Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ron Harwell to challenge Chris Devaney for Chairman of the Republican Party

"I am going to run for Chris Devaney’s seat as Chairman of the Republican Party," said Ron Harwell today in an email exchange with members of the 9-12 group. "I ran for the Chairman of the TN GOP in 2010 and lost," he says. "I plan to run again in December of 2012. I can use all the help I can get. The votes for Chairman are done by the State Executive Committee. Please talk to any SEC Members you know about helping me get elected."

Ron Harwell is a member of the local 9-12 group and former Republican primary candidate for the U. S. Congress. In 2010 Harwell came in fourth in a five-man race for the Republican nomination for Tennessee 4th Congressional District. Scott DesJarlais won that seat garnering 27,812 votes to Ron Howell's 9,237 votes.

There is a rebellion taking place in the Republican Party led by anti-Agenda 21 conspiracy theorist, those fearful that the State of Tennessee is in danger of falling under Sharia law, and by gun rights advocates who think gun owners should be allowed to carry guns anywhere even if private property owners do not want guns on their property.

While these three fringe movements make up the bulk of the disgruntled Republican, others have a general sense that the party fails to represent conservative values and that many in the leadership of the Republican party are almost indistinguishable from Democrats and are RINO's, which is an acronym of "Republican in Name Only."

I would not accept that this disgruntled faction of the Party is more conservative than establishment or mainstream Republicans. I do not think embracing weird conspiracy theories is a conservative position, nor is distorting the meaning of the second amendment, nor saying that Muslim are not covered by the First Amendment. Real conservatives are rational and they support the Constitution. This faction however often claims to be the real conservatives in the party and the mainstream press will often refer to them as the more "conservative Republicans."

This faction is currently challenging Debra Maggart in her reelection and they recently took out a full-page $5000 ad in the Tennessean lambasting Governor Haslam because his administration hired a highly qualified native Tennessee attorney, who happens to be Muslim, for a post in the Department of Economic and Community Development.

This fringe faction of the Party is planning to take over more county parties and run more candidates for the State Executive Committee and take over the Executive Committee and elect one of their own to the post of Party chairman.

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Dear Governor Romney, Stop with the mailings already!

Dear Governor Romney,

Stop with the mailings already! For about the last six weeks I have been getting about three pieces of mail form you a week. I am going to vote for you, OK?  You are wasting  your time. I really hate junk mail. I wish we would abolish the post office. It seems junk mail is all I ever get.

I don't think I have read a single one of our letters. Most of them go in the trash unopened. I did open one that said, "Bumper sticker inside."  I took out the bumper sticker and threw the rest away unread. I will probably put the bumper sticker on my car, but I don't really like bumper stickers on my car, so I will probably not put it on until about six weeks before the election.

Governor Romney, I have glanced at a couple of your mailing and saw the appeal for money with the check off  boxes.  I really don't think you need my campaign money. What, you have already raised a gazillion dollars? Those mailing I have been getting must have cost your campaign about a dollar each. If I was to send you fifty dollars, what would that fund?  Fifty more solicitation of me for money?  How about this? Don't send me anymore solicitation and take the $50 you would have spend sending me campaign solicitations and consider it my campaign contribution?

I do support causes I believe in and candidates, however I am not a wealthy man and can only give modest campaign contributions. I feel like my modest contributions have more impact supporting local conservative candidates rather than a well-funded campaign like yours. I really don't think you need my modest contribution.  The money you spend soliciting me for money shows you don't know what to do with the money you have.

Also, if you get a chance to talk to the Republican National Committee could you ask them to stop calling. I have been getting about three calls a day from the RNC. I always look to see who is calling before I answer, and I have not been answering their  calls. However, I have to get up and look at my phone to see who is calling. I did answer one about a week ago and they were asking me to fulfill an earlier pledge for $25 dollars. I did. I thought the calls would stop but they did not slow down. I am just not going to answer the phone from the RNC anymore. Please tell them to stop calling me.

Rod Williams

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Friday, July 20, 2012

See the 9-12 Project ad attacking Govenor Haslam

In today's Tennessean, there was a full-page, $5000 advertisement paid for by the local 9-12 group called, "an open letter to Governor Haslam and the people of Tennessee." It says the actions of Govenor Haslam may make us subject to Sharia law and attacks Governor Haslam for his administration's hiring of a highly qualified Tennessee attorney who happens to be a Muslim. If you do not subscribe to the Tennessean or missed the ad, below is a link to a copy.

