Thursday, March 21, 2013

controversy grows, libs to rally to oppose voter integrity

Davidson County Election Commission Causes Controversy

by Chris Cannon, News Channel 5, NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A controversial vote by the Davidson County Election Commission to review registrations of foreign-born voters will be debated when the body convenes on Thursday.

The study of all registrations completed at drivers testing stations by that group was proposed by commissioner Steve Abernathy. (read more)
Steve Abernathy
Steve Abernathy of the Davidson County Election Commission needs our help!.  He is fighting to ensure that only U. S. citizens are allowed to vote in our elections and he is being resisted in this effort.  Please attend this meeting if you can and pass it along to your friends and email lists.  

The ACLU and a group named "Nashville for All of Us" are deceitfully representing this effort as discriminating against immigrants because we are simply looking into their immigration status. The liberal advocates who think it is insulting to require that people prove they are Americans before they can vote in our elections are going to turn out in force. The intent here is ONLY to ensure that only those legally able to vote here actually get to vote. Nothing more. There will  be an important vote on this issue tomorrow, Thursday, March 21st.   I plan to attend this important meeting. Please join me and take a stand for fair and honest elections.

What: Davidson County Election Commission Meeting
When: Thursday, March 21st, 1PM
Why: To ensure only American citizens can vote in our elections
Where:  800 2ndAvenue South, Davidson Conference room

Please arrive early.  The room will only hold about 50 people but there will be overflow rooms with monitors to watch the proceedings.  We need to pack the rooms and the halls.  Show the Elections commission we care about this issue. 


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