Saturday, July 28, 2012

Re-Elect Susan Lynn

Dear Friends,

Early voting ends today.  Voting today is from 8 am to 1 pm at the County Election Commission in Lebanon - Charlie Daniels Park in Mt. Juliet - and in Gladeville at the Gladeville Community Center. 
Early voting is going great – we are receiving a lot of positive thumbs up – waves – and many people stopping by to talk after their voting.
Election day is this Thursday, August 2nd, I ask for the honor of your vote to return as your representative in the General Assembly.

My opponent and the powerful McCall PAC sent out two more mailers this week.  They cover the same issues as the previous mailers. 

Please know…

• I voted against the driver’s certificates and I voted to take driver’s licenses away from illegal aliens...more.
• Not only did the Democrat majority never consider me influential enough to convince them to increase the state budget by $10 billion dollars – it did not grow by $10 billion dollars in eight years...more.
• I live in the 57th District – the new boundaries take effect on General Election night, Nov 6, 2012.  The Election Commission approved me for the ballot...more.
• I have NEVER voted for traffic cameras – Elam did not read the bills before she sent out her mailer – but Linda Elam is why we have them in Mt. Juliet today – she voted for them to be here...more.
• I was very careful to never vote for a tax increase. The bills she cites are local government  tax increases which only the local government and the people can pass – she is trying to blame ME for every local government tax increase in the state...more.

Homes with our sign continue to receive lit-drops of two ugly articles.  They are thrown in the driveway or placed on the mail box and even stuffed in their Tennessean.  A maroon truck with a middle aged man has been spotted. Please try to observe his license plate and or take a photo. To understand the origin of these articles please read - they were used in the 2010 State Senate race as well.

I continue to knock on doors every day after work (no, I am not actually a professional politician as my opponent has written - I do have a real job) – my team and I will reach 8000 doors today as we spend this last weekend making a final push. 
We have all lost weight and have deep suntans.  Again this year I am filled with tremendous gratitude for my friends who walk the district with me and for you – you have given us bottles of ice cold water during the weeks of 100+ degree weather, asked us into your air conditioned homes to cool off and we’ve had wonderful conversations.  
It is not a good feeling to have someone attempt to tear down your reputation – seven mailers is a lot – but thank you for recalling my conservative record and for reading the proofs on my website above.  Thank you for remembering our conversations, emails and letters. 
In my first Primary someone very wise told me "Susan, you've got to have faith in the voters - they figure things out and if it doesn't ring true they know it."  In the midst of the storm – to go out and knock on doors and talk to you is the best experience I could ever have…thank you.

I am very grateful for the following endorsements and ratings:
  • The Tennessee Republican Assembly, The conservative wing of the Republican Party.
  • NRA PVF, 'A' Rating from the NRA PVF. 100% Pro-Second Amendment record.
  • Tennessee Right to Life,100% Pro-life record.  Pro-life bill sponsor.
  • The Nashville Tennessean endorsed me in the race writing: "Susan Lynn was an excellent legislator during her four terms and would improve the debate in the House."
My opponent is being funded by A.J. McCall, his family and his powerful PAC.   They have contributed $25,000 of their own money – spent $11,000 on mailers and they have provided over $7000 to my opponent’s campaign account.
We have one last mailer this week, we are up on cable but we’d like to finish out with some newspaper ads and are in need of about $400 more dollars for these. 
Please contribute what you can at and click donate.
Again; please share our new webpage with your friends who may not know the truth about my opponent’s attacks: and or this email.

In conclusion, we are doing great. The race is almost over.  I ask for your vote and please ask your friends to get out and vote too.  As always, if I can do anything to help you, please do not hesitate to call.

Susan Lynn

We need good people like Susan Lynn in the State Legislature. Vote and please donate, Rod

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Taxi Licensing Commission still dysfunctional and unconcerned

by Daniel Horwitz

The Metro Taxi Licensing Commission met Thursday and here are a few interesting things that occurred that the Commissioners could not have appeared to care less about:

Cab Companies Continued to whine about competition

Notwithstanding the existing cab companies' repeated assurances that no new cab companies are necessary because they are already providing exceptional customer service to the people of Nashville, the RPM taxi report very explicitly and quite scathingly concluded that "[n]o company was exempt from poor service— there were multiple instances of poor service on rides from all of the companies" (p. 3-24).  Additionally, given that RPM's secret shoppers also concluded that "United Cab’s arrival time also appeared to be longer than the other taxi companies," that "United Cab drivers were more often found to be either refusing credit cards or very reluctant to accept them," and that United Cab's atrocious customer service was the "most egregious of all" because its drivers "would appear to be routinely overcharging their unsuspecting customers" (p. 3-24), today's comments from the United Cab executive who cried that the closed industry was being unfairly crucified by the media were particularly entertaining.  

