Friday, May 10, 2019

I'm not piling on with a call for Casada to step down.

by Rod Williams - Lt. Gov. Randy McNally has joined the chorus of those calling on Glen Casada to resignOther prominent Republicans who have done so include Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, speaker pro tempore; Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby; David Hawk, R-Greeneville; House Majority Whip Rick Tillis, R-Lewisburg; Sam Whitson, R-Franklin; and Patsy Hazlewood, R-Signal Mountain.

Many others, while not specifically calling on Casada to resign his leadership post have described the situation as "very troubling," or said it needs to be resolved quickly or said they were "disappointed." I also am disappointed and find it troubling and hope it is resolved soon.

I am not so upset that he had a "white noise" devise in his office. White noise is to protect your self from being eavesdropped upon.  It is prudent. The charge that he eavesdropped on others does not appear to suggest he bugged their offices but that he listened in to conversations taking place in committee rooms equipped with equipment for transmitting committee meeting audio. Listening in to a conversation when those talking do not know your are listening may not be a gentlemanly thing to do, assuming it is true, but if one is having a conversation in a public place equipped with listening devices one should not have an expectation of privacy.

I don't have an opinion on the allegation of texting messages considered misogynist or sexually explicit.  I haven't read anything that seems that bad. In one message he referred to his assistant Cothren as a "wolf" who "girls aren't safe" around.  I guess I'm not "woke" yet, but that just does not seem that bad to me. I have not seen the content of the texts that have been called racist. I don't really know how bad it gets. The offended texts are referenced a lot but, I don't know what they actually say. I am certainly not going to take the media's or Casada's critics word for it that they were really, really bad. I think we need to take a deep breath and see the evidence and see if anything else comes out. He did accept the resignation of his assistant. That may be all of the corrective action that is needed.

We just came off of a tremendously successful legislative session and Casada rightly gets much of the credit. Unless there is more to come, we shouldn't throw Casada to the wolves. Apparently, Casada did deceive radio host Phil Valentine in claiming he did not know the validity of the text when it appears he in fact did. However, at the time, he may not have known the source. He probably texts a lot and may have not recalled the offensive text. He needs to explain. If he intentionally deceived, he needs to apologize. 

What is bad is that Casada did not act as if everything he ever said could someday become public.  Public figures in today's environment should never do or say anything they do not want to see on the 6 o'clock news. It is not safe to think out loud or let your hair down or engage in light banter if it can be retold, recorded or released. Public figures need to be on guard all the time.  So, at this point, I am disappointed with some of what has come to light but I an not piling on with a call for Casada to step down. I may reach that point but I need to actually know what the offending text said and the context in which it was said.


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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Williamson County Republican Mix and Mingle Thursday, May 16th.

Thursday, May 16th
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Mojo's Tacos

Franklin Factory
(In the old Sapphire location)
230 Franklin Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37064

         Join us on the covered patio at Mojo's Tacos in historic Franklin's Factory for a meet and greet with our newly elected Executive Board!

Enjoy a drink, appetizer, or even dinner as you get to know your new officers as well as mingle with old and new Republican friends!

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Stop the Democrat's radical "Equality Act."

From Bobby Patray, Eagle Forum email-  On  05/01/2019 House Judiciary CommitteeOrdered to be Reported (Amended) by the Yeas and Nays: 22 - 10  the Equality Act, H.R. 5, with the expectation that it will be considered by the whole House soon. The Equality Act was originally introduced in 1974 but was made popular in 2015 when former President Barack Obama announced his support for the legislation. The bill was crafted to protect individuals on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), but does not protect those who disagree with these lifestyles. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was quick to make an emotional appeal in support of this bill by saying, “Everyone should have a fair chance to earn a living and provide a home for their families without fear of harassment or discrimination.” Of course, any American would want this type of freedom, however, this legislation does the exact opposite.
The Equality Act is crafted to only protect those identifying as homosexual. Americans have been told that the United States has a large LGBT population, however, this group only makes up 4.5% of our nation. Under the Constitution, the LGBT population has the same rights as you and I, but this legislation creates additional protections that undercut our privacy and religious freedom. For example, H.R. 5 includes language that grants any LGBT person full access to any bathroom or shower even in public education settings. A rejection of this policy could result in the federal government fining or jailing those individuals or pulling federal funds from public schools.

The Equality Act also has the potential to threaten religious liberty. Small business owners in case after case have been taken to court and attacked over their refusal to provide a service that violated their religious beliefs. These business owners and all Americans should be able to live without fear of harassment, a freedom that should not be reserved for only the LGBT population. The word “equality” has been warped to create a culture that caters to one group of people, and in this case, that group is the LGBT community. 

