Friday, July 12, 2019

TOMORROW! Southeast Conservatives Breakfast Club feat. U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Manny Sethi

Saturday, July 20th at 8:30am
Shoney's Restaurant on Thompson Lane

Dr. Manny Sethi will be speaking to the Southeast Conservative Breakfast Club this Saturday July 20, 2019 at 8:30 AM at The Shoney's Restaurant on Thompson Lane.  Dr. Manny Sethi is the first officially declared Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2020.  

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Williamson GOP Annual Summer BBQ

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Early voting begins Friday July, 12, 2019

Early voting for the August 1st election for mayor and council begins tomorrow, Friday July 12th.  Please do not vote early unless you have given adequate thought about for whom you are voting.  You still have two more weeks to gather information, meet the candidates and think about your decision. 

Please don't vote at all unless you have a reason for voting for whom you are going to vote. Please don't base your decision simply on who has the most yard signs. Often people are shamed into voting and think it is a civic duty.  I have never thought that masses of uninformed people voting made for a better democracy. Selecting who will represent you in the Metro Coucil and who will lead our city is serious business. There is no shame in leaving the decision to those who are better informed.

In the pages of this blog I have listed the names of some of who I am supporting and the reasons why. I will provide a more comprehensive list in days to come.

Below is the early voting schedule.

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Nashville Justice League PAC endorses 15 candidates in Metro Council election. Don't vote for these people!

The Nashville Justice League is not a collection of comic book superheros but Nashville's newest Political Action Committee.  It is made up of some very liberal organizations including the Equity Alliance Fund, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition Votes, and the Central Labor Council. Their focus is on electing a more progressive Metro Council. A spokesman for the League said, "We’re going to fight for civil rights, immigrant rights and workers rights."

The organization did not endorse a candidate for mayor. Below are The Nashville Justice League's endorsements for Metro Council. Please, don't vote for these candidates:

  • At-large: Bob Mendes, Sharon Hurt, Fabian Bedne, Burkley Allen, Zulfat Suara, and Gicola Lane. 
  • District 2: Kyonzte Toombs
  • District 13: Russ Bradford
  • District 16: Ginny Welsch
  • District 17: Colby Sledge
  • District 19: Freddie O’Connell
  • District 29: Delishia Porterfield
  • District 30: Sandra Sepulveda
  • District 31: John Rutherford
  • District 33: Antoinette Lee.
(For original source material, follow this link.)

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Nashville Business Alliance endorses candidates

There are a lot of groups with similar sounding names. The Nashville Business Alliance is not to be confused with The Nashville Business Coalition. The Nashville Business Coalition is a group representing local big business.  This groups made endorsements for mayor and council a couple weeks ago. You can read about that groups endorsements at this link.

The Nashville Business Alliance is designed to promote and advocate for minority- and women-owned businesses. Members of the Alliance include Michael Carter, a co-founder of Pinnacle Construction Partners; Jacky Akbari, board chairwoman of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity; Lee Molette, CEO of Molette Investment Services; Turner Nashe, senior vice president of education services at Innertainment Delivery Systems/Global Tel*Link; and Jerry Maynard, CEO of The Maynard Group.

Like the Nashville Business Coalition, the Nashville Business Alliance also edorsed David Briley for mayor. Other endorsements with the exception of Johnathan Hall and Robert Swope are of the most liberal members running. With a few exceptions, this is a list of for whom not to vote.

 Below is the full list of The Nashville Business Alliance endorsements:

  • MAYOR: David Briley
  • VICE MAYOR: Jim Shulman (incumbent)
  • METRO COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Berkley Allen, Fabian Bedne, Sharon Hurt (incumbent), Bob Mendes (incumbent) and Zulfat Suara
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 1: Johnathan Hall (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 2: Kyonzte Toombs
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 3: Elise Hudson
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 4: Robert Swope (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 5: Charles Flowers
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 7: Emily Benedict 
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 8: Nancy VanReece (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 9: David McMurry
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 10: Zach Young
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 12: Erin Evans
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 13: Russ Bradford
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 15: Jeff Syracuse (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 16: Ginny Welsch
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 17: Colby Sledge (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 19: Freddie O’Connell (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 20: Mary Carolyn Roberts (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 21: Ed Kindall (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 22: Gloria Hausser
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 23: Mina Johnson (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 26: Jeremy Elrod (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 28: Tanaka Vercher (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 29: Delisha Porterfield (incumbent)
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 30: Sandra Sepulveda
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 31: John Rutherford
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 32: Cheryl Mayes OR Joy Styles
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 33: Martez Coleman
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 34: Terry Jo Bichell
  • COUNCIL DISTRICT 35: Dave Rosenburg (incumbent)
(For original source information, follow this link.)

