Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kathleen Starnes' farewell address

Farewell address of Kathleen Starnes delivered at the 2013 Davidson County Republican Party Convention.

Thank you Jim Gotto.

You and your team have done and outstanding job with our caucus and convention this year. Thank you.

Now if you will indulge me, I would like to share with you what has been going on these last four years.

I have had the pleasure and challenge of serving as your Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party. Many of you heard my announcement speech four years ago, where I shared my vision for the Davidson County Republican Party. I was labeled as an “Old Guard” then, so I had to prove that I had a new vision. And I shared that vision:
  • To energize the County Party by engaging the base through outreach and involvement!
  • To increase our party’s representation in the state legislature.
  • To Increase our technology and improve communications.
Thru the diligent work of the Executive Board we implemented those new visions into accomplished goals. Here are some of our accomplishments:
  • Established Breakfast Summits throughout Davidson County to reach the grassroots.
  • Encouraged and supported candidates to run for offices in all open possibilities.
  • Established our 7 Regional Vice-Chairs to be the eyes and ears of the voters.
  • Fought to “Save the Fairgrounds.”
  • Raise the bar in The Metro Council by electing and supporting great candidates.
  • Established a Chairman Circle with members contributing $1000 each for 2 years, // which established a financial base.
  • Set-up a GOP office for 2 years and made thousands of campaign phone calls for the 2010 elections and fed lots hungry college students.
  • Re-vitalized the College Republicans on the Vanderbilt Campus and tapped into their energy and allowed them work opportunities in all aspects of the political campaign world.
  •  Re-established the Reagan Day Dinner in 2010 followed by successful DCRP Picnics every summer.
  • In 2012 we established 3 store fronts to support our legislative and federal candidates and made over 70,000 phone calls.
Because of our successes with the Chairman’s Circle, Reagan Day,  Picnics,  and storefront Headquarters, we were financially able to support our local and state candidates…..AND we are able to leave our new officers in good and positive financial shape.

Davidson County is a melting pot of many conservative groups and with outreach we involved ourselves with most of these groups. We need to make every effort to connect with all of our conservative voters. As President Reagan stated the 80/20 rule……"The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally -- not a 20 percent traitor." 

We are doing a much better job of our technology communications thru our website, constant contact, social media tools of Facebook and Twitter but there is always room for improvement and growth.

We increased our representation majority in the State House in 2010 and again in the Senate in 2012.

Thank You  to all of the candidates who put their daily lives on hold to follow their political ambitions and serve us, the citizens. And a special thank you to all of the volunteers who knocked on doors, made numerous and exhausting phone calls, and financial contributions or gift in kinds for our candidates. We won some…..and  we lost a few. We shall rebound in 2014.

2013 is a rebuilding year, to make clear our message to the voters that we are ALL about “a hand up”.

2014 brings Senate, Congressional and State Representatives races and AGAIN our opportunity to increase this majority.

In Closing:  A special thanks to my bookend, Beth Campbell, who taught me how to spell "Politics."

A special thanks to my husband, Larry Maxwell, for his patience and support over these last four years. It has allowed me the numerous hours to accomplish these goals.

Thank you all for the opportunity to make the Davidson County Republican Party a viable party, where good candidates can have a good start in campaigning, make a difference in sharing party values and their goals and know that the party will have their back.

The next two years are crucial to Davidson County and I charge you to continue your support in leading the Davidson County Republican Party to more winning years ahead.

My Comment:  Kathleen Starnes has been a great leader these last four years.  She was the right person at the right time to lead our party.  We owe her a debt of gratitude and a big round of applause. 

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The 2013 Davidson County Republican Party convention in photos

checking credentials

Jim Gotto, former Metro Councilman and former State Representative
chaired the Contest and Credentials committee responsible for conducting the
caucus and  convention. He did a great job. Everything went smooth and ran on time.

Election Commissioner Steve
Abernathy spoke about his
fight to ensure only American
citizens are allowed to vote
in our elections.

Kathleen Starnes delivers her farewell address.
The Party has made tremendous strides under
her capable leadership.

Tootie Haskins served as speech
time-keeper and Sergeant-at-Arms

Dan Davis making his speech seeking the position of Party Chair.
Dan had served as First Vice Chair. Robert Duvall was elected
new party Chairman.

Robert Duvall delivers his speech prior to
the vote that elected him Chairman.

Stacy Ries Snyder elected
First Vice Chair

Connie Allison
Places in nomination
Tony Roberts for
2nd Vice Chair

Tony Roberts is elected 2ndVice Chair, out polling
 Pat Carl my only one vote.

