Saturday, August 13, 2022

Flashback: Sen. Graham: 'Crazy' Donald Trump is unfit for office. I think he is a kook. I think he is crazy. He is not a Republican.

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Flashback: We were warned. Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Is a 'Pathological Liar.'

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Mar-a-Lago raid could be a grievous blow to the Justice Department’s legitimacy

 The FBI kills a mosquito with a howitzer

by Eli Lake, The Spectator,  August 10, 2022 -  ... This is not to say that there are no circumstances under which Trump should be charged with a crime. But that crime must be serious, like conspiring to foment the January 6 riot, and the evidence must be overwhelming. If Trump is instead charged with violating the Presidential Records Act or mishandling state secrets he had the power to declassify as president, Garland will have dealt a grievous blow to the Justice Department’s democratic legitimacy. (link)

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The FBI Should Release the Trump-Raid Warrant

 By ALEXANDRA DESANCTIS, National Review, August 9, 2022 - ... While much of the response from GOP leaders expressed support for Trump, the most common refrain in the commentary thus far has been concern over the lack of clarity about the reasons for the raid — and the fear that this is just another example of a Democratic administration using executive agencies to harass or punish its political opponents. ... much of the commentary and reporting seems to have presumed that, because the FBI executed this raid, it must’ve had a good enough reason to do so. That may well be true, but there’s little evidence yet that this was the case. (read more)

Rod's Comment: I agree. The Justice Department should release the warrant and do it today! Also, the Justice Department should hold a press conference and answer hard questions. 

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First Tuesday welcomes Andy Ogles



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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Americans deserve an explanation of why the FBI’s raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.

by Rod Williams, August 10, 2022- If one reads this blog or follows me on Facebook, you know that I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I think he is a delusional egotistical jerk or an evil person or both.  Yes, I am pleased he closed the border, gave us energy independence, gave us a Supreme Court that went a long way toward restoring the Constitution, and did some other positive things.  But, Mussolini made the trains run on time.  The good Trump did does not make up for his attempt to subvert the outcome of an election and to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.  He is a dictator-want-a-be. He is a dangerous man.

However, I am not comfortable with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. For one, it seems politically unwise. and secondly, it seems an abuse of power.  As stated in some of the articles below and elsewhere, this has made some of Trump's supporters who may have been ready to move on from Trump rally around him. This confirms for them that the "insiders" and "deep state" are in charge and will do anything to silence a man who tries to "drain the swamp."  This deepens the divide that was already deep. It is a big boost to Donald Trump's remaining relevant. The Justice Department poked a bear that was beginning to look sleepy. This has reenergized Trump's supporters. 

Given the lack of FBI action on Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and others, and the history of the FBI and the Steele dossier, and the agency either being duped or knowingly willingly being used to tarnish and spy on Trump, this raid looks suspect. Even if the raid was not politically motivated, it sure looks like it to a lot of people. Unless it is explained, it will look that way to me too. 

Some on the right, including my "friends" on Facebook, are saying it is time for an armed rebellion.  A lot of people are riled.  I hope they get a grip and take a deep breath, but there are a lot of crazies on the right these days. There are those who believe school shootings are false flag operations, that we have a planned imminent food shortage crisis, that Hillary Clinton is part of some Satanic cult, and all kinds of other nutty stuff. Some of them may take up arms and start killing people.

No one should be above the law.  Justice should be served. However, I can not help but ask, was this armed raid necessary?  Trump had been in conversation with the Justice Department about those missing documents. He had already returned a lot of them. If this was about missing documents, then they could have recovered them without an armed raid. I suspect something else is going on.  Maybe the people at the justice department thought they would find 'smoking gun' evidence tieing Trump to the January 6 coup attempt.  If so, they need to say so.

I wish we had a mainstream press that could see this raid as something that needed to be explained.  I wish they would demand answers and keep this on the front page until they got them. Unfortunately, the mainstream press is as polarized as the rest of America. They are going to protect liberals and turn a blind eye to liberal wrongdoing and liberal abuse of power. There are no 'fair and balanced" media outlets in America with enough clout to make a difference. Fox News will run this story for weeks, but unfortunately, Fox news only reaches people who already agree with them. 