912 Project Tennessee's Resolution delivered to Governor Haslam by mail and via a full page add in the July 20, 2012 Tennessean---Tennessee's paper of record.

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Conservatlive Fusion Book Club: Read and join the discussion.

If you're interested in discussing the classic works of the modern conservative intellectual movement take a look at some of the ones we've discussed and join us!

Conservative Fusion

""Kirk's text was not only a huge, 450-page distillation of the thinking of 150 years of the intellectual right; it was also a relentless assault on every left-wing panacea and error imaginable. The perfectibility of man, contempt for tradition, political and economic leveling-these were, in Kirk's view, the most prominent among post-1789 attacks on social order. Liberalism, collectivism, utilitarianism, positivism, atomistic individualism, leveling humanitarianism, pragmatism, socialism, ideology ("the science of idiocy," said John Adams)-these were some of Kirk's targets. Moreover, at times he criticized capitalism and industrialism; the automobile, for example, he labeled a "mechanical Jacobin." Kirk, in short, left no stone unturned. Here was a full-scale challenge to modernity." (from George Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945)

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A Local small businessman's thougths on, "Someone else made that happen."

From: David Flow
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 12:03 PM

 I have intent on  trying to see the bigger picture when it comes to politics. I try to remember why and how this country was founded. I try to remember and appreciate the freedoms we have in this country and the price at which those freedoms have come.
But a few days ago, the President who currently sits in the Oval Office made a statement that I cannot simply understand nor get over. While some may say you’re taking this out of context, I say regardless of the context in which he spoke, the heart of the matter from his vantage point remains true and simply confirms what he truly believes.
“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
Twenty-one years ago, I starting this company (well I like to say, God and I started it!). I was the only employee for the first year until I could hire employees. I gained a partner after 4 years (again I owe that to God as well!)  and now there are 4 of us who collectively run this business.
 I worked alone in those early years. I would often wear a suit to the office, work until I needed to go out on a jobsite and change into my blue jeans. I didn’t have a secretary, office manager, payroll clerk, or even someone to clean my office – I did it. I took the risk…by myself. I worked long hours. Spent many holidays and weekends doing what all small business owners do – sacrifice . My name -- and my name only -- was on the letterhead. Nobody else made that happen. Absolutely,  I had many many good things go my way, referrals that helped my business grow.  I truly owe any “success” to many of our long term customers and clients and great subcontractors and vendors – all who have played a important role.
But I took the risk…100% of it. So if it failed, it would be my total and complete failure. No one else’s. I had to meet payroll each and every week -- which is something if you’ve never done, can be positively frightening. By Gods good grace, no employee of this company has ever missed a check.
So the next time Barack Obama brags about creating millions of jobs (and he will)  - I’m going to say, “Wait a minute, you didn’t do that. Somebody else made that happen.” Somebody like me and the other thousands of business owners across this country made that happen...the real business and job creators of this country.
So I would say to all my fellow business owners regardless of your political leanings  – how do you react to his statement?
David A. Flow, President
3628 Trousdale Drive, Suite E
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 832-0707
Fax (615) 832-0779

I do not know David Flow, but I know people who know him and he has a reputation as a humble, sincere, thoughtful  man who has been blessed with success through his hard work and determination. I am sure millions of other small business owners, find Obama's actions and comments distressing and out of touch with what makes the engine of our economy work. Rod