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Metro Tax Increment Financing Study Committee Releases Report

Press released, May 8, 2019 - Today, Metro's Tax Increment Financing Study and Formulating Committee released its report to the Metro Council. The report includes broad recommendations in three areas – transparency, communication, and education; policy and process; and accountability.

"Tax increment financing has been an important economic development tool in Nashville," said committee chair Council Member Bob Mendes. "To be most effective, TIF should be paired with consistent public input and an intense commitment to transparency. The committee's recommendations should help Nashville find a fair balance as the city continues to grow." 

Committee member Charles Robert Bone who serves as the Chair of MDHA's Board of Commissioners added, "The input we received over the last six months from both the public and from those with direct TIF experience was helpful to the committee and will be invaluable to MDHA as we move forward. It is my hope that the implementation of these recommendations will instill greater public confidence in the utilization of this tool and encourage a more diverse application of TIF." Mendes said, " There's consensus that TIF must include a public benefit – whether it is affordable housing or improved infrastructure. I appreciate the committee coming together on these recommendations for improving how Nashville uses TIF."

The committee will make a presentation about its report to the Metro Council on May 20, 2019, at 3:00 P.M., in the David Scobey Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, Historic Metro Courthouse, 1 Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee 37201. 

On September 19, 2018, Mayor David Briley signed ordinance BL2018-315 creating a Tax Increment Financing Study and Formulating Committee. The goals of the committee were to study how the Metropolitan Government utilizes tax increment financing and to formulate recommendations for its implementation in a more transparent, equitable, effective, and understandable manner. The committee was asked to look at how tax increment financing is awarded, the strengths and weaknesses of how tax increment financing is currently awarded, whether alternative lawful approaches exist for structuring tax increment financing awards, and whether methods for awarding tax increment financing should be revised following the emergence of transit-oriented redevelopment districts and other developments. 

Over the last six months, the committee met 11 times including a public hearing on March 6, 2019. The committee heard from affordable housing providers and advocates, Metro, MDHA, developers, attorneys, and lenders who had previous experience with tax increment financing in Nashville. Members of the committee are: Mr. Charles Robert Bone, Dr. Paulette Coleman, Mr. Brian Kelsey, Ms. Talia Lomax O'dneal, Mr. Bert Mathews, Councilmember Bob Mendes (Chair), Mr. Richard F. Warren. 

For more information, please contact Bob Mendes at 615.756.3533,

Rod Comment: Here is a link to copy of the report. Opinionated citizens who want to be informed and especially candidates for Council should read it.  It gives background on what is a TIF and how TIF is awarded and makes some policy recommendations. 

Here in a nut-shell is how TIF works.  In an area that is designated as a redevelopment area, Metro does all of the infrastructure improvements to facilitate a development. The city builds the streets, sidewalks, water and sewer expansion, lighting, and maybe some other developments. To pay for these improvements the taxes collected from the development in excess of what would have been paid if the development had not been build goes to pay the debt service for that city infrastructure development.  The problems with this is that the new development does not pay taxes to support general government cost but the tax collected from the new development goes to pay the infrastructure debt service.  People ask, how can Nashville be broke with all of the new development taking place?  That is why. It does not contribute to the general fund.

One question addressed in the report is, should there be a cap on the amount of the new development tax revenue that goes to fund the infrastructure or should some of the new tax revenue go to the general fund?  The report contains a list or recommendations primarily relating to making the process more transparent and giving the Council a roll in the TIF process which is now almost totally under the control of MDHA.

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1ST TUESDAY, May 17th. Special edition. Two speakers: Marsha Blackburn and John Cooper.

From Tim Skow:
1ST TUESDAY Members and friends.

I have been waiting till now for you to exhale after ALL the hoopla from the NFL Draft, Jimmy Buffet and more.

To borrow a phrase from the legendary UT football announcer ... " Its POLITICS time in Nashville ''

ON FRIDAY,  [yes Friday] May 17th, 1ST TUESDAY is bringing you a day unlike any other ever !!

This week Attorney General Bill Barr will testify before Senator Marsha Blackburn and the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the long awaited and radioactive MULLER REPORT.  

ON FRIDAY, May 17th,  Marsha will be our 1ST SPECIAL SPEAKER of the day [ yes, there will be more ! ]

To meet her schedule, doors for our event at WALLER LAW will open at 10:00AM.  
Marsha will address our group from 10:30 - 11:30 and then we will do lunch as usual at 11:30.

THEN ... our 2ND SPECIAL SPEAKER for the day will be the latest candidate for Mayor, Metro Councilman At-Large, John Cooper!   John entering the race last week has turned the race to be Nashville's next Mayor from ''a foregone conclusion'' into a barn burner of a race!

There are significant differences between current Mayor Briley and Councilman At-Large Cooper. 
The financial future, the direction of Nashville and MUCH MUCH more are at stake. 
Here's your chance to meet Mr. Cooper, ask him your questions and let him know what you care about!