I wish there could be a genuinely bi-partisan congressional inquiry into this raid, but that is not going to happen, either.  Congress is correct to want the truth about Trump's attempt to illegally hold on to power and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. I just wish they were equally as concerned about abuse of power when the abusers are Democrats. 

This has not made me want to support Trump but has made me more sympathetic to his supporters. For the good of the country, the Justice Department needs to explain why this raid was necessary.  If they have something major on Trump they need to arrest him or indite him quickly.  They need to act or have a good explanation as to why this raid had to happen. 


Americans Deserve an Explanation on FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Search

By THE EDITORS, National Review, August 10, 2022 - The United States is a land of propositions. One of those propositions is that no man — not even the president — is above the law. Another proposition is that those who temporarily wield power must not use it to harass or disadvantage their political opponents. Occasionally, these propositions can come into tension. Monday night’s FBI search of Mar-a-Lago provides us with one of those occasions.

There is nothing wrong per se with the investigation or prosecution of political figures. Indeed, that the most powerful and popular people in the country may be held responsible for their crimes serves as the very definition of equality. But, because the perception of impropriety can be so damaging to the political order, the occupants of positions of power have a special obligation to tread lightly when dealing with their ideological opponents. The difference between a free republic and a banana republic is not whether the powerful can be held to account, but whether the powerful are held to account legitimately, in a manner that is not a transparent pretext for ulterior motives. Does the Department of Justice understand this? The jury is still out.

... But after the Steele dossier, the FISA surveillance of Carter Page, the Mueller report, and the near endless web of implications and insinuations that tied up American politics for the first two and a half years of Trump’s presidency, one can no longer fall back on such reflexive credulity. If the government has a case, it must make it as bluntly as it can — and it must make it now. .... President Biden must explain why it was necessary for his administration to stage an unannounced search at the home of a potential presidential rival. (Read more)


SHAPIRO: The Day The FBI Raided Donald Trump

By  Ben Shapiro,, Aug, 10, 2022- ...We have not yet seen the warrant for the raid, the warrant application, or the underlying evidence; presumably, the head of the FBI and the head of the DOJ, Attorney General Merrick Garland, would have had to sign off on the raid. And, to put it mildly, the basis for such a raid – a raid authorized by a current presidential administration on the leader of the prior administration and frontrunner for the nomination in 2024 – seems extraordinarily weak. In 2015, former Clinton national security advisor Sandy Berger only received a misdemeanor charge for stuffing classified documents down his pants; in 2016, the FBI investigated Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails but certainly never raided her home or offices, despite finding that it was “possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account,” complete with access to classified information. President Trump, by contrast, was president – which means he had plenary authority to declassify any document. Yet it was Trump who was raided.

If the basis for the raid is anything less than bedrock-solid, therefore, the most serious questions of political legitimacy will be on the table. After all, this amounts to the current administration authorizing a raid on the head of the prior administration; it apparently centers on a matter unrelated to events surrounding January 6 and the aftermath of the 2020 election. It seems, on its face, pretextual. We won’t know whether it isr isn’t until we see the underlying documentation. But without the sort of trust the FBI has fai oled to cultivate over the past few years, the clamor for such documentation will rightly be deafening.

Suspicions are certainly in order, given the behavior of the FBI over the course of the last few years. (read more


Trump Can’t Be ‘Disqualified’ Over Documents

By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey, Wall Street Journal,  Aug. 10, 2022- The warrant under which federal agents searched Donald Trump’s Florida home hasn’t been made public, but press leaks suggest that it was related to the former president’s suspected mishandling of official documents. That has prompted speculation that Mr. Trump could be prosecuted under a law governing the misuse of federal government documents, which includes a provision for disqualification from federal office. According to this theory, if Mr. Trump is convicted, he would be ineligible to serve a second term as president. It won’t work. The theory is deficient on both statutory and constitutional grounds. (read more)


The raid on Mar-a-Lago could shake America’s foundations

The Economist, by Lexington, Aug. 10, 2022- The raid had conjured a Trumpian Eden: the nation’s eyes were riveted upon him once again; Republican legislators who had been edging away rallied behind him, as did potential rivals for the Republican presidential nomination; some of his supporters were again calling online for a civil war to defend their champion. Mr Trump was able to present himself in his favourite light, as the victim of dark, partisan forces out to protect the establishment by dragging him down. Having trashed the fbi and Department of Justice for years, he had prepared not just his core believers but probably half the country to suspect that the rule of law was being undermined, not honoured.

