Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thank God for the Koch brothers

Last night I attended a reception at a pizza place in Mid-town sponsored by Americans for

Prosperity. There was no program, just a good time socializing. I had a very enjoyable evening. There were Republican office holders and office seekers and dozens of various right-of-center political activist in attendance.

When I arrived, I noticed that outside the restaurant there was a grungy looking guy with a scraggly beard and long hair wearing a shirt with a big peace sign on it handing out fliers. I somehow knew he was not one of us.

Early, at the start of the event, there were only a few of us there, and the guy approached me and the couple other people I was standing with and asked if we were there to attend the Americans for Prosperity reception and we told him we were. He gave up one of the pieces of paper he was handing out, which was an article denouncing the Koch brothers, and he said he wanted us to have the information.  I took one and thanked him and one of the people I was with asked him if he would like for us to hand them out for him and he thanked us and gave them to us and left. No one ever said liberals were very smart.

The Koch brothers have been demonized locally by AMP supporters because Americans for Prosperity, which receives financial support from the Koch brothers, helped draft the law designed to stop the center of street design of the proposed AMP. Nationally, I think Senate majority leader Harry Reid must be obsessed with the Koch brothers. Liberal pundits routinely denounce them as the epitome of evil. I say, thank God for the Koch brothers.

This Is Why We Should Fear George Soros, Not The Koch Brothers.

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