New Party Chair Robert Duvall
and outgoing Chair Kathleen Starnes

Pat Carl was reelected as
a regional vice chair

Robert Duvall and reelected
regional vice chair Lonnie Spivak

The new Davidson County Executive Committee. (I know all but a couple of the names so am not going to name them at this time)

Councilmember Davette Blalock (front)
Kathleen Starnes talks with Jim Gotto

Former Executive Committee member
Barry Donegan
Me (Rod Williams)

All photos are by Randy Foster. Thank you Randy,

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Robert Duvall elected Chair of GOP Nashville

At the Davidson County Republican Party convention today, Councilman Robert Duvall (left) was elected Party Chairman. Stacy Ries Synder (enter) was elected First Vice-Chair and Tony Roberts (right) was reelected to position of Second Vice-Chair. (photo by Randy Foster)

The county party also elected the following officers and regional vice chairs:

1st Vice Chair — Stacy Ries Snyder

2nd Vice Chair — Tony Roberts

Communications Secretary — Tonya Miller

Recording Secretary — Kathy Langan

Treasurer — Chuck Nabb

Vice Treasurer  — Sabrina Orr

Regional vice Chairs

North — George Rand

North Central — Kay Brooks

South — John Bulla

East — Bruce Patterson

Southeast— Pat Carl

South Central — Diane Ries

West — Lonnie Spivak

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Poll questions: Should election commissions check the citizenship of foreign-born voters?

Below is a link to an article appearing  in the Tennessean on Friday concerning the issue of non-citizens being registered to vote in our elections.  At the end of the article is a poll that ask you to vote on the question, “Should election commissioners check the citizenship of foreign-born voters?
Please go to the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and cast your vote today: Citizenship review of new foreign-born voters is dropped.

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The Quest for Community, by Robert Nisbet

The Quest for Community, by Robert Nisbet will be the next selection of the Conservative Fusion book club. At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in DC, this was the only book made the subject of a panel discussion in the Intercollegiate Studies Institute series of meetings there. A conservative classic, it will be thought provoking to both the libertarian and the traditionalist.

The Quest for Community: A Study in the Ethics of Order and ...  - One of the leading thinkers to emerge in the postwar conservative intellectual revival was the sociologist Robert Nisbet. His book The Quest for Community, published in 1953, stands as one of the most persuasive accounts of the dilemmas confronting modern society. 
Nearly a half century before Robert Putnam documented the atomization of society in Bowling Alone, Nisbet argued that the rise of the powerful modern state had eroded the sources of community—the family, the neighborhood, the church, the guild. Alienation and loneliness inevitably resulted. But as the traditional ties that bind fell away, the human impulse toward community led people to turn even more to the government itself, allowing statism—even totalitarianism—to flourish. 
ISI Books is proud to present this new edition of Nisbet’s magnum opus, featuring a brilliant introduction by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and three critical essays. Published at a time when our communal life has only grown weaker and when many Americans display cultish enthusiasm for a charismatic president, this new edition of The Quest for Community shows that Nisbet’s insights are as relevant today as ever.
I look forward to reading and discussing this book. Please order the book, read it and join the discussion. The next meeting of Conservative Fusion will be Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Meetings are from 7PM-9PM. Sign up at this link: Conservative Fusion.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Davidson County Republican Party Convention Sat. March 23rd

Saturday, March 23, 2013, Ed Jones Auditorium, Ellington Agricultural Center, 440 Hogan Road.
Registration: 8:15 AM, Meeting Promptly 9:00 AM. You must be a delegate to attend this Convention. At the Convention you will vote for the Executive Officers.

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Robert Duvall seeks Chairman of GOP Nashville

 From Robert Duvall
March 22, 2013
Dear 2013 DCRP Delegates,

Below you will find a bullet point Bio regarding me.  The list should give you a solid overview of my background, successes, leadership, and support the fact that I have been out front in many issues that affect our day to day lives in Davidson County.

While I prefer to not “beat my chest”; I do want to bring to the attention of all delegates that the key to any success in Davidson County will be leadership.  I have a proven demonstrated record of leadership among the organizations I am a member, as well as in the offices I have held.  

