Saturday, May 17, 2014

What is the Legacy of Brown?

By Dr. Howard Fuller

Relatively few people, who know anything about the racial reality of America in the 1950’s would argue that the Brown decision was not indeed an almost revolutionary decision.  But, all these years later the question is being asked, what is the legacy of Brown?

This crucial education decision was a catalyst to end the entire evil system of legal segregation and racial oppression in the United States. As Richard Kluger pointed out,  “The Supreme Court had taken pains to limit the language of Brown to segregation in public schools only… But it became almost immediately clear that Brown in effect wiped out all forms of state-sanctioned segregation.”

Until the 1954 Brown decision, the Plessy v Ferguson “separate but equal” doctrine defined the national norm. In the South, racial oppression was unrelenting, backed by the legal system and nurtured by the mores that could be traced back to our country’s slave era.  In the North, de facto segregation and covert discrimination were commonplace. America was a country where Black people were expected to stay in “their place.”

It is clear the decision was one of the sparks that helped stoke the flame of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. It gave hope to tens of thousands of Black people and their allies who moved forward with courage and determination to transform American society
In no small measure, these struggles changed America for Black people.  Black people are operating at levels today that were beyond the aspirations and certainly the reach of Black people in 1954 irrespective of academic accomplishments or life experiences.

But it is clear that 60 years after the decision much of the promise of Brown is still awaiting fulfillment. A close study of the decision reveals that the foundation for some of the questions and doubts about its legacy can be found in two conceptual flaws of the decision.  First, the decision did not (maybe could not) address the fundamental power differentials between Black and white people in America. Second, there was an assumption that the only way to provide equal educational opportunity to Black students was through a desegregated environment, which was at least an implicit acceptance of the inferiority of “all Black” institutions.

Although the Brown decision was aimed at eliminating segregation sanctioned by law, it did not alter the fundamental disparities in power that were inherent in a society where “white skin privilege” dominated. The decision did not change the power of white people to resist implementing Brown. When desegregation did occur, it was almost always done on terms favorable to white people.  So Black schools had to be closed (leading to demotions or the loss of jobs for Black educators); whites were given access to specialty schools or allowed to remain in their neighborhood schools, new forms of tracking students were established to protect white children from “ill-prepared’ Black children.
The second flaw was centered in the view that equal education was not possible without integration.  Many people who supported the Brown decision felt that placing Black children in classes next to white children would guarantee an equal education.  This view was never supported on educational grounds.

What was not considered was the likelihood that Black children would be placed in environments where the people being asked to teach them had no respect for them or their families. They did not realize all the ways that educators could avoid teaching children whose education was of no interest to them. They did not grasp the capacity of those in charge to: set up segregated classes and activities within desegregated schools; develop ways of categorizing Black students such that the best courses would be for white kids only; concoct various theories that in essence would blame the children and their families for the failure of the schools to teach them.

Moreover, the stance that desegregating schools was the exclusive means of achieving equality assumed Black institutions and perhaps even Black people were inferior. The language of Brown itself subtly reinforced this belief despite the Court’s recognition that state-imposed segregation was indeed established to reinforce white superiority and its opposite--Black inferiority.  The decision stated, “Segregation of white and colored children in public schools has a detrimental effect on colored children.” This implies that the mere fact that the students were in Black schools meant they were being negatively affected.

So where are we today?  Recent statistics make it clear that Black people are still struggling to find the fruits of equal educational opportunity despite the gains since Brown. Data on the 4th grade reading tests as determined by the National Assessment of Educational Progress for 2013 showed that 50% of Black students were at or above basic and 17% were at or above proficiency as compared to 80% of white students at or above basic and 46% at or above proficiency.  The reading tests for 8th grade, showed that 61% of Black students were at or above basic and 17% at or above proficiency as compared to 86% of white students at or above basic and 46% at or above proficiency.  These educational inequalities in part explain the enduring racial economic inequalities. In 2010, for example, 65% of Black children under age 18 lived in low income families compared to 31% of white children. The Black unemployment rate for Black people has been twice as high as for white people for over 50 years. The median income for Blacks in 2010 was $32,068 as compared to $54,620 for whites.

So sixty year later the struggle continues to make America a place where Black people and Black institutions are respected; where integration is viewed through the prism of pluralist acceptance; where there is a reversal in the power relationship between low income and working class Black families and schools so that the aspirations parents have for their children’s education will be met.

The struggle continues to fulfill the promise of Brown.   

