Saturday, April 12, 2014

Who's afraid of Smart Growth? Nashville needs to grow smart.

Nashville from the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge.
Nashville has scored high on lots of list in recent years. Nashville scores high as a great place to live, a great place to work,  a great place to eat, a city of the arts, and a place to visit. I love this city and would not want to live any where else and I love to see it get the recognition I think it deserves.

Recently Nashville scored dismally low in a ranking of cities with few problems associated with urban sprawl.  In Smart Growth for America's  ranking of cities, out of 221 cities ranked, Nashville ranked 217.  In this ranking, "Nashville" is the the Nashville-Davidson/Murfreesboro/Franklin, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  Those MSAs ranking worse than Nashville are Prescott, AZ, Clarksville, TN-KY, Atlanta/Sandy Springs/Marietta, GA, and Hickory/Lenoir/Morganton, NC.

Other Tennessee cities, except Clarksville at 219, did better than Nashville, but none ranked high.  Memphis TN-MS-AK ranked 196, Knoxville ranked 199, Chattanooga TN-GA ranked 207, and Kingsport/Bristol TN/Bristol VA ranked 212.

Following the release of the report, The Tennessean editorialized Time for Nashville to grow smart. I agree.

What is meant by "smart growth"?  Smart Growth America defines it like this:
Smart growth means building urban, suburban and rural communities with housing and transportation choices near jobs, shops and schools. This approach supports local economies and protects the environment.
At the heart of the American dream is the simple hope that each of us can choose to live in a neighborhood that is beautiful, safe, affordable and easy to get around. Smart growth does just that. Smart growth creates healthy communities with strong local businesses. Smart growth creates neighborhoods with schools and shops nearby and low-cost ways to get around for all our citizens. Smart growth creates jobs that pay well and reinforces the foundations of our economy. Americans want to make their neighborhoods great, and smart growth strategies help make that dream a reality.
Traffic calming on 12th Ave South. Agenda 21?
Unfortunately, in some circles "smart growth" is suspect. It is seen as government directing development, curtailing property rights, and restricting choice. These assumptions are just not true. Smart Growth is no more an infringement on property rights than is suburban sprawl growth.  In some ways Smart Growth is less restrictive of property rights.

Unfortunately, a couple years ago, led by the John Birch Society and spread by people like Alex
Jones of Infowars, and Jesse Ventura and to a lesser extend by Glen Beck, some people bought into a grand conspiracy theory that almost everything from bicycle rental programs, to sidewalk expansion programs, to traffic roundabouts, to energy conservation, to almost any innovation in planning and zoning was part of a UN directed plot to transfer wealth from rich to poor countries, to force us all to give up our cars and live in tiny apartments. This was know as "Agenda 21."  The ultimate goal of this grand plot, according to the JBS, was to kill 97 percent of the world's population and that was to be accomplished by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride. I know it sounds preposterous, but that was the theory. (To read more about the anti- Agenda 21 movement see my previous post on the topic.)

This weird conspiracy sprang up, grew rapidly, then seemed to disappear as about as rapidly.
Nashville has been going through a process called NashvilleNext which is a program of planing for Nashville's next 25 years of growth. I have attended most of the public meeting and expected to see anti-Agenda 21 activist at the meeting denouncing "sustainable development," "walkability," "consensus," "smart growth," "new urbanism," "visioning," and all kinds of other things the JBS had told them were code words for implementing of this grand plot. No anti-Agenda 21 activist participated in the NashvilleNext planning process or if they did they did not dissent.

Many reasonable liberal, moderate, conservative and apolitical people however are suspect of "smart growth," not ever having been infected by the JBS conspiracy theory.  Among liberals, Smart Growth is seen as "gentrification" which will increase the price of housing and push out poor people.  Some are suspicion that Smart Growth is something the government would force to happen and it would reduce property rights.  Also I think there is a general tendency to suspect all change, even change for the better. People are more comfortable with something they already understand than something new.

Contrary to what many contend, Smart Growth zoning is actually less destructive of property right than is single-use zoning. Single-use zoning limits the right of a land owners to choose how he wants to develop his land and requires government permission every time an owner wants to change his land use from one category of use to another. There are now under development two apartment complexes on 8th Ave South that are permitted under current zoning but under previous zoning they would have been prohibited because the zoning for major traffic corridors was commercial and apartment residential was prohibited. Those owners have more property rights under the new code than the old. Another way one has greater property rights under Smart Growth zoning rather than traditional land-sue zoning is because there is less restriction on density and area ratio requirements and parking requirements. Another way property rights are strengthened under Smart Growth is that their is less inclination to take land by imminent domain for the purpose of widening roadways.

Cars are backed up at rush hour along Harding Place and 
Nolensville Pike, the busiest intersection in Nashville.
Different people have different preferences in where they life. I myself do not want to drive an hour to work each day. The way I see it, two hours sitting in the car a day is two hours of time that is not my own. I might as well be working. I live seven minutes from my job and I have for twenty-five years at two different locations. I usually come home for lunch. I love it.  I am also less than two blocks away from a Subway shop, a coffee shop, a Dollar General, three convenience markets and a Burger King. And while, due to my circumstances, I can't get out much anymore to enjoy it, I am a block away from a great music venue. I can walk to the restaurants on 12th Ave South or Hillsboro village and am about three miles from downtown.

If something starts at 6PM, I can wait until 6 to decide if I want to go and still not be very late. I like living like this. However, for those who want to live in the suburbs or the country and sit in traffic jams, you would still have that option. Smart Growth would not require you to change but would encourage more density and infill and new development patterns in the foot print already taken up by the metropolitan area. Smart growth recognizes that building more lanes of interstate simply results in more traffic and more sprawl.

Urban sprawl did not just happen. It is not just a function of consumer preference.  Our current pattern of interstate highways and  sparsely populated single family homes in cul-de-sac suburbs was as much a product of government planning as is Smart Growth. One thing that made urban sprawl possible and did as much as anything else to contribute to it was the interstate highway system. Our current pattern of urban sprawl is not somehow "natural."  Up until about the 1950;s  most people lived in cities or small towns. Certainly there was a market for suburban homes but government policy of road construction, sewer expansion, and infrastructure expansion  made it possible.

