Saturday, August 15, 2009


Big Brother

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John Mackey, My Hero of the Day

John Mackey

Outraged Left Calls for Boycott of Whole Foods

Where will the balding, pony-tailed, Birkenstock-wearing, upper middle class proletarian buy his tofu and organically grown, unbleached cotton, $27 pair of socks now?

Like the customers of Whole Foods, I am also quite surprised that the founder and CEO of Whole Foods is a person who quotes Margaret Thatcher and opposes socialized medicine. I admire his courage in taking a position that most likely counters that of most of his customers. By doing so, he may reach people who would otherwise never consider the merits of a view that counters their preconceived opinions. Unfortunately, it may cost him financially.

The left wing of the blogosphere has gone ballistic at being betrayed by one who they thought was one of their won. CounterPunch called for a boycott and essentially called John Mackey a murder when it said; “the problem with Mackey’s campaign is that it results in the deaths of 60 Americans every day due to lack of health insurance. Mackey is responsible for these deaths as much as anyone.” (read more)

Wow! I thought liberals disdained inflammatory language. Is this a call for an assassination? Is this hate speech? Pro-life advocates are soundly condemned by progressives when an abortionist, who thousands of times performed the procedure that terminated the lives of unborn babies, is called a murderer; yet, a grocer who opposes socialized medicine is accused of the death of 60 Americans a day! In a year that would make him responsible for 21,600 deaths! In the last ten years he is responsible for 216,000 deaths!

Daily Koz and hundreds of other lefty bloggers have joined the call for a boycott. A growing facebook page is devoted to the topic. Many of these vegetarians sound like they are so enraged they may commit violence. I know vegetarians have a reputation as peace loving harmless, sensitive people. Don’t buy it. Don’t forget; Hitler was a vegetarian.

For taking an unpopular stand, speaking the truth, risking financial loss, possibly risking his life, or possibly being hit with an overripe organically grown tomato, John Mackey is my Hero of the Day.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Silence. Do not spread Fishy Rumors.

fishy rumors

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The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

One of the lies told over and over by proponents of ObamaCare is that the critics of this move toward a government takeover of our health care system are opponents of reform. NO! Not so!

I have seen no one say that the status quo is acceptable. There are numerous proposals for reform that will lower health care cost and will insure more people and yet will not put mechanisms in place to destroy the system we have now, expand the government, or balloon the deficit.

There are two schools of thought on how to fix our broken health care system: one, represented by the current bills before us, will further destroy the remaining remnants of a market system and will transfer control of health care to the government away from the individual; the other will remove some of the obstacle that keep the system we have now from functioning properly and will move us toward greater individual control of healthcare.

John Mackey is co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc. Below is his list of eight specific thing we can do to improve healthcare without adding to the deficit. These are all solid ideas that will yield positive results. Please read them. I think all opponent of ObamaCare need to be able to able to answer the question, "Well, what would you do?" This is a list of eight things we should do.

I cannot help but sometimes think that many of the proponents of a government takeover of health care are not really that concerned about improving healthcare at all, but are instead motivated by a desire to see a radical transformation of society. I sometimes think they do not really want to see problems solved and view real reform as the enemy of revolution. Except for these left-wing ideologues who will be satisfied with nothing short of government nationalization, I would think that most people of goodwill could embrace common sense reform that would improve our health care system.

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

By JOHN MACKEY, AUGUST 11, 2009, 7:30 P.M. ET, The Wall Street Journal

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."
—Margaret Thatcher

With a projected $1.8 trillion deficit for 2009, several trillions more in deficits projected over the next decade, and with both Medicare and Social Security entitlement spending about to ratchet up several notches over the next 15 years as Baby Boomers become eligible for both, we are rapidly running out of other people's money. These deficits are simply not sustainable. They are either going to result in unprecedented new taxes and inflation, or they will bankrupt us.

While we clearly need health-care reform, the last thing our country needs is a massive new health-care entitlement that will create hundreds of billions of dollars of new unfunded deficits and move us much closer to a government takeover of our health-care system. Instead, we should be trying to achieve reforms by moving in the opposite direction—toward less government control and more individual empowerment. (read more)

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Do Not Criticize Obama's Reforms!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

President Obama's approval rating ....

