Saturday, November 07, 2020


From American Conservative Union:

Free and fair elections are under attack. We must unite to demand transparency and fight for our democracy. Leftists may steal this election and our system of choosing our leaders will remain vulnerable to corruption. 

Early Tuesday night, President Trump was outperforming predictions nationwide. Since then, vote count irregularities popped up in crucial battleground states. We’re particularly concerned about Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia. This afternoon, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney told President Trump to put on “his big boy pants” and concede, because he lost. 

At least 40,000 votes are still uncounted in the make-or-break state of Pennsylvania, but the mayor of its biggest city is calling it for Biden before all the votes are even counted! It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Pollsters, pundits, media outlets, and Big Tech have colluded to send the false message, despite hard data to the contrary, that President Trump cannot win this election. They want Americans to believe it is over. 

Here’s the truth: 
  • Republicans gained House seats 
  • Republicans are likely to hold the Senate 
  • Voting irregularities in multiple battleground states could mean a second term for President Trump There was and is no blue wave. 
 We are on the case. Our Chairman, Matt Schlapp, is on the ground with Team Trump in Nevada to ensure every LEGAL ballot is counted whether the partisan election officials like it or not. This morning, Matt was on Fox & Friends detailing the assaults going on to our free and fair elections in Nevada. 

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Right-to-work constitutional amendment filed in Tennessee for required second passage

The Center Square – Legislation that would add Tennessee’s right-to-work law to the state constitution was filed Thursday by Sen. Brian Kelsey, preparing the proposed constitutional amendment to advance through the Tennessee Legislature for the required second time. Full Story 

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Nashville declines to issue charges after Sean Feucht 'worship protest' drew thousands

 by Rod Williams. 11/7/2020 - All gathering of over 25 people are banned in Nashville without prior approval.  However, the city has never enforced this rule against Black Lives Matter protestors.  BLM protestors have marched again and again in marches drawing thousands. The city has enforced  the rule against churches and concerts and private house parties and any number of other events.  

I do not think, they have enforced it against other political gatherings either, however.  I attended a big Trump Truck rally about a week off Music Valley Drive at the mall  behind Nashville Palace and hundreds were in attendance.  There was no effort to stop the gathering and I am quite sure the organizers did not get an exemption to exceed the 25 person limit.  The maximum number who may attend an event even with prior approval is 500. The Trump Truck rally would have violated that limit.

On the night of the last presidential debate, there was a debate watch party at Rockettown.  I did not attend the event but hundreds were in attendance it is reported. 

On Saturday of this week there was a Stop the Steal rally at the State Capitol.  It exceeded 25 people.  I was not there, but apparently the event drew several hundred people.  I am sure there was no permit for exceeding the 25 person limit. There would be no reason to grant such an exemption.  Video of the event do not show social distancing. 

Surrounding counties have no such limit and I have attended several events in Williamson County over the last few months. The most recent was an election night watch part at a Hilton in the Cool Springs area.  While the city of Nashville has not been prosecuting the organizers of the political gatherings, they do enforce it against the commercial venues in Nashville and they will not violate the rule so political gatherings that require renting a venue are not occurring in Nashville.  How Rockettown was able to rent out their facility for the debate watch party, I don't know. 

On October 11, an evangelist from California by the name of Sean Feucht held a rally in the park in front of the Metro Courthouse.   The event was promoted as a "worship rally." The event drew thousands.  The city threatened to prosecute. The Metro Health Department investigated the event, have concluded their investigation and announced they would not be pressing charges

I am pleased with this outcome.  I am also pleased that the city has chosen to treat conservatives groups the same as BLM protest.  However, it seems unfair that the city allows a super big Trump Truck rally, Black Lives Matter protest, and a "worship rally" attended by thousands yet weddings are banned, and funerals are banned, and church services are banned.  Why should the rule not be enforced against political gatherings, yet  when a family loses a loved one, the family cannot have a funeral. 

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Friday, November 06, 2020

Stop the Steal protest, Saturday, November 7th.

 Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 7th.  For more information follow this link.

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The Revolution Isn’t Coming

by Kevin Williamson, National Review - The inconclusive, unsatisfying outcome of Tuesday’s election might be read as evidence of a country bitterly divided. Which it is, of course, but the election also provides evidence of a country strangely united — united in spite of itself. 