It was also government policy that led to people being required to drive long distances to go the the grocery store or to work and to the depopulation of urban cores. For most of the past century, American land use regulation required distinct separate land uses. Industrial was clearly separate from retail and retail was clearly separate from residential which was separate from rural or agricultural land. That was considered the enlighten view at the time and was motivated for sanitation reasons among other reasons. There is certainly nothing natural about this type development. In the early part of the previous century and the centuries before that, many people lived in back of or atop their place of business. The strict separation of land uses was a government policy, not a natural development pattern. For many years residential development was actually prohibited in the city core.

It was also a government policy that made cities auto friendly at the expense of being "walkable." Government build wide streets and often made no provisions for pedestrians or other forms of transportation. They sped up the traffic and made walking unpleasant. Zoning codes also imposed a certain number of parking spaces for a business based on the use. Certain types of retail had to have x number of parking spaces per x hundred square feet of retail space, restaurants had to have one parking space per x number of patron seating capacity, and so on and so forth. This changed the character of cities and pushed new development further out from the urban core and resulted in leap frogging over smaller plots in order to meet parking requirements. This destroyed walkability. The development of large shopping malls and non-connected businesses, each with ample parking was a result of codes, not something that just happened.

Another government policy that destroyed  and emptied much of the urban core was Urban Renewal. Along with Urban Renewal was the abuse of eminent domain.  Broad swaths of neighborhoods were destroyed. We still see vacant acreage south of Vanderbilt University that was taken by the city sometime in the 60's and transferred to Vanderbilt. Sulphur Dell was cleared, destroying a residential and business community and it set vacant as surface parking for years as much of it remains, although farmers market, the bicentennial mall and the planned return of baseball to the area are finally revitalizing the area. Urban renewal not only destroyed business and residential neighborhoods but destroyed the street grid pattern in those areas that is important to walkability, connectivity,  and is important to vehicle movement without overloading major thoroughfares.

The Interstate thorough North Nashville split a community and
destroyed much of it. North Nashville never recovered.
Pictured is I-40 pedestrian bridge near Hadley Park.
Also, the building of interstates not only contributed to urban sprawl by opening up more distant tracks of land to development but it destroyed much of the city. If you drive on I-40 West on the north side of town, you are flying over or zipping through an African American part of town that was torn in two. Jefferson Street was once a booming Black business section and never recovered from the impact of the interstate that tore the community apart.

It is hard if not impossible to undo some of the mistakes of the past but I believe Nashville is moving in the right direction. Our putting the arena, the main library, the convention center, the stadium and most government offices downtown created a vitality and concentration of downtown visitors.  Without government encouragement and use of tools such as tax increment financing, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center likely would have located outside of the downtown area. Some advocated putting some of these facilities in the suburbs with easy interstate access. In my view, we put them where they ought to be.

We also made downtown a destination and desirable for residents and visitors by developing riverfront park and maintaining the Shelby Street bridge as a pedestrian bridge and removing the city surface parking and building a park in front to the court house and many other things.  Also, unlike some cities that build new airports up to 40 or 50 miles out of town, we kept our airport where it was, close to downtown, making it more convenient for visitors and locals who fly in and out and reducing traffic congestion by having much shorter trips from the airport to downtown. Recently, I think the city made the right decision when the city denied the proposed May Town development. That massive planned development would have created in essence a second downtown. 

In 2010 the city adopted a form-based code  downtown.  This is essentially a relaxation or abandonment of strict land use forms and set back requirements and floor-area ratios and minimum parking requirements and instead focuses more on the  form and scale  of development. Now virtually all uses except heavy industrial and some auto related businesses are permitted downtown.

Sometimes  the city has tried to go too far, as in trying to turn Main Street and Gallatin Road into a urban street  with mandated buildings-to-the-sidewalk requirements (link). Planing can guild development patterns and influence what is build but mandating new urbanism can fail if the plan gets too far ahead of the market. Prohibiting parking in front of a building may be as bad as requiring setbacks and parking ratios. Good planning does not ignore market realities. Good planning cannot make development happen, but poor planning can inhibit development.

One reason to support Smart Growth is that urban sprawl is expensive. A study by Smart Growth America compare three developments in Nashville: Bradford Hills, Lenox Village, and The Gulch. The study found that:
On a per acre basis, The Gulch and Lenox Village developments are both estimated to
have a significantly larger positive impact on the General Fund than Bradford Hills. On average, The Gulch development is expected to have a net positive impact of $116,000 per acre and Lenox Village is expected to have a net positive impact of $780 per acre, compared to $100 per acre for Bradford Hills. The Gulch’s greater positive impact reflects the fact that while new development in the downtown is more expensive to serve on a per-acre basis than Bradford Hills or even Lenox Village, these expenditures are outweighed by the higher per-acre revenues associated with the much higher density development.
Not only does urban sprawl create a less healthy community and reduce quality of life, it is considerably a less efficient means of development. We simply can't afford to continue an unending tread of urban sprawl development.  One must be pragmatic and use common sense in all things however. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. In some places there have been, in my view, a too strict a prohibition on suburban growth and areas have been declared "green belts" and no new development permitted. In addition to that being a morally and constitutionally suspect "taking" of property without compensation, that can lead to a shortage of affordable housing. A shortage of places to expand can drive up prices. While I do oppose absolute prohibitions on development, I do think it appropriate for communities to make the developers of new outlying subdivisions pay more of the cost of infrastructure improvements and it is appropriate to make developers pay for new interstate exchanges and for local and state government to refuse to widen roads to accommodate the new growth.

In my view, infill development should be encouraged, sprawl discouraged, but new suburban growth should not be prohibited. A rarely used tool to discourage new subdivisions growth and urban sprawl is for government to purchase "development rights" from landowners willing to sell. I think that is a reasonable approach to curtailing sprawl and does not involve "taking" but just like declaring areas green belts, it can lead to a shortage of potential areas to expand.  It should be used but used sparingly.