Barack Obama President Obama's approval rating of the American people has dropped to 47 percent, a new low. He somewhat disapproves of 52 percent of the American people.

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Comrades! Do not spread fishy rumors...

Health Care ObamaCare fishy rumors

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The Thrill is Gone

President Obama's approval rating has dropped to 47 percent, a new low, according to the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll.
The survey released Thursday showed 52 percent of those polled disapprove of Obama's performance, while 47 percent at least somewhat approve.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be on the lookout for fishy rumors

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Why is Big Pharma Supporting ObamaCare?

While I have tried to stay informed about health care issues and the various health care bills pending in Congress, I have been baffled about why the big pharmaceutical companies were lining up in support of ObamaCare. The pharmaceutical industry was a major opponent of HillaryCare, but have now jumped on the ObamaCare bandwagon. I did not assume their support was due to some altruistic impulse. Businesses are in the business of making money and maximising profit as they should be.

This revealing article from political pundit and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why Big Pharma is supporting ObamaCare. Robert Reich is a mainstream, dependable, predictable liberal. He always supports big government. He supports universal health care but says he is appalled by the deal the White House has made with the pharmaceutical industry in order to buy their support.

The White House deal with Big Pharma undermines democracy

Obama's agreement with Big Pharma may help healthcare reform pass, but it may also mean higher drug prices for you

By Robert Reich,,Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009Robert Reich

[Excerpt] The White House confirmed it has promised Big Pharma that any healthcare legislation will bar the government from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. That's basically the same deal George W. Bush struck in getting the Medicare drug benefit, and it's proven a bonanza for the drug industry.

[Excerpt] Any bonanza for the drug industry means higher healthcare costs for the rest of us, which is one reason why critics of the emerging healthcare plans, including the Congressional Budget Office, are so worried about their failure to adequately stem future healthcare costs.

[Excerpt] When an industry gets secret concessions out of the White House in return for a promise to lend the industry's support to a key piece of legislation, we're in big trouble. That's called extortion: An industry is using its capacity to threaten or prevent legislation as a means of altering that legislation for its own benefit. And it's doing so at the highest reaches of our government, in the office of the president. (Read more)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Day, Don't forget to turn in a neighbor.

Don't forget to do your part. Have you turned in a neighbor today? I am up to 33 emails to the White House reporting "fishy" Obamacare stories and overheard comments. If we all do our part, we could crash the White House computer.

Email to this address:

Remember the Nixon enemies list? Nixon was an amateur. President Obama is creating the mother of all enemis list. If we all turn in lots of people, the list will be worthless.

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A man walks into a bar ....-

A man walked into a very high-tech bar. As he sat down on a stool he noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attentionand asked, "Sir, what will you have?

"The man thought a moment then replied, "A martini please.

"The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best martini the man had ever had. The robot then asked, "Sir, what is your IQ?"

The man answered "oh, about 164.

"The robot then proceeded to discuss the 'theory of relativity', 'inter-steller space travel', 'the latest medical break throughs', etc...

The man was most impressed. He left the bar but thought he would try a different tact. He returned and took a seat. Again the robot clicked and asked what he would have?"A Martini please."

Again it was superb. The robot again asked "what is your IQ sir?"

This time the man answered, "Oh about 100".

So the robot started discussing Nascar racing, the latest basketball scores, and what to expect the Dodgers to do this weekend.

The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a stool... Again a martini, and the question, "What is your IQ?"

This time the man drawled out "Uh... bout 50".

The robot clicked then leaned close and very slowly asked, "A-r-e? y-o-u-r? p-e-o-p-l-e? h-a-p-p-y? w-i-t-h? O-B-A-M-A???"

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Democrats Unscripted?

Written by CHQ Staff on August 10, 2009, 03:25 PM

Democrats are trying their best to undermine the Town Hall Rebellion by painting grassroots activists as taking cues from "mysterious" groups in Washington. Of course, Democrats know what it is like to be talking from a script. has drafted a chart of how Democrats get their carefully crafted message from the White House to the activists.