Cab company owners can continue to whine about the extreme unfairness of having some potential competition in Nashville's taxi industry, but for years now they've enjoyed all the profit without doing any of the work.  As I've previously noted in great detail, the only people who do any work or take any risks at all are the drivers themselves.  

Cab company owners continue to lie about their "fleets"

There is really no other way to say this, but when cab company owners like Taxi USA's Michael Solomon and Checker Cab's Mulugeta Abebe make grand promises about their "fleets" of taxis, they are lying.  These owners don't actually own any cabs.  They merely own the permits that give people the lawful ability to drive cabs, and they sublease these permits to actual cab drivers for between $150 and $205 per week (p. 1-4).  In sum, the five current "cab companies" in Nashville (which, it should be noted, actually describe themselves as "franchising companies") are outrageously profitable but completely unnecessary middle men who provide absolutely no goods or services whatsoever to the community.  

If we're going to be dealing with facts, there are 585 total permitted cabs in Nashville, and the RPM transportation consultants clearly stated that "virtually all of the regular taxicabs are owned by the taxi drivers" (p. 3-1)-- leaving very little room left for any of the current cab company owners' aforementioned "fleets."  Perhaps notably, the study also found that Taxi USA-- Nashville's biggest cab company by far with 205 taxi permits (p. 3-1)-- has only "one company-owned sedan" (p. 3-3).  

MTLC continues to defer new cab permits

The Volunteer Taxi drivers first submitted their permit application in November 2011.  At the November 2011 hearing, the TLC deferred its decision on their application to December 2011.  At the December 2011 hearing, the TLC then placed two future conditions on the granting of Volunteer Taxi's permits, and deferred a final decision until June 2012.  At the June 2012 hearing, the TLC then deferred its decision until today, July 26th.  Today, after wasting hundreds of people's time for about three hours, the TLC again decided to defer a final decision until August, citing their own failure to provide adequate public notice for today's hearing.  

I'm generally very supportive of public servants who volunteer their time for the good of the community, and I don't want to allege bad faith without any specific basis for believing that there's something illicit going on behind the scenes, but this is beyond ridiculous.  Either do the job, or step aside and let someone else do it.  

Daniel Horwitz is a third year law student at Vanderbilt University Law School, where he is the Vice President of Law Students for Social Justice.  He can be contacted at

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Tennessee statesmen endorse Charles Williamson

Endorsements Announced for State House 50 Candidate

Spiral Stairs glance right.JPG
Charles Williamson
Nashville, TN --- An impressive group of dignified Tennesseans have announced their support of businessman Charles Williamson for State Representative. Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn, State Senators Ben and Sue Atchley, and Representative Frank Niceley have announced their endorsements.

“I am always glad to speak out for a candidate who will do an outstanding job in office, someone who I believe stands for what is best for the people of Tennessee.  In the case of Charles Williamson, I am particularly honored to be able to encourage my fellow Republicans to support such a great candidate.
As a geologist, farmer, and small businessman, Charles will bring real world experience and valuable skills to the major issues facing the Tennessee House of Representatives.  As a person, I know Charles to be honest and principled, and he will put the good of the people over special interests.
I am proud to call Charles my friend and to ask you to support him for State Representative.” 
Winfield Dunn, Governor of Tennessee (1971-1975)
“We know how important it is to have lawmakers who have real-world experience and who understand the impact of government on Tennessee’s economy. Tennessee needs more citizen-legislators who will fight for the voters and not for special interests. Charles Williamson is a hard-working small businessman and farmer.  These skills and experiences have prepared him to be an outstanding representative of the people. Further, he has the rock-solid character to help restore respect for state government in Tennessee. If we had more people like Charles Williamson as legislators during the income tax fights, we would have stopped it in the first year. “We both strongly endorse Charles Williamson for State Representative in District 50.  Charles will be a legislator who will make Tennessee proud.”
Senator Ben Atchley, Senate Republican Leader (1986-2004)
Senator Sue Atchley, State Senator (2011)
“As a longtime Tennessee businessman, and with his involvement in agriculture as a farmer and rancher, Charles Williamson has experience that will offer Tennessee a unique balanced perspective. This is a rare quality and one that will serve Charles well as a Tennessee legislator. I highly recommend Charles to the voters of District 50.”
Representative Frank Niceley of Knoxville,
Chair of the House Agriculture Committee.