To encourage less urban sprawl, one thing we must have is mass transit. While I have been a critic of the proposed $175 million Five Points to St. Thomas Hospital AMP Bus Rapid Transit system, I nevertheless think it is time for Nashville to embrace mass transit. I simply think the AMP is the wrong project on the wrong route. Mass Transit is not cheap, but neither is urban sprawl. I have had the good fortune and motivation to travel extensively. Cities that I enjoyed visiting most, cities that I would want to visit again,  are real communities build on a human scale and they are walkable and they have good mass transit. 

It is time to embrace Smart Growth or New Urbanism or what ever term you want to use, that develops for people rather than automobiles.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

More dumb stuff from the Carr for "Sentate" campaign

Carr's Campaign Spokeswoman: Carr Doesn't Have "Courage To Be A Leader"

 Carr staffer criticizes boss's budget vote on Facebook

Government relations consultant and media strategist Hillary Pate had some strong words on Facebook for Republicans who voted for Gov. Bill Haslam's budget plan on Thursday. Unfortunately for her boss, state Rep. Joe Carr, those words could have been applied to him.

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Mayor's AMP Advisory Committee stacked to produce a predictable outcome.

Seeing the writing on the wall from the state legislature that the AMP was in serious trouble, earlier
this week the Mayor announced a new design for the AMP that would remove dedicated lanes from the portion of the AMP route that lies between I-440 and St. Thomas Hospital. He also announced the creation of an AMP citizens advisory committee. Below is a portion of the mayor's press release about the new advisory committee. The highlighting is mine.

“This Advisory Committee brings to the table varying viewpoints, and that was the goal we set out to achieve,” Mayor Dean said. “I want to thank the local and state representatives who helped us appoint people who live or work near the route to serve on the committee, and I look forward to hearing the Committee’s recommendations on how to make this vital transit project work for Nashville.”
In addition to appointments being made by State Representatives, State Senators and Metro Council Members whose districts sit along the route, Mayor Dean appointed several Committee members who represent constituencies impacted by the project, including people with disabilities, the aging population and large employers.
Mayor Dean appointed Bert Mathews, of the Mathews Company and Colliers International, to serve as chairman of the Advisory Committee. House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) appointed attorney and West Nashville resident Dianne Neal and businessman Lee Beaman.
Subsequent to the April 29 meeting, the Committee will meet the last Tuesday of every month.
The Amp Citizens Advisory Committee was formed based on geographic and stakeholder diversity across the route. It is a nonpartisan, advisory body that will provide regular feedback and recommendations to the Amp engineers at Nashville MTA throughout the Final Design phase of the project. It will also serve as a vehicle for MTA to share information on a more regular basis about the Amp design with the community that each member represents.
The Committee includes merchants, property owners, neighborhood representatives, business leaders and other stakeholders interested in improving mass transit options in Nashville, both along the route and throughout the greater Nashville region.
Members of the Amp Citizens Advisory Committee include:
  • CHAIR: Bert Mathews, The Mathews Company and Colliers International, and West Nashville resident
  • Tina Banks, General Manager, Mapco Store 1033 on Main Street in East Nashville
  • Joe Barker, MarketStreet Enterprises and developer in the Gulch
  • Lee Beaman, Beaman Automotive
  • Arnett Bodenhamer, Retired Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army and North Nashville business owner (Arnett & Associates)
  • Drake Calton, Retired Financial Advisor and resident of Richland neighborhood
  • Laura Denison, Registered Nurse, Alive Hospice and Hillsboro/West End resident
  • Beth Fortune, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, Vanderbilt University
  • Richard Fulton, Colliers International and West Nashville resident
  • Tricia Griggs, Senior Disability Rights Advocate, Disability Law & Advocacy Center
  • Barrett Hobbs, Cumberland Hospitality Group and Lower Broadway business owner
  • Coralee Holloway, Director of Community Programs, Tennessee Housing Development Agency and East Nashville resident
  • Mina Johnson, Community Volunteer and West Nashville resident
  • Lewis Lavine, President, Center for Nonprofit Management and chair of the MTA Board Amp Committee
  • Cliff Lippard, Public Policy Researcher/Deputy Executive Director, Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, State of Tennessee; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University; and member of Transit Now
  • Dianne Neal, Attorney; Instructor of Law; and West Nashville resident
  • David Plummer, Architect, Centric Architecture and Hillsboro/West End resident
  • Mike Schatzlein, President and CEO, St. Thomas Health
  • Ralph Schulz, President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Alan Sparkman, Executive Director, Tennessee Concrete Association and AARP advocate
  • Patricia Totty, North Nashville resident
  • Mary Vavra, Landscape Architect and Planner, Lose & Associates and East Nashville resident
  • Chris Veit, Senior Designer, H2U-Health to You and Sylvan Park resident
  • Ben Vos, Mental Health Counselor and East Nashville resident
The Committee will include ex-officio members representing Tennessee Department of Transportation, Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Nashville MTA, Metro Public Works and Metro Planning Department.
Notice that among the people on the list only three of them are identified critics of the AMP. The rest are advocates, insiders and friends of the mayor. I do think the redesign is a significant improvement but I still think it is the wrong route. I wish we would go back to the drawing board and rethink the whole thing.

I would like to suggest a route from downtown out 2nd Ave and 4th Ave, to Nolensville Rd to Harding Place, and maybe on to Old Hickory, including a bridge over the railroad tracks south of Chestnut Street. The railroad creates lengthy delays at times and is an obstacle to downtown connectivity and this part of town.  Out this route lies the Fairgrounds and the Nashville zoo.  These attractions could draw more tourist if easily connected to downtown. This part of town is home to many immigrates and low income people who often have only one car or no car in their household and this area is ripe for development. With proper land use planning we could see considerable development around each stop along the route. The area along 2nd and 4th could blossom as a close-in urban community. This route could relieve congestion on I-65 and I-24.

I am sure there are other routes that also have their attributes. Maybe we should not have a BRT at all and instead spend money to upgrade the existing bus service.  In any event, with only three AMP critics on the advisory committee, I expect the mayor's revised plan to be the recommended plan of the committee. The deck is stacked.

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baeo: You Spoke and They Listened...A Victory for Tennessee's Children!

