Saturday, December 19, 2015

Noshville Deli Is Closing in Part Because of Obamacare

But when Loventhal learned he would be faced with the added expense of providing his more than 50

employees with health insurance come Jan. 1—he estimated it would cost between $70,000 and $100,000 annually—Loventhal decided to close Noshville’s doors before the provision of Obamacare overseeing businesses, the employer mandate, goes fully into effect.
“It’s an onerous bill, and for a small business, it’s a lot of time [to comply],” he said. “I’ve been studying this for three years, and I really couldn’t come up with a good answer, and I feel sorry for closing this business.”
A ‘Healthy Dose of Reality’

Under Obamacare’s employer mandate, businesses with more than 50 employees working more than 30 hours per week will be required to provide health insurance to its workers.

On Jan. 1, 2015, the employer mandate went into effect for businesses with more than 100 employees, and on Jan. 1, 2016, those rules will apply for those with more than 50 employees. (link)

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Should we bomb Agrabah?

I favor a strong American foreign policy.  I reject the position of many Democrats and Libertarians who think America should disengage from the world. Isolationism and disarmament will invite war. I think we need to modernize our military to be able to deter Russian aggression in eastern Europe, to counter Chinese expansion in the South China Sea and to be prepared to counter a nuclear armed North Korea and Iran.  Weakness invites aggression. Our land based missiles are old, our Air Force is still flying B-52's which have been in service for more than 60 years and our Navy is the smallest it has been since 1940. The world is a dangerous place and we have a vital interest in deterring expansion of anti-democratic countries and in maintaining world stability.

While favoring a strong military and American leadership in the world however, I reject the foreign policy position of George W. Bush and many Republicans which got labeled "neo-con."  I don't think we can impose democracy on countries not ready for democracy.  I actually think the world would be a better place if Saddam Hussein was still dictator of Baghdad and Moammar Kadafi still ruled Libya. If we had not destabilized the Mid-east, there might not be an ISIS threat. While we should not be propping up corrupt dictators except in rare circumstances, neither should be be engaged in toppling them except in rare circumstances. I am not so idealistic or naive to think that all people of the world yearn to be free and democracy will follow if only dictatorships are overthrown.

When and how to use American power is not always an easy thing to know.  I do not think the answer to every foreign policy challenge is to drop bombs. In a recent poll, 30% of Republican primary voters said they would support the U. S. bombing  of Agrubah and 13% opposed and the rest were undecided. Donald Trump's supporters favored bombing Agrabah by 41% to only 9% of his supporters who would oppose bombing Agrubah.   Among Democrats, 19% favored bombing  Agrabah and 36% opposed. This is a troubling statistic. (link)

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Friday, December 18, 2015

How Tennessee Senators and Representatives voted on the Omnibus spending bill.

Congress passed the Omnibus spending bill today by a vote in the House of  316 to 115 and five not voting. The Democrats voted in favor of the bill 166 to 18 opposed.  Republicans also voted in favor of the bill, 150 voting in favor and 95 voting in opposition. (link)

In the Senate it passed by a vote of  65 in favor and 22 opposed. Among Democrats, 37 voted in favor and six opposed. Among Republicans, 27 voted in favor, 26 voted in opposition and Senator Marco Rubio missed this important vote. (link)

The bill would fund the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2016 (through September 30, 2016).

In the Senate, both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker voted in favor of the bill, disappointing this voter.  Below is the vote in the House of Representatives of Tennessee representatives.

Nay   R   Roe, Phil TN 1st
Nay   R   Duncan, John TN 2nd
Yea   R   Fleischmann, Chuck TN 3rd
Nay   R   DesJarlais, Scott TN 4th
Yea   D   Cooper, Jim TN 5th
Nay   R   Black, Diane TN 6th
Nay   R   Blackburn, Marsha TN 7th
No Vote   R   Fincher, Stephen TN 8th
Yea   D   Cohen, Steve TN 9th

For a list of how all member of the House and Senate voted, follow the above links.

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Marsha Blackburn: Why I voted NO on the omnibus spending bill.