As usual, we will start at NOON sharp. Following the prayer, pledge and introductions Mr. Cooper will lay out his vision and concerns he will prioritize. Expect a VERY spicy Q&A session till 1:00PM !!
Our website will start taking reservations on WEDNESDAY at
Our event is $20 for Members and $25 for GUESTS and will surely be a SELL OUT !!  
[Therefore, secured seating via the website or pre-approval to pay at the door is required for May 17 !! ]  

Mark your calendars, reach out to your friends and plan to join us for this MEGA-DAY 1ST TUESDAY event!
Hope you are one of those who get to join us on May 17th !!

Tim Skow,

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019


hubNashville allows you to report problems in your neighborhood, potholes, code violations or any issues to Metro without knowing which department to contact. You can submit non-emergency issues by calling 311 or online at

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Mayor Briley's proposed FY2020, $2,331,618,000 Budget

Mayor Briley announced his FY 2020 Budget proposal. You can see the presentation here.
The FY 2020 recommended budget for Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County is $2,331,618,000. This is a 4.55% increase over FY 2019, which ends June 30, 2019.
The FY 2020 budget documents can be found in the Finance section of Metro’s website on Citizens' Guide to the Metro Budget page.
At a quick glance of the budget presentation, I can see that we are facing two major challenges. One is the  MNPS Operating Budget. MNPS has requested a $76.7 million increase from FY 2019. The proposed FY2020 Budget includes a $28.2 million increase. Where can we find the additional $48.5 million in order to fully fund the MNPS' request?
Another challenge is the non-recurring revenue budgeted for GSD Debt Service. The up-front $30 million parking concession payments and the $11.5 million District Energy System are allocated for GSD Debt Service. Councilmembers have not been provided any details of either deal. What will the GSD Debt Service Fund balance be if Council rejects those deals?
You can watch Mayoral Budget Hearings at Metro 3 YouTube Channel and keep up future Metro Council Operating Budget Hearings here. 
 The above was reposted from Councilwomen Mina Johnson's email newsletter.

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos praises Tennessee's recently passed school voucher bill

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos praises Tennessee's recently passed school voucher bill

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State legislature bans sex dolls made to look like children, This, and other legislation passed this year.

The State legislature has concluded their 2019 session. A notable success was passing a limited education voucher plan that applies to Davidson and Shelby county. Another success was passing legislation seek federal permission to overhaul TennCare through block grant funding. Notable failures included legalizing medical marijuana, banning most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, and a proposal that would have let adoption agencies reject prospective parents due to religious beliefs.

While the above got the most news a lot of other things got passed. Did you know the legislature banned sex dolls made to look like children?  It did. While I think blow-up sex dolls made to look like children are in poor taste, I am not so sure we should be banning silly novelty items just because they are in poor taste.  I can't get very excited about that legislative achievement. The legislature did pass some really good legislation however. Here is some of the notable legislation that was passed of which I am pleased:

  • BAN ON PLASTIC BAG BANS, TAXES: Bans local governments from regulating certain plastic bags, utensils or assessing fees on food and drink sales. 
  • GUNS, MENTAL ILLNESS: Outlaws transferring a gun to someone, knowing the person was committed to a mental institution or is receiving treatment, unless the right to have a gun was restored. Bans the use of handheld cellphones while driving. 
  • NATURAL HAIR STYLING: Loosens state regulations surrounding African-style hair braiding.
  •  ROE V. WADE ABORTION BAN “TRIGGER”: Ensures most abortions would be outlawed should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. 
 News Channel 3 of Memphis has punished a list of bills passed this year and important legislation that was proposed and failed. To see the list follow this link

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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Radical civil rights activist Al Sharpton gives TSU commencement address.

Al Sharpton
by Rod Williams - Al Sharpton spoke to TSU grad school graduates on Friday.  He was the official commencement speaker but the  graduation ceremony was on Saturday morning. There were 244 graduate students graduating.  The Tennessean has several pictures of the event but does not report the context of Sharpton's comments. The TSU website says he told the students to keep achieving and build on their success.  If Sharpton said anything controversial I would not expect it to be reported by The Tennessean or TSU.

