Saturday, June 16, 2012

Conservative Fusion Book Club reading The Conservative Mind (by Russell Kirk), Part I

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
7:00 PM to
Selected By: Gene Wisdom
This location is shown only to members
"Kirk's text was not only a huge, 450-page distillation of the thinking of 150 years of the intellectual right; it was also a relentless assault on every left-wing panacea and error imaginable. The perfectibility of man, contempt for tradition, political and economic leveling-these were, in Kirk's view, the most prominent among post-1789 attacks on social order. Liberalism, collectivism, utilitarianism, positivism, atomistic individualism, leveling humanitarianism, pragmatism, socialism, ideology ("the science of idiocy," said John Adams)-these were some of Kirk's targets. Moreover, at times he criticized capitalism and industrialism; the automobile, for example, he labeled a "mechanical Jacobin." Kirk, in short, left no stone unturned. Here was a full-scale challenge to modernity." (from George Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945)

There is still time to order and read the book, and you only have to read the first half.  This is a big book exploring lots of political thought and we're going to break this book up into two meetings. Part 2 will be Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

To sign up for the book club or learn more, go to  Conservative Fusion Meetup.

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Chamber's PAC backs slate for school board, including both chair and opponent

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s SuccessPAC has released its endorsements for Metro’s upcoming school board election,read more

In district 5, they endorsed both current Board chair Gracie Porter and her opponent Elissa Kim. Kim is a favorite of charter school advocates.

In district 1, they endorsed Sharon Gentry.

In district 3, they endorsed Jarod DeLozier.

In district 7, they endorsed former Gov. Phil Bredesen aide Will Pinkston.

In District 9, they endorsed Margaret Dolan. Former Metro Councilman Eric Crafton is my choice for District 9.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Southeast Davidson County Conservatives’ Breakfast Meeting

Saturday, June 16th 
8:30 am:  breakfast & social time
9:00 - 10:30 am:  Meeting
Bell Road @ Cane Ridge Rd (I-24E)
Breakfast Buffet or order from menu - $5.00 minimum purchase required.
Dr. Steve Dickerson
Republican Candidate for State Senate District 20
Councilman Robert Duvall
Update on Mayor’s Budget
  Please RSVP to , (731-1793), or Councilman Duvall at
  Pass this on to your conservative friends!

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Someone does not like Steve Dickerson...

....but it is not David Hall or Rob Mortensen.

I just got my mail and received these two mysterious political mailers. They were mailed first class so there is no permit to trace and the there is no return address. These two pieces follow another attack piece on Steve Dickerson I received a few days ago. Actually, I am pleased that I got these two pieces because I believe both Rob Mortensen and David Hall are honorable men and I am pleased to see that neither of them are behind this attack on Steve Dickerson. It can not be either of them because they would not spend money to support their opponent. So, who is attacking Steve Dickerson and why?

Also, whoever is behind this is not very smart. If their goal is to make sure Dickerson does not get the nomination, then why not pick either Mortensen or Hall to support. They are attempting to generate votes against Dickerson, then splitting those votes between two of his opponents.

Also, this piece urges you to scan the QR code with your smart phone. I don't have a smart phone. I know I am a little behind the technology curve, but I am not the only voter without a smart phone.


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McQuire finds savings in Mayor Budget

McGuire shaves Dean budget, bumps rainy day fund - Nashville Business Journal

Metro Councilman Sean McGuire says he's found $8.6 million in reductions to Mayor...
BIG WOOPING DEAL! This is less than one cent off the mayor's 53 cent tax hike and Mcquire is not proposing to reduce the 53 cents, instead he is proposing putting the $8.6million in the rainy day fund.  Now that I have been teased and insulted, get to work and find $100,000 in reductions.