Here is a seldom spoken fact of American political life: There is no real mandate for radical social change. It isn’t there. Talk of it is a parlor game, and sightings of it are a mirage, whether in left-wing form or in rightist form. Almost nobody actually wants radical social change, few Americans would be happy with it, and fewer still would be willing to endure the disruption associated with it. 

 ...the evidence suggests that Americans do not actually want revolution ... if ever there was one; if you ask Americans about Trump’s trade policies, you get partisan polarization, but if you ask them about trade in general, you get a strikingly broad bipartisan consensus ... a majority of Republicans, a majority of Democrats, and a majority of independents support marijuana legalization ... What Americans actually seem to want is for government to improve their well-being in two traditional ways: by increasing their ability to consume and by raising the social standing of the groups to which they belong. One of these produces a fight over scarce resources, and the other produces a fight over status. 

Our politics is not about philosophy or the grand sweep of history: It’s about free false teeth and the social pecking order. (Read more)

Rod's Comment: I agree with this analysis.  Republican held the Senate apparently and picked up house seats. That would not have happened if the election indicated a lurch to the left. Biden, despite all we don't like about him, is not a revolutionary.  He was the least offensive Democrat running.  The Democrat Party chose the least revolutionary, least ideological, most boring candidate running.  

Biden won not because people were enthused about him but because they hated Trump.  And, I don't think they hated Trump because of his policies but because he was a jerk and a bully and managed to offend a broad swath of the country. One does not demean Senator John McCain and then expect the Republican and swing voters of Arizona who voted for John McCain again and again to vote for you.  

While Trump fans may have cheered when Trump called the major news outlets, especially CNN, fake news and the enemy of the people, to many people that just seemed rude and bullying.  While Trump was often taking out of context, when you use the word "infestation" to refer to illegal aliens, that strikes some as unnecessarily mean-spirted.  When you won't denounce the nut-job Q-Anon movement when offered the opportunity, that is just stubbornness and irrational. 

Trump had no governor.  He had no filter. When a thought came in his head the words went out of his mouth. "Niceness" is often a hypocrisy, but there is a virtue in that kind of hypocrisy.  It makes for a more pleasant social order.  Trump was not diplomatic and was unwilling to engage in the hypocritical niceties. 

When electing a president we are not electing a Sunday School teacher or choosing a spouse and the president is not your daddy, but there is a ceremonial head of state role that goes with the job.  Trump was terrible at that. He had no empathy. He was not reassuring to any but those who already agreed with him.

In rejecting Trump's reelection, I don't think the people were voting for radical change. They were voting against an ill-mannered bully and a jerk. The election did not signal any drastic shift in the thinking of the American people. 

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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Judge rules the Nashville Tax Payer Protection Act proposal is "defective in form, facially unconstitutional and under no set of circumstances could be valid." Read the ruling.

 To read the ruling, follow this link

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The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act will not be on the ballot this December. Judges ruling keeps it off the ballot.

by Rod Williams - The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act will not be on the ballot this December. About 4pm yesterday Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled the election commission did not have to place the measure on the ballot.

I spoke to attorney Jim Roberts the founder of 4GoodGovernment and the drafter of the proposed charter amendment at an election watch party last night.  He told me it is not over and he is not giving up. He said the options are to appeal the judges ruling or just redraft the measure and begin collecting signatures for the new version of the measure which would be rewritten to comply with the judges criticisms of the measure. 

He said appealing would be time consuming and expensive and it may be best to just start over.  However, he said he may both appeal her ruling and start over.  Since the judge had just handed down her ruling a few hours before I spoke to him, he said no decision as how to proceed had been made yet, but vowed that this was not over. 

