No doubt there are some urban congressional districts in college towns where a committed Maoist would not be too extreme for the electorate. There are districts, however, where the Democrat voters are not totally committed leftists and where a moderate Republican could beat a super woke, super leftist Democrat. In those districts, we need to nominate the worst Democrat we can find.

What would these candidates look like? It would be a candidate who advocates or has advocated defunding the police.  It would be someone who favors open borders, and pro-illegal immigration policies. Such policies as welfare benefits for illegals and giving illegals the right to vote, defunding ICE and Border Patrol, or tearing down the Trump border wall.  It would be someone who advocates a national law to permit unrestricted abortion up until birth and the government pay for the abortion. It would be someone who wants to forgive all student loans and make college free. It would be someone who supports what is called "gender-affirming" policies. It would be Democrats who do not shy away from advocating support for "democratic socialism."

In addition to the candidate taking these radical positions, the candidate needs to be on the record taking these positions so that in the general election, a graphic presentation of out-of-control crime can be shown along with a film clip of the candidate saying we need to defund the police, preferably before a cheering crowd.  Or, the out-of-control border can be shown with the candidate advocating tearing down the Trump wall. There might only be half a dozen districts where this can work, but that can make a difference in which party has control of Congress. 

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Metro Nashville paid $120K for consulting services on Tennessee Titans' $2.1B stadium deal

By Jon Styf, The Center Square, Nov. 18, 2022— The Nashville Mayor’s Office paid Inner Circle Sports $120,000 over a six-month period for consulting services related to negotiating the $2.1 billion stadium deal between the office and the Tennessee Titans.

The report was released on Friday in a records request from Justin Hayes, an interested Nashville resident.

Inner Circle Sports is a subcontractor of Hilltop Securities, who holds a $750,000 contract with Metro Nashville. Inner Circle Sports’ David Abrams and William DiBlasi were paid the $120,000 for six months of work on the negotiations between last Dec. 27 and June 30. A contract or invoices for work beyond June 30 was not included in the request.

Both appeared before Nashville’s East Bank Stadium Committee to present the proposed deal, which includes at least $1.26 billion of public funding.

The contract stated that Inner Circle’s work was to "prepare a set of objectives for determining the appropriate level of investment and terms around the improvement of the existing NFL stadium to current NFL standards. ICS will assist Metro in developing parameters around which Metro may agree to tender, lease or sell property surrounding the NFL Stadium to the Team to further develop in accordance with an agreed upon set of project standards, risk allocation and expectations related to return on contributions."

Invoices said that Inner Circle held weekly video and telephone calls along with three trips to Nashville.

Hilltop, meanwhile, is under contract for independent financial analysis of bond sales and refunding, a commercial paper program and financial transactions and general financial advising related to bonds. (To view documents relevant to this story, follow this link.)

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The Federalist Society host "School Choice Post Carson: in Tennessee and beyond," Nov. 21st.

Braden H. Boucek serves as Director of Litigation at the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF). His cases at SLF focus on restoring constitutional balance, equal protection, the First Amendment, and property rights. He is an avid defender of America's Founding and a constitutional law professor. He has also actively litigated school choice cases. Prior to joining SLF, he served as Vice President of Legal Affairs at the Beacon Center of Tennessee, where he worked on economic liberty, dedicated himself to Tennessee's unique constitutional rights, and protecting the free speech rights of professionals.

Shaka Mitchell is the Tennessee Director for the American Federation for Children where he leads AFC’s campaign to increase educational choice across the state. Most recently as Rocketship Education’s Regional Director for the state of Tennessee Shaka was responsible for the planning, growth, and success of Rocketship’s network of high-quality, elementary charter schools in Nashville and Memphis. Rocketship now currently serves roughly 1,200 students across Nashville. Shaka began his career in education as the Associate Director of Policy and Planning at the D.C.-based Center for Education Reform. He then led outreach efforts at the Institute for Justice, a constitutional law firm based in Arlington, VA. Prior to joining Rocketship, Shaka was the Director of External Affairs for LEAD Public Schools, a network of public charter schools founded in Nashville, TN.

Event Details

  • Date: Monday, November 21st, 2022. 
  • Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
  • Location: Womble Bond Dickinson, 1222 Demonbreun St., 9th Floor, Nashville, TN, 37203
  • To RSVP: Click Here

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Why did Republicans do so poorly in the mid-term?