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Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012

Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012

Tennessee Campaign Bootcamp Sat June 23 2012
Date Saturday, June 23 9:00 AM
Location 5566 Franklin Pike Circle
Brentwood (I-65 S @ Rt. 254)
Nashville , TN 37027 Map
Cost $25.00

1 Day, $25.00 (includes lunch, coffee, and materials)

Political success is determined by the number AND EFFECTIVENESS of the activists on either side. This one-day workshop is designed to help you use your limited time more effectively in the political arena.

Each year, thousands of solid conservatives run for office and lose. Sometimes this is because of minor glitches in campaign organization -- or in the mobilization of volunteers -- or in voter goals and targeting -- or in message development -- or in any number of areas.

This workshop will help you with some tools and techniques that can save your campaign time, resources, and votes. Our instructors will share ideas about how to make a greater difference in your local elections and governance. This training gives you the nuts and bolts needed to make your campaign more effective. Attend this class and learn what it takes to make limited time count for more.

Ideal attendees for this workshop are conservative individuals interested in making a difference: campaign managers, staff and volunteers; future or prospective candidates; citizen activists. Whether volunteering or working for a conservative candidate, cause, or issue at the local or state level this class will improve your skills.
I have attended one of the Leadership Institute training programs and found it to be very worthwhile. This is not a rah-rah political rally but a "how-to" training program. While liberals would not be comfortable in the room with all the conservatives, anyone wanting to know the mechanics of running for office or managing a campaign would benefit from this training regardless of ideology.

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Debra Maggart's Gallatin fundraiser with lions, tigers and bears.

The wing to the left is the grand hall
Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Debra Maggart fundraiser in Gallatin at the home of Ted Lyon's. My Lyons is a big game hunter, a contributor to Republican candidates and owner of several McDonalds's franchises. 

I have been in nice homes before, so I am not easily impressed but when I walked into the grand hall of the Lyon home, my jaw dropped. Wow! The hall had cathedral ceiling and  was cavernous with what must have been a couple hundred or more stuffed animals or heads of animals mounted on the wall. There was a grey wolf; a grizzly bear; a hippo; all kinds of dear, elk, buffalo and, moose; an elephant; a giraffe; a zebra; and lions, and tiger, and various other big cats; and a large alligator hide on the floor. 

The gun safe was open and there were lots of guns of various design and caliber to view. Mr. Lyon's has hunted all over the world and makes his own bullets.

The Governor praises Debra Maggart
It is hard to estimate the crowd, but their must have been 200 to 300 people attending the event. After a while mingling in the hall, we move to the pool area were we ate and had drinks and continued to socialize until the speeches began. I enjoyed pleasant conversation with a lot of new people I met and with a lot of the people I always see at political events.

Debra spoke about the accomplishments of the last two years with a Republican majority and Republican governor and she spoke about the joy of working with Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Govenor Haslam.

Governor  Haslam and  Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey spoke, and each praised Debra for her leadership in the House. Both were charming and funny and entertaining. 

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey Representative Debra Maggart
Ron Ramsey said in politics there are something that are so untrue they are funny and some things that are just wrong. For anyone to make the ridiculous claim that Debra Maggart is not conservative enough is just "funny and wrong"  said Ramsey.

Jim Gotto and a several other of Debra's colleague's were on hand to lend their support.  

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

NRA-PVF Endorses Debra Maggart's challenger for Tennessee House District 45

Fairfax, Va. NRA Press release– The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is announcing its endorsement of Courtney Rogers for the Tennessee House of Representatives in District 45 in the August 2 Republican primary election.

"Courtney Rogers is a staunch supporter of our right to keep and bear arms," said Chris W. Cox, chairman of NRA-PVF.  "Serving our country in the U.S. military for 28 years on sensitive and important missions, Lt. Colonel Rogers has demonstrated her leadership abilities which the state of Tennessee so badly needs today.  Because of her outspoken support of our Second Amendment freedoms, Courtney Rogers has earned an “AQ” rating and endorsement from the NRA-PVF.”