Al Sharpton is a community activist, racial agitator, politician and minister who serves as the host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC.  Sharpton in the past has done and said many controversial things. In 1992 at Kean College, Sharpton called on people to kill policeman.  He did not use the word "kill" but talked of “offing cops” and “crackers.”  "Crackers" is an ethnic slur to describe white people. It is comparable to a white person calling a Black person "nigger."  In that speech he mocked those who said they would kill cops and then didn't follow thorough. Here is an excerpt from the speech.
All the Panther lovers, all the do or die, all the (indecipherable) Negroes in Plainfield. I didn’t see them stand up and do nothing. All the ‘I don’t believe in marching. I don’t believe, I believe in offing the pigs.’ Well they got pigs out here. You ain’t offed one of them.
What I believe in I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit that you’ve lost your courage and guts to stand up.
‘I ain’t having no march. I believe in fighting.’ Well fight then. Nobody holding you. ‘I’ll off the man.’ Well off him. Plenty of crackers walking right around here tonight. Ain’t nobody come out and knock the gun out of your hand. (link)
Sharpton has also engaged in actions that some would characterize as antisemitic.   In 1991 a car driven by a Jewish man accidentally struck and killed a Black child in a community called Crown Heights. There was a dispute about the cause of the accident and if an ambulance gave preferential treatment to the Jewish man. This resulted in four days of rioting.  Mops marched in the streets and called out slogans of  "kill the Jew," and "get the Jew out.'  A visiting Jewish student from Australia was stabbed to death by a mob. Sharpton inflamed tensions by marched through Crown Heights  in front of the headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, shortly after the riot, with about 400 protesters who chanted "Whose streets? Our streets!" and "No justice, no peace!" Mayor Dinkins's urged Sharpton to not hold the march.  "If the Jews want to get it on," said Shapton, "tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house."

One of Shapton's most disgusting affairs was his involvement in the Tawana Brawley case. Tawana Brawley was a 15-year old Black girl who alleged she was raped, smeared with feces, had racial slurs written on her body and otherwise abused. She alleged six white men were involved and some of them were policemen.  It was later proven she made up the allegation.  Sharpton fanned the flames of racial hatred during this event.  He alleged the prosecutor was a racist and of being one of the perpetrators of the alleged abduction and rape. Later he was convicted of defamation for those unfounded allegation.

In addition to fanning the flames of racial hatred, Sharpton has also been a spokesman for a predatory lender, headed a phony non-profit and avoided paying income tax.  TSU graduating grad students should be insulted that a racist con man like Al Shapton was chosen as their commencement speaker.

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Five more people pick up qualifying petitions in race for mayor, vice mayor or metro council.

by Rod Williams, 5-4-2019 - Since last week, only five more people have picked up qualifying petitions. There are no districts where no one has picked up a petition but there are several where only one person has picked up a petition. John Cooper has picked up his qualifying petition to run for mayor.

Thankfully, in District 16 someone else has picked up a qualifying petition. It is a person by the name of Paul King.  I don't know him, but anyone would be better than the other person who has picked up a petition who is Genny Welsch. She is left-wing activist and a founding member of the low-power left-wing radio station Radio Free Nashville.  Welsch is often seen at left wing protest gatherings advocating the liberal cause of the moment.

In the race for council at large, there are now fifteen candidates running for the five seats. I plan on voting for Steve Glover only. One may vote for up to five candidates but to do so weakens the influence of your vote. You may think of it like this; voting for only one candidate is almost the equivalent of casting five votes for that candidate.

There is still time for one to qualify to run for mayor, vice mayor or Metro Council. One may pick up a qualifying petition up until the deadline for turning in qualifying petitions which is noon May 16th. It only takes the name of 25 voters to qualify. One can get that many names in one evening, if you also purchase a voter registration list so you are only knocking on the doors of registered voters. Almost anyone will sign a qualifying petition if you explain they are simply signing to allow your name to be on the ballot. If you are at all interested in running, get qualified. If you then find that someone else who you could support is running or someone else is too formidable for you to beat is running, you could simply not turn in the petition. Once a qualifying petition is submitted and the petition is approved, then a candidate may withdraw his name up until noon May 23rd. Please, if you know someone who lives in one of those districts with a liberal council member and no challenger or only one candidate and know the person to be liberal, please run yourself or encourage someone to run. At this point, a sensible liberal who is concerned about Metro's debt, which is the highest per capita in the nation, would be an improvement over some of the progressive candidates who are running.

Below is the list of those who have picked up qualifying petitions to run for the office of mayor, vice mayor, at-large and district council seats as of Friday, May 3rd. Circled are the names of those I would vote for if these were the only choices and I knew only what I know today, the elections were today and I could vote in that contest. My selections are preliminary. I may be changing my mind, depending on who else gets in the race or as I learn more about the candidates.

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Privatization of city parking hits roadblock

The plan to privatize Metro's parking has been put on temporary hold after a judge issued a stay.  Metro awarded the contract to one company and ruled another company's bid did not comply with the bid requirements and was not eligible for consideration.  The company whose bid was rejected has gone to court and gotten the stay. For details see the following. 
News Channel 5: Privatization of city parking hits roadblock
The Tennessean: Judge orders Metro to cease talks in private parking deal while procurement issues play out

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