A registered professional geologist, Charles Williamson is president of Geotechnical Environmental Services, Inc. and owner of Rockdale Ranch in Goodlettsville where he raises a herd of American Bison. Williamson is running for State House in District 50. The sprawling district encompasses Joelton, Scottsboro, Goodlettsville, Bellevue and parts of West Nashville. The House 50 seat is open as a result of the retirement of Gary Moore.

Williamson is also endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and was the winner of the Davidson County Republican Party’s annual Straw Poll with 73% of the vote.

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Dean camp financially backed 'grassroots' pro-tax hike coalition | Nashville City Paper

Dean camp financially backed 'grassroots' pro-tax hike coalition | Nashville City Paper

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 10:31pm
The pro-property tax increase group that called itself a “grassroots coalition” supporting key investments for Nashville’s future received $26,000 from Mayor Karl Dean’s campaign coffers, his mid-year financial disclosure reveals.

Moving Nashville Forward — which rallied support for the mayor’s 53-cent property tax hike in advance of the council’s final approval on June 19 — collected donations from others as well, former Metro Councilman Erik Cole, who led the organization’s efforts, told The City Paper. But the mayor’s contribution was the largest.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey endorses Rep. Diane Black for re-election

NASHVILLE -- Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Tennessee) today announced his endorsement of Rep. Diane Black (R- Tennessee) for re-election to Congress.

“Ever since I have known Diane Black, she has been fighting for the conservative values Tennesseans hold dear,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “She was pivotal in denying liberals their dream of an income tax in Tennessee and stood up for the pro-life cause before it was fashionable.”

“In Congress, Diane has continued her conservative leadership fighting against Obamacare, for balanced budgets and limited government,” Ramsey continued.

“The fact of the matter is that Diane was conservative before being conservative was cool. She was championing the issues the tea party holds dear before the movement even had a name,” explained Ramsey. “Diane was essential to creating our successful Republican Majority here in Tennessee and I am thankful she has brought a much needed dose of Tennessee wisdom to D.C.  In the fight against liberals like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid there is no one I’d rather have on my side than Diane Black,” Ramsey concluded.

Black is running for re-election in the newly drawn 6th Congressional District, which includes the following seventeen counties Cumberland, Cannon, Clay, Coffee, DeKalb, Fentress, Jackson, Macon, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, White and Wilson counties and a portion of Cheatham and Van Buren counties.

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Dr. Art Laffer endorces Debra Maggart

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.--With election day fast approaching in Sumner County, Representative Debra Maggart (R--Hendersonville), the conservative candidate for Tennessee House of Represenatives, was pleased to receive the endorsement of a leading figure in the conservative movement.
Dr. Art Laffer, the father of supply-side economics and founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, threw his support behind Maggart in her race for the 45th House District.
"I support proven fighters for pro-growth economic policies in Tennessee. While Washington continually eschews its fiscal responsibilities for our nation, Tennessee has become a model for how government should conduct itself, stated Laffer. "In the last two years, we have witnessed the elimination of the death tax, the repeal of the gift tax, and a commitment to forever ban a state income tax. Coupled with Tennessee's right to work status, these moves are helping make Tennessee one of the nation’s premier locations for new jobs and have driven the unemployment rate below the national average."
He continued, "Tennesseans owe a debt of gratitude to Debra Maggart for these victories. Under her leadership as House Republican Caucus Chairman, the General Assembly has advanced the cause of economic freedom to lengths unseen in the modern era. Representative Maggart is a proven fighter for principle--our principles. That is why I give her my full endorsement in the 45th House District. With so much uncertainty coming from Washington, now is the time to re-elect those leaders who have helped reform Tennessee for the better. Debra Maggart is certainly one of those leaders."
Maggart said, "It is an honor to have the support of such a luminary in economics for my campaign. In my time as a legislator, we have cut taxes, kept our budget balanced, and have seen our economy improve. This is the recipe for success that is at the heart of Dr. Laffer's beliefs. Sumner County voters have 
Dr. Laffer currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he is the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an institutional economic research and consulting firm, as well as Laffer Investments, an institutional investment management firm utilizing diverse investment strategies. The firms provide research and investment management services to a diverse group of clients, which includes institutions, pension funds, corporations, endowments, foundations, individuals and others.