My Comment: The above is reposted from Black Alliance for Educational Options. It is heartening to see many Blacks parting ways with their white liberal friends when it come to education policy. Charter school have shown that Black students can excel. One does not have to sit next to white kids in order to get a good education. There are charter schools that are almost working miracles. Instead of early pregnancy and welfare or dropping out of school and going to prison, young Black students are excelling and going to college. There are many charter schools where whole classes, made up entirely or mostly of inter city Black kids, are not only graduating but where every graduating senior is getting accepting to college. One-size-fits-all public education has terrible failed most Black students but has failed our nation.  Education reform may be the key to ending Black poverty and welfare dependency. Educational options should be promoted at every opportunity. There is an active chapter of BAEO in Tennessee,  To learn more follow this link. I have made a financial contribution to this organization and urge you to consider doing likewise.

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Report from Caffenated Conservatives

Facebook post from Stephen Clements of Caffeinated Conservatives:

Wow, if you weren't at the Caffeinated Conservatives meeting we just had with Ken Marrero of the Nashville TEA Party, you missed something special. We've had a lot of great shows, but I enjoyed this one on a level even above the time John Jay Hooker led a mini-revival in the coffee shop! I know I wasn't the only one, because:
1) one person felt so moved as to lead us all in hand-holding prayer;
2) one person said they wished this meeting happened every week;
3) about half of the guests were still there an hour after the meeting was over.
Loved every second of it.
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this meeting. With my wife's deteriorating health, I simply can't attend as many functions as I did in the past. Looks like I missed a good one.

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Richard Dumas withdraws from General Session's race.

From a post on Richard Dumas's Facebook page:

After much hard thought and deliberation and discussions with Ashley, I have decided not to run for General Sessions judge. There are a number of reasons, but primarily, the main reason is, is that my heart simply isn't in it. I think to make this happen, you have to be fully committed and you have to desire it greatly, and I just don't. I am so grateful to everyone who has encouraged me and the offers of help I have been given. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I don't think I can remove my name from the ballot, so my name will still be on it in August, but I would urge you to vote for my friend Rachel Bell. I look forward to working with her over the next 8 years.

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Rep. Trey Gowdy: CIA acting director Morrell did not tell the truth.

Please watch this. I have watched hours and hours of Benghazi hearings on CSPAN and have become more and more frustrated at how the administration has been evasive and appears to be covering up the truth. I am pleased that Rep. Trey Gowdy will lead the investigation of Benghazi. He seems determined to get to the truth. He has been a Federal Prosecutor and is the right man for the job. In this video he almost reluctantly say, "Yes, In a word, I do not believe him." referring to then acting CIA directors Morell's claim that the anti Mohamed video may have let to a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand.

Despite Hillary Clinton's exasperated exclamation of "what difference does it make?" the truth does make a difference. We need to get to the bottom of this.  It is absolutely clear that the email that established the talking points for Susan Rice to use on the Sunday morning talk shows were withheld from a legitimate Congressional request. That is inexcusable. There has been a withholding of evidence.

Liberals and the Obamamedia are painting this investigation as a partisan witch hunt evidenced by the absence of Democrats supporting the investigation. My view of the absence of Democrats who care about the discovering the truth, does not reflect poorly on Republicans but on Democrats. They put their loyalty to Obama above their love of country and concern for the truth. This is bigger than Watergate. No one died at Watergate! Obama should be impeached!

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State Sen. Frank Niceley endorces Joe Carr

Almost everybody has already endorsed Lamar Alexander.  Joe Carr yesterday was endorsed by Senator Frank Niceley.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Joe Carr shaddow boxing: Joe Carr vs Joe Carr

Writing in The Nashville Scene yesterday, Steve Cavendish points out that Representative Joe Carr was for Common Core before candidate Joe Carr was against it and how Representative Joe Carr thought President Obama's proposed stimulus was a great idea but now candidate Joe Carr thinks it was bad idea. To read more about the conflicted Joe Carr and his imploding campaign against Lamar Alexander follow this link:  Candidate Joe Carr vs Rep. Joe Carr ,

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The now average seven-minute "encounter" with your Doctor will only get shorter under Obamacare