The proposed measure had five provisions. They are:
  1.  Property Tax Rates. Property Tax Rates shall not increase more than 2% per year after January 1, 2020, without a voter referendum. 
  2. No Give-away of Our Parks, Greenways, or Public Lands. No part of a Park, Greenway, Public Land, or other real property shall be given away or conveyed without 31 votes of the Metro Council in favor. Transfers of interest in real property shall only be at fair market value or greater based on an independent appraisal. A voter referendum shall be required for transfers of interest in real properties valued over $5,000,000.00, and for leases exceeding twenty (20) years, commencing after January 1, 2020. 
  3. Issuance of Bonds. All bonds issued or guaranteed after January 1, 2020, exceeding $15,000,000.00 for a specific project (excluding construction of educational classrooms, public libraries, public healthcare buildings, and police and fire stations, and Charter protected facilities) must be approved by voter referendum. 
  4. Failed Promises: If a professional sports team leaves Nashville, or ceases playing professional games for more than twenty-four (24) months, all facilities and related commercial development shall revert to the people, and all related contracts shall be terminated, including land leased from the Nashville Fairgrounds. 
  5. Metro’s Records Shall Be Open to the Public. Citizens are entitled to keep a close eye on Metro’s actions and entitled to inspect its books and records for free and consistent with the Tennessee Open Records Act’s protections (§10-7-501, et seq). A person or entity receiving more than $250,000 yearly in taxpayer funds or benefits agrees to be bound by this Amendment. Persons or entities refusing to provide public records shall be barred from receiving public funds and liable for treble the Citizen’s damages, including attorney fees.  

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I hope and believe Trump will win but if he doesn't, holding the Senate and securing the Supreme Court are reasons for celebration.

by Rod Williams - The election is too close to call. However, Trump's odds of winning are looking good.  Don't despair; just wait and see.

 If Biden does win don't despair; we will survive. We have held the Senate and the majority of the court are originalist jurist. That is something to celebrate even if we lose the presidency.  With Republicans holding the Senate, Democrats can't pack the court. None of the major initiatives of the Democrats can be passed with Republicans holding the Senate. No Medicare for All. No Green New Deal. 

Biden can do a lot of damage with the House and a pen and a phone, but not major damage and in two years Republican will likely retake the House. Biden could screw up foreign policy but with peace breaking out in the middle east, I doubt he would want to do anything too radical. 

He could put us back in the Paris Climate Change Accord. It was not a treaty to begin with so getting back in would not require approval by the Senate. In any event the accord was mostly symbolic and could do little good or little harm. It is also a failure as few countries have met their greenhouse emissions goals. While President Trump made a big deal about getting us out, that was mostly symbolic also.  It is a meaningless agreement with no enforcement mechanism and getting back in is no more significant that was getting out. 
Biden could put us back in the Iran nuclear deal. That deal gave Iran billions of sanctions relief in exchange for agreeing to curb its nuclear program. It also released Iran's assets that had been frozen and it also returned to Iran money, with interest, that that country had paid the U.S. for arms that were never delivered.  The Iran deal was not a treaty.  The Senate did vote on it but it was not a vote to ratify a treaty.  A positive vote by the Senate would have kept us out of the deal.  That vote failed.  When Trump got us out of the deal, the U.S. had already released or had unfrozen something like $1.8 billion dollars to Iran, so the major immediate damage was already done.  Iran got the money to wage war against their neighbors and improve their non-nuclear armaments. It is still a bad agreement but getting back in will have no immediate bad consequences. The worst of the bad consequences had already happened by the time Trump got us out of the deal. Also, we will not be much worse off, because Trumps go-it-alone policy cannot keep Iran from going nuclear.  So, while I would prefer we not reenter the deal, it is not that consequential. 

Biden may allow more illegal immigration. He is not going to tear down the wall. He will probably raise taxes. One of the worst things he can do is to restore the massive volumes of regulation that micro manages our lives and binds the economy. He will likely reimpose most of the Executive Orders and agency rulings put in place under President Obama and undone by President Trump. So, we will have minor set backs if Biden wins the election but mostly we will have gridlock for four years and in the first two years he can do the most damage, but not too much. 

Don't despair. I still hope Trump wins and I believe he will but holding the Senate and securing the Supreme Court is reason for celebration even if he doesn't. 

So, if Biden wins don't lose your dignity and take to the streets and fall to your knees in anguish like Democrats did four years ago. It is not that bad. We wouldn't do that anyway. We are adults; not snowflakes.

