Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bo Mitchell voted for the property tax hike

Today’s Tennessean featured an article analyzing the House District 50 race between Councilman Bo Mitchell and businessman Charles Williamson.

The Tennessean got one thing very, very wrong in that article. They said, “Mitchell voted against the Metro property tax increase earlier this year, disappointing some of his Democratic allies but protecting his right flank as he looked toward the legislative race.” This is simply not true.

On third and final reading of the McGuire substitute budget bill, eight council members voted against it including Mitchell, but what was the effect of that vote?  Here is what the charter says:

The council shall finally adopt an operating budget for the ensuing fiscal year not later than the thirtieth day of June, and it shall be effective for the fiscal year beginning on the following July 1st. Such adoption shall take the form of an ordinance setting out the estimated revenues in detail by source and making appropriations according to fund and by organizational unit, purpose or activity as set out in the budget document. If the council shall fail to adopt a budget prior to the beginning of any fiscal year, it shall be conclusively presumed to have adopted the budget as submitted by the mayor.

The final vote against the McGuire substitute budget was meaningless. Both the McGuire substitute and the Mayor's budget raised taxes by the same amount. When the final vote on the budget was cast, the effect of the "no" vote was a vote for the Mayors budget as opposed to the McGuire substitute budget. That is a fact. Instead of the Tennessean taking the opportunity to educate the public they are protecting Bo Mitchell and letting him hide behind his vote against the McGuire substitute bill.

Prior to the final vote on the McGuire substitute an amendment had been offered by Councilman Robert Duvall that proposed a budget with no tax increase. His amendment got seven votes and failed. Bo Mitchell did not support the Duvall amendment.

Only the people who voted for the Duvall amendment can honestly say they voted against a tax increase and everyone else who claims they voted against a tax increase is lying. The seven Council members who really voted against a tax increase are Tygert, Bennett, Stites, Standley, Tenpenny, Dominy and Duvall.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S, NASHVILLE, Please make your contributionnow

If you have intended to make a contribution to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and have not done so, please do it now. The campaign in rapidly coming to an end.

Please click on  this link and it will take you to a secure page were you can make your contribution. It is quick and easy.

The Walk is Saturday. Registration at 8AM; walk starts at 9AM. Please join Louella and I as we walk. To read more how this disease has affected me and Louella, read here and here.

To each of you who have contributed, I really to appreciate it.   Rod



Walk Day will be filled with
fun and exciting festivities for all ages.

Bounce houses, balloons, and airbrush tattoos at our Kids Zone
Contests and photos for all of our pets at our Paws for a Cause
 MUST SEE vendors in our Health and Fitness Zone
 The return of our very special and colorful Promise Garden


 - Registration begins at 8:00 AM.
- Opening Ceremonies will begin at 8:30 AM.
-The Walk will begin at 9:00 AM.
-The Walk route is a little more than a mile in length.
-Walk is a rain or shine event.
Alzheimer's does not stop for the weather, so neither will we.
- Parking will be available at various places throughout Centennial Park
There will also be street parking and parking across the street at the Marriot.
 If you would like to drop off Walkers near the band shell area, there is a circle drive that will be available for drop off from 7:00am-8:30am.

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 1.800.272.3900.

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The Nashville VP debate watch party

Prior to the debate volunteers made call for Republican candidates.
Courtney Holliday, campaign manager for the Ben Claybaker
running for the state house in District 53, makes calls for Claybaker.
Other volunteers made calls for Romney, calling undecided
voters in Ohio.
I just returned from the debate watch party at the Republican storefront office in Green Hills. I enjoyed food and wine and conversation prior to and after the debate and I had a great time watching the debate with like-minded people. On two big screen TVs about eighty people watched the debate.

I think Ryan did a great job tonight. However, I do not feel as elated as I did last week when I felt Romney knocked it out of the ball park in his debate with Obama.