For these reasons and more, the raid is a nightmare for America. Merrick Garland, the attorney-general, would have anticipated that. ... If Mr Garland made the decision himself to proceed, as seems likely, he must have concluded that evidence pointing to criminality was so overwhelming he had no choice. ... 

Mr Trump was already expected to run a third time for president. He seems certain to do so now. Imagine that the raid yields evidence of criminality, leading to his indictment. ... Even a speedy trial and conviction would be less likely to bar a Trump candidacy than to start more rounds of litigation. The constitution, which spells out the qualifications for serving as president, is silent on the question of a criminal record. ... 

Lawmakers who crawled back to Mr Trump after the January 6th insurrection are not likely to abandon him over a crime like making off with classified documents, particularly given a president’s vast power to declassify information. 

The raid on Mar-a-Lago may have been necessary to serve justice. A prosecution may eventually prove necessary as well. The hope is that the rule of law has weight enough to survive the contest. (read more)


The Mar-a-Lago raid is pure political intimidation

by Amber Athey, The Spectator, Aug. 8, 2022- ... One would assume the bar should be exceedingly high for the Department of Justice to execute a search warrant on a man who was previously the leader of the free world. That is not the case here. Nor, sadly, is it surprising, given the seemingly endless fishing expedition that Biden and the Democrats have subjected Trump to over the past year and a half. ... The decision to send agents into Trump’s home over a quibble about document retention reeks of political intimidation. .... When Bill Clinton was found to have inappropriately kept gifts and furniture from the White House, he returned the items and the situation was treated as a misunderstanding. The Clintons’ home was not raided by the FBI. Why was Trump’s? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that violating the Presidential Records Act can bar someone from running for political office again. 

Naturally, Trump’s critics will celebrate the FBI’s raid. They will be blissfully unconcerned that the gratuitous and unjust investigation of political opponents is just the kind of authoritarianism they warned would be ushered in by the Trump administration. Remember, the Biden administration is going to restore our norms and institutions! (read more)

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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Monday, August 08, 2022

"Far-right" local Heritage Sentinel group criticizes Fox 17 for calling Andy Ogles a "far-right mayor" when that is also what "far-right" Breitbart News called Andy Ogles.

by Rod Williams, August 8, 2022 - When I saw the post to the right today, I was a little taken aback.  Breitbart is about as "far right" as you can go without wondering into the la la land of Alex Jones. When Breitbart called Andy Ogeles a "far-right mayor" I did notice. 

Usually "far right" is considered a derogatory term. I was wondering if Breitbart was going to embrace the term and proudly be "far right" instead of running from the term.  We see this sort of thing sometimes.  We see it when rap performers and Black comedians use the term "nigger."  We see it when homosexuals embrace the term "queer."  Some on the left, instead of denying they are socialist, are embracing the label.

After reading the article and again looking at the headline, I noticed that the tone of the article was not the normal tone of a Breitbart piece. It sounded like a mainstream liberal article.  I then noticed that the article had an AP byline.  I just assumed that Brietbart just ran the article the way it came to them from AP and did not change it or the headline. I did not think this a bid deal, but found it mildly interesting.

Also, I wondered, who is that in the picture? It is not Andy Ogles.  I still don't know.

Later on, while going through my email, I came across a posting from Nashville Sentinel which is the newsletter of the local chapter of the Heritage Foundation. A partial screenshot of that posting is to the left. Note that in this posting they are offended by local station Fox 17 calling Andy Ogles a "Far-right mayor."  "I guess if a candidate is for God and Country, your considered "far-right,'" they say.

Heritage used to be one of the most widely respected research and educational institutes in the world engaging in serious scholarship. In recent years they became less thoughtful and conservative and more populist and activist. At one time I ranked them with The American Enterprise Insitute or the Cato Institute as thoughtful voices on the right. Recently their tone has changed and I seldom see serious think pieces and policy advocacy pieces but a lot more of what is typical bombastic and simplistic right-wing rhetoric. The organizations seem all in for Donald Trump.