From Black Alliance for Educational Opportunity:
We know that many of you appealed to our state lawmakers over the past few weeks, urging them to put children first by passing the Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act.  We are happy to report that YOU spoke and THEY listened!
Yesterday the Tennessee Senate passed the Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act with a vote of 20-10 essentially moving us one step closer to ensuring that our students will have access to high-quality educational options. The Act would provide opportunity scholarships to eligible children trapped in failing schools to be used to attend any non-public school of their choice.
The bill must now pass the House before it becomes law. If passed, the program would award scholarships to up to 5,000 children the first year. 
BAEO believes that equal access to high-quality educational options is essential to realize our nation’s unmet promise of justice and equity. This access enables Black children, in particular, to fully participate in and benefit from economic and civic freedoms. 
BAEO supports parental choice programs that empower low-income and working class Black families to choose educational options that best fit their child. Opportunity Scholarships, or vouchers, are one, of many, options that allow parents to receive educational funds to send their children to eligible non-public schools.
Yesterday was a victorious day for our children. Please stay connected with Tennessee BAEO to learn how you can stay involved so that ALL children can have equal access and an equal chance at a high-quality education. Follow us on Twitter @TNBAEO or on Facebook.
Thank you for your continued support and keep up the fight!
Jennifer Littlejohn
Tennessee BAEO

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Marsha Blackburn to "Test the Waters" for 2016 Bid

Real Clear Politics, PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn will consider running for president in 2016 -- if she sees an opportunity to do so, an aide to the 7th  District Republican told RealClearPolitics. 

Blackburn is scheduled to be one of the speakers at a New Hampshire Republican rally this weekend but was not previously known to be mulling a White House bid.

“If there’s a door to kick down, she’s willing to kick it down,” the aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said. “These are the kinds of events you go to -- test the waters, and see what the reaction is.”

Blackburn is a staunch social and fiscal conservative who was first elected to Congress in 2002, and a presidential run by her would be a long shot by any measure.  (link)

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Thank God for the Koch brothers

Last night I attended a reception at a pizza place in Mid-town sponsored by Americans for

Prosperity. There was no program, just a good time socializing. I had a very enjoyable evening. There were Republican office holders and office seekers and dozens of various right-of-center political activist in attendance.

When I arrived, I noticed that outside the restaurant there was a grungy looking guy with a scraggly beard and long hair wearing a shirt with a big peace sign on it handing out fliers. I somehow knew he was not one of us.

Early, at the start of the event, there were only a few of us there, and the guy approached me and the couple other people I was standing with and asked if we were there to attend the Americans for Prosperity reception and we told him we were. He gave up one of the pieces of paper he was handing out, which was an article denouncing the Koch brothers, and he said he wanted us to have the information.  I took one and thanked him and one of the people I was with asked him if he would like for us to hand them out for him and he thanked us and gave them to us and left. No one ever said liberals were very smart.

The Koch brothers have been demonized locally by AMP supporters because Americans for Prosperity, which receives financial support from the Koch brothers, helped draft the law designed to stop the center of street design of the proposed AMP. Nationally, I think Senate majority leader Harry Reid must be obsessed with the Koch brothers. Liberal pundits routinely denounce them as the epitome of evil. I say, thank God for the Koch brothers.

This Is Why We Should Fear George Soros, Not The Koch Brothers.

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Alexander Statement on “Paycheck Fairness” Vote

Democrats' bill is about “proposing more litigation and less workplace flexibility” 

Washington, D.C., April 9 – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the senior Republican on the Senate labor committee, today released the following statement on his vote against Senate Democrats’ so-called “Paycheck Fairness” legislation that would increase litigation and limit the ability of employers to give working parents more flexibility:

“Democrats ignore the fact that existing law protects workers from wage discrimination, and are proposing more litigation and less workplace flexibility. Republicans took this issue seriously and tried to offer several amendments that would increase flexibility and freedom for workers, but the Senate Majority Leader refused to have a real debate and proved this proposal is just an exercise to score political points.”

Alexander introduced a proposal yesterday afternoon to ensure that employers and employees are able to negotiate the flexibility many employees seek. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid objected when Alexander and other Republican senators attempted to offer their proposals as amendments.

Alexander said on the Senate floor yesterday about his proposal: “This amendment is about giving working parents more flexibility so they can go to soccer games and piano recitals. It makes it clear that if you run a dry cleaner with three people in it, you don’t have to go hire a lawyer to define a job for an employee with a child in such a way that the employee can go to the piano recital or soccer game. Instead of being about more litigation, it is about giving more flexibility for working parents.”

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TN Gun Group Urges Rep Charles Sargent To Quit Blocking 'Open Carry' Bill

Lack of leadership on gun rights evident says TFA Director  

Press Release from Tennessee Firearms Association, Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Firearms Association blasted the Chairman of the state House Finance committee today for not advancing a bill that would establish permit-optional 'open carry' in Tennessee. The bill was effectively placed on indefinite hold in a subcommittee of the powerful House Finance committee, chaired by Rep. Sargent, even though the bill, as amended, no longer has any fiscal impact and should not be heard by that committee at this point. 

"We expect all legislators to debate and vote on the right to keep and bear arms, a core constitutionally protected right, and to do so openly on the floor of each house" observed John Harris the Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association. "Leadership, such as Finance Chairman Charles Sargent, are sadly unwilling to vigorously protect and uphold our most fundamental constitutional rights, such as those protected by the 2nd Amendment, and in some cases fights against bills that expand the right to keep and bear arms.   The Tennessee Firearms Association was specifically told this by former caucus chair Debra Maggart who commented to TFA that House Leadership wanted to avoid votes on 2nd Amendment issues because they felt that pro gun legislation was bad for Republicans in election years."

Although the bill is not presently scheduled to come before the full Finance committee this year, the committee Chairman, Charles Sargent, has discretion to change the schedule so that his committee can hear it prior to the end of the session.   In addition, House Rule 53 expressly allows the entire House membership to vote to bring legislation such as this directly to the House floor.  That is an important rule that can and should be used when a small number of House members try to bury an important bill in the shadows.

The bill, HB 2409 by Rep. Van Huss, would allow any individual in Tennessee who can legally possess a gun to carry a handgun without a permit as long as the handgun is not concealed.  Significantly, the Senate passed the bill which is sponsored by Senator Mae Beavers on April 8 by an overwhelming 25-2 vote.