In contrast, her opponent, Representative Debra Maggart, has undermined our Second Amendment rights.  Just this past session, Rep. Maggart tried to kill life-saving legislation known as the Safe Commute Act through procedural maneuvering behind closed doors.  The Safe Commute Act would have ensured that Tennessee’s 350,000 handgun carry permit holders would have been able to defend themselves against violence as they commuted away from home.  NRA members throughout the state can rest assured that Lt. Colonel Rogers, once elected to office, will see that this wrong is righted.

“We urge all NRA members and gun owners in Tennessee’s House District 45 to vote Courtney Rogers in the August 2 Republican primary,” concluded Cox.

Chris W. Cox is NRA's chief lobbyist and a seventh generation Tennessean.  He also serves as chairman of NRA-PVF.  The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund is responsible for political candidate rankings.  These are based on candidate voting records, public statements and responses to NRA-PVF questionnaires. 

My Comment:  
The NRA used to support the constitutional right to bear arms, now they support the right to carry your gun onto the property of another who does not want guns on his property. The right to bear arms is not a right to bear arms everywhere. It is a restriction on government prohibiting you from having the right to bear arms. Do they not know the difference? Do they not care?

The First Amendment does not give you the right to go to the shopping mall and hand out leaflets espousing your point of view.  The shopping mall may ban you. It is their property and they have that right. They have not restricted your First Amendment rights if they prohibit pamphleteering on their property. . The government however cannot ban you from handing out leaflets espousing your point of view.  The First Amendment is a restriction on government; not the shopping mall. The same with the Second Amendment.

The "Safe Commute Act" is the bill commonly referred to as the "Guns in Parking lots" bill.  What the act would do is say that your employer could not have a policy that prohibited you from carrying your gun onto his property and leaving it in your car. The logic behind the "safe commute act is that if you cannot carry your gun onto your employers property, then you cannot leave home with your gun because you can't take it with you to where you are going. Thus, you could not commute with your gun.That is true of course. It is also true if you are going to school to pick up your child and going to the airport to pick up a friend. If the destination you are going to does not allow guns on the property, then you can not take guns on the property. The NRA wants to change that. I do understand the logic. However, it is ludicrous to want to take away property rights in the name of a non-existent second amendment right.

I am extremely disappointed that the NRA has abandoned support for the constitution. Debra Mangert has shown a strong support for the Second Amendment. She supported the "guns in bars" bill which had an opt-out for restaurants that wanted to prohibit guns in their restaurants. She supported the "guns in parks" bill which was a restriction on a government prohibition. To claim Debra Maggart is "undermined our Second Amendment rights" is ludicrous. Her support for the Constitution, including the Second Amendment is clear. There is no pleasing some people. If I still had membership in the NRA, I would cancel it.

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The people of Nashville deserve MUCH better.

The people of Nashville deserve MUCH better....

from Ben Cunningham
Here is an email sent to Council members last night from the Nashville Tea Party:

We ask you to listen to the voters of Nashville. It is your sworn duty

to serve them.

It is tempting to tell your constituents they are naive and don't

understand the intricacies of the Metro Budget.

On the contrary, your constituents are providing you information that

is absolutely necessary. They are reviewing their own family budgets
and telling you loudly and clearly they are unwilling to take more
money from their family budgets to fund Metro Government. You can
choose to listen or you can refuse to listen. We certainly hope you
will listen.

Their message is coming through loud and clear from their emails and

phone calls.

Their message is coming through loud and clear from the recent poll

from a respected polling company showing 68% of Nashville voters
oppose the tax increase.
This poll mirrors the results in a recent
poll from Knox County showing 64% opposition to a county wide tax increase. The Knox County Commission chose to listen to their citizens and passed a no tax increase budget.

How can you possibly disregard such an overwhelming majority of your
constituents? They deserve better representation.

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SEIU Nashville releases endorsements for school board

I have not seen the official announcement, but

tweets "The SEIU rolled out its school board endorsements today. The are: Fred Lee in district 3, Al Wilkins district 7, Amy Frogge in district 9, Ed Kindall in district 1 and no candidate in district 5 where chair Gracie Porter is the incumbent."