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The Tennessean' profile of each of the four major candidates for mayor.

The Tennessean has done a profile of each of the four major candidates for mayor. Each piece tells the biography of the candidates and essential facts about the candidate and lets the candidate share his or her vision for Nashville.  With a word length of about 2600 words, the articles are long enough to do the candidates justice and let their personality shire through. None of the articles are a hatchet-job and none of the top four are slighted. Good reporting.

 David Briley, after an improbable political comeback, wants to finish what he started

Carol Swain is running for Nashville mayor after 'a life of beating the odds'

Cooper sees bipartisan path to win in election 

John Ray Clemmons: A mayoral candidate underdog who wants to change Nashville

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Neither Mark Green nor Bill Haslam is running for the US Senate in 2020

Below are The Tennessean stories on this topic:

US Rep. Mark Green says he won't run for US Senate in 2020  
U.S. Rep. Mark Green, a physician and Army veteran who ascended from the Tennessee statehouse to Washington in January, is taking himself out of the running to be Tennessee's next U.S. Senator. ....In many ways, Green's exit from the race comes as a surprise. With a conservative pedigree that includes opposing Medicaid expansion and supporting Trump, he has ascended the political ladder since first entering politics less than a decade ago.

Former Gov. Bill Haslam won't run for US Senate, saying it is not his calling 
 "While I think serving in the United States Senate would be a great privilege and responsibility, I have come to the conclusion that it is not my calling for the next period of my life," Haslam, 60, said in the letter.

BILL HASLAM: Why I am not running for U.S. Senate in 2020 | Opinion

Rod's Comment: I am surprised. I thought both would run. I would have been torn in reaching a decision who to support.  I think Bill Haslam made an excellent governor but I also really like Mark Green.  This leaves in the race, Nashville orthopedic trauma surgeon Manny Sethi and Bill Hagerty, the U.S. ambassador to Japan.



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African American PAC endorses Mayor Briley

African American PAC endorses Mayor Briley, The Tennessean, by Bandrew Wigdor - Buffalo PAC, a Nashville political action committee made up of African-American business leaders, endorsed Mayor David Briley due ahead of the Aug.1 election. 

The group cited Briley's commitment to "equity for minority businesses" as the reason for the endorsement.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Impressive list of people endorse Carol Swain

I am convinced that John Cooper is the person we need for Nashville's next mayor.  I view the number one problem facing Nashville as mismanagement and massive debt. I am convinced John Cooper is the best person equipped to address these issues.

Many of my Republican friends are supporting Carol Swain.  Early in the race, before Cooper declared, I too supported Swain.  Last year when Swain ran against Briley I supported her. Not only am I now supporting Cooper because I think he is the best person equipped to deal with the problems we face, but on a pragmatic level I do not see a path to victory for Swain. She is an opinionated outspoken conservative with many things she has pontificated about. In a progressive city like Nashville, I simply do not think she can win.  Even under the best of circumstances, with a less opinionated or published candidate, a moderate Republican can only garner about 35% of the vote.

While I don't think she can win, Swain has picked up some impressive endorsements. John Rich of the Country music superstar duo Big and Rich is hosting a fundraiser on her behalf.