The Looming Doctor Shortage — And How To Fix It  

By TN Senator Mark Green, M.D., The Dally Caller, May 12, 2014 - A few years ago, several publicly traded HMOs began restricting doctors to an average seven-minute "encounter" with each patient. Seven-minute health care might be cost efficient, but it is a terrible way to practice medicine - and a new study by Northwestern University's Kellogg School  indicates that unless we act quickly, an existing doctor shortage and the Affordable Care Act are about to shorten the time doctors spend with patients even further.
Northwestern's Kellogg School examined how the State Children's Health Insurance Program, SCHIP, affected doctor-patient interactions. While more physicians participated in the program, the study found that the average time each doctor spent with each patient was significantly reduced. What's more troubling, the study concludes that the same can be expected as a result of the Affordable Care Act. (read more)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alexander: An example of some of the problems with financial aid

To demonstrate the clumsy growth of federal regulations and their effect on the education system, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander unfurled an impressive visual aid Saturday before East Tennessee State University’s commencement ceremony.
 Alexander, seeking re-election this year, said Saturday if Republicans take control of the Senate in the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections, he will be the chairman of the Education Committee, and the streamlined education law will have an easy passage. (read more)

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander used the length of a FAFSA form as an example of some of the problems with financial aid.

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Nashville Becomes Latest Open Data City.

Nashville Becomes Latest Open Data City. Congratulations to Mayor Dean for taking this step to make government more transparent.

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Alexander: Here’s What Republicans Would Do About Health Care if We Were in Charge

Great Speech! At Senate hearing to consider HHS nominee, Alexander lays out Republicans’ step-by-step proposals to increase freedom and choices, lower costs

“Republicans want to repair the damage Obamacare has done and prevent future damage.  As responsibly and rapidly as we can, we want to move in a different direction to put in place proposals that provide more freedom, more choices and lower costs. We trust Americans to make these decisions for ourselves. That is the American Way.” –Lamar Alexander

Washington, D.C., May 8 – At a hearing today on the president’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the senior Republican on the Senate health committee, laid out Republicans’ step-by-step proposals to reduce health care costs and increase freedom and choice for Americans.

 “Here’s what Republicans would do about health care if we were in charge: Republicans want to repair the damage Obamacare has done and prevent future damage. As responsibly and rapidly as we can, we want to move in a different direction to put in place proposals that provide more freedom, more choices and lower costs. We trust Americans to make these decisions for ourselves. That is the American Way.”
He outlined specific proposals from Republican senators to provide Americans with “more choices to buy a plan that fits your health care needs and your budget, and more ability to choose the doctor you want.

He pressed the president’s nominee, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, to support Republican proposals to allow Americans:
  • to keep the health care plans they already have;
  • to buy insurance policies sold in other states;
  • to buy major medical policies that would provide peace of mind in the face of serious health events;
  • and to use more of their money tax-free on health expenses through expanded health savings accounts.
He outlined other Republican proposals that would :
  • allow small businesses to combine their purchasing power to offer employees lower cost health plans;
  • give employers more freedom to reward employees for leading healthier lifestyles;
  • give governors more flexibility to spend Medicaid dollars in ways that to deliver better health care at lower costs;
  • and help states stop the proliferation of junk lawsuits.
In 2010, Alexander was the first Republican speaker at the White House Health Care Summit, where he warned that individual premiums would rise under Obamacare, and outlined the steps Republicans would take to reform health care.

He said at today’s hearing: “The most important thing we said at that health care summit and the most important thing we could say today is what we would do instead. We say: Step by step, not comprehensive …. Washington is not wise enough to write a bill that makes so many decisions at once about 20 percent of economy. If you are waiting for Senator McConnell to roll onto the Senate floor a wheelbarrow with a 2,700-page, comprehensive Republican bill, you might as well wait for a blue moon.”

He said Republicans had warned explicitly of what was wrong with the president’s plan four years ago. Republicans said the Obamacare law would increase the cost of health care, people would lose their choice of doctors, policies would be canceled, people would lose jobs, taxes would go up, and Medicare beneficiaries would be harmed. “All of these things have happened,” Alexander said today.

The senator told Burwell, “The American people expect us to act responsibly and as rapidly as we can. And since President Obama still will be in office for the next two years, if you are confirmed, we will need your help to do it.”

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six people voted twice in Davidson County primary; election worker fired

Six people voted twice in Davidson County primary; election worker fired

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Why I will no longer call myself a member of the tea party.

Recently the Gallup poll reported that support for the tea party was down from 32% in November 2010 to 22% today.  Quite frankly, I am not surprised and expect further decline unless the tea party can become less dogmatic and extreme.