If you have no basis for deciding who to vote for, vote for the candidate not endorsed by SEIU. 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maggart ‘Maligned Unfairly’: Ramsey

by Andrea Zelinski on June 8, 2012, TNReport
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he is joining the crowd of high-ranking Republicans to back the embattled Rep. Debra Maggart, who has become a political target among some Tea Party groups and the Tennessee Firearms Association.

“I do think she’s been maligned unfairly,” Ramsey told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday, adding he plans to attend her campaign events.

Maggart is facing off against Courtney Rogers, a former Air Force lieutenant colonel. Rogers is backed by conservatives who blame Maggart for the failure of several key pieces of legislation, including a measure that would have allowed gun owners to stow their firearms in their car parked on employers property.
Gov. Bill Haslam is supporting Maggart, saying she’s taking “a lot of unmerited heat” for the so-called “guns in parking lots” issue which has set staunch gun-rights supporters against businesses owners and corporate executives who argue that their property rights trump the Second Amendment. (read more)

My Comment
It is a shame that some tea party groups and gun nuts are going after good conservatives like Debra Maggart. I am pleased to see Lieutenant Governor Ramsey and Governor Haslam sticking up for her.

The above article says the "guns in parking lots issue" has "set staunch gun-rights supporters against businesses owners and corporate executives who argue that their property rights trump the Second Amendment." 

There is no "trumping of the Second Amendment" even involved in this issue.  There is no Second Amendment right to carry your gun onto someone else's property.  

Each of the Bill of Right are prohibitions against government; not prohibitions against your neighbors or your employer. 

If a newspaper refuses to publish your letter to the editor, they have not violated your First Amendment rights. Not printing your letter to the editor is not a First Amendment issue. Not carrying your gun onto my parking lot is not a Second Amendment issue.

I do not really think the extreme right wing fringe of the "conservative" movement are even conservative. Real conservatives respect, understand and seek to preserve the Constitution and they respect property rights.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Volunteer Taxi: American Dream to Serve as Nashville’s First Driver-Owned Taxi Company Deferred by Racism, Politics.

Nashville, TN June 12, 2012, Representatives from organizations including the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, the NAACP, and the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship have enlisted their support to the  sixty–one Ethiopian taxi drivers hoping to become Nashville’s first owner-operated taxi service.

On June 13, 2012, members of the Metro Council, during its 4:30 departmental budget hearings, will have an opportunity to ask the Transportation Licensing Commission: Why after nearly a year, Volunteer Taxi has not been able to serve our community, when they have met all of the standards asked of them?

In the year-long saga, the members of Volunteer Taxi have faced an uphill battle to better the lives of their families. First, in the form of vocal opposition, physical intimidation, and firings from existing taxi companies.

Secondly, Transportation Licensing Commission Executive Director Brian McQuistion, who is supposed to serve as an unbiased servant to the Commission members, voiced his opposition to Volunteer Taxi. When he was asked by the Metro Council Minority Caucus why he opposed awarding permits to Volunteer Taxi, he stated that more taxis on the road, meant less money for taxi drivers, and that the drivers would then resort to prostitution, drug deals, and overcharging customers to make a living.

Thirdly, racially and ethnically insensitive remarks made by a taxpayer subsidized taxi inspector painted all Muslim taxi drivers as terrorists! Finally, on December 20, 2011, Volunteer Taxi received approval for permits. However, the permits were conditioned upon available funding in the upcoming Metro budget, effectively forcing Volunteer Taxi to lobby for the Transportation Licensing Commission and for their right to be on the road serving our great city.

According to a study conducted by Sekou Franklin, Ph.D., taxi drivers in Nashville are paid less that the federal minimum wage and are among the lowest paid workers in the United States.  “We need no study to tell us that we are overworked and underpaid; we live this every day and night,” said Adugna Denbel, Secretary of Volunteer Taxi.  “We fled horrible conditions in our old countries, but now we yearn to be free from the undue burdens and hardships from the taxicab owners here who maintain a paternalistic system, with no advancement.” 