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The line between bigotry and concern

Crossing the line between concern and
... State Executive Committee take some kind of action against Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, a Republican, because-among other things, Haslam hired a “specialist in Sharia law” to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development ...

....Healthy concern about those who would sympathize and collaborate with the enemies of America is quite a bit different from open religious bigotry against someone because they are a Muslim, and advocating apparent discrimination against them because of their religious beliefs. However, it would seem that we may have an ever-widening group of people that are simply making the assumption that if a person is a Muslim, they are the enemy because of their religion alone....

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Obama's "Dreams from my Father," is not the American Dream

Fantastic movie!
Last night I went to Opry Mills cinema to watch a screening of Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary, 2016 Obama's America.

Me with Dinesh D'Souza
Obama has been President for three years but most Americans know less about him than any other American President. This documentary by Dinesh D'Souza based on his book, The Roots of Obama's Rage explores Obama's influences and associations. D'Souza examines Obama's own autobiography, Dreams from my Father, for clues to what made Obama the person that he is. He travels to Kenya, Nigeria, Hawaii, and Indonesia and interviews Obama's  family and those who knew him and looks at the societies and era in which he grew up and examines the influence of the father that he hardly knew.

This documentary may have the power to change people's mind about Obama if they can be persuaded to watch it. Anyone who wants a better understanding of President Obama and why he pursues the policies he does, should watch this movie! Highly recommended! Coming soon to a theater near you.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minutemen continue the attack on King George Loyalist

Maury County Republicans join the rebellion.
GOP resolution aimed at Sharia Law | Columbia Daily HeraldThe Maury County resolution states that Ali is a “Sharia Finance specialist,” which could require her to promote political Sharia law. “Governor Haslam has ...

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Woody Degan gets the "pants on fire" rating from PolitiFact

Candidate says state hired Vanderbilt alum to make department of economic ...PolitiFact
Bill Haslam has appointed a director at the state Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) who Degan says specializes in "Sharia compliance" and is working to make the agency "Sharia compliant" in order to "go after Sharia money." Here is ...

Clint Brewer, ECD’s assistant commissioner for communications, wrote in an email that Degan’s assertions are false.

"Samar Ali was hired to be ECD’s international director. Her job duties are to manage the TNTrade export program and to supervise our four international offices in Germany, Japan, China and Canada." He added: "There is no part of her job -- or any department operations -- that involves Shariah compliant finance or Shariah law."

Brewer also said there is no such effort under way, or planned, to make the agency Sharia compliant. "None whatsoever nor will there be any," he said.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Cheers for 9-12 Project

by Gene Wisdom

Gene Wisdom
It was with mixed feelings that I read through Lee Douglas’s email posted here which also appeared in my Inbox.And it was with somewhat less mixed feelings that I read Rod’s response to it. 

First of all, Lee’s motivations and those of the 9-12 group are nothing to instill fear in the minds of liberty-lovers.  Their concern is to protect our freedom from expansive government as well as some threats to our nation’s survival.  I disagree with some of their legislative priorities, such as the so-called Sheriff’s Bill in Tennessee, which as I understand would require federal law enforcement to notify a local sheriff before they perform a raid or execute a warrant.  

 As a Constitutionalist conservative I believe that it is in violation of the supremacy clause of the Constitution as well as the principle of federalism.  In my brief email discussion last year with its chief sponsor, state Senator Stacy Campfield, when I raised these issues he said that it is supported by Printz v. United States, a Supreme Court decision.  I read that decision and see no basis there for this bill.  That decision is regarding unfunded mandates, in that case commanding state and local law enforcement officers to conduct background checks on prospective handgun purchasers.  When I mentioned this out along with several other passages from the Court’s decision in that case Sen. Campfield chose not to respond further.

I also disagree with 9-12’s focus on Agenda 21, an opposition which is rooted in the fever swamps of the John Birch Society.  My knowledge of that issue is admittedly sparse so I’ll defer to Rod, who has taken a close look at it.  I’ll certainly agree that Lee’s group is more familiar with it than I but the roots in JBS conspiracy “thought” is unmistakeable.