Marsha Blackburn
From This Week in Washington by Representative Marsha Blackburn - Today the House passed the second major piece of legislation and that is the omnibus spending bill. So many of you contacted me to ask about the omnibus spending bill. Here is a link for you to view the bill yourself. Also, I want to provide you a brief summary and explain why I voted NO on the omnibus. 

We did achieve some conservative wins in the bill. We were able to block the IRS from harassing individuals who give to political organizations. We were able to roll back the EPA spending to 2008 levels and their employee rolls to 1989 levels. We were also able to include full funding for our men and women in uniform. Those are big conservative wins and the Speaker deserves both credit and our thanks. 

Unfortunately, it is disappointing that we have no language which freezes the Syrian refugee program, the President’s lawless amnesty, Planned Parenthood funding, Net Neutrality or contributions to the Green Climate Fund. The omnibus also breaks the budget caps from the 2011 Budget Control Act. I am very concerned about the security of this country and the American people. Recently, DHS Secretary Johnson admitted that ISIS could “exploit” our refugee program to conduct attacks here at home, something I and my colleagues have been saying for weeks. We must do everything in our power to eliminate terrorist threats – which is why I will not give President Obama a blank check for his resettlement agenda. Due to these issues, I could not support the bill, but I do thank Speaker Ryan for the manner in which he addressed the issues and worked to include the conservative policy riders.

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The Paris Accord climate change Christmas celebration special deal on carbon off-sets

I guess by now everyone know the Paris Climate Agreement passed and it is really a big deal. That is what everyone is telling us. Here is a sample:

 "Why the Paris Climate Agreement Is a Big, Big Deal" William R.L. Anderegg -- The Week, December 14, 2015
 "The Climate Deal Is President Obama's Biggest Accomplishment" Jonathan Chait -- The New York Magazine, December 14, 2015
"COP21: Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'" -- BBC News, December 13, 2015

Here is what came out of the accord, as I understand it. Leaders from 196 countries approved the first global agreement to limit greenhouse-gas emissions in history.  Parties to the conference agreed on pursuing long-term efforts to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. They again endorsed the principle that all nations have a responsibility for reducing green house gases but that the major responsibility lies with developed nations to drastically cut their carbon emissions and to provide aid to developing economies to help them reduce their carbon emissions and adapt to climate change.

I guess this is a big deal simply because the leaders of these countries agreed to the concept. But that is about all it amounts to.  It is as if they shook hand and agreed to do this. There is no mandatory binding component of The Paris Accord. There is no penalty if you don't meet the target. The popping of champagne corks and dancing in the newsrooms and orgasmic exuberance seems a little over the top for what was accomplished. I must be missing something.  The leaders don't make the rules in any countries except dictatorships and then when they are overthrown, their dictates are overthrown with them.

The Paris Accord is not a treaty.  A treaty requires the approval of two-thirds of the Senate  to become American law and to be a binding agreement with another country.  The Paris Accord is not being presented to the Senate as a treaty. Also, with America having an $18 Trillion dollar national debt and to simply pay the interest on the debt is taking a greater and greater share of every tax dollar collected, I don't think giving foreign aid to developing countries to build solar energy plants and windmills is going to make the cut. Simply because we can't afford it anymore, America may have to stop being the World's policeman and the World's Santa Claus. I think even liberals would prefer to repair highways and build bridges in America, increase funding for student loans, and increase funding for Obamacare rather than build windmills in Bangladesh. 

Probably some of what we are now giving as part of foreign aid and humanitarian aid will be redirected as aid for reducing global warming. We will just call it something different.  I seriously doubt we are going to honor the aid to developing countries component of The Paris Accord. Anyway, even if we do really increase our aid to developing countries to fight global warming, does anyone really think it will go for the intended purpose? A lot of aid now given to fight hunger or for economic development ends up in the hands of the friends of the oligarchs or in Swiss bank accounts. These third world countries are not suddenly going to stop acting like third world countries just because the aid is earmarked for fighting global warming. 

If you have an environmentalist friend or relative who is ecstatic about The Paris Accord, I have the perfect Christmas gift suggestion for them.  Don't bust their bubble over The Paris Accord.  In fact, further extend their jubilation by showing them that their has been a revolution in thinking about saving the planet.  Give them the gift of buying a portion of their carbon footprint.  What better gift for an avid environmentalist than letting them live guilt-free during the holidays. If they drive home for the holidays, they can drive home guilt-free knowing that you paid for their carbon offset! 