Under the current taxicab company system, the taxi drivers, not the owners, are responsible for purchasing their own health insurance, their own vehicle and paying all of the expenses related to the operation, such as fuel, repairs, maintenance and liability insurance. In most cases, drivers are also responsible for repairs to GPS dispatch technology provided by the taxicab company.

Additionally, taxi drivers are forced to pay a weekly fee of between $150-$210 per week ($7,800 - $10,920 annually) for the right to work for the taxi company. “We are not asking for any handouts, only for the opportunity to take care of our families by exercising the American Dream through our market economy and we pray that our dreams are not deferred by racism and politics, says Mr. Denbel.
My Comment:
It is past time to let freedom reign in Nashville! Let immigrant and native born Americans pursue the American dream. End the paternalistic system of protectionism and crony capitalism and regulating to protect the rich and well-connected. It is time the Metro Council and this community embraced competition, innovation and free markets.

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Alexander: "Clean air means better jobs for Tennesseans"

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today said he would vote to uphold a new federal clean air rule "because healthier air means better jobs for Tennesseans—every one of Tennessee's major metropolitan areas is struggling to meet standards that govern whether industries can acquire the air quality permits to locate here."

In remarks delivered on the floor of the senate, Alexander said, "This rule requires utilities in other states to install the same pollution controls that TVA already is installing on its coal-fired power plants. TVA alone can't clean up our air. Tennessee is bordered by more states than any other state. We are surrounded by our neighbors' smokestacks. If we want more Nissan and Volkswagen plants, we will have to stop dirty air from blowing into Tennessee."

Please watch this video with an open mind.

Three of the worst cities for asthma in the country are in Tennessee; Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis. Some of our rivers are so polluted with mercury that one can not eat the fish from those rivers. Mercury causes brain damage in more than 315,000 children a year and half of the man made mercury comes from coal fired power plants.

The proposed regulations to clean up coal plants has been in the works since 1990. This is not a surprise.  These rules are not draconian. The utility companies will have six years to implement the rules.

Unfortunately, in today's extreme partisan environment and with a right wing political fringe that attacks any environment initiative as either Agenda 21 policies or a War on Coal designed to make coal too expensive to burn, we are seeing the tea party and many others on the right taking up the cause of dirty air.

I am not joining the war for dirty air. I applaud Senator Alexander for advocating for clean air.

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Gov. Haslam Special Guest at Debra Maggart event June 13

You Are Invited
To Attend A Reception in Support of
State Representative Debra Young Maggart
With Very Special Guest
The Honorable Bill Haslam
Governor of Tennessee
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
5:00 PM to 6:45 PM
at The Home of Ted Lyon

2221 Cages Bend Rd.

Gallatin, TN

$150 per couple or $75 per person
Please RSVP to Matt Herriman at
or 615-207-5424
Host Committee List To Follow

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Dawn White Refused to Debate Richard Garvin

White Campaign Responds to Debate Request
Murfreesboro, TN   --  June 12, 2012  --  We have received our opponent’s request for a debate.  As Dawn White’s campaign manager, my response is below. 

“Dawn White believes candidates should personally make an effort to take their messages directly to the voters, and she is doing exactly that.  To learn about a candidate, voters should not have to attend a staged event where they will only hear rehearsed political rhetoric and canned answers.  