Those differences aside, 9-12 is grounded in a view of limited government inspired by the Founding Fathers.  While I disagree with them on some of the legislative direction they take from that foundation it is clearly rooted in principles we should all recognize as conservative—smaller government, distrust of internationalist institutions, lower taxes and government spending.

I guess my point of departure, besides the specific legislative issues above, is the vitriol with which they label those who disagree or “fall short” of their own devotion.  The Republican Party as “those loyal to King George”?  The “treasonous votes and behavior” of “rogue officials”?  Rogue?  That’s no big deal—lots of folks in politics wear it as a badge of honor such as the sweetheart of some of those in the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, who said she was Going Rogue.  But “treasonous”?  That is a highly defamatory term if there is not some serious evidence behind it.  At least the Founders gave us a long list of “injuries and usurpations” by the King. 

On one point of disagreement with my friend Rod, I do believe that 9-12 is correct in its concerns about Muslim influences within state government—and national.  Although I have not educated myself about the specifics of the individual noted in 9-12’s full page ad in The Tennesseean (seen at this link:, I am well aware of the threat posed by Muslims within our country and their devotion to imposing Sharia law.  That awareness is largely due to 9-12 (and ACT for America)-sponsored local events featuring well-informed speakers, including a former Muslim cleric.  It is a danger about which I wish Rod would seek to become better informed through a variety of excellent conservative—and non-fevered—sources.  Rod’s ignorance about it, however, is not due to a lesser love for this country (he served our country in the Army in Vietnam--toward which this peacetime Navy man renders a smart salute and deep thanks) or an unconcern over its security.

9-12 is also to be applauded for its conservative orientation on social issues though I confess ignorance as to the extent of its direct involvement on them.  Rod and I disagree, I believe, on whether social conservatives should be welcome within the Republican Party.  Or maybe Rod believes they should just keep quiet.  I will detail more on my position in a separate essay here and perhaps Rod will engage me in debate on this, here on his blog. 

Regarding Kevin Kookogey’s role in the intra-GOP controversy I have no specific knowledge other than having met Mr. Kookogey at a local Heritage Foundation event.  I found him to be a soft-spoken very well informed conservative.  One to whom a Republican Party looking for strong roots in its conservative base should listen.

My hope is that 9-12’ers don’t, as Lee’s email suggests, define “moderate” necessarily as “unprincipled”.  The equation is sometimes well-placed, as in the case of our two U.S. Senators.  Sen. Corker’s national reputation as a bargainer and a dealer far surpasses any regard for him as a leader of principle.  A choice, seeking conservative principles, between him and a Jim Demint (Republican Senator from South Carolina and founder of the Senate Conservatives Fund) would find Mr. Corker back in business as a home builder in Chattanooga. There are others who I consider “moderately conservative” such as Rod, however, who, while he may not peg out as a 100 on a conservative index, is grounded in good common sense with conservative instincts and principles.  Such moderation in my view calls for education and persuasion, not reproach (that means I’m gonna keep working on you, Rod).      

It is my hope that 9-12 will welcome debate within its ranks.  I understand it is not a discussion forum such as (shameless plug here) a group I belong to, Conservative Fusion (www.meetup/ConservativeFusion) but is rather an activist group focused on an agenda as such groups are.  I hope that there is room, however, for principled, thoughtful debate that doesn’t define someone as “outside” for holding a position contrary to its program.  Both sides should listen. 

Lee, meet Rod.  Rod, meet Lee.    

Gene Wisdom is an Alabama native but has lived in the Nashville area since 2007. He, his wife Vicki, and their dog Savannah live near Nolensville.  Gene is a conservative activist and leads the Conservative Fusion Book Club. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

J. Lee Douglas says, "Minute Men should see the Republican Party as those loyal to King George."

The division within the Republican Party has become a chasm. It is now a public conflict. I wonder if the Party's period of ascendancy is coming to an end. Is there anything that can heal this divide?  Will independents and moderates vote for a candidate of a Republican Party dominated by conspiracy theorist and zealots? Democrats should be dancing in the streets. I welcome comments or if anyone has insight as to the state of this conflict within the Party and what it means for the future, I would welcome hearing from you.  To submit an essay for publication, please email me at
I am posting the complete text of an email I received today from J. Lee Douglas, Chairman of the local 9-12 project.  Rod
  • J Lee Douglas
Sunday, July 22, 2012 9:23 PM 

Drawing a parallel between our struggle here in America and the Minute Men should see the Republican Party as those loyal to King George.  The progressives and liberals who have dominated Congress along with many US Presidents are the armies of the King.