We must build on the foundation provided by those that have preceded us.  Organization of the local party is a major factor in achieving success.  Fundraising is absolutely essential, and vetting viable candidates for targeted offices provides us with the opportunity to elect those of our own.
There are three key facets to our plan.
1.    Membership
2.    Fundraising
3.    Viable Candidates

Speaking to those three topics:
1.    Membership 
       a.    We must initiate our ability to utilize electronic data and capture Republican’s in our data base
       b.    We must communicate with them and we must make them part of the Republican family.  
             i.    We will initiate with the Boards support a monthly newsletter related to our meetings. 
             ii.    We will begin to hold monthly membership meetings with keynote speakers to help with membership drives, recruitment, and fulfill a feeling of actually belonging to Republican Party organization.
2.    Fundraising 
      a.    We need to hold a major fundraising event quarterly.     
              i.    This effort will take the full support of the Board, but the life of our organization and the support of our candidates are directly related to our ability to effectively raise money.
3.    Viable Candidates 
     a.    We must identify local 2014 candidates,  
            i.    We have a minimum of two House seats that can be won in 2014.  I am certain other races will also bubble to the top. 
           b.    We must be also working toward the Metro Council elections in 2015.  Sourcing viable candidates is essential to our success.  It is absolutely ludicrous we have Liberal Council Members in predominant Conservative neighborhoods of Davidson County.
I hope this information provides you with a “thumbnail sketch” of where we need to go as an rganization.  The rest is in your hands Saturday morning.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.
A brief bullet point Bio is listed below.
Candidate DCRP Chairman
Councilman, Council District 33
208 Cambridge Place
Antioch, TN  37013  USA

Home: (615) 641-7313
Cell: (615) 594-7313
Noted Conservative Battles:
  • Lead opposition opposing the 2012 Property Tax increase. Submitted ZERO tax increase budget.
  • Worked diligently to pass the Property Tax Referendum.
  • Fought for 2nd Amendment Rights.
    • Lead opposition opposing denying Permit Holders the right to carry in Public Metro Parks.
    • Appeared on Fox National News standing up for the right for Carry Permit holders to carry in restaurants in which alcohol is served.
  • One of the key leaders instrumental in saving the Fairgrounds in 2010.
  • Opposed the Metro changes in their handbook, which provided special rights to “Gays”.
  • Lead opposition opposing Metro “living wage” minimum hourly salary.
  • Co-sponsored the Resolution to remove David Torrence, when he compromised his public trust.
  • Sponsored the Resolution to remove John Arriola, when he compromised his public trust.
Professional Information:Executive Management, Logistics, Customer Service, Supply Chain,Sales & Marketing

Previous Occupation Titles:Vice President of Sales & Marketing; Vice President of Logistics; Director of Logistics; Contractor – Iraq 2004; Principal – Consulting Firm,Sales & Marketing, Logistics, Customer Service, Business Operations & Management, Political Advisor.
Personal Information: Married – Brenda; Three Children – Walter, Michael, December; Four Grandchildren – Taylor, Tyrin, Kaylee, Jayla
Religious Affiliation: Baptist, New Salem Baptist Church - Member
  • United States Navy Reserve 1983 – 1989
  • Military Support Personnel, Contractor – Iraq 2004, Balad, Iraq – Camp Anaconda and Mosul, Iraq – Camp Diamondback & Camp Marez. (Glory)
Education: Business Administration, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas; Numerous industry and continuing education unit workshops in the field of Logistics
  • Davidson County Republican Party – Member
    • Past 2nd Vice Chair – Resigned for tour of duty in Iraq.
  • Tennessee Firearms Association – Member
  • National Rifle Association – Member
  • Tennessee Republican Assembly – Member
  • Tennessee Republican Party – Member
  • President – Long Hunter Chase HOA
  • Jaycees - Past Vice President (2), Secretary, Director (8)
    • Numerous Civic Awards – Chairman of the Year (2)
  • United Way – Past Fund Raising Captain
  • American Cancer Society – Past Director
  • National Defense Team – Past State Director
  • Council of Logistics Management – Past Director
Honors, Certificates & Awards:
  • 2002 – Outstanding Citizenship Award.
  • 2002 – Patriots Award.
  • Past Candidate US Congress – TN 5th District.
  • Past Candidate State House – 59th & 60th Districts.
  • Elected Metro Council – Nashville, TN 2006, 2007, 2011
Council Committees:
  • Convention & Tourism
  • Transportation & Aviation
  • Codes, Fair, & Farmers Market
  • Public Safety – beer & Regulated Beverages
  • Personnel – Public Information – Human Resources – Housing
  • Public Works
  • Education
  • Health, Hospital, & Social Services
  • Traffic, Parking & Transportation

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Jim DeMint: No Internet Taxation Without Representation

Jim DeMint: No Internet Taxation Without Representation

By JIM DEMINT - Our nation was born from the idea of "no taxation without representation"—that citizens should not be taxed by governments in which they have no political voice. Yet now lawmakers in Washington want to overturn that bedrock principle in order to extract more revenues from American consumers.

The Marketplace Fairness Act recently introduced in the Senate would require online retailers to collect and pay sales taxes to states where they have no physical presence or democratic recourse.
My Comment: I am disappointed that Senator Lamar Alexander is supporting this effort to tax internet sales. Among the reasons I oppose this act is (1) Taxation without representation, (2) Invasion of Privacy, (3) The burden that would be imposed on small businesses dealing with up to10,000 state, local and municipal tax jurisdictions nationwide, and (4) stifling a growing source of economic activity and growth.