President Barack Obama launches a new policy initiative that is immediately hailed by the liberal mainstream media as real step-forward in America. Meanwhile, marching orders from the White House are handed down to Democratic leaders in Congress who carefully script the message Democratic congressmen will take. Democrats take this message back to the mainstream media in interviews and hand it off to leaders of leftwing groups like ACORN, the AARP and These leaders do even more interviews with the liberal media, which get filtered down into ultra-liberal New Media outlets like, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos. All of these organizations, including the media, beam this meticulously planned message to all the liberal grassroots activists.

Who's scripted?
Democrats unscripted

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Dear MoveOn member: No Regrets on Health Care

Dear Fellow Right-wing Extremist and Right-wing Mobsters,

I thought you might be interested in seeing my most recent email from MoveOn.

I don't know why MoveOn needs to raise money to counter the ObamaCare critics who are showing up at town hall meetings. Do Congressmen charge admission to town hall meetings? Maybe MoveOn pays people to attend town hall meetings? If so, maybe I am on the wrong side of the issue. We right-wing extremist have all the fat cat insurance companies and special interest on our side and I have still not had anyone offer to pay me for voicing my opinion. I will accept a contribution to support this blog. So, if any of you know any of those insurance company fat cats who are spreading around the money to rent a mob, maybe you can tell them you know a blogger who will take some money from them. I am still waiting on my check for attending the Tea Parties.

Like MoveOn says, you do not want to look back and wish you had done more so we all need to redouble our effort to defeat ObamaCare.

Dear MoveOn member,MoveOn ObamaCare Health care

This month, we're either going to win or lose the fight for real health care reform.

Do you want to look back and wish you'd done more? I sure don't.

That's why we're planning to double our efforts on health care this month. Over the weekend, we blew through our initial fundraising goal. If we can raise an additional $210,000 immediately, we'll be able to dramatically expand our campaign to pass real health care reform. Can you chip in $20?
With Congress home this month, right-wing extremists are crashing town hall meetings, shouting down members of Congress, making death threats—they even hung one congressman in effigy.

In order to win on health care—and the rest of President Obama's agenda—we've got to double our efforts with a bold, ambitious plan of action to show that the overwhelming majority of Americans continue to support Obama's plans for change. We're calling it "Real Voices for Change."

The response was overwhelming: we blew past our last fundraising goal. And today we're deciding what more we can to do expand our campaign over the August recess—everything from additional on-the-ground turnout to town halls to hard-hitting new ads.

If we can raise an additional $210,000 immediately, we'll double our efforts. That means we need donations from 18 people in Nashville. Can you chip in $20?
For more details on what's been happening at town halls across the country, see our message from last week below.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Matt, Nita, Kat and the rest of the team

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Obama's Organizing for America: Call your Congressman.

To all fellow pawns of the insurance companies, special interest, partisan attack organizations and employees of Rent-a-Mob,

The perpetual Obama campaign machine is not letting up in their effort to influence Congress on Health Care policy and neither should we. We need to show them that we are not just a "tiny minority being stirred up by special interest." We need to flood our Congressman's office with phone calls and we need to schedule office visits. If you don't know your congressman's phone number, the below correspondence has a handy look-up tool.

I am on the mailing list of Organizing for America and MoveOn so I get their emails. I thought you might want to know what they are up to. Rod

Beating the scare tactics Monday, August 10, 2009 11:15 AM
From: "Mitch Stewart," Add sender to Contacts

Friend --Members of Congress have been home for just a few days, and they're already facing increased pressure from insurance companies, special interests, and partisan attack organizations that are spending millions to block health insurance reform.

These groups are using scare tactics and spreading smears about the President's plan for reform, trying to incite constituents into lashing out at their representatives and disrupting their events.

The goal of these disruptions is for a few people to get a lot of media attention and hijack the entire public discourse. If they succeed, all Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, and Independents -- will continue to struggle under the broken status quo.