Complaints and feeble efforts at acceptable negotiations always failed as often in 1774 as they do for us but as it always happens, everyone wises up to the reality that the formal pleasantries eventually cease and more direct words are spoken. We're drawing near to that where the gloves start to come off as they did this week end with the governor who said of us:  
FRANKLIN — County Republicans in recent days have twice fired across the bow of Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration, accusing the state’s top GOP leader of getting into bed with Muslim extremists.
In the face of that criticism, Haslam met with several of Williamson County’s most prominent Republicans for lunch at a busy downtown restaurant in Franklin. While sipping a glass of iced tea in the crowded dining room of Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant on Thursday, the governor said his critics deserve little of his time. 

“I think that probably speaks to a pretty small survey of Republicans here,” Haslam said of the Williamson County Republican Party’s jabs. 

Last week, Haslam received more than a handful of resolutions adopted by county-level Republican offices across the state skewering him for employing gay, Muslim and Democratic workers. In Williamson County, where Haslam received 79 percent of the vote in the 2010 general election, local GOP officials focused on Samar Ali, a Muslim-American attorney in the Department of Economic and Community Development.
On Friday, in a full-page advertisement in The Tennessean, a strongly worded letter to the governor warned him not to ignore their message. The ad was paid for by the Tennessee chapter of the 912 Project and championed the Williamson County Republican Party, among others, for having the courage to “break ranks” with party loyalists. 

“We are not afraid and we won’t be intimidated,” the ad stated. “We declare our intentions to reclaim what is rightfully and Constitutionally ours, given by God and won through the blood of Americans. As of today, the choice is still in your hands. Choose the way of common sense while that option is still available.”

In the first weeks of becoming the 912ers when we met at my house it was nearly unanimous that we'd not form a 3rd party, that we'd be even more useless as Democrats and therefore our only real choice was to get involved with the Republican party and infuse our attitudes, values, and inflexible demands that the party live up to its claim to small government. 

I hate confrontation and naively hoped that through a simple electoral process that we'd put in enough reliable candidates who'd truly represent us and now I can see that that is what we're doing right now but it is not without confrontation.

It has taken us 3 years to get to the place that we've finally drawn the line and said that we're going to wear that name that the media placed on us: Intolerant, by no longer tolerating moderate, unprincipled Republican officials.

The governor, the state party chieftain, fired his shot over our bow by declaring us fringe and small, of no consequence.  I'll bet you last November on 2010 he wasn't thinking of us and groups like ours as of no consequence. 
This is the most important time now in 3 years to get involved locally to help the candidates and most of the help needs to go to those candidates who share our values whose primary will be the only contest they have.  If we do not prevail in these elections, we'll have to grow more and wait another 2 years to do what needs to be done. 

One of the people who I think must be strained by the sudden and public clash is our own Keven K who is chair of the Williamson GOP because nearly two years ago the 912ers showed up and voted him into his office.  He has not let us down but he is being slapped around and criticized because he stuck to the principles he promoted when he was just another nobody, albeit, unhated nobody.
In our county, Kevin is being assaulted and isolated by, who else, the local republicans who did not agree with our Resolution and are of a mind set to speak no evil of their fellow Republican.  You know how much I love the Gipper but on this, he was wrong and it kept the rogue officials from being called out for their treasonous votes and behavior. 

We unite on principle, love, and faith.  We love God and we love principle more than we love loyalty.  Loyalty is important but it isn't first and anyone attempting to unite on the basis of loyalty in disregard of principle will continue to get us our Lugars and McCains. 

Part of the ammunition being used by the establishment in our county GOP is donations, money.  Some are criticizing Kevin's bold leadership because some of the more establishment oriented and wealthier members are offended at the changes you and I are bringing.  Some are busy and gullible, willing to accept what the establishment advises.  To their ears, it's familiar. 

There are some who have begun to return to the table because they can see a returning to those principles in their own party that they once saw back in the Gipper's day.  Where will those go who don't come back now?  To the Democrats?  I don't think so, do you?  If they do, they were never part of us for principle but for position and power. 