Buy your Carbon Off-Sets Here!
The Paris Accord Christmas Special

Live Guilt Free, Get Your Certificate Suitable For Framing.
Show your friends how responsible you are.
Makes great Gifts!

$5.50 per Ton, this week only !

For only $5.50, I will give you a certificate saying that you have my permission to spew one ton of carbon into the air and not have a dirty conscience.

Projects funded by purchase of offsets, include the following:
  • Preservation of the tree in my front yard
  • Forgoing auto trips from Nashville to Knoxville. I can forgo up to 3 trips a day.
  • For $42,000 worth of offsets, I will trade my low gas-mileage car for a high mileage hybrid.

Purchase our “Green Elephant Special”: 2 tons of carbon off-set for only $9.50.

If you purchase before midnight Christmas Eve, you will get The Paris Accord Christmas special price of only $3.50 per ton! 

  Disgruntled Republican Enterprises also has a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Also we have clients in Nigeria who are looking for Americans who will help them dispose of millions of dollars by putting the funds in their checking account. Disgruntled Republican Ministries also has miracle prayer cloths for sale. We accept cash, checks, money orders, paypal and forever postage stamps.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Conservative Tennesseans Announce Formation of Voter Education Non-Profit

Press release, NASHVILLE, December 17, 2015 – Today, conservative Tennesseans from across the state announced the formation of Tennesseans for Conservative Action (TCA), a voter education non-profit formed to advocate conservative principles and policy and empower fellow conservatives across Tennessee.

“We formed Tennesseans for Conservative Action because we saw a need to highlight positive, conservative policies and educate Tennesseans on implementing these policies on the state and local level,” said Mark Braden, President of the Tennesseans for Conservative Action. “We believe Tennessee conservatives must work together to inform, educate and empower the public of the proven conservative principles that, when applied in governing, serve the best interests of the individual, the culture of freedom and the government of all people.”

Tennesseans for Conservative Action is a 501(c)4 voter education non-profit organization focused on advocating the following conservative principles:

  • Cutting Spending And Debt  
  • Creating a Simpler Tax System 
  • Giving Parents a Choice in Education
  • Local Control of Our Schools 
  • Ensuring Freedom in the Workplace 

The group's advisory board currently consists of 19 members, but Braden says they have an aggressive growth plan.
Tennesseans for Conservative Action Statewide Advisory Board
  • Amanda Angel of Bledsoe County 
  • Emily Beaty of Bradley County 
  • Mark Braden of Davidson County 
  • Jay Bush of Madison County 
  • Mark Cochran of McMinn County 
  • Steve Gill of Williamson County 
  • Gregory Gleaves of Williamson County 
  • Patrick Hampton of Hamilton County 
  • Michael Hensley of Grainger County 
  • Ty Jones of Hardin County 
  • Peggy Lambert of Blount County
  • Jennifer Little of Grainger County 
  • Susan Mills of Blount County 
  • Brett Purgason of Greene County 
  • Jason Rich of Wayne County
  • William Slater of Sumner County 
  • Robin Smith of Hamilton County 
  • Julie West of Williamson County 
  • Jessica Whitmill of Hamblen County 

For those that want to learn more or join TCA, they may visit the organization's website-

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Town hall forum on Islam in Textbooks draws standing room only

News Channel 5, FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Dozens of people including several lawmakers gathered at a town hall meeting in Williamson County to discuss religion in school. The meeting focused on educating the community and discussing concerns surrounding the teaching of Islam in Tennessee textbooks.(link)

by Sky Arnald, Fox 17, Brentwood - A packed crowd gathered in Brentwood Wednesday night for a town hall forum on Islam in Schools.

Many in the crowd are concerned about a 7th grade textbook many students are using in Tennessee.
"The book becomes a paper tyrant," said speaker Bill Warner.

Opponents say the textbook is in 40 school districts and its writers have ties to radical Islam.
"There is something seriously wrong with who's writing our textbooks," said speaker Cathy Hinners.
Susan Curlee was among the parents in the crowd.