Enjoying conversation. Left to right: Myself (Rod Williams);
Monty J. Lankford, Chairman Leaders of Tennessee; Tim
Skow, leader of First Tuesday; and Ann Skow Tim's mother.
I think Ryan won, but I am not sure undecided voters will think so. Not that I think Ryan did poorly. I just don't think this debate will move the polls one way or the other. Those already inclined to support Romney-Ryan will think Ryan won; those inclined to support Obama-Biden will think Biden won. The undecideds will still be undecided or will fall both ways. Also, I just don't think people care as much about the vice presidential debates and they do the presidential debates. I suspect this debate will have little impact.
Michel Sullivan, State Republican Party
Political Director, pitches for people to
sign up for the phone banks.

If the public were rational, I think Ryan would have won by a landslide, but unfortunately I think there are a large number of people who cannot and will not accept that our path of greater and greater spending and borrowing and government dependency is unsustainable. We are about evenly split as a nation between those looking for something from the government and those producing the wealth in this country. Those who want government to pay for their college tuition and buy their groceries and pay for their birth control pills and pay their house payment and pay for their cell phone, will simply not accept that the government can't continue to pay more and more.  They are convinced that we can tax the wealthy sufficiently to keep adding more and more free goodies.  There are a lot of people to whom Biden's vulgar populist pandering will appeal.

Beth and Bill Campbell are among those on the front row
watching the debate.

While I deplore Biden's politics, I myself cannot dislike Biden. The many stupid things he has said over the years only makes him more enduring in some way, even to those of us who do not like his politics. He is sort like the stereotypical uncle who thinks he has all of the answers. The whiz kid who really knows a lot more than the know-it-all uncle, must defer to the old blowhard because it would be unkind to be too aggressive in setting him straight. And, misguided as he may be, he means well.

 I think Ryan deferred to Biden by letting Biden constantly interrupt and hog the time, but I am not sure Ryan could have acted differently. People such as Biden must be deferred to and endured. One can only hope that others do not take them too seriously.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Atlas Shrugged Part II Now Playing Regal 100 Oaks and more

Atlas Shrugged Part II Now Playing. Tonight October 12, 2012, Regal 100 Oaks and more

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Part II is now playing in a theater near you. Grab your friends, family and colleagues, head out to the theater tonight and join us in celebrating Ayn Rand's ideas once again making their way onto the big screen.
From all of us at Atlas Shrugged, thank you all for your tremendous support, we hope to see you in the balcony and we swear by our lives!
P.S. Producer Harmon Kaslow wants everyone to buy 3... no 10 tickets! ;)

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Bo Mitchell Refuses To Answer Who He Supports For President


TNGOP, NASHVILLE, TN – At a candidate forum Wednesday afternoon, Democrat State House candidate Bo Mitchell danced around a question from a voter about who he would be supporting for President this November. When it became evident that Mitchell would not give a straightforward answer, the voter pressed him further, but Mitchell still refused to give an answer.
“Apparently Bo Mitchell is more concerned about playing politics by skirting the issues than addressing a simple question,” said Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director Adam Nickas. “Bo Mitchell has no problem asking voters if they will vote for him in November, but when he is pressed by a concerned voter about who he will be supporting for President, he refuses to answer.”
Voters at the candidate forum were told they would be able to ask the candidates about issues important to them this election, but Mitchell refused to give voters direct answers. Mitchell claimed he would be supporting the candidate that “wants to move this country forward.” Interestingly, Mitchell’s comment mirrors President Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan of “Forward.”
“If Bo Mitchell thinks the policies of Barack Obama, which have resulted in 23 million Americans struggling for work, massive budget deficits, and new taxes from Obamacare, will move Tennessee ‘forward,’ then the voters in House District 50 deserve to know. Voters are eager for Bo Mitchell to come clean on a simple question- Who does he support for President?”
Video of Bo Mitchell dodging the voter’s question can be viewed HERE. Mitchell is running against Republican Charles Williamson in State House District 50, which includes portions of Davidson County.