An event is being held this Thursday evening to raise some dollars to keep the county office open.  I ask that you purchase a ticket and go to support the good changes coming.  From Williamson County, other county GOPs will happen. 
I've had a flood of Emails today from other county GOPs who want to walk with us hand in hand.  Like you, they get it about Sharia.  You'll see in the coming 1-2 weeks (if the media report it) other GOPs sending Governor Haslam their own Resolutions, criticizing him for failing to be a true conservative as he described himself to many of us, face to face.
I had a man today call me from Columbia.  He's a self described atheist who saw our Resolution and wanted to tell us how grateful he was to see someone standing up for what he knew was going on.  It was very gratifying.  Like him, there'll be others.

If you cannot afford the $50 ticket to go to the Thursday night event, why don't five of you chip in $10 each and send one person in your name?
If we're going to see to it that the GOP truly represents us, we're all going to have to be diligent to safeguard our freedom for our children for a long time.

Please join the
Williamson county Republican Party
for an evening with CANDIDATES
Representative charles sargent and
Rob Hathaway, district 61
Jeremy durham, dennis kiser and
Kenny young, district 65
Judge elect mike binkley (21st judicial district)
Thursday July 26th
From 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
706 Sinclair Circle
Brentwood, Tennessee
$50 per person includes drinks (Beer, wine, soda)
And hors d’oeuvres.
Featuring music by  Kayla.

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Free Private Screening of the Movie 2016: Obama's America by Dinesh D'Souza

Special Offer!! Free Private Screening of the Movie 2016: Obama's America by Dinesh D'Souza - This Wednesday 7:30PM July 25 at the Opry Mills Theater in Nashville - Hear Dinesh d'Souza in person

Compliments of the Michael Berry Show - Seats are limited

Register at this website
http://TN2016.DOATTEND.COM/  Password: TN2016

Official Movie Website:  Trailer:

I don't know if you can still get a free ticket or not, but give it a try. I saw Dinesh D'Souza speak at Vanderbilt a few months ago. He is one of my favorite conservative commentators. He is brilliant. I am sure anything he is associated with is quality. Rod

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Tennessean endorsements in state House primary contests.

Many in House face primary challenges

I have never understood how a newspaper could make endorsements in both a Republican Primary and a Democrat Primary, but they do. Since I know the Tennessean is essentially a liberal Democrat newspaper, I take their endorsements with a grain of salt. I assume they still influence voters however, even in the Republican primary.

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GOP 5th Congressional Primary candidates profiled

Our GOP  Candidates For The 5th Congressional  Primary are profiled in today's Tennessean: Our candidates are a "colorful crew."  link

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Disgusting Aurora Colorado shooting theory

For those who only get their news from the mainstream press, you may not know of some of the political undercurrents and conspiracy theories that are bubbling beneath the surface. Agenda 21 was a topic of the extreme right-wing long before it made news.  Everyone is aware of the theory that 9-11 was an inside job.  That theory not only is popular among the left but also among the right-wing fringe.

The terrible tragedy of Aurora Colorado is already being attributed to a government plot. The theory is that the Obama administration was behind it in order to create an anti-gun public outcry in order to provide the votes he needed to pass the UN Small Arms Treaty so he can take away our Second Amendment rights.

I want to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious. I accept that the second of the Gulf of Tonkin incidents may not have occurred as reported. The case for war in Iraq was partially based on false information.  There have been other secret operation where the government did not tell us the truth.  Our government has lied to us.

However, I do not think FDR knew about Pearl Harbor in advance and allowed it to happen so he could get us into World War II.  I do not think the CIA was behind the assassination of JFK because JFK was going to end the Vietnam war. I do not think Oklahoma City was an inside job, nor do I think 9-11 was an inside job.

Now, I do not like President Obama. I doubt he respects the Second Amendment. I think he is leading our Country in a very wrong direction. With four more years of Obama, the things that make America a unique nation in the world may be lost forever.  However, I do not think he is a monster capable of authorizing a mass murder for political gain. I think it takes a sick mind to suspect that the Aurora Colorado shooting was a government operation.

I am providing this information just so you will know how some Americans reason and how much they despise our government. The Internet makes it possible for people to get information and opinion faster than ever and fuels conspiracy theories in real time.

Prison » Our Government is the Number One Suspect
By adans
July 21, 2012 at 11:24 pm. hell yeah this is staged terrorism to push THEIR AGENDA, gun control. DHS bought 200 million plus 450 million rounds of .40 ca hollowpoints, they cant be used in overseas actions for being deemed inhumane war ...

Here is another: Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

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