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John Little takes District 4 Metro School Board Seat

The Tennessean - .... Little defeated interim board member Berthena Nabaa-McKinney, who was appointed by the Metro Council in July to temporarily represent Davidson County’s District 4, which includes the Donelson and Hermitage areas. (link)

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Democrat Heidi Campbell ousts incumbent Steve Dickerson in Nashville state Senate race

The Tennessean: Democrat Heidi Campbell ousts incumbent Steve Dickerson in Nashville state Senate race

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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Accept election results and move forward peacefully

by Rod Williams - I concur with the editorial in today's Tennessean.  We need to accept the outcome of the election and peacefully move forward.

The left has promised violence if Joe Biden is not elected and House leader Nancy Pelosi has said, "one way or another" Trump will be removed from office. As we know, Democrats have already attempted a failed coup.  The Justice Department spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 getting a FISA warrant based on a phony document paid for by Democrats.  Then, the House spent million and millions and months and months trying to prove Trump colluded with the Russians in and attempt to overturn the results of an election and remove the president from office. They came up empty handed.  That attempt to remove him failed.

Now, Democrats are trying to steal this election.  We see it happening all across the country.  On the other hand, many Democrats fear that Trump is planning a coup to stay in office should he lose the election.  As preposterous as that may seem to we Republicans, they really do believe it.  It is not just posturing.

Tonight we probably will not know who won the election.  It may take days.  Democrats will try to steal the election and will scream "count every vote." They will bring law suits to keep counting until they win.  Republican's will try to stop fraudulent votes from being counted. Democrats will view that as an attempt to steal the election for Trump.

There is room in the process of counting votes, for Democrat governors to do mischief. Also, if the votes from some electoral college delegations are in dispute, there is room for Nancy Pelosi to steal the election by refusing to accept the electoral college results. 

Thankfully, as long as we can get this worked out by November 20th, everything will be Ok. If on November 20th we have both Trump and Biden claiming to be President, then we are in serious trouble. That may be civil war. Fortunately that gives twelve weeks to solve the issue of who won the election in the event it is a close call. There is plenty of time to avoid a catastrophe. 

Not much is to be gained by massive protest during this time.  This will be played out in the courts and if this is a close race there will be numerous court battles to resolve this.  While I may attend a pro-Trump rally, I really do not see the point other than the cathartic benefit of venting. I will not attend a rally if it looks like leftist mobs are prepared to counter protest. 

The victor will not be decided in the streets but in the courts, should this election be close.  We do not benefit by having pitched battles in the streets between leftist mobs and Trump supporters.  While the violence has been coming from the left and while I fear left wing violence, there are far right elements that are capable of violence also. The right does not need to try to match the left. Let them have the streets. 

I am prepared to defend myself if attacked. I will not allow a mob to break my car windows with their skateboard and pull me out and beat me. If I fear for my life I will use deadly force to protect myself, but I am not going looking for trouble. I am going to avoid the urban core of Nashville if it looks like we are seeing an escalation of tension.  I am also going to avoid the Interstate interloop.  On an interstate, if stopped, you have no escape route.  I am going to, first of all, avoid conflict and retreat but will protect myself if necessary. 

I am going to accept the outcome of this election.  Win or lose, peacefully determining who is the next president is more important than who actually is the president. I want Republicans to fight every legal battle to win, but if in the end we lose, I accept it. I may still feel the election was stolen but if there is a crisis I want it resolved peaceably.  Let the left have the streets for a few days, what does it matter?  

I accept that we may see violence from the left.  But that will not determine the outcome of the election. Those Democrats who are not already part of the mob, and that is most, need to stay calm.  Trump supporters need to stay calm.  If it is close, we need to let it play out in the courts and then carry on with our lives.  Win or lose, we need to accept the results even if we feel the outcome was wrongly decided. Then, we need to try to put the election behind us and get busy trying to win the next election.  As long as we preserve the country we can have another campaign in four more years.  While this, like every other elections, may be "the most important election of our lifetime," there will be other elections if we do not destroy our republic trying to win this battle. 

Stay calm, stay peaceful, accept the outcome. 

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Iran sent threatening emails to intimidate Florida Democrats by posing as the Proud Boys.

by Rod Williams- Iran would like to see Joe Biden elected president and that is understandable.  Biden has promised to get back in the Iran deal which while touted as a plan to deter Iran from getting nuclear weapons actually put Iran on a path to be a nuclear power.  When President Trump took office he pulled out of the Iran deal. It was never a treaty but a result of executive action so Trump could get out of the deal the same way we got in the deal. Also Trump imposed crippling sanctions on Iran; Biden has said he would lift them. 