Dawn White is working hard to share her message of economic growth and opportunity, education reform and smaller, smarter government with residents of the 37th District.  She has already personally reached out to thousands of voters, and is committed to personally meeting every voter she possibly can during this race to hear their concerns and earn their support.   Through her personal work ethic, Dawn has shown that she will be a true representative of the people who will work tirelessly on their behalf. 
I understand Mr. Garvin’s need to garner free publicity and to attempt to prove himself as a Republican.  On several occasions, Richard Garvin has publicly stated that he voted for Barack Obama.  In fact, he had never even voted in a Republican primary until after he declared his candidacy for this very seat just a few short months ago.  The Republican nominee should be someone who will make decisions using common sense and conservative principles.  I seriously question Mr. Garvin’s credibility as a conservative.  No one who has truly been a conservative for years as our opponent claims to have been would ever have considered voting for Barack Obama. 
Dawn White is a lifelong conservative Republican who has worked to support conservative principles and candidates for years.  Candidates should be judged by their records and actions, not just by their words.  Dawn White is the only conservative in this race.  For these reasons, Dawn will not be debating Mr. Garvin.  Dawn looks forward to participating in the traditional televised League of Women Voters forum in the fall if she is the Republican nominee.”                                                                                                           -
Amelia King Bozeman, Campaign Manager
Dawn White for State Representative

The Dawn White-Richard Garvin race is the race that has become entwined with the 9-12 Project-Tim Rudd controversy.  Tim Rudd is a member of the State Republican Party Executive Committee and is a paid consultant to Dawn White. To my way of thinking, if that is not a prohibited conflict of interest, it should be. 

Tim created controversy when he urged Republican candidates for office to boycott a 9-12 Project debate and vetting process. 

I am dismayed that one would characterize a debate as "a staged event where they will only hear rehearsed political rhetoric and canned answers." Someone should have told Lincoln and Douglas that or Nixon and Kennedy. I think a debate is one of the best ways to make a decision about a candidate. With questions not known before hand, it is often difficult to give canned answers in a debate. A debate can allow one to judge a candidate's depth of knowledge and quickness of mind. A lot can be revealed in a debate, that cannot be revealed in a standard campaign appearance. Why is Dawn White afraid to debate?

I am concerned that Richard Garvin voted for Barack Obama and is only a recent Republican convert. At a recent First Tuesday event, I asked Richard about that and he said that he made a mistake. Garvin, who is African-American said that the fact that Barack Obama is an African-American influenced his decision. I offered him the opportunity to fully address the issue of his having voted for Obama and his conversion to the Republican cause. If I get a more detailed response from Garvin that addresses that issue, I will post it. 

This is an interesting controversy and race. Tim Rudd is supporting Dawn White who pays him for campaign services. Dawn White is perceived as the "establishment candidate," yet she is the long-term Republican and Garvin is a recent Republican convert who voted for Obama.  

Tim Rudd has been a big supporter of Lou Ann Zelenik, who is the anti-establishment candidate who believes the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims. When campaigning for Zelenik, Tim Rudd was complementary of the 9-12 group; now he is critical.

 Zelenik has been popular with many of the 9-12 people in a race for the US. House; but many of the same people favor Garvin is this race for a State House seat. Politics can be irrational, and people's alliances can be short-lived and hard to explain.  

To learn more about the 9-12 Project-Tim Rudd issue, see the following:

Tim Rudd evades the question. Criticizes Matt Hurtt and 9-12.

SHIRLEY COLUMN: Rutherford County Republican leaders try to sink Tea Party's ship

J. Lee Douglas of 9-12 replies to Tim Rudd in open letter

Local Republicans divided over conservative organizations

Tim Rudd: I am not picking a fight with 9-12.

Who does Tim Rudd work for and is that the reason for the 9-12 letter?

A split in conservative ranks: Why is Tim Rudd picking a fight with 9/12?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tim Rudd evades the question. Criticizes Matt Hurtt and 9-12.

Following my post Who does Tim Rudd work for and is that the reason for the 9-12 letter? I wrote Tim and asked him, "would you care to comment to the charge that you are a paid consultant for Dawn White and that, that is the reason for  your letter urging Republican candidates to boycott the 9-12 group?" 

I received a reply and am printing it below. As you can see from his response, I did not really receive a response to the question I asked. Instead of addressing the issue of the appropriateness of being a paid consultant for one of the candidates and if that was the motivation for his attack on the 9-12 group, I got a response which was a criticism of  Matt Hurtt and the 9-12 group.