John Harris continues "It is troubling that Representative Sargent and others in House leadership have allowed this subcommittee to derail this bill.  These actions have disenfranchised the voters of Tennessee by denying them the benefit of having their elected Representatives debate and vote on this legislation on the House floor."

"The Tennessee Firearms Association calls on all House Members immediately to object to the malicious deferral by the House Finance subcommittee and to demand that the bill be brought directly to the House floor this week for an open debate and a full recorded vote."

Representative Charles Sargent faces a primary opponent in the August 2014 Republican primary in Williamson County by local entrepreneur Steve Gawrys.  Mr. Gawrys has been an open advocate for the passage of strong amendments to Tennessee's 2009 Firearms Freedom Act which the federal government has refused to honor in blatant violation of the 10th Amendment.

The Tennessee Firearms Association was founded in 1995 and formed to defend the right to keep and bear arms and to educate the citizenry on the responsible use, ownership and carrying of firearms.  The TFA is Tennessee's only no-compromise gun group.

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Ken Jakes comments on the challenges to candidates for TNGOP Executive Committee

From Ken Jakes:

As, I look at the list of names being challenged for the Executive Committee of the TN GOP my heart is heavy with sadness. Maybe I don't understand the process but what I do understand is, it goes against an unwavering fundamental principal that I hold firm. That Principal is an individual should have the right to be a candidate, run for office, and the outcome of the election decided by VOTE not vengeance. I don't always agree with the outcome of an election and my candidate of my choice may not always win, but I still support and uphold the right to elect by vote.

Many of the names on the list are individuals whom I personally know. They are true patriots in my eyes, as I have seen many fight long endless hours daily in trying to take this Country back. I would welcome many on the list in the trenches with me in protecting our rights and freedoms, yet they are being challenged. These are people who have a track record where their values and principals are what drive their passions to fight the battles.

 I have entered as a candidate for the Metro Council at Large in 2015. I am sure there will be those who will have me in their sights as a target candidate. If so then put me in the center of the cross hairs of their scope. I have a desire to become an ELECTED public servant hoping to place me in a better position to help in the battles of correcting what is wrong with our Country, starting right here in Davidson County. As I have a desire to be elected to serve the people, I hate let me say politics and all the games that are played on so many who work so hard.

 On this issue the Grand Ole Party ( GOP ) doesn't look so Grand. Maybe they see me as not worthy but frankly I don't care. Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong, and this JUST AIN'T RIGHT.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

School Board Meeting of April 8: MNPS unanimously approves $779 millon budget!

The Metro school board is seeking $32.5 million more from the city this year than last year, despite indications from Mayor Karl Dean that he will not approve the increase and very little chance the Council would approve another tax increase this year after raising taxes last year.

The additional $32.5 million includes $7.4 million for a 2 percent salary increase for school employees, $3.4 million to expand pre-K to 340 students and open three pre-K centers in East, South and North Nashville, and $14.7 million to open three charter schools and to increase seats at existing charters.

To get your own copy of the 99-page agenda follow this link: Agenda

I probably will not have an opportunity to do a more detailed summary and time stamp notation, so if you want to know more, you will have to watch it unaided. Rod

Here is the Tennessean's report: Nashville school board, mayor face budget showdown.

The school board voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a $779 million budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year, which includes $3.4 million for prekindergarten expansion and $7.4 million for 2 percent salary increases for teachers and other employees.

Its approval Tuesday simply finalizes a proposal to send to Dean and the Metro Council for consideration later this spring. Talks leading up to final approval figure to be more spirited than in the past.

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Is Dr. George Flinn a spoiler candidate for Lamar Alexander?

This following is from Richard A. Viguerie's organization Conservative HQ. Mr. Viguerie is a long time leader in the conservative movement and has sometimes been called the "funding father" of the movement. He was a innovative leader in political direct mail fund raising years ago. Few national conservative or tea party organizations have thrown their support behind Joe Carr in his primary campaign to unseat Lamar Alexander. I do not know how influential Conservative HQ is but at one time Mr. Viguerie was a powerhouse. This could be a big shot in the arm for the Carr campaign. Also, getting coverage in Breitbart could help the Carr campaign.

I report things I think may interest readers. Reporting this news does not constitute an endorsement of the Carr candidacy. I continue to support Lamar Alexander. Rod Williams

GOP Establishment Plays Games: America Loses
by CHQ staff
Our friend Matthew Boyle of Breitbart has an enlightening article posted about the Republican establishment’s latest game to stay in power, and the losers in the game are the people of Tennessee, you the American taxpayer, and your children and grandchildren.

The way the game works is that if you are Lamar Alexander, an establishment
Republican Senator who regularly votes with President Obama (certainly more than any other Senator from the South) and are facing a tough challenge from limited government constitutional conservative state Rep. Joe Carr you recruit a third “spoiler” candidate to split the anti-Alexander vote and help you get reelected.

In this case, as Boyle points out in his article, the spoiler is Dr. George Flinn. Flinn is a perennial candidate in Tennessee who is best known for appearing in a video in a Superman costume.
Flinn, a millionaire radio mogul who became wealthy through a radiology practice, says “Hi, I'm Dr. George Flinn,”on the Superman video. “It makes it fun for you,” he explains (presumably about the costume). “You say, ‘what is he going to do next?’ Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to do next!” Flinn continues.

What is now next is a quixotic run for senate in Tennessee, where he entered the GOP primary against incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander and state Rep. Joe Carr in the twilight hours leading up to the state’s filing deadline, with virtually no groundwork and no announcement.
Except it is not clear that Flinn has any serious policy or political differences with Alexander, the establishment Republican incumbent he is supposedly running against.

“I mean, we’re friends. I like him a lot,” Flinn said in an interview with Matt Boyle. (He calls, Flinn-like, at 10:30pm on a Sunday night says Boyle). Flinn donated $2,000 to Alexander in 2007. He even held a furtive meeting with Alexander in Memphis days before announcing his bid against him. Flinn, Alexander's office, and others have provided various explanations for what transpired at the March 28 session.