Curlee is a school board member in Williamson county... (link

follow this link: Super Talk 99.7 WTN Podcasts

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Corker Says Visa Waivers a Bigger Risk Than Refugees

by Sam Stockard, Memphis Daily News - U.S. Sen. Bob Corker says he believes the nation needs to stop admitting Syrian refugees until security problems are solved, but the nation’s “bigger risk” in letting terrorists slip into the country lies with the nation’s Visa Waiver Program.
 “In the European Union, part of the strength of the European Union … from their perspective was people’s freedom of movement,” Corker says shortly before speaking at Middle Tennessee State University’s December graduation. “So you have somebody in Belgium who’s just been in Syria and has been radicalized, comes back and, boom, they’ve got a visa waiver to come right into the U.S. You understand, that’s a problem.”

The U.S. House recently passed bipartisan legislation designed to restrict travel by citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan to America without screening. It also limits travel by Americans who’ve been to those countries in the last five years. Adopted in 1986, the Visa Waiver Program allows nationals from 38 countries to visit the United States for up to 90 days without getting a visa.  (link)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Liberty on the Rocks - Tennessee, Thursday, December 17, 2015 5:30 PM

Liberty on the Rocks - Tennessee Thursday, December 17, 2015, 5:30 PM,  Mafiaoza's 2400 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204. This is a fun event to argue and converse and network with other right-of-center conspirators.  Despite it being the libertarian strain of right-of-center folks who dominate these gathering, there are enough of us "normal" conservatives in attendance to provide a little balance. There is no pledge, and no prayer, no speaker and no program; just good food, drinking beer, and good conversation. I have been attending for several years now and have always enjoyed them. This event will also be the, " Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!" good-bye for that contrarian trouble-maker Matt Collins.  RSVP.
Don't let the 5:30 start time concern you. Arrive whenever you can. It starts dwindling down about 9PM, but some times last longer. 

The Collins is crawling back into the swamp hole from which he came (no, not Memphis), the phallic shaped peninsular called Florida!

If you want to tell him goodbye, or just tell him off, be sure to come out and let him know you're glad he is gone. This will be your last chance before he devolves back into Florida Man.

See you there!

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What happended at the 12-15-2015 council meeting? Not much. Fairgrounds gun show bill deferred

At 28 minutes long this is one of the shortest of council meetings I have ever watched. Nothing of importance happens. There is no controversy and everything passes or is deferred. The only thing of interest, which I thought may generate some debate, was the resolution asking the Fair board to reconsider their decision to end gun shows at the Fair ground. That resolution is deferred two meetings. Since Metro legal told the Fair board to allow the gun shows scheduled for January, this resolution can still be acted on if this issue is not resolved by then.

The only thing that makes this Council meeting worth watching is that the attractive Council member, Speaker Pro temp Karen Johnson conducts the last half of the meeting. 

To get your own copy of the agenda, agenda analysis and my commentary on the agenda follow this link. This is The Tennessean's report on the meeting: Council holds off on fairgrounds gun show debate.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Budget and Finance Committee meeting of 12/14/15

The most important work of the Council does not take place on the Council floor but in committee and the most important of those committees is the Budget and Finance Committee.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump GOP Debate Watch Party - Jonathan's Grille

You are invited to the Donald J. Trump for President Debate Watching Party on Tuesday December 15, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Jonathan's Restaurant in Green Hills. We will assemble in the front Community room of the restaurant. Please RSVP using EventBrite. Seats are limited. 3508 Green Hills Village Dr (Green Hills Mall, off Hillsboro Rd. near Theater) Nashville, TN 37215.

My Comment: This is the only debate watch party of which I am aware.

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Essay Contest: Win up to $5,000

Dear Rod,
Each year we invite undergraduate students to participate in the ISI essay contest for a chance to explore timeless questions and to win up to $5,000. This year we're exploring the question: What is conservatism?

If you know a student who would like to participate, would you share this email with him or her?  
 Get the details and register for this contest here. The deadline for essay submissions is March 14!