Despite feeling he did not actually answer the question I asked, not wanting the throw more gasoline on the fire I was going to just let this issue die, but after the recent revelation that Tim Rudd sought third party vetting, including supporting a 9-12 debate when it benefited the candidate he was supporting, I thought his response to my inquiry was relevant. 

His response is posted below.


I have made my position on vetting and the Republican Party's right to carry out the selection process of its nominees very clear for years. In the past I took that position to prevent Democrats crossing over to effect the outcome of an election or running rouge candidates to take away votes from another candidate. Since I'm on record for supporting closed primaries for this reason long before the Tea Party or 9/12 came into being, I think it would hypocritical to change my position now. The seasoning is sound. My position on this issue had nothing to do with any candidate I am currently working with since I've held this position for nearly two decades.

I have no objection to any group hosting a debate as long as that group is open, unbiased, fair and not intending to endorse. When the news media, Chamber of Commerce or the League of Women Voters hosts such events they do not usually endorse candidates. The specific problem I have with the Rutherford County 9/12 group is its leaders have been very open that they are supporting one candidate over another. Just as Republican candidates differ in their views and actions, so do organizations like 9/12. I think Lee Douglas and 9/12 groups throughout Middle Tennessee have done an excellent job and have been a pleasure to work with. The local Campaign for Liberty has been neutral and fair and has gone out of their way to be ethical. The same can be said regarding the local John Birch Society and the Middle Tennessee Tea Party (Volunteer Tea Party).

The local GOP has actually worked very well with members of the local 9/12 and Tea Party. It is the leadership and their tactics and siding with one campaign or another that has caused friction. If you disagree with them on any one issue you are the enemy, a Rhino or a part of the establishment. My differences are with the 9/12 leadership in Rutherford County only. I sincerely feel they have lost all credibility. The local 9/12 group is trying to make this more than it is. A local matter.

I took a personal position on an issue that I have long and publicly held. Now I find myself, my Party and those I work with under assault. Just for the record, I've not heard a single derogatory or negative comment from any Republican candidate I know regarding the 9/12 Project or Tea Party or their members.

Matthew Hurtt and I have a long, long antagonistic relationship. When he was in the MTSU College Republicans, he came to the local GOP and asked for us to help him raise funds for an alternative campus newspaper. He then used those funds to buy a laptop and printed a couple of issues. He used the issues to attack local elected officials and then did not understand why those same Republican officials would not give him more money to continue attacking them. I chastised him for attacking the Party for welcoming former Democrats who publicly and proudly embraced our conservative GOP principles. I pointed out that if we had rejected all Democrats that switched Parties, we would have had no Ronald Reagan.

He has attacked me ever since. I remember a day he came into the GOP office and set down in the corner twitting as a group of us were talking about issues and family. He spoke up and asked us about a rumor regarding a local elected official. We said we did not know and went back to our discussion. He then left.

Later that day I got a call from that elected official asking why I was meeting with Mr. Hurt and talking about her personal life. Matthew had tweeted he was in a meeting the Republican leaders and myself talking about those rumors. The lied and mislead people then and continues to do so to this day.  Mr. Hurt has a long history of attacking anyone and everyone he disagrees with. It is a shameful waste of talent.

Hope this answers your questions.

Tim Rudd
I still think Tim needs to answer the question: Was his attack on the 9-12 group motivated by his being a paid consultant for one of the candidates? 

Also, I think we should ask the State Party: Is it appropriate that a member of the State Executive Committee is allowed to be paid for work they do on behalf of a candidate in a Republican primary?  Should not members of the State Executive Committee refrain from openly supporting candidates in the primary?  

For more information on this controversy, see the following post:

SHIRLEY COLUMN: Rutherford County Republican leaders try to sink Tea Party's ship

J. Lee Douglas of 9-12 replies to Tim Rudd in open letter

Local Republicans divided over conservative organizations

Tim Rudd: I am not picking a fight with 9-12.

