Monday, August 08, 2022

"Far-right" local Heritage Sentinel group criticizes Fox 17 for calling Andy Ogles a "far-right mayor" when that is also what "far-right" Breitbart News called Andy Ogles.

by Rod Williams, August 8, 2022 - When I saw the post to the right today, I was a little taken aback.  Breitbart is about as "far right" as you can go without wondering into the la la land of Alex Jones. When Breitbart called Andy Ogeles a "far-right mayor" I did notice. 

Usually "far right" is considered a derogatory term. I was wondering if Breitbart was going to embrace the term and proudly be "far right" instead of running from the term.  We see this sort of thing sometimes.  We see it when rap performers and Black comedians use the term "nigger."  We see it when homosexuals embrace the term "queer."  Some on the left, instead of denying they are socialist, are embracing the label.

After reading the article and again looking at the headline, I noticed that the tone of the article was not the normal tone of a Breitbart piece. It sounded like a mainstream liberal article.  I then noticed that the article had an AP byline.  I just assumed that Brietbart just ran the article the way it came to them from AP and did not change it or the headline. I did not think this a bid deal, but found it mildly interesting.

Also, I wondered, who is that in the picture? It is not Andy Ogles.  I still don't know.

Later on, while going through my email, I came across a posting from Nashville Sentinel which is the newsletter of the local chapter of the Heritage Foundation. A partial screenshot of that posting is to the left. Note that in this posting they are offended by local station Fox 17 calling Andy Ogles a "Far-right mayor."  "I guess if a candidate is for God and Country, your considered "far-right,'" they say.

Heritage used to be one of the most widely respected research and educational institutes in the world engaging in serious scholarship. In recent years they became less thoughtful and conservative and more populist and activist. At one time I ranked them with The American Enterprise Insitute or the Cato Institute as thoughtful voices on the right. Recently their tone has changed and I seldom see serious think pieces and policy advocacy pieces but a lot more of what is typical bombastic and simplistic right-wing rhetoric. The organizations seem all in for Donald Trump.

Someone should tell Heritage Sentinel that the headline they find so offensive is the same headline Breitbart News used. In fact, not only does Breitbart use this very same headline, but if you do a search engine search for "Far-right Mayor wins GOP Primary for Nashville," this same headline pops up again and again. 

This is really not that important, I know, but I find it amusing.  

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