Iran has been meddling in our election.  In the crucial state of Florida, Iran has sent threatening emails to voters posing as the "proud boys," a group that the mainstream media calls a far-right racist group.  The email call on people to vote for Trump.  The apparent thought is that people would recoil at being intimidated and this would tie Trump to an unsavory element and that would benefit Biden.

The mainstream press is twisting themselves into a pretzel to tell this story without saying Iran's motive is to help Biden so if reading a mainstream story you have to reinterpret and straighten the spin. Mostly, the media has just been ignoring this story for there is no convincing way to tell it that does not clearly show that Iran is meddling in our election to benefit Joe Biden. For more on the story, follow this link

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Another win for ballot integrity in Tennessee

Democrat U.S. Senate candiate Marquita Bradshaw sued the State attempting to force the State to provide the campaign with a list of Tennesseans had requested absentee ballots and which of those ballots that were sent had been returned. With this information a campaign could target those voters who they know have a absentee ballot and have not yet retuned it. The candidate could legitimately campaign for the vote of those voters but such informatiion would also make it much easier to engage in a voter harvesting scheme. The Court ruled against Bradshaw. For more on this story as reported by The Tennessean, follow this link.

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Middle Tennessee Election Night Watch Party

Middle Tennessee 
Election Night and Local Representatives 
Watch Party 
Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, 700 Cool Springs Blvd Franklin, TN 37067 
Tuesday, November 3, 6:30 pm 
RSVP Early Space Is Limited 
Hotel discount ends October 31st!  
Cost $20.00 (light hors d'oeuvres will be served/cash bar)
Purchase Tickets Here                            Click Here For Hotel Room Discount

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Monday, November 02, 2020

Is it Ok to steal an election If you believe Trump is "the greatest danger to humanity since Adolf Hitler?"

If Tump is equal to Hitler, then stealing an 
election is justified.
by Rod Williams- Imagine yourself a citizen of Germany in the early 1930's and there were parliamentary elections and if the National Socialist German Workers' Party obtained enough votes to form a government they would be able to pass laws enabling Hitler to take dictatorial powers. Would you stuff ballot boxes or harvest votes or encourage fraudulent voting to deny the Nazi's an election victory? I would. To stop Hitler from taking office, what's a little election tampering? 

I might even justify doing more than that. I would certainly hope he would die if he caught the equivalent of a Covid-19 virus. To stop Hitler, even political assassination might be justified. I would be pleased if Hitler had been assassinated in 1933 and I certainly would be pleased if his rise to power could have been stopped by a little vote tampering. 

Many Democrat leaders and popular culture personalities see Donald Trump as another Hitler. The comparison is so common that it doesn't even raise eyebrows. One hardly needs examples to illustrated it. It is in the air we breath. It is on TV talk shows and comedy shows.

Donny Deutsch, a frequent guest on MSNBC and a former program host, claimed that there was “no difference between President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and what Adolf Hitler preached in Germany in the 1930s." What is the difference between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump, he asked. "I’m not saying there is a Holocaust but when you look at the tactics, that is where we are right now.” (link

This comparing Trump to Hitler has been going on for a long time. At the 2016 Emmy award, Jill Soloway the creator of the musical Transparent, compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler over his attempt to combat illegal immigration. (link

It is not just media jerks and Hollywood liberals doing it. Democrat primary candidates for President did it. Beto O’Rourke denounced President Trump criticizing, "the rhetoric of a president who not only describes immigrants as rapists and criminals, but as animals and an infestation.” “I might expect someone to describe another human being as an infestation in the Third Reich, I would not expect it in the United States of America.” (link

Candidate Julián Castro also did it. “One of the things that [the Third Reich] did was to dehumanize people. It’s very clear that we have a president who is bound and determined to dehumanize people to create fear and paranoia about them in order to boost his own political fortunes.” (link

House Whip James Clyburn has made the comparison as has House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler. The list goes on and on. One does not have to look to the major media, Hollywood, or Washington to find the comparison, however. I you have any liberal friends who will speak their mind around you or liberal family members or liberal Facebook friends, you have encountered this comparison. 