When the tea party first came on the scene, I was all on board. I opposed Obamacare and run away deficits and wanted Republicans to stand strong, vigorously oppose Obamacare and not raise taxes. I felt I was part of a movement. I saw the tea party as a movement of newly energized people who for too long had been silent. On April 15th, 2009 I attended a tea party event and wrote enthusiastically about the experience. I was exited when Tea Party Express rolled into town and reported on it.

April 18, 2009

From the very first however, I was put off by some of the fringe that I saw attaching itself to the movement. At an early tea party event on Memorial Plaza (also called Legislative Plaza), either the event referenced above or another early event, there was a John  Birch Society booth. I was surprised. I thought the JBS had disappeared long ago. I had not heard anything from them in years.

 The John Birch Society emerged sometime in the 50's as a conservative, anti-communist organization.  There were chapters all across America.  Many respectable people joined the organization. On specific policies I almost always found myself in agreement with the JBS.

However, the problem with the John Birch Society is not the position they take on most issues but that they are nuts. When they talk about "the insiders" they do not simply mean people with influence the way you and I might use the term. When the JBS talks about "insiders" they are talking about people who belong to a secret society that has been pulling the strings since about 1776 with the formation of The Illuminati. According to JBS, The Illuminati has front groups and subsidiaries like The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderburg Group and others.  The JBS believes almost nothings just happens or is the result of clashing interest or ideologies but is planned and controlled by a handful of elites they call "the insiders."  Not everyone in the JBS even knows what the organization believes and they join  not knowing. If they are only causal members they may be clueless about what it is they have joined.

By the mid 1960's, the JBS had gained so such power in the conservative movement and in the Republican Party, that William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater issued a joint denunciation of the organization and urged conservatives to disassociate from it. After that the organization twiddled.

With the advent of the tea party, the John Birch Society found fertile ground for resurgence and growth.  One of the projects they took on was something called Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was a 1992 UN sponsored study suggesting a course of action for sustainable development. It was not a treaty.  Some countries voluntarily implemented some of the Agenda 21 recommendations.  The JBS developed training kits where one could become an expert on Agenda 21 and present slide shows and produce brochures and teach about it.  These classes were taught all over the country, including here in Nashville. According to the JBS, Agenda 21 is a plot to take away all property rights, force people to live in tiny apartments and kill 97% of the worlds population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride. Crazy I know, but that is the theory. Everything from wide sidewalks, to roundabouts, to traffic calming, to mass transit, to art in public places, to bike share programs, to water conservation, to reintroduction of wolves in the wild became suspect as part of the grand conspiracy of Agenda 21.

The reemergence of the JBS caused me concern but I viewed them as nutty opportunist attaching themselves to the tea party and that did not make me less enthusiastic about the tea party. There were also others associated with the movement that made me a little uncomfortable, but I dismissed them as the extreme fringe or people simply carried away with enthusiasm and exhibiting over-the-top exuberance. In the early days it seemed that the speakers and leaders never engaged in excessively militant rhetoric and discouraged any thing that would bring discredit on the movement. Contrary to what some in the mainstream press said, I never saw even the slightest hint of racism associated with the movement.

In September, 2009 I attended a "liberty rally" at municipal auditorium that made me a little uneasy. The primary spokesman at the event was  Dr. Bob Basso, who portrays Thomas Paine in numerous YouTube videos and personal appearances across the country. There was a big crowd and lots of enthusiasm and waving of flags and cheering at the event. I joined in the  enthusiasm of the moment. However, Basso pandered to the birthers at this event. He said something to this effect: “I have been called a community organizer and to a certain extend I guess I am but,” and here he paused and reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and held it up and said, “I am a community organizer with a birth certificate.” The audience went wild and cheered.  I did not. I think the birther movement is a discredit to the conservative movement and I want no part of it. As his speech went on, I also cheered  and applauded. I also want to throw the bums out. I want to reduce the size of government, etc. etc. I want to “take my country back.” As his talk went on however, he nearly advocated secession and resistance to paying taxes. I am not ready to take up arms and man the barricades. I knew this brand of tea partyism was something I did not want to be part of and I said at the time, "I feel that if the extremism is not curtailed the movement will be discredited."

While there were various other events that I attended and enthusiastically endorsed, such as the Gibson Guitar event and the Education Reform event, more and more I found myself parting ways with factions of the tea party. One group identified as "tea party" is the Glen Beck associated 9-12 group. In July of 2012, our own local 9-12 chapter took out a full-page, $5000 advertisement called, "an open letter to Governor Haslam and the people of Tennessee." It said the actions of Governor Haslam would make us subject to Sharia law and attacked Governor Haslam for his administration's hiring of a highly qualified Tennessee attorney who happened to be a Muslim. I find that just nuts and a waste of time and money, and bigoted and wrong. 