Someone should tell Heritage Sentinel that the headline they find so offensive is the same headline Breitbart News used. In fact, not only does Breitbart use this very same headline, but if you do a search engine search for "Far-right Mayor wins GOP Primary for Nashville," this same headline pops up again and again. 

This is really not that important, I know, but I find it amusing.  

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The Democrats’ Unserious Climate-Change Deal

By KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON, National Review, July 31, 2022 - The corporate-welfare “climate-change bill” ... is a bad piece of legislation for any number of reasons. ... 

... The Biden administration says it would like to see the United States reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide by 50 percent or more by 2030. Advocates of the Manchin folly say that its provisions could enable a reduction of 40 percent by 2030. ... when they say, “40 percent reduction in emissions,” they mean a 40 percent reduction from 2005 levels. Thanks in large part to the economic displacement of coal by natural gas in electricity generating — which is to say, thanks to fracking — the United States already has cut emissions by about 20 percent from where they were in 2005: We’re halfway there, having done not very much, and the trend line already is pointed downward ... 

.. Its environmental program is mainly one of subsidies for politically connected business interests engaged in the so-called green-energy trade and handouts to upper-middle-class urban progressives who enjoy getting a $7,500 tax benefit when they buy a new Mercedes.

What these subsidies amount to is a reverse carbon tax. ...  ... the proposition that we are going to get the outcomes the Green New Dealers want simply by shoveling great heaping gobs of money to Democrats’ political allies without any painful new regulation or taxes is one that deserves a great deal of skepticism.

... By the most economically relevant measure (emissions per unit of GDP) the United States is about twice as carbon-intensive as Germany. But it is Germany, not the United States, that is getting ready to fire up coal plants.

Policy proposals are constrained only by the utopian imagination; policy outcomes are constrained by physics, geography, and technology, among other inconvenient exogenous factors. At a sufficient level of subsidy, wind and solar are economically viable alternatives to coal and gas, but they are intermittent, and it is likely that their role in total electricity generation will always be a limited one. 

Completely decarbonizing electricity is a long ways off, in reality something that probably isn’t going to happen and probably doesn’t need to happen — but consider that electricity is the low-hanging fruit: It is not want of forward-looking policy but physical and technological realities that fortify the central role of hydrocarbons in transportation

The case for a carbon tax is that current U.S. practice does not put any price on the externalities associated with burning hydrocarbons. ... we should not delude ourselves into thinking that there exists some “clean” source of energy capable of sustaining modern life. ...

The more batteries are used in transportation and utilities, the more battery manufacturing and disposal are going to be major environmental problems. Petrochemicals and petroleum-derived polymers are used in manufacturing solar cells, wind turbines, batteries, and much else that is “green.” When it comes to rare-earth minerals, many of the relevant geopolitical facts are geological facts. ... There is no escape from the environmental effects of modern life, only management and mitigation. 

Rod's Comment: The US's and the world's response to the problem of climate change has been unserious and continues to be based on wishful thinking, fairy dust, and Kumbaya. Also, unfortunately, many people are still in denial that there is even a problem. It is unfortunate that serious voices are not at the table. 

The new Inflation Reduction Act will do little to combat inflation and little to combat climate change. To read the above complete article follow this link.

An organization called The Bipartisan Policy Center has this to say about the bill: "Recent modeling by Rhodium Group highlights the substantial emissions reduction impact of these provisions. Under a business-as-usual scenario, the United States is on track to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by between 24% to 35% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Should the IRA become law, this would increase to between 31% to 44% by 2030."

One has to believe the model's assumptions to believe that this level of reduction will be achieved. There is too much uncertainty about too many factors to have much confidence in model assumptions. Does inflation continue to clime or is it brought under control? Does Russia wins or lose in Ukraine? Does China strenghtens its control over critical metals or not? Does China attack Taiwan and cut off the supply of microchips? What happens in South America where climate change policy and energy policy are in turmoil? Is the mid-East stable or at war? These things will impact our success at greenhouse gas emission reduction. There are some known unknowns and a lot of unknown unknowns to trust assumptions with any degree of confidence. 

The Inflation Reduction Act will create a Methane Emissions Reduction Program, which will reward companies that cut their methane emissions and punish those that do not. That seems to me to be a positive development. This is a serious policy. As far as climate policy is concerned that seems to be the best part of the bill.  Also, however, the support for nuclear energy could have some positive results. 