Q. Why did Republicans do so poorly in the mid-term?

A. In collusion with the Communist Chinese, the satan worshiping and pedophile Democrat insiders used a secret supercomputer that hacked voting machines and routed the data through Italy to Zurick Switcherland where votes were switched from Republican to Democrat. This was accomplished by the use of a program called "the Hammer" and a software program called "Scorecard." 

Q. Wow, that is some claim. What evidence is there of this?

A. Well none actually, but Repubicans lost and the only way that could have happened is if Democrats cheated. That is all you need to know.

Q. What if I want proof?

A. We don't need no stinking proof.  If you demand proof, you may be a satan-worshiping peodphile.  Are you part of the deep state?

Q. Well surely there is some evidence.  This is confusing. What facts to you have to support this claim.

A. No facts. Facts will only confuse you. You must accept it on faith. Make America Great Again! Make America Great Again! Make America Great Again!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Only 53% of Glencliff High School students graduate.

 South Nashville High School Named Dropout Factory

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The midterm results are good for Republicans, if not great

 If Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking they won last week, that’s a huge opportunity for the GOP

by Erin Norman, The Spectator, November 15, 2022 - The dust is still settling around the congressional midterms, but it looks like Republicans will retake the House by a very slim margin and Democrats will have an ever-so-slight lead in the Senate.

But with stubbornly moderate Democrats such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Republicans can be fairly confident the upper chamber will not try to advance the most extreme parts of President Biden’s agenda, even if they do increase their majority by one seat in the December runoff in Georgia. And of course, because of the flip in the House, those uber-progressive proposals will never make it up to the Senate. ... if conservatives can look past the disappointment they feel from overblown expectations, they will see there is plenty of good news. They have control in the House of Representatives and hold the majority of gubernatorial seats. ... Republicans grew support among all minority groups: +4 among Black voters, +10 among Hispanics and an impressive +17 among Asians. 

... President Biden’s rush to claim victory despite objectively losing power and his belief that such a loss communicated approval of his agenda signals that no real post-mortem will be done on the left. President Biden will use this better-than-expected showing to rebuke his potential challengers who would carry far less baggage and bring more enthusiasm to the Democrats’ 2024 campaign. He will continue to play to the progressive wing of the party, push unpopular, if not flat out economically damaging, policies and engage in the divisive politics the American people have come to loathe.

For Republicans and their 2024 chances, this is where good turns to great. (Read more)

Rod's Comment: I concur with this analysis but would add that the primary reason the midterm was great for Republicans, is that it showed Republicans the way forward. It is better to learn this now than in 2024. Victory does not lie with Trumpism but with a return to traditional Republicanism. Trmpinistas lost; Trumpism is a loser. If Republicans will learn from this underperformance and nominate anyone but Trump in 2024 and reject candidates that cleave to the myth of the stolen election, a great victory awaits in 2024.

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Monday, November 14, 2022

The Republicans underperform in the Mid-term Comic Book


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Should the State ban drag show performances that may be viewed by children.

 by Rod Williams, Nov. 14, 2022- The Tennessee Conservative reports that Senator Jack Johnson has introduced a bill that would ban drag shows within the state if the drag show could be viewed by children.

SB03 “creates an offense for a person who engages in an adult cabaret performance on public property or in a location where the adult cabaret performance could be viewed by a person who is not an adult.”

Senator Jack Johnson is one of my favorite State politicians, but I would have to be convinced that there is really a need for this bill before I would be in favor of it.  

Female impersonators and drag shows have been around for a long time. This is not just a new phenomenon. On stage, men have dressed as women going back at least to the ancient Greeks.

Recently a friend of one of my siblings got married and at the party after the wedding a drag queen Dolly Parton performed.  They told me it was a hoot.  Children were present.  Should I have been present and that occurred, I would have likely enjoyed it also. I would not have run off in a huff.  

If my grandson would have been with me, I would not have shielded his eyes. He is almost four and super smart but he probably would not have noticed it was a man in drag.  If he was a little older or did notice, I would have just let it slide without discussion unless he asked about it. I just don't see the harm. While I would not choose to have that kind of entertainment at a wedding I planned, I don't want to prohibit it. 

While I think library funding should be cut for libraries that host drag queen story hours and while I oppose much of the push to normalize deviancy, we do not need to go overboard. While we should be vigilant in making sure schools are not pushing a transgender ideology or gay agenda, we don't need to go overboard in trying to make society puritanical.  I tend to believe that government should do less to police the morals of society; not more. If public funding is not involved, I favor live and let live. 

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