Nashville Tax Day Tea Party rally April 15, 2009
People identified as "tea party" were also heavily involved in efforts to stop the building of a Mosque in Murfressboro. While I recognize the threat of radical Islam, you do not combat that threat by denying Freedom of Religion. Opponents of the Mosque took the unbelievable position that Islam is not really a religion but rather an ideology and therefore should not have the protections of freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution. It seems a lot of tea partiers have a much different interpretation of the First Amendment than I do.  Maybe if they can deny First Amendment protection to Muslims, then next it will be the Church of Scientology, then Jehovah Witness, and maybe Mormons. After all, Mormonism is not really a religion but a cult, I can hear them argue. And Buddhism? Why, that is not a religion; it is a foreign philosophy.  Buddhist don't even claim a deity. Surely the First Amendment does not apply to Buddhist. Don't allow them to build temples! Where would it end?

While I disagree with the way some in the tea party movement interpret the First Amendment, I also
disagree with them on the Second Amendment. While they want to shrink the First Amendment to mean much less, they want to expand the Second Amendment to mean much more. Some who claim to be supporting the Second Amendment want to interpret the Second Amendment to mean they can trample my private property rights and can carry a gun into my home or my place of business even if I have a "no guns" policy.  Clearly the second amendment is a restriction on government, not on the right of someone to prohibit guns on their private property. Elements of the tea party defeated Debra Maggart, a good leader of the Tennessee Republican Party in the State legislature, over this issue.

Ben Cunningham at Gibson Guitar Rally Oct. 2011
Another issue that causes me concern is the many tea party people who disregard the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and support the   discredited  theory of nullification. Nullification says each state can decide whether or not a federal law shall have effect in their state. Even George Wallace when he stood in a school house door to stop integration of the University of Alabama did not do so on the basis of nullification. When the National Guard was federalized, he stepped aside. Tea party members of the State legislature have introduced laws that would require local law enforcement officers to arrest federal agents enforcing federal law. I am not ready to join an armed rebellion and engage in insurrection.

The tea party also has a history of supporting real losers for public office. Nationally there have been
May 21, 2013 IRS protest
some "tea party" candidates elected who I admire and support such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Curz, Tom Coburn, and Mike Lee. However, the tea party has also supported some embarrassing losers like  Christine O'Donnell in Delaware of "I am not a witch" fame, and Sharron Angle who won the primary to run against Senate majority leader Harry Reid and then lost the election when a more establishment Republican could have probably beat Reid. Candidates backed by the tea party effectively cost the GOP five winnable Senate elections in 2010 and 2012 in Nevada, Delaware, Colorado, Indiana and Missouri. Todd Akin lost in Missouri, Richard Mourdock lost in Indiana, and Linda McMahon lost in Connecticut.

Here in Tennessee, the tea party has lined up behind Joe Carr. Carr supports nullification, does not
The Tea Party supports Joe Carr for "Sentate"
think Muslims have the right to First Amendment protection and thinks the Second Amendment allows an individuals to carry a gun on to private property where the owner does not want one to carry a gun. In addition Carr has ran a bumbling campaign. Should, by some miracle he win the Republican nomination, Democrat Terry Adams would most likely be the next Senator from Tennessee.

The tea party is not a political party, but rather a movement. It is a conservative-libertarian-populist movement and I have considered myself part of it. Even when disagreeing with some of the factions in the movement and some of the leaders of the movement, I still though myself as part of it.  No one person can speak for the tea party. I have occasionally been asked if I am part of the tea party and in the past I have proudly said I was. If to be a member in good standing of the tea party however means one has to support Joe Carr, believe in nullification, believe the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims and believe the Second Amendment trumps property rights, then I no longer want to be part of it.

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Irregularities in May 6 voter data led to double voting

Nashville Scene, by Steven Hale on Mon, May 12, 2014 - Last Tuesday, as Davidson County voters were casting their ballots in local judicial primaries, election officials realized there was a problem — more than 10,000 people could have voted twice, and no one working the polls would have known to stop them.

