Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Iran sent threatening emails to intimidate Florida Democrats by posing as the Proud Boys.

by Rod Williams- Iran would like to see Joe Biden elected president and that is understandable.  Biden has promised to get back in the Iran deal which while touted as a plan to deter Iran from getting nuclear weapons actually put Iran on a path to be a nuclear power.  When President Trump took office he pulled out of the Iran deal. It was never a treaty but a result of executive action so Trump could get out of the deal the same way we got in the deal. Also Trump imposed crippling sanctions on Iran; Biden has said he would lift them. 

Iran has been meddling in our election.  In the crucial state of Florida, Iran has sent threatening emails to voters posing as the "proud boys," a group that the mainstream media calls a far-right racist group.  The email call on people to vote for Trump.  The apparent thought is that people would recoil at being intimidated and this would tie Trump to an unsavory element and that would benefit Biden.

The mainstream press is twisting themselves into a pretzel to tell this story without saying Iran's motive is to help Biden so if reading a mainstream story you have to reinterpret and straighten the spin. Mostly, the media has just been ignoring this story for there is no convincing way to tell it that does not clearly show that Iran is meddling in our election to benefit Joe Biden. For more on the story, follow this link

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