Metro Council member Jacobia Dowell, a frequent poster to Facebook, seems to be a level-headed person. She has been a fairly moderate member of the Metro Council well within the mainstream of that body. She normally seems pretty rational but on more than one occasion I have seen her make the Tump-is-Hitler comparison. Recently she posted a meme that said, " After watching people defend Trump over the last few years, I will never again question how Hitler came to power in Germany." 

John Stern in a person I have known for many years. He is active in local civic affairs and is a neighborhood advocate having served on the board of neighborhood groups and homeowners associations and was one of the founders of a organization that represented a collection of neighborhood groups. I often disagree with him but have always respected him. He is thoughtful and well-informed and rational. He is rational except when it comes to Trump and then he is a vocal proponent of the Trump-is-Hitler point of view. 

In response to something I posted on Facebook in support of President Trump he wrote, "Rod, I am saddened to see the more intelligent of my GOP friends stand up for this pinnacle of evil. I believe that he is the greatest danger to humanity since Adolf Hitler." 

Back in July when Trump sent agents in to Portland to protect public property and counter the anarchy ruling that city, I posted something about it and John wrote this: 
This is one of the more disturbing acts of the Trump Administration. Similar to Adolf Hitler's "Brown Shirts" of the 1930's here we have a paramilitary organization conducting acts of physical and psychological violence against the rightful majority of a nation. Please remember that is was less than a third of Germans that created the pathway for the genocide, murder, or otherwise the death of 85 million people by the end of World War II. Trump's approval rating, in the low 40%'s, is far higher than Hitler's at the beginning of the "Thousand Year Reich." COVID-19 isn't the most dangerous virus on the planet - Trumpism is! 
This leads me to someone very close to me, one of my siblings.  She is smart, accomplished and informed. She is a sweet and caring compassionate person. I love her dearly but she is badly affected by TDS. When it comes to President Trump she has lost all ability to reason. TDS does that to people.

 I don't know that she has called Trump "Hitler," but she says he is a "monster." He is not someone with whom she just has policy differences or someone she does not like, but a "monster." He is not even an unsympathetic bully and a jerk; no he is a monster. In a response to something I posted recently she wrote: 
Denying climate science when people are perishing and the whole population and life on the planet is in the balance, lying about the coronavirus and encouraging people to take unnecessary risks to their lives, taking children away from their mothers at the border, secretly meeting with Russian oligarchs and Putin with no transcripts, betraying our allies in Syria, and our soldiers in Afghanistan, encouraging foreign powers to cheat in our elections, undoing regulations that keep our air, water, food and soils safer, mocking national heroes, women, freedom of the press, calling Christianity b.s. after people lay hands on him, constantly cheating charities, and threatening to undo our democracy -- it's fair to call the SOB a monster. One of these would be enough justification. He's a monster. A liar. A traitor. An idiot. A crook.

Stop and think about that.  What other leaders in history have been "monsters?"  Adolph Hitler is monster number one.  Then there is Stalin. If not a tie for number one, he is number two. Then we have Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Mao Zedong. Maybe Saddam Hussein. Maybe Lenin. Maybe  Castro. And there have been some terrible "monsters" who ruled in Africa now and then who engaged in murderous rampages and genocide and rape as a weapon of war and the occasional cannibalism. And in the civil war in the Balkans we had Slobodan Milošević.   

Recent "monsters" would probably have to include former leader of Venezuela Hugo Chávez. A current leader who has earned the title of monster is North Korea's Kim Jong-un. The prize for being the current leader who most deserves to be called a monster has to go to China's Xi Jingping for the genocide currently being carried out against the Uyghurs.

If it would have been possible to stop any of these monsters with a little vote tampering, would it not have been justified? If you believe Trump is the equivalent to Hitler or a "monster," then is not a little election tampering the moral thing to do? Almost anything is justified if you are stopping Hitler. 

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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Snapshots from the Super Trump Truck rally in Nashville today.

by Rod Williams - Today was a great day for an afternoon outdoor rally.  It was a beautiful sunny cool fall day. 