Dr. Ming Wang has endorsed her. You may know Dr.Wang from his full page ads in the Tennessean promoting his lasik eye surgery clinic. You also may know him as host of the annual Eye Ball fundraiser event which promotes classic ballroom dancing and raises money for the non-profit Wang Foundation for sight restoration. I have met Dr. Wang several times and have attended several events at his home. He is a remarkable multi-talented person. He is not only a leader in lasik surgery here in Nashville but is a world renowned leader in the field, having made worthwhile contributions to various areas of molecular biology. He has a compelling life story having escaped China durning the worst period of Chinese Communist totalitarian rule, known as the Cultural Revelation.  He fled China with only a few dollars in his pocket to become an extremely successful vision surgeon. He tells his story in a autobiography that I have read and recommend, From Darkness to Sight. Dr. Wang is also a board member of the Tennessee Republican Minority Coalition, co-founder, Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group, and founding president of Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Nashville resident and world renowned economist and developer of the Laffer Curve, Dr. Arthur Laffer, has endorsed Carol Swain. Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson has endorsed her. Nashville-based national financial guru and radio host Dave Ransey has endorced her as has Dennis Prager, of the on-line Prager University. Evangelist Alveda King, niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, came to Nashville to host a fundraiser on her behalf.

That is an impressive list of supporters. It still does not change by support for John Cooper, but I am impressed.

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Are we a better city since the last election?

by Thom Druffel - Hindsight is 20/20. This means we always see things more clearly in retrospect. Let’s test that.

Since the last Metro Council Election—are we a better city? If size and head count were the only criteria, I would say yes. But for the sake of argument, let’s use another touchstone—the quality of community life.
Is our public education better? No.
Are we repurposing our public lands/resources in a responsible and equitable way? No.
Is our city’s spending equitable, transparent, accountable, and fiscally responsible? No.
Is our public transportation better? No.
Are our aging and deficient infrastructures better (roads, sewer systems, and storm water systems)? No.
We all pay significant property taxes. Are we getting the benefit?
The Metro Council is the steward of our tax dollars and the guardian of our neighborhood's quality of life and resources.
The Metro Council impacts our education system by supporting programs that empower and encourage teachers and enhancing the environment in which they work.
The Metro Council facilitates and encourages legislation that ensures and preserves: greenways and parks, sidewalks, peace and quiet, minimal traffic congestion, financial, healthcare, and utility assistance programs for our seniors
I want to represent you/District 23 in the Metro Council. It's important that you are familiar with my background, my work, and why I am qualified to work the problems that threaten our quality of life in West Nashville. Please visit
There’s no question that Nashville is on the move, but in what direction? Ask yourself: Are we a better city since the last Metro Council election?
If you have any questions and concerns please email me
 Thom Druffel is seeking the Council seat in District 23. I am supporting his candidacy. Rod Williams

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Country Music superstarr John Rich hosting fund raiser for Carol Swain.

John Rich
On Monday July 15th, Country superstar John Rich will be hosting a reception for mayoral candidate Carol Swan at this home, Mt. Richmore.  I am not supporting Carol Swan, but am instead supporting John  Cooper. If I was supporting Swain, this is the type of event I would like to attend. Rich's home is atop Love Circle overlooking Nashville and it stirred opposition from neighbors when it was constructed. It is huge and unique. The mansion has been featured on The Today Show and written about in other places.  I would like to see it.

I like John Rich.  I like his fearlessness in standing up for conservative values and his not being afraid of being politically incorrect. He speaks his mind with swagger. On a recent visit to Lower Broad, I noticed flying above his Redneck Rivera honky tonk was an American flag and below it a Gasden flag. The Gasden flag is the yellow flag with the snake and the slogan, "don't tread on me."  It was adopted as the flag of the Tea Party movement. I like a person who is not afraid to show his patriotism and political persuasion.

 I also like John Rich as a performer.  Years ago, before Big and Rich ever became superstars, for several months, I attended several of a a weekly show they put on at the Cannery Ballroom. It went by some name, such as, "the Music City Mafia," if featured various rock, county and Americana acts and was a loud, energy-filled event. Regulars, beside Big and Rich,  was some rockers whose name I don't recall, Black country artist Cowboy Troy,  "Redneck Women" artist Gretchen Wilson,  a midget named "two-foot Fred," and a visual artist who painted an impressionistic portrait of an entertainer or band or musician while the show went on, painting in bold colors and strokes at a high energy frantic pace. This weekly show was a bizarre circus. I loved it! Being able to participate in events like this and soak up the vibe of the city and see the stars before they are superstars is one I have always loved about living in Nashville. At these "Music City Mafia" shows, I  was by far the oldest guy in the room but really enjoyed the shows.