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State Senate Candidate Steve Dickerson Outraises Opponent Phillip North 2 to 1

Cashing in on Tremendous Support… Again

Steve Dickerson
NASHVILLE, TN. - Dr. Steve Dickerson, candidate for the State Senate in District 20, has released that his campaign has raised nearly $240,000 for the third quarter alone.

“After the primary was over we knew that we would be going into the general at a financial disadvantage and would have to work hard to close the gap,” said Dickerson. “We have worked tirelessly to reach the voters of the 20th District in all aspects, and obviously fundraising was no exception to this plan.”

Dr. Dickerson’s third quarter campaign disclosure shows the campaign has raised $237,700; in comparison Dr. Dickerson’s opponent, Phillip North, only raised $108,802.62 in the same time period.

“There is no denying the fact that the third quarter is the most crucial quarter to raise money, and we knew that.” Dickerson continued, “The disclosures are one meter of how a campaign can measure how their message is resonating with the voters; and the fact that the disclosures show that we have outraised our opponent by a margin of more than 2 to 1, means that the voters of the 20th District are connecting with our message.”

Each candidate is required by State law to report all campaign contributions and expenditures each quarter, the third quarter filing was due by October 10th. The third quarter campaign financial disclosures cover the period of July 24, 2012 through September 30, 2012.

“I continue to be more than humbled by the tremendous amount of financial support that our campaign has received,” Dickerson stated. “Each contribution is an investment into our message and we will continue to work until District 20 has a strong, sensible voice in the State Senate.”

Steve Dickerson is a practicing physician and founding partner of Anesthesia Services Associates. Dickerson attended the University of the South in Sewanee graduating with a B.A. in History. He then received his medical degree at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University. Steve Dickerson has been married to his wife Katrina for 20 years and they have three sons, Reid, Evan, and Bennett.

For more information about the Steve Dickerson campaign or to schedule an interview with Dr. Dickerson contact: 615-519-1896 or visit

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support of Obama

Dems are caught trying to steal the elections. This should be unbelievable but I am not surprised.

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The Oct. 9, 2012 Metro Nashville School Bd meeting

Check back for update with video notations and commentary.

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Fairground update

To those interested in what is going on with the fairgrounds, see the below and follow the link.

Community and stakeholder comments from the October 1 Fairgrounds Master Plan open house are now posted on the Planning Department's Master Plan webpage, along with community feedback from previous events and an email link for new comments.
I attended the October 1 meeting and engaged in putting dots on various development options and heard the consultants presentation. The deck is being stacked to take away the fairgrounds.

The master plan is going to present the city with two options. One will show  that it will be very costly to develop the fairgrounds to reflect "best practice facilities and events."  The other option will show how much money the fairgrounds will yield the city if the property is developed according to a master plan  reflecting “highest and best mixed use scenario” developed by the consultants based on community input.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Robert Duvall to be guest on WLAC 1510

Robert Duvall to be guest on WLAC 1510 Home Improvement Hotline with Brian Glass & Jay Ellis Saturday, October 13th 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Please tune in a listen as he talks about jobs and economic development, taxes, education, and improving our community and the upcoming election for State House Representative, District 59.

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Please join me in the battle to combat Alzheimer’s. Please give.

Dear friends,

Louella and her cat Sabrina
The Walk to End Alzheimer's is Saturday October 13th.  For those of you who have already contributed to the Walk to End Alzheimer's campaign, I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

There is only a few days left until the end of the campaign. Would you please join me in the battle to combat Alzheimer’s by making a contribution?  A contribution of any size will be appreciated. $5 or $10 will help and I will be grateful.
If you will click on this link, it will take you to my donation page.  Once on that page, just put in the amount you want to contribute and then it takes you to another page where you can submit your credit card information. This is a secure site administered by the Alzheimer Association. After submitting your donation you will receive a confirmation message.
If you are more comfortable paying by check, make the check out to  Alzheimer’s Association and mail it to me and I will turn it in. My address is Rod Williams, 758 Roycroft Pl. Nashville, TN. 37203.