It's up to us to show Congress that those loudly opposing reform are a tiny minority being stirred up by special interests, and that a huge majority strongly supports enacting real health insurance reform in 2009.

Your representative, Jim Cooper, has been fighting hard for real health insurance reform. Can you call the local office in Nashville? Let the person who answers know that you're a constituent. Then tell them: "Thanks for working to enact real health insurance reform this year. Voters like me support your efforts."

According to our records, you live in Tennessee's 5th congressional district.

Please call:Rep. Jim Cooper at 615-736-5295.Once you've made your call, click here to report it.

(Not your representative? Click here to look yours up.) Calling should only take a few minutes, but it's a huge help. These local offices serve as the main connection between a member of Congress and voters in the district. And with representatives home on recess, the staff there are in daily contact with your member, keeping them updated on how many calls they receive that are for or against reform.

Once you've called, please tell us. Knowing how many calls are coming in from all around the country will help us better plan our campaign -- and help us show that the American people overwhelmingly want health insurance reform this year. Let us know you called:

Mitch Stewart
Director, Organizing for America

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

No Town Hall meeting? Office Visits for Health Reform

Obama Organizing for America

Friend --

All throughout August, our members of Congress are back in town. Insurance companies and partisan attack groups are stirring up fear with false rumors about the President's plan, and it's extremely important that folks like you speak up now.

So we've cooked up an easy, powerful way for you to make a big impression: Office Visits for Health Reform.

All this week, OFA members like you will be stopping by local congressional offices to show our support for insurance reform. You can have a quick conversation with the local staff, tell your personal story, or even just drop off a customized flyer and say that reform matters to you.

We'll provide everything you need: the address, phone number, and open hours for the office, information about how the health care crisis affects your state for you to drop off (with the option of adding your personal story), and a step-by-step guide for your visit.

According to our records, you live near Rep. Jim Cooper's office in Nashville, TN.

Sign up now to visit Rep. Jim Cooper's office in Nashville this week.

(Not your representative, or think there might be another office that's easier for you to get to? Click here to find a different office.)

As you've probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it's getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can't let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand.

Office Visits for Health Reform are our chance to show that the vast majority of American voters know that the cost of inaction is too high to bear, and strongly support passing health reform in 2009.

Don't worry if you've never done anything like this before. The congressional staff is there to listen, and your opinion as a constituent matters a lot. And if you bring a friend, you'll have more fun and make an even greater impact.

Click below to sign up for an Office Visit for Health Reform:

Wherever you live, these visits matter: Many representatives are pushing hard toward reform, and they are taking a lot of heat from special interests. They deserve our thanks and need our support to continue the fight. But those who are still putting insurance companies and partisan point-scoring ahead of their constituents must know that voters are watching -- and that we expect better.

Earlier this week, the President wrote that "this is the moment our movement was built for" and asked us all to commit to join at least one event this month. This is the way to answer that call, and rise to the challenge of this moment together.

Thank you for going the extra mile when it matters the most,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Comment: It seems the town hall meetings are backfiring on the President. Congressmen are not hearing the message that the President thought they would hear. The Obama machine is adopting several tactics to counter this. One tactic is to discount the opponents of Obamacare as mobs organized by insurance companies and not reflective of genuine public sentiment. Another tactic is to send in union thugs to intimidate critics and send in the MoveOn crowd and other Obamanist to pack the rooms, crowd out the opponents, and take control of the meetings and show public support for Obamacare.

In response to the escalating tension at some town hall meetings, many Congressmen across the country are cancelling their town hall meetings. This may be wise. If Obamacare opponents respond to the threat of union thug violence with their own strategies for defence, the situation could escalate and some crazy could do something stupid and someone could get hurt.

Since the town hall meetings were not going well for the Administration, no doubt they are pleased to see them being cancelled. If you were looking forward to the opportunity to let your Congressman know of your view on Health Care reform, take advantage of this opportunity for an office visit with your Congressman. The Obama machine will even help you schedule the meeting. They won't know you are an opponent of Obamacare; let them schedule your office visit.

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