I think John Cooper is the person we need for our next mayor but if Carol Swain should be the candidate who makes it to the the runoff and the other person is incumbent David Briley, I will be supporting Carol Swain. Carol Swain is doing better than I thought she would and may make the runoff.  Should she make it to the runoff, I do not think she can win because then the kid gloves will come off and everything she has ever said that the left would consider homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, or misogynist will come to light if it looks like she is within sticking distance of winning.  As of now, there is no need to attack Swain, because Briley is probably hoping she is his opponent in a run off. Carol Swain has an author and pundit has a long record of opinions she has shared, which I agree with for the most part, but which will be used to demonize her if it become necessary to do so to prevent her from wining.  She is a social conservative and a Christian in a city of progressives and secularist.

While I hope John Cooper is the candidate who faces Briley in a runoff, if it is Swain I will support her, even though I think her chances of beating Briley in a runoff would be slim. If she does make the runoff I will be hoping my analysis of her chances and Nashville's electorate is wrong, but I don't think it is.  If she does make the runoff, maybe she will have another fundraiser at John Rich's and I can attend that one.

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Monday, July 08, 2019

1st Tuesday, July 12; guest is Ralph Schulz, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce President.

From Tim Skow:
1ST TUESDAY Members, friends and guests 

As this 4th of JULY holiday weekend comes to a close, I hope each of you have new reasons to be thankful, be proud of America and have new memories with those who matter to you most.


In order to avoid the lull in attendance that always happens during a holiday week,  the July version of 1ST TUESDAY is slated for Friday, July 12 and features the man in the eye of the whirlwind of the wicked paced growth engulfing Nashville and the surrounding area!

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce President Ralph Schulz returns to 1ST TUESDAY to discuss the likes of MITSUBISHI announcing they are moving to their Headquarters for North America to Cool Springs, iconic hotels from the MGM, 4 SEASONS, GRAND HYATT and many high profile and high impact companies coming to town !  No question, it will cause many heads to spin as the pace of Nashville's rise to international prominence is discussed !


1ST TUESDAY again in 2019 will aim to help those on the ballot who have visited 1ST TUESDAY on multiple occasions over the last year.
For this election cycle the special promotion is as follows. Those who come to lunch of July 12 with a check for at least $50 [or mail their check this week for the candidate(s) of their choosing will be granted a free pass to one of our remaining events over the next 6 months. 

YES ! ….provide your support for any of the names on the ballot found at the bottom of this invite and …..
YOU will be granted a pass to 1ST TUESDAY event of your choice for any event from August to our event in January! 
[ just an FYI, Senator Blackburn is confirmed for August 6th and we have other MEGA-speakers confirmed between SEPT and JAN]

Our 1ST TUESDAY website has details at 
You can RSVP there now. Once the new portal taking credit /debit cards comes on line this week you will be able to prepay for your JULY lunch!

Hope you will join us on this coming FRIDAY for a fascinating visit with Ralph Schulz and a couple of special guests !
Look forward to seeing you at WALLER Law. Remember doors open at 11AM and parking under the building is still just $7 for 2 hours.
Spread the word and bring your friends!!  
Looking forward to seeing many of you this FRIDAY !

Tim Skow

LIST of candidates to make your check(s) to include

Jody Ball
Thom Druffel
Michelle Foreman
Steve Glover 
Jonathan Hall
Lydia Hubbell 
Courtney Johnston [ a 1ST TUESDAY Sponsor ]
Bob Nash
Russ Pulley
Geric Smith
Carol Swain
Robert Swope [ a 1ST TUESDAY Sponsor ]
Sheri Weiner

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Music City Republican Women sponsor "Coffee with Courtney."

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Joint DCRP and Nashville Young Republicans Quarterly Social!

 From The Davidson County Republican Party:
Tuesday, July 9th at 5:30pm
The Crow's Nest,  2221 Bandywood Drive, Nashville

Join us on Tuesday, July 9th for our joint quarterly social!  We will be introducing our candidates for Metro Council and possibly Mayor.  Mix and mingle with like-minded conservatives and have the opportunity to ask candidates about their platform, their vision for Nashville, and any tough questions you may have!

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