The unusual circumstances and timing of Flinn’s entry into the race says Boyle, have convinced Tea Party activists in the Volunteer State that Flinn's candidacy is a setup--that he's a “spoiler candidate” helping out Alexander by splitting the conservative vote. Carr, they note, has been gaining steam in recent polls--and Alexander's moderate record leaves him vulnerable.
Now here’s the part of Matt Boyle’s article that got our attention.
With the exception of a successful 2006 bid for Shelby County supervisor, Flinn has lost every political campaign he ever mounted--two U.S. house campaigns in 2010 and 2012, and a 2002 bid for Shelby County mayor.

Flinn’s top political hand--to whose firm Majority Strategies he paid tens of thousands of dollars for the losing 2010 campaign--was one Ward Baker, now the political director at the National Republican Senatorial Committee--the GOP's official campaign arm which is working to reelect Alexander.
As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie points out in his new book TAKEOVER [12] (available today online and through your local bookseller) a big part of the problem with the Republican Party today is, in a word, consultants, especially the small coterie of Washington, DC–based Republican insiders that have come to dominate Republican political strategy and ad making over the past two decades.
A small group of DC consultants, such as Ward Baker and Majority Strategies, have become a virtually closed guild of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” favor traders who have burrowed into the fabric of the Republican National Committee and the Congressional and Senatorial Committees like parasites.

This growing class of professional political consultants and self-anointed political “strategists,” says Viguerie, that has come to dominate the management of Republican political campaigns over the past two decades generally opts for content-free campaigns instead of campaigns based on conservative ideas and ideology—naturally they want their clients to win, but in their hands politics is all too often reduced to a business, or a game, not a clash of ideas.

The only way to stop Dr. George Flinn from pulling off enough votes from Joe Carr to allow Lamar Alexander to squeak back into office is to cast a lot of sunshine on the desperate games the Republican establishment is playing in Tennessee (and elsewhere) to preserve their power and preserve for themselves the vast sums of money flowing through the national Republican political machines.

The great strength of the Republican Party has always been its grassroots conservative base—the entrepreneurs, small business people, farmers, and working families of Main Street America who donate to candidates, volunteer to knock on doors, make phone calls, and stamp envelopes every election cycle to elect conservatives to office.

These individuals aren’t involved in politics for personal gain—they are involved out of a sense of patriotism and because they want to, as Ronald Reagan said, “preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth.” 

To watch Dr. George Flinn’s Superman video click this link 

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Council Agenda for April 15th now available.

 Wait and I will read it for you and tell you if there is anything important on the agenda. However, if you just can't wait, you get your own copy at this link: Metro Council Agenda.

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In addition to Matt Collins, 20 other Republican candidates challenged

Here is the list:

Challenger Candidate Date Rec'd TNGOP Contact Position Reasons for Challenge
Jerry Barlar Mwafaq Aljabbary 4/3/2014 Brent Senate 21 Voting Record
Jerry Barlar Quincy McKnight 4/3/2014 Brent Senate 21 Voting Record
Kay Brooks Matt Collins 4/3/2014 Brent SEC Conduct Detrimental to GOP
Pat Carl DJ King 4/3/2014 Brent SEC Voting Record
Harry Wampler Melissa Browder 4/3/2014 Brent SEC Voting Record
John Ryder Jim Tomasik 4/3/2014 Michael Senate 31 Ran as a Libertarian
Tony Roberts/Melissa Gay Mark Winslow 4/4/2014 Brent SEC Endorsed a Democrat in a Contested Primary
Sam Cross Terri Norfleet 4/4/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Liz Holloway Judy Cooley 4/4/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Jim Cobb Charles Barger 4/4/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Wayne Oldham/Melissa Gay Karen Bennett 4/4/2014 Brent SEC Endorsed a Democrat in a Contested Primary
Chip Boyd Kent Harris 4/5/2014 Brent SEC Conduct Detrimental to GOP
Chip Boyd Scott Smith 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd James Gann 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd Hamilton Horseman 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Attacks on GOP
Chip Boyd Hannah Horseman 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Attacks on GOP
Chip Boyd Frances Arthur 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Voting Record
Chip Boyd Katheryn Bryson 4/5/2014 Brent SEC Advocated Libertarian Party
Chip Boyd Richard Archie 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Supported Eddie Bass, a Democrat, open attacks on GOP, support for Constitution Party
Chip Boyd Sam Cooper 4/5/2014 Brent SEC Voting Record
Baker Ring/ Kathleen Starnes Ruth Fennell 4/5/2014 Michael SEC Attacks on Republican officials; critical of GOP

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What is being said about efforts to deny Matt Collins the right to run for Executive Committee of TNGOP

Bill Hobbs Bill Hobbs If you're one of those Tennessee Republicans challenging the "bona fide" status of other Republicans seeking a seat on the Tennessee Republican Party's State Executive Committee, you have lost my respect. The "bona fide" clause was meant for keeping Democrats off the State Executive Committee, not for moderate Republicans to try keep conservative Republicans off the party's governing committee. Also, if you are the Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party and you allow this madness to continue you should resign immediately.

Sharon Ford  Sharon FordOn March 2 I wrote:"Today is a sad day for me. A man who I've called friend and believed to be a person of integrity for many years has lost my respect. Today at Bellevue Breakfast Club, Robert Duvall stood before a crowd of people and made the statement he would work to ensure Matt Collins not be elected to the SEC.." He was much more explicit than this.

Now we know he wasn't speaking in hyperbole. He would and did do whatever it took to make sure Matt Collins would never sit on the SEC. Apparently Robert Duvall was SO good at it, once the ball got rolling everyone who he and GOP deemed unfit got caught in their net.

It must be a terrible thing to need to be accepted by people that you would sacrifice your principles and ethics. Jesus said 'love of money is the root of all evil.' Apparently power needs to be added to that equation.

Matt Collins They are trying to throw me off the ballot for State Executive Committee...
Doris Kay Brooks is the person responsible for this. Feel free to messenger her and tell her your thoughts if you are so inclined:

But this is also a coordinated and orchestrated attack against the conservative grassroots in TN because multiple other conservative Republican activists across the state (tagged in this post) also running for SEC got very similar notices last night too.