The subsidy for purchasing electric vehicles is a waste and should be an outrage. This policy includes plug-in hybrids which are a con game and a subsidy for the rich.  Plug-in hybrids are for the most part gas-guzzlers except for the first few miles when they run on stored electricity.  If I were betting, I would bet that many owners of plug-in hybrids will not even bother to charge them overnight.  The only reason buyers buy these super expensive luxuary vehicles is for the subsidy. If not getting the first 20 miles or so running off of a charge, the plug-in hybrids get less gas mileage than the all-gas version of the same vehicle due to the extra weight of the batteries. 

The "Off Duty" section of the Wall Street Journal reviews luxury cars in each weekend edition of the paper. To learn more about plug-in hybrids, I suggest reading the WSJ vehicle reviews. This subsidy for the purchase of luxury vehicles is an unserious policy. 

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It City or Snitch City?

BY JASON EDMONDS, Reposted from The Beacon Center of Tennessee Blog, August 8, 2022 - Nashville has many nicknames: “Music City”, “Athens of the South”, the “It City”, and the “Bachelorette Capital of the World”. Yet there is a new one coming on the scene and it’s arguably worse than the incessant hollers of the “woo girls” on Broadway. In a recent Nashville Scene cover story, Metro earned the title of “Snitch City” for its unfortunate trend of weaponizing the Codes department by targeting low-income and minority populations. 

In addition to the codes department fees and citations, Metro Nashville is only one of two areas in the state with an environmental court, which enforces the violations. A yard full of junk cars and trash covering a property may be the first thought when you think of code violations, yet one Nashville resident was subject to a codes inspector who would show up of his own volition for nearly two decades. Codes enforcement and violations ranged from proving a classic car was running (on approximately 20 occasions), orders to remove a mini-fridge from a garage, and even to put away an open can of soda the resident was sipping on.  

It would be safe to assume an upset neighbor made all of these anonymous complaints to the Codes Department, yet a former Metro council member stated in the article that “…the number one source of Codes complaints is the Metro Council.” He also uncovered the city attorney, who would go after short-term rentals for violations, owned a short-term rental herself. She committed the same violation she was going after.

Weaponizing a city department to punish residents should be egregious in anyone’s eyes. What’s more unsettling is the growth of the Codes department. While total full-time equivalent employees for Metro Nashville have grown 25.3 percent from Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 to the FY 2023 budget (6,731.33 to 8,439.59 FTE), the Codes department positions have grown nearly 81 percent in the same timeframe (89 to 161 positions). The largest increase was seen just recently, adding 35 positions to the department in the 2023 budget. This increase in positions and enforcement is also costing taxpayers more, with the FY 2023 Metro budget saying the codes department will cost $21.46 per capita, compared to $13.75 in FY 2013.

Repairing your vehicle on the weekend while enjoying a cold soda on a hot day shouldn’t bring a city inspector to your door. Income, race, or personal vendettas shouldn’t determine whether or not the government will choose to enforce their rules. Nashville needs to be a city where residents don’t live in fear of anonymous complaints that send the government to their property to issue fines for everyday actions. These poor local policies threaten the very residents that call Nashville home and make the city unique. Unfortunately, these policies are also likely to blame for why Nashville saw the 12th largest population decline in the country, from 2020 to 2021.

Rod's Comment: See my own blog post at the topic, "How Metro Codes destroys affordable housing, tramples property rights and due process and victimizes Blacks, the elderly, and the poor and facilitates and accelerates gentrification."

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Sunday, August 07, 2022

Thursday's primaries clearly show that the Republican Party is the Party of Trump. I have some soul searching to do.

by Rod Williams, August 7, 2020- I had been anticipating the recent primaries across the country to see if Trump's grip on the Republican party was still strong.  It appears it is.  I wish it were not, but it appears it is.  

Trump did some padding of his wins by picking some incumbents who were expected to sail to easy wins anyway.  He made some endorsements in noncompetitive races days just days ahead of the primaries. This increases his look of invincibility but he also won some races where it was Trump that made the difference. There really is no other way to spin it: Trump’s candidates won GOP primaries at an impressive rate. 