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Steve Abernathy on yesterday's Election Commission meeting: We Won.

From Steve Abernathy, 
Commissioner, Davidson County Election Commissiion
Good Evening Friends,
It was a tuff battle, but we won.  Even though the Commission voted to rescind the motion I had made in February, it forced the State Election Coordinator Office to finally set a date to release the report by April 8th 2013.  It was supposed to be released on March 6th, 2012, and that office failed to release the information to the County Election Commissions so we could begin our part of the 30 day process to verify citizenship on those voters identified that registered to vote illegally.   This same issue impacts elections in all States because of the Federal Motor Voter Act, passed in 1993.  Florida, Michigan, and Colorado are three states that took more aggressive action to identify and remove non-US citizens from their voting rolls during 2012.
There have been three major elections in Tennessee during that time, and based on my review of the voter registration document process at the Tennessee Department of Safety, I am certain we had non-US citizens on our voting rolls during those elections.  Anyone on the Voting rolls in error “dilutes” your vote, and should be removed as soon as possible.  I have run various models, factoring the amount of time the “Motor Voter Act” has been in place,  and believe it is possible  we could have between 3000-10,000 non-US citizens on our Voting rolls in Davidson County alone, out of 370,000 registered voters.  Even if it is just one, we must remove that person from our Voting rolls as soon as possible to insure we have honest elections. 
This not only “dilutes” your vote, it also hurts legal non-US citizens when they attempt to get their US Citizenship.  Part of the process of applying for US Citizenship involves Immigration services checking voting rolls.  If it is discovered the non-US citizen applying for citizenship is registered to vote, either mistakenly or on purpose, they could be deported.   They are guilty of a felony, even though a Government employee asked them if they wanted to register to vote, while holding a document clearly indicating they are not a US citizen yet.  This flaw in the Motor Voter Act process is ridiculous and is by definition “entrapment”.   It should be stopped across the country.
This is a timely issue because it is currently being debated at the Supreme Court.  See the attached link.
Thank you for your support and special thanks to Chris Cannon from Channel 5 for doing an outstanding report.
Steve Abernathy
Davidson County Commissioner

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Dan Davis seeks Chairman GOP Nashville

From Dan Davis:
About Dan Davis
Dan Davis is the Current 1st Vice-Chair of GOP Nashville and has been an active member of  GOP Nashville since 2009. Dan resides in Antioch and is a teacher and assistant football coach at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School in Nashville. Dan has also worked in the golf industry as a golf pro and product rep. His experience in the school system and in the golf industry has given him a unique view of how things work in both the public and private sectors.
Involvement in GOP Nashville
Dan has been actively involved in the Davidson County Republican Party since 2009. Dan successfully ran for 2nd Vice-Chair in 2009 and was elected 1st Vice-Chair in 2011. During his tenure, Dan helped re-write the county party bylaws, helped candidates fund-raise and campaign, helped create programs to promote the Party and has worked to build relationships with other Republican groups.
Two of his most successful efforts have been the Conservative Groups of Middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Republican Minority Coalition (The Minority Coalition). Under his leadership, the Conservative Groups of Middle Tennessee has evolved into a solid and committed network of Republicans across the region who collaborate on projects and host events to promote the Party. Dan is also a founding member of the Minority Coalition, which has made its mission to actively reach out to the different minority groups in area in an effort to grow the Party in Nashville.
Vision for GOP Nashville
Dan’s vision for GOP Nashville is growth – through outreach and participation.  It's Dan's belief that in 2013, GOP Nashville is poised to become a true political force in Davidson County and in the state of Tennessee. Dan's plan for that growth is outlined in the following:
Growth: Dan intends to grow the party from the grassroots up – both financially and politically.
Outreach: Dan has demonstrated a commitment to growing the Party by reaching out to a diverse   constituency – diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, religion, cultural background and age – and actively engaging them in the Republican Party. It's Dan's belief that a Party that more closely reflects the diversity of Nashville only strengthens GOP Nashville's position and ability to shape the political landscape in Davidson County.
Participation: Dan believes that outreach should include extending a seat at the table and giving those who want to participate the information, resources, and ability to do so. Under his leadership, GOP Nashville will continue to focus on local issues, local political races, and growth, but it will also focus on becoming more inclusive, which in turn will garner more support and more votes for the Party.
I have posted announcements of several candidates who are seeking leadership positions with the Nashville GOP. Posting of a candidate's announcement should not be construed as an endorsement of that candidate. Who ever is elected I will wish them the best and will continue  to support the Party. Rod

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