Tonya Miller I'm so sorry. It sucks when "they" decide you are not good enough for "them." "They" have decided that only "they" are the Republican party. I truly hope Rand Paul is elected and you get to look down from above "them." You SO deserve it! "They" are mad because you spoke out too much about Lamar. "They" agreed with you, but not the amount of bad publicity you produced. "They" also don't like you for speaking out against Kathleen. It's not what you said, but how you said it.
 Tonya Miller That's why I'm running Independent this time. It breaks my heart that "they" have decided to exclude so many fine, passionate folks. Where do "they" think we will go? Definitely, not away!! We need a strategy, a leader, something, because "they" are destroying a good thing.

Mike Warner I believe this is reference to the GOP challenging solid conservatives running for State GOP SEC (State Executive Committee). I understand 23 in Tennessee have been so challenged. The GOP executive committee RUNS THE STATE GOP and takes it's orders from the NATIONAL GOP. Local GOP chapters have little or NO say or power. This is the REAL nut to crack to "take back the GOP." I have been saying for almost a year now that this strategy won't work. This is WHY... The GOP establishment OWNS the state SECs. Conservatives will NEVER be allowed in.

John Harris I have heard over the last day about how State GOP leadership and presumably their "puppet masters" are attacking a number of good, Godly conservatives claiming that they lack "good faith" as conservatives.
Ok, this is starting to irritate me. I have practiced patience and restraint for a long time with these GOP hacks and Establishment Republicans who are acting in express definance of our Constitutions and our rights. But falsely questioning the good faith of good people who donate their time and money to protect the peoples' rights is just wrong.
Maybe I need to take it up a notch or two.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Open carry, without a permit, gun bill pending

From Stephen Clements of Caffeinated Conservatives:

Hi everybody,
A bill passed the TN Senate that allows for anybody legally able to own a firearm to openly carry one WITHOUT A PERMIT. Why is this important? Because since the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental, making the only way for you to do that is to pay the State a fee makes it a privilege, taking away your right. SO IF YOU LOVE YOUR RIGHTS, please contact the members of the TN House Finance Committee and ask that they vote for HB2409.
All of their emails are listed below, so copy and paste them all into your "To" box, type "Please pass HB2409. Thank you.", and you've done your part to fight for our rights!
HB2409 has already passed through two House committees, so please keep the Finance Committee from killing it! Defend our rights! I know it's hard to tell that I'm excited through an email, but this is AWESOME!
Here is the story about the Senate bill passing:

Also, don't forget that on April 19th we have our monthly get-together, this time featuring the TN NORML campaign (the legalize marijuana lobby in TN) joining us, which should be a lot of fun! Noon - 2 PM, Bagelface Bakery in East Nashville (700 Main Street). Bring a friend!
A little read ahead material for you about what happened in the legislature regarding medical marijuana this session:

Stephen Clements
Caffeinated Conservatives

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Election Commission has verified petitions. Here is the list.

The election commission has finally verified petitions for the August election. They have not yet posted the list on their website but I called and asked for a copy and it was just now emailed to me. The withdrawal deadline is April 10th by noon.

Here is the list.