While some of Trump's wins were Republicans who simply avoided making the 2020 election an issue, some of Trump's wins were candidates who made the claim that the 2020 election was stolen and the targeted incumbent denied the election was stolen.

In Michigan, Trump scored a big win with the primary defeat of Rep. Peter Meijer who was one of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Trump supported John Gibbs who won. Gibbs repeated Trump’s lies about a stolen 2020 election claiming it was "rigged," and a result of "massive voter fraud. He was also a conspiracy theorist who promoted tales involving Hillary Clinton and satanic rituals (1) (2). 

Trump also scored another Michigan win in his support of Tudor Dixon in the Republican primary for governor. She beat out four other primary contenders. She is a conservative commentator and former online news host who claims the 2020 election was stolen. (3)

Trump also claimed victory in Missouri’s GOP Senate primary, where state Attorney General Eric Schmitt came out on top in the race to succeed retiring Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.

Trump won big in Arizona when former news broadcaster Kari Lake won the GOP primary for Arizona governor. She has been an outspoken election denier, conspiracy theorist and bombastic personality, She once said on a Twitter post, “The Media is the Enemy of the People. And frankly — the right hand of the Devil.(4).” She has also spread weird theories about Covid-19.

Trump also had an Arizona win with Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters who won the nomination.  Masters once used a quote by Nazi official Herman Goering to argue against U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts. He also once reportedly compared a hotel chain’s decision not to host a speech by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to the Holocaust. (5) (6).

Other big Trump wins were Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and J.D. Vance in Ohio.  For a detailed look at where Trump won and lost, see this article in Politico, and this one in The New York Times.

It should be noted that Trump had some help for his candidates from an unexpected source. Democrat-aligned PACs poured millions of dollars into campaigns to support Trump-backed candidates (7) (8). This cynical ploy was based on an assumption that Trump-backed candidates would be easier to beat in a general election. One would think that would be so.  If campaigning on the lie that the 2020 election was not enough to lose them votes, then favorably quoting Nazis and theorizing that Hillary Clinton engaged in satanic rituals should cause a candidate to lose votes.  I wouldn't bet on it.  Just look at Marjorie Taylor Green. One can not get much nuttier than MTG and yet she easily won her most recent reelection and she is so respected that the Wilson County Party chose her as their keynote speaker at their annual fundraising dinner. Democrats may have just helped put in office in critical positions, people determined to destroy American democracy.

Given Trump's victory in Thursday's primary, I have some soul searching to do. I was hoping Trump would fade away and the Republican Party would return to sanity.  It has not happened yet. I definitely will not continue to support the Republican Party if Trump is the 2024 nominee.  I am not ready to jump ship yet, however.  I am going to stay engaged and work for the nomination of anybody-but-Trump. At a time in my life when I could greatly increase my financial support for the Republican Party, I am going to curtail my support. If the only way we can win the House and the Senate is by supporting nutjob candidates who want to subvert our democracy, I do not think winning is worth it.  I do not want to help elect people to the office of governor in some of these states who would be inclined to help Trump steal a 2024 election. So, I will not be contributing to the  Republican Governors Association. I am going to be more judicious about all of my giving to Republicans. If I think any of my financial contributions would help elect Trumpinistas, I am not making that contribution. 

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There has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.

VP DICK CHENEY: In our nation's 246-year history, there has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump. He tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him. He is a coward. A real man wouldn't lie to his supporters.

He lost his election and he lost big. I know it, he knows it, and deep down, I think most Republicans know it.

Lynn and I are so proud of Liz for standing up for the truth, doing what is right, and honoring her oath to the Constitution. When so many in our party are too scared to do so.

Liz is fearless, she never backs down from a fight, and there is nothing more important she will ever do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never again near the Oval Office. And she will succeed.

I am Dick Cheney. I proudly voted for my daughter and I hope you will too.

Rod's Comment: I agree with Vice President Dick Cheney. Trump tried to steal the election using lies and violence and there has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.  

Dick Cheney did not go far enough. In my view, anyone who tries to steal the election, tries to pressure officials to find him votes, attempts to prevent the peaceful transfer of power, and would stand by while a mob attempts to murder the vice president because he will not subvert the democratic process is a traitor.  

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