Today there was a huge Trump Truck rally that took place near Opryland Hotel in the big parking lot of the shopping center that is behind Nashville Palace.  There were hundred, maybe thousands, of people and hundreds of decorated trucks displaying support for Donald Trump's reelection. The big parking lot was full and cars were parking out on the street.

There were fiery speeches and singing the national anthem and cheers and roaring applause. There was a sea of American flags and Trump flags and a sprinkling of other banners and flags such as the thin-blue-line flag and the Gadsden flag and a few others.  There were people wearing funny hats and tee shirts with clever slogan. It was a great time!

Truck caravans started from about a dozen locations throughout middle Tennessee and converged at the Music City Valley Drive location, all meeting there between about noon and 1PM.  This event was organize by Rick Williams. 

Among the speakers was Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church of Mt. Juliet. He is a charismatic Charismatic. He preached a little sermon and led a prayer. He called for a return to righteousness in America and had the crowd hollowing "amen."

One of the most impressive speakers of the day was _________  ________ of North Carolina.  She had not been a political activist until this year.  She says she had never spoken in person. Fed up with the Trump bashing and disgusted with the way things were going and being reported, she organized the first Trump truck rally to show support for President Trump.  From there she became somewhat of a celebrity, offering her opinion of what is going on in the world and urging people to be bold in showing their support for President Trump.  Her following on Facebook reached 27,000 people until Facebook shut her down.

During her speech she took a page from the BLM playbook with a "say their name" segment. She said 36 (I believe it was 36) people had been killed by BLM protesters. She

Pastor Greg Locke

would tell a little about each one and how they died. She would then say their name and then ask the audience to, "Say their name."  The audience would then yell it back to her. 

Scott Golden, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party spoke and the keynote speaker was Senator Mark Green.  Both were good and motivational and full of energy. 

Rick Williams

Congressman Mark Green


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Leftist plan major revolutionary violence on election day. Watch the video.

Be informed, be careful and be prepared.

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Effort to recall Nashville Mayor John Cooper fails — again

The Tennessean - "It is over and dead." 

 In a late-night email Tuesday night, organizers behind a second attempt to recall Nashville Mayor John Cooper informed supporters that the effort is quashed. 

Ed Smith, of Heritage Foundation Nashville Sentinel — part of a national conservative think tank — said the group was hung out to dry when financial backers pulled out. A group signaled its attempt to oust Cooper on Oct.12, citing the city's recent property tax increase and the mayor's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, by filing a notice of intent to submit a recall petition with the city clerk. 

It was a long-shot effort with 30 days to collect about 70,000 signatures. (link)

Rod's Comment:  Back in the summer I supported the effort to recall the mayor and members of the council who had supported the tax increase.  I donated some money, promoted the effort in this blog, and worked several days getting signatures.  Even then however, I thought it was a long shot. That effort failed.  I did not see the point in trying again so soon. 

If enough signatures are gathered to recall the mayor, what that does is cause an election for the office. It is not a "yes" or "no" vote to remove the current mayor.  The incumbent's name is placed on the ballot automatically and then anyone else seeking the office who meets the qualifications will have their name on the ballot, If the mayor gets the most votes he stays in office; if someone else gets the most votes they become the new mayor.  However, the provision for a runoff applies and if no one gets more than 50% of the votes cast. there is a runoff. 

There was no candidate leading the effort to recall the mayor in the summer nor with this latest failed effort.  You can't beat somebody with nobody.  And, while people were initially upset with the mayor over the tax increase, Nashville is still a liberal city and passions have cooled.  

I don't think most people are angry with the mayor over his handling of the Coronavirus. There is no playbook for handling such a crisis and I even cut him some slack.  I disagree with his handling and think schools should reopen and restrictions are too strict but I think he is acting in good faith and doing what he thinks is right.  

My major criticism is that the enforcement is selective.  Left wing groups can violate the  rules on social distancing and size of gatherings but it is enforced against everyone else.  Unfortunately, I suspect most voters in our city are OK with that. In today's environment of political correctness and cancel culture, respect for due process, rule of law, and free speech do not have high priority.  Social justice trumps equality before the law in the minds of many liberals. I don't think many of Nashville's voters would vote to replace the mayor because he allows BLM to march but bans church gatherings and parties. They probably agree with him. 

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