Name of Candidate Address W/ Zipcode and Mailing address Office & District Party Date of pick-up V. Date
Sterlina Brady 1811 Knowles St, Nashville, 37208 State Senate District 19 R 2/13/2014 3/31/2014
Thelma Harper 4955 Clarksville Hy, Whites Creek, 37189 State Senate District  19  D 1/13/2014 2/3/2014
Brandon J Puttbrese 1311 Holly St, Nashville, 37206 State Senate District 19 D 3/31/2014 4/3/2014
George Thomas 4120 Buena View Ct, Nashville, 37218 State Senate District 19 I * 3/26/2014 4/4/2014
Mwafaq Aljabbary 3025 Katonka Dr, Antioch, 37013 State Senate District 21 R 3/19/2014 3/28/2014
Diana Cuellar 724 Huntington Pw, Nashville, 37211 State Senate District 21 R 3/18/2014 4/1/2014
Mary Mancini 2304 White Av, Nashville, 37204 State Senate District 21 D 1/3/2014 3/27/2014
Quincy Mc Knight 6624 Broken Bow Dr, Antioch, 37013 State Senate District 21 R 3/4/2014 4/2/2014
Jeff Yarbro 144 51st Av N, Nashville, 37209 State Senate District 21 D 3/14/2014 4/3/2014
Troy Brewer 6612 Autumnwood Dr, Nashville, 37221 House Representative District 50 R Picked up at state office 3/26/2014
Bo Mitchell 6421 River Place Dr, Nashville, 37221 House Representative District 50 D 2/7/2014 4/2/2014
Bill Beck 808 Broadmoor Dr, Nashville, 37216 House Representative District 51 D 3/12/2014 3/25/2014
Stephen Downs 256 Madison Bv, Madison, 37115 House Representative District 51 I * 3/21/2014 4/4/2014
Stephen Fotopulos 710 Porter Rd, Nashville, 37206 House Representative District 51 D 3/27/2014 4/3/2014
Brian Mason 178 2nd Av N, Apt 102, Nashville, 37201 House Representative District 51 R 3/10/2014 3/31/2014
Joshua Rawlings 1003 Riverside Dr, Old Hickory, 37138 House Representative District 51 R 2/24/2014 4/3/2014
Jennifer Buck Wallace 1400 Rosa L Parks Bv, Unit 333, Nashville, 37208 House Representative District 51 D 3/27/2014 4/3/2014
Mike Stewart 412 N 16th St, Nashville, 37206 House Representative District 52 D 2/27/2014 3/31/2014
Tonya Miller 2802 Ennis Rd, Nashville, 37210 House Representative District 53 I * 3/10/2014 4/3/2014
Jason Powell 371 Lynn Dr, Nashville, 37211 House Representative District 53 D 3/12/2014 3/31/2014
John Wang 324 Cedarcreek Dr, Nashville, 37221 House Representative District 53 R Picked up at state office 3/14/2014
Brenda Gilmore 3009 Vista Valley Ct, Nashville, 37218 House Representative, District 54 D 1/8/2014 4/2/2014
John Ray Clemmons 2501 Oakland Av, Nashville, 37212 House Representative District 55 D 2/27/2014 4/3/2014
Gary Odom 119 Dunham Springs Ln, Nashville, 37205 House Representative, District 55 D 1/6/2014 2/28/2014
Beth Harwell 413 West Tyne Dr, Nashville, 37205 House Representative, District 56 R 1/9/2014 2/4/2014
Christopher Moth 2020 Overhill Dr, Nashville, 37215 House Representative District 56 D 3/26/2014 4/3/2014
Harold M Love 2516 Buchanan St, Nashville, 37208 House Representative District 58 D 1/31/2014 3/28/2014
Sherry Jones 4947 Sherman Oaks Dr, Nashville, 37211 House Representative, District 59 D 1/9/2014 4/2/2014
Jim Gotto 5108 John Hager Rd, Hermitage, 37076 House Representative, District 60 R 2/10/2014 3/25/2014
Darren Jernigan 4837 Rainer Dr, Old Hickory, 37138 House Representative, District 60 D 1/9/2014 2/18/2014
Edward Arnold  5036 Suter Dr, Nashville, 37211 School Board District 2 n/a 1/3/2014 4/1/2014
JoAnn Brannon 5444 San Marcos Dr, Nashville, 37220 School Board District 2 n/a 2/28/2014 3/10/2014
Bernie Driscoll 5109 Stallworth Dr, Nashville, 37220 School Board District 2 n/a 3/21/2014 4/3/2014
Rhonda Dixon 3104 Rivers Edge Dr, Nashville, 37214 School Board District 4 n/a 3/25/2014 4/4/2014
Anna Shepherd 4545 Raccoon Tl, Hermitage, 37076 School Board District 4 n/a 2/10/2014 3/14/2014
Pam Swoner 5917 Colchester Dr, Hermitage, 37076 School Board District 4 n/a 1/22/2014 3/31/2014
Tyese Hunter 2433 Evanfield Ct, Antioch, 37013 School Board District 6 n/a 3/17/2014 4/3/2014
Cheryl Mayes 1632 Bridgecrest Dr, Antioch, 37013 School Board District 6 n/a 2/7/2014 3/14/2014
Mary Pierce 4329 Wallace Ln, Nashville, 37215 School Board District 8 n/a 3/28/2014 3/31/2014
Becky Sharpe 6120 Montcrest Dr, Nashville, 37215 School Board District 8 n/a 1/27/2014 3/31/2014
William Guthoerl 5144 Southfork Bv, Old Hickory, 37138 Council District 11 n/a 1/23/2014 2/27/2014
Larry Hagar 108 Cherry Branch Dr, Old Hickory, 37138 Council District 11 n/a 1/23/2014 2/18/2014
Jared Throneberry 809 Jones St, Old Hickory, 37138 Council District 11 n/a 1/27/2014 2/11/2014
Bill Bassett 225 Sycamore Ln, Castalian Springs, 37031 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 18 D Picked up at state office 3/24/2014
Chris Hughes 103 Bayview Dr, Hendersonville, 37075 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 18 R Picked up at state office 4/1/2014
John Lankford 140 Settlers Wy, Hendersonville, 37075 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 18 D Picked up at state office 2/24/2014
Baker D. Ring 461 Brady Ln, Gallatin, 37066 State Exec. Committeeman Dist 18 R Picked up at state office 4/2/2014
Maria Brewer 148 Fieldcrest Cr, Hendersonville, 37075 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 18 D Picked up at state office 3/31/2014
Ruth Fennell 1049 Blue Jay Way, Gallatin, 37066 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 18 R Picked up at state office 3/27/2014
Melissa Clark Gay 136 Chesapeake Harbor Bv, Hendersonville, 37072 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 18 R Picked up at state office 2/4/2014
Jeanette Jackson 115 Woodyside Rd, Hendersonville, 37075 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 18 D Picked up at state office 3/13/2014
Daniel King 1400 Rosa L Parks Bv, Apt 112, Nashville, 37208 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 19 R 2/7/2014 4/2/2014
Bill Shick 1207 5th Av N, Apt B. Nashville, 37208 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 19 D 3/12/2014 4/2/2014
Mark Winslow 716 Knightsbridge Wy, Antioch, 37013 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 19 R 3/12/2014 4/2/2014
Karen Bennett 2832 Alhambra Cr, Nashville, 37207 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 19 R 1/15/2014 3/31/2014
M Inez Crutchfield 3507 Geneva Cr, Nashville, 37209 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 19 D 2/4/2014 2/19/2014
Will T. Cheek 712 Enquirer Av, Nashville, 37205 State Exec. Committeeman Dist 20 D 3/5/2014 3/27/2014
Ron McDow 4806 Post Rd, Nashville, 37205 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 20 R 4/1/2014 4/4/2014
Richard Morin 707 Summerly Dr, Nashville, 37209 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 20 D 2/5/2014 2/24/2014
Rob Mortensen 1204 Harding Pl, Nashville, 37215 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 20 R 3/6/2014 4/1/2014
Robert Schwartz 2106 Golf Club Ln, Nashville, 37215 State Exec. Committeeman, Dist. 20 R 1/7/2014 3/31/2014
Beth Campbell 602 Timber Ln, Nashville, 37215 State Exec. Committeewoman, Dist. 20 R 1/21/2014 3/7/2014
Nancy Potts 521 Rivercrest Cv, Nashville, 37214 State Exec. Committeewoman Dist. 20 D 3/26/2014 4/3/2014
Marisa Richmond 840 Belton Dr, Nashville, 37205 State Exec. Committeewoman, Dist. 20 D 1/6/2014 2/27/2014
Gary Blackburn 3014 Hedrick St, PH4, Nashville, 37203 State Exec.Committeeman, Dist. 21 D 1/15/2014 4/3/2014
David Collins 516 Janice Dr, Antioch, 37013 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 21 R 2/4/2014 3/20/2014
Robert Duvall 208 Cambridge Pl, Antioch, 37013 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 21 R 2/28/2014 3/31/2014
Mike Jameson 1218 Forrest Av, Nashville, 37206 State Exec. Committeeman Dist. 21 D 3/27/2014 4/4/2014
Beverly Knight 6330 Pettus Rd, Antioch, 37013 State Exec. Committeewoman, Dist. 21 R 1/15/2014 3/24/2014
Doris Medlin 4487 Post Pl, Unit 73, Nashville, 37205 State Exec.Committeewoman, Dist. 21 D 1/3/2014 2/24/2014

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