Let me know if you have any questions! 
Stephen Herreid
Regional Director

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The American Conservative Union ratings of the Tennessee legislature.

Press release, WASHINGTON DC – “The ACU Ratings of the Tennessee Legislature point toward a state that proudly embraces conservative principles and policies.  Conservatives in Tennessee have been winning the fight by continuing to implement important reforms at the state level every year since 2008.”    

“Examples of Conservative victories this year include: the one-time purchasing fee for lifetime carry permits which strengthens the 2nd Amendment rights of Tennesseans; legislation requiring informed consent when a pregnancy is terminated that helps foster a culture that supports Life; and ending Common Core curriculum.  We hope that they will continue to lead the way for other state legislatures,” said Schlapp.

ACU announced the results of our ratings for the 2015 meeting of the Tennessee General Assembly. Like our Congressional ratings, ACU’s State Ratings reflect how elected officials view the role of government in an individual’s life.  Tennessee legislators with the strongest scores consistently voted with the ideals articulated in our U.S. Constitution.  

ACU researches and selects a wide range of bills that reflect a member’s adherence to conservative principles.  We select bills that focus on former President Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of the “three-legged stool”: 1) economic: taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare, and property; 2) social and cultural: 2nd Amendment, religious freedom, life, welfare, and education; and 3) government integrity: voting, individual liberty, privacy, and transparency.  The range of issues selected have been specifically designed to convey to voters the most accurate assessment of Tennessee’s elected officials who can be counted on to defend the principles of a free society: Life, Liberty, and Property.
Legislators who scored above 80% in ACU’s 2015 Ratings of the Tennessee General Assembly will receive awards for their hard work toward passage of legislation that reflects conservative principles. As Reagan stated, “The person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and an ally.”

The following Representatives and Senators will receive a 2015 ACU Ratings Award:
To view our Tennessee ratings guide, visit and click on Tennessee.

With your help, ACU hopes to present the 2015 awards to those Representatives and Senators who scored above 80% in the near future. For more information contact Amanda Bunning at (202) 347-9388 or by email at

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Update: Metro Water should go paperless. Please email me my bill. This is an option.

I am pleased to learn that one can go paperless and get their water bill on line. I don't have my bill with me and don't know my account number or I would sign up today. Why am I just now learning of this?  This should be widely known and promoted. Every mailed bill should prominently advertise this option. Now that I have learned water has this option, I will look at NES and Nashville Gas. I may never have to check my mail again!

To go paperless and get your water bill on line follow this link

I just got my water bill today and it was $22.56 which is for 3 CCF of water which is about what it normally is. I have it drafted from my checking account and it will be deducted on 12/31/2015.  I pay
my cable bill, credit card bill, NES bill, gas bill, The Tennessean, and cell phone bill all  this way. It saves time, the hassle of writing checks and saves postage. Also, it environmentally correct as it saves paper and waste and the energy of delivering my check to their destination in a truck.

I would also like to see the discontinuation of getting a paper bill. I think public utilities and Metro water should all move toward going completely paperless.  My cell phone company is already paperless; I get a text telling me I am being billed and reminding me the date on which payment will be deducted from my checking account. When I order something on Amazon, buy a ticket to an event, or take Uber, I never get a paper bill.  I get an email confirmation of the transaction or an email bill. I get a monthly notice from my investment adviser telling me my monthly statement is available and I go on line and review it; same thing with my monthly Regions checking statement.

I know some people like getting a paper bill. Some people do not have bank accounts and some people even like going in person to pay their bills. For those people who like doing business like that, they should still have that option, but for those of us who would like to go paperless, we should be given that option. Why do I need to open an envelope and have a bill in my hand when I can get a bill by email?

I don't know how much money it would save the water company if half of their customers went paperless, but it would save a lot.  What does it cost to print a bill and mail it?  And, how much does it cost to open the returned bill, remove the check, prepare and make the deposit?  Metro water serves 189,000 customers. If mailing out the bill and then processing the returned checks cost only a dollar each, and half the customers could be persuaded to go paperless this could save about $1.3 million dollars a year.  I hope one of the newly elected council members will take up this cause and determine how much money could be saved if the utilities went paperless and I hope they will push to make it happen. 

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