Who does Tim Rudd work for and is that the reason for the 9-12 letter?

A split in conservative ranks: Why is Tim Rudd picking a fight with 9/12?

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Susan Lynn announces re-election plans for District 57 State House seat

MOUNT JULIET, TN— Susan Lynn has officially announced her re-election plans for the House District 57 seat in the August Republican primary.

At a gathering of supporters and friends, Lynn stated, “As your representative, I worked hard every day to help our district. I returned your phone calls, answered your emails and helped you with your state government issues – it was one of the greatest privileges of my life. I hope to continue in the mission of public service on which I embarked when first elected in 2002.”

Lynn has earned a reputation for being a conservative champion of limited government, states’ rights, capitalism, and our constitutional freedoms. She mentioned several examples of her work such as the Regulatory Flexibility Act, Tennessee State Sovereignty Resolution, the Religious Freedom Protection Act and reducing the sales tax on food by a full 1 percent. Lynn stated that she is proud to share her conservative record at

Lynn continued, “I remain firmly against a state income tax, a firm advocate for 2nd Amendment Rights, and firmly committed to upholding the sanctity of life. I strongly supported education in our state and brought many much needed TDOT projects to our fast growing district including Mt. Juliet Road and Rt 109. The citizens of our district are conservative; I am proud to share my faithful conservative record with them."

Lynn served the 57th district from 2002-2010 in the State House. In 2009 she declared her candidacy for the 17th district State Senate seat after the incumbent senator announced her retirement. Some ten months later when the incumbent reversed that decision, Lynn found herself in an unfortunate primary that she did not want. Lynn did not reach an overall majority of votes but her numbers within the precincts of the 57th district were strong at 58 percent of the vote.

Lynn said, “I was both surprised and honored to receive such a sound endorsement from the people of the district. The voters know me and my faithful commitment to them, and it is the voters that have urged me to seek public office again."

This Session the General Assembly voted on a redistricting plan which takes effect after the November General Election. While Lynn’s residence hasn’t changed, the new district will border her back yard. Upon winning the primary, Lynn and her husband will establish residence within the upcoming legal boundaries before the general election.

Lynn wrapped up her remarks by stating “I ask for the honor of your vote which would allow me to serve you again in the Tennessee General Assembly. I truly did my best; working hard to be the most effective, attentive and responsive legislator; that commitment to you will never change. My past service has proven that I have the experience necessary to meet the many needs our area.”

Lynn is the manager of regulatory compliance at Simplicity Creative Group; owned by private investors the company makes over 20,000 products. As representative of the 57th district, Lynn served as the chairman of the House Government Operations Committee, a member of the House Calendar & Rules Committee, the House Commerce Committee and the Small Business Sub-Committee. Lynn served as National Chairman of the Commerce Insurance and Economic Development Task Force for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for four years. Lynn is a member of First Baptist Church in Mt. Juliet. A resident of Pointe Barton subdivision, Susan is married to Michael, her husband of 30 years. Both their son and his wife are Tech Sergeants in the Tennessee Air Guard, and their daughter and her husband work for Publix Supermarkets in the two Mt. Juliet locations. They also have a three-month-old grandson.

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Below are a batch of Council budget hearings. I watched most of the Mayor's budget hearing, but can not watch the Council budget hearings as fast as they are produced. In addition to blogging, I have a life. If anyone watches these and has an insight, please share it.

To really understand the difficult task facing the Council, one needs to watch the hearings. In addition to understanding the difficulty of cutting the budget, watching the hearing will reveal which council members are really studying the issue and thinking and asking the hard questions. I know their are questions, I would like to ask. I want to see if anyone ask them.

If I watch any of these and provide commentary I will update this post.


 This is one I want to watch. I am not convinced that the Farmers Market deserves a major increase in their subsidy. Farmers market has been terribly mismanaged. If they can't pay their operating cost, then cut them back; don't expand the subsidy. 

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