Davidson County Elections Administrator Kent Wall confirms to Pith that around 11 a.m. on election day, a poll worker reported discovering that a person who had voted early was not recorded as having done so in the electronic poll books (EPBs), which are used to verify voter information, such as their correct precinct, and whether they have already voted. Wall says that IT staff at the election commission and their counterparts at Election Systems & Software (ES&S) — which manufactures the EPBs and related software — soon determined what had gone wrong. (link)

My Comment: It looks like we would have been better off with Albert Tieche in charge.

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Nashville Tea Party meeting, Thurs. May 15th 7PM, Maxwell House Hotel

Save the Date: Thurs May 15 at 7PM
Meeting Location:
Maxwell House Hotel
in Nashville. See Map Here
2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN

  In addition to all the usual legislative and election updates, we welcome two very special guests:  

1- Hickok45, is a Nashville based Youtube Megastar whose videos have logged Tens of Millions of Views. He is an expert on firearms and will discuss the best everyday carry weapon. If you are a woman looking for a small, lite self-defense weapon or if you would like to know how to use your weapon in a specific situation, bring your questions.

2- Nikki Goeser, author of "Denied a Chance" will tell her heart wrenching story of the tragic consequences of not having a self defense weapon when it was most needed to defend her loved ones.

Volunteer Opportunities: Would you like to get more involved in Tea Party activities. Email Kathy at for info on a special meeting for volunteers.

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Conservative Conversation and Cocktails Monthly Gathering, Tuesday, May 13

Three Brother's Restaurant 114 North Church Street Murfreesboro TN
Tuesday, May 13 at 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Please join us this month for lots of interesting conversation about the recent primary results, great food and beverage from the menu and meet our special guest Stephen Siao.

Stephen currently serves as the Southern Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action now based in Nashville. He previously worked in Heritage Action's DC office, served on the communications staff of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and completed a fellowship at the John Jay Institute. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Stephen led the fight for religious liberty there and was twice elected state chairman of the College Republicans, regularly representing his peers at conservative events and coalition meetings and in the media--including several live interviews on Fox News.

Stephen will be sharing information concerning how Heritage Action (the activist arm of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation) works closely with conservative leaders and groups in Tennessee, partnering with them in order to be a resource in the fight to hold our Congressman accountable.

Many of you know Stephen from his activist days at Vanderbilt just a few short years ago so take this opportunity to come by and say hello and welcome Stephen back home to Tennessee.

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Special Campaign Event for Len Silverman Republican Candidate for State Representative, 45th District

When: Thursday, May 15th at 6:30pm (The Hendersonville Chamber's Business After Hours at Rock Castle begins at 5:00 pm so please make plans to come up to Hazel Path afterwards)

Where: Hazel Path Mansion,105 Hazel Path, Hendersonville

This will be a great opportunity to hear Len speak about the critical issues facing our district and our state.
Featuring Music by Conner Broome
The event is $100 per couple, Business Casual  CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Below are remarks made by Len Silverman at the Sumner Co. Reagan Day Dinner in April.

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After reaching its peak in 2010, Americans' support for the Tea Party has declined to 22%

After reaching its peak in 2010, Americans' support for the Tea Party declined to 22%, reports Gallup's Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport.
If you do not see the video, follow this link: Gallup poll.

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Southeast Nashville Conservatives' Breakfast: Meet the Candidates

Saturday, May 17, Shoney's (Antioch) Bell Rd @ Cane Ridge Road I-24E (Bell Road Exit) Breakfast/Social 8:30 am Meeting/Speakers 9:00 -10:00 am 
This Meeting..... Meet the Candidates 
 Sterlina Brady, State Senate 19 

State House 51: Brian L. Mason, Joshua Rawlings

Mwafaq Aljabbary
candidate, State Senate 21
Diana Cuellar
candidate, State Senate 21
Quincy McKnight
candidate, State Senate 21

John Wang, State House 53

Jim Gotto, State House 60
Troy Brewer, State House 50

This will be a great meeting. Have your questions ready for the candidates. See you on the 17th! Hosted by: Robert Duvall & Pat Carl

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Caffeinated Conservatives May Meeting - TEA Party Edition

Saturday, May 17 at 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Uncommon Grounds 1053 Donelson Avenue, Old Hickory, Tennessee 37138
Join us and Nashville TEA Party leader Ben Cunningham as we talk about the TEA Party movement and its impact on our nation's politics. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said he is going to destroy the TEA Party; the liberal media keeps calling it a dead movement. Will 2014 be another 2010 with the TEA Party sweeping the pampered political elite from power or not?
All opinions welcome for good conversation and great coffee!

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