Alzheimer's is not a normal part of aging. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive brain disorder that damages and eventually destroys brain cells, leading to loss of memory, thinking and other brain functions. Alzheimer's usually develops slowly and gradually gets worse as more brain cells wither and die. Ultimately, Alzheimer's is fatal, and currently, there is no cure. Unless a cure is found, you or one you love may develop this disease. Currently, more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's and that number is expected to grow to as many as 16 million by 2050. Our future is at risk unless we can find a way to change the course of this disease.

Louella, her brother Ben and
sister Linda. Florida,
May 2012
This fight against Alzheimer's is very personal with me. As you know, my life has been touched by this disease. My wife and the love of my life suffers from it.  It is too late to find a cure to help Louella. I have to accept that, but we may find a cure to save many others.

Louella has been diagnosed with the illness for eight years, but probably had it at least two years prior, maybe more. These last eight years have not been terrible. We have tried to not let her illness define our life and have tried to have as normal a life as possible.  We still went on a couple nice European vacations after she was diagnosed and we went on two vacations to Florida to visit Louella’s sister.  We continued an active social life of civic involvement and spending time with family and leisure activity.  We still go to the art crawls and sometimes party on lower Broadway.

I have been blessed in that Louella is not one of the Alzheimer’s patients who is angry, disagreeable, disruptive, or wanting to fight.  Louella could not be sweeter.  She does not tend to “wander.” And Louella is happy as can be.  She is content picking “flowers” in the yard. Actually she picks bouquets of weeds or foliage, but she is particular about which ones she is picking. Picking flowers makes her really happy. She also is content playing with her bling. She will put on earrings and necklaces and attach earrings to her clothing. She can play in her jewelry for hours. She has a lot of things that interest her. And, we have a cat that Louella is just crazy about.

Louella, Sue Deuss, Rod, and Councilman Walter Hunt
 at MLK event, Jan. 2012

Actually Louella is a delight. She gets excited at seeing butterflies fluttering around our zinnias in the front yard. She takes great delight in watching children. She gets excited at birds and if she sees a “bunny,” which we have a lot of in our neighborhood, she gets real excited. She likes a lot of television, especially America’s Funnies Home videos. Louella still loves to dance and to go places. Louella could not be happier.

We have been blessed by having a great caregiver for Louella.  Sue Deuss really loves Louella and could not be more gentle and sweet to her. She takes Louella places and takes good care of her. Sue has become like part of our family.

Unfortunately, Louella’s children have totally abandoned her.  They never call and never see her. After discovering they were stealing her money and after a long, lengthy legal battle, Louella’s remaining funds were placed in a conservatorship last year.  We have heard nothing from either of her children since then. Luckily Louella is unaware.  She lives in the here and now and worries about nothing.

Unfortunately, in the last year Louella has had a major decline. She can no longer read at all. She could not read with understanding for a long time, but now she cannot read any words.  Also, she talks less.  She still can understand when you talk to her, but she makes conversation a lot less and cannot find the words to express herself when she does try to talk. The worst is that she has lost control of her bodily functions. This makes it more difficult to go places and makes daily life less pleasant, but it is just part of it. 

Despite this further decline, Louella is still graceful, feminine, delicate, and charming. She still loves to get dressed up nice. She still enjoys life. She has the same mannerisms and she is still engaged and aware of what is going on around her. She is still Louella.

On October 13 We will be walking a mile and a half in Centennial Park. If you are in Nashville, Please join me.  Sign-in is at 8:00 AM and the walk begins at 9AM. To join the Rod and Louella Team" in the walk to end Alzheimer click on this link and then click “join team.”  If you fail to register for the walk and want to join us at the last minute, just show up.

Over the years, your words of encouragement, prayers and concern have been greatly appreciated. The support I have had from family and friends means so much. "Rod and Louella Team.

God Bless you,


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