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

J. Lee Douglas of 9-12ers addresses the troops:

Freaks and Twelvers,
Did you see today's Tennessean article which contained bits of information about one of our members, Kevin Kookogey?  The article was about the rebellion of the Republican party towards its party chief, Governor Haslam. 
Are  you surprised?  Did you believe that our work and our coaching by such men as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Walter Williams, Laura Ingrahm, Frank Gafney, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and other good Americans would almost never raise the temperature of the body politic?
Because we outnumber socialists like Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, Clinton and all of their very famous and very rich followers, it is only normal to begin to see a fracturing of the system as a whole.
Most of us recently came from and abide in the Republican party so it's only natural that the first crack would be nearest to the source of the increasing pressure!!  You, ACT, the Tea Party have built a force that is finally demanding the Republican Party's attention.  Finally.
You were right to be asking, "How long will they do this to me".  It's true, Romney wasn't our first pick but there are only two hands in front of us and we aren't offered a third.  If we had set forward the primaries for President by 2 years to 2014, I suspect the result would be much more agreeable to all of us.  The wave of change is just now starting to catch up.  The seeds are breaking through. 
I'm proud to say that it was 912ers influence and organizing that saw to our member, Kookogey, becoming Chair of his county GOP.  He has been a champion and he's one of many other liberty-minded Republicans who are becoming the future of the GOP in Tennessee. 
By the end of the week, the eight Tennessee County GOPs on record for criticizing Governor Haslam will have grown to twenty who are breaking the silence of approval to anything our Republican elected officials do. 
We've patiently waited to see a significant sign that we, who have been doing the work, do matter.
I need more help to keep tipping the statue as we build a genuine conservative statue to take its place.
Part of the push that is going to rattle the Republican establishment happens this Friday when our Resolution is going to be published in the Tennessean, either in section A or section B...won't know until Friday morning.
Forty of our members have stepped up bear the cost of this Resolution.  The range of contributions varies from as little as $10 to more than $1,000. 
A full page ad, the one that will give the greatest effect, costs $5,000.  Currently, we have $4,250 and are in need of the last $750.
I believe that anyone who has contributed more than $500 should not further contribute.  I ask that you not.
Of our full membership, we ought to be able to get enough donations, even small ones, to reach the full $ tomorrow at noon.
If you will contribute via Paypal with your credit card or Paypal account, please donate at
If you cannot pay via credit card but can assure me that you'll send me a check for this project, please Email me the amount that you'll give and the day that you'll send it out.  We're so close.
Make checks payable to  912 Project Tennessee    and send to
J. Lee Douglas
999 Lookout Ridge Dr.
Brentwood, TN 37027
These funds will be going to Friday's step 2 of taking back the Republican party.
The next step will be in two phases, August 2 and then November 6.
We love the Republicans but honestly, as a party they have been entrenched in old ways producing irresponsible Lamar Alexanders, Dick Lugars, Lindsey Grahams.  We are out of time and cannot be any nicer than this. 
There is so much buzz about what is going on this week, I agreed to do an interview with Fox's Channel 17 to discuss Governor Haslam and his partnering with Shariah focused Muslims, to even form a Muslim Advisory the name of Tennessee !    It airs tonight at 9:00.
If you want to see a copy of the Resolution that will be printed on Friday, please Email me with your statement that you won't forward it to anyone until Friday morning. 
Be encouraged, we have cause,

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Governor Haslam Under Fire from Fellow GOP Members - Erika Lathon

Watch J. Lee Douglas attacking Governor Haslam.

Tomorrow morning a full page ad, costing $5000, paid for by members of the 9-12 group, will appear in the Tennessean condemning Gov. Haslam for the hiring of Samar Ali, a native born Tennessee Muslim attorney.

Jul 17, 2012 8:53pm (CDT)
A half dozen County Republican Chapters including Williamson County have passed resolutions condemning Governor Bill Haslam or calling for sanctions against him. Some GOP members are taking issue with Haslam employing openly gay staffers and the hiring of Muslim American Attorney, Samar Ali. Tea party members accuse Haslam of abandoning conservative values. State Republican Party Chairman, Chis Devaney says Haslam has a 70% approval rating and calls the attacks a distraction.

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What others are saying about the GOP attacks on Gov. Haslam

Tennessee Tea Partiers To GOP Gov: Stop Employing Muslims, Gays, Democrats!
The county GOP resolutions denounce Ali as an expert in “Sharia compliant finance.” “Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has elevated and/or afford [sic] preferential political status to Sharia adherents in Tennessee, thereby aiding and abetting the ...

Tenn. GOP groups attack GOP gov
Bill Haslam “has elevated and/or afford preferential political status to Sharia adherents in Tennessee, thereby aiding and abetting the advancement of an ideology and doctrine which is wholly incompatible with the Constitution of the United States and ...

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Gail Kerr on the "hate-filled" GOP fringe

Gail Kerr in today's Tennessean exposes the right wing fringe that has gained influence in the Republican Party. Since access to the Tennessean on-line is now restricted to subscribers, (or at lease I think access is now restricted) you may not be able to see the article.

Below is an excerpt from the article Hate-filled GOP fringe bullies its own:

... a small segment of the nuttiest members of the GOP, controlled by the tea party and the National Rifle Association, is hellbent on revenge against GOP leaders who don’t share its narrow agenda. It is an agenda based on hate.

They hate gays. They hate Muslims. They hate the United Nations. They hate anyone who reasonably believes business owners’ property rights trump free-wheeling gun rights. And, apparently, they hate the idea of Tennessee growing jobs. Because if you saw this sort of bigotry spewing out of a state, why would you want to locate your new plant there?
She reports how Bill Haslam has become a target of this fringe and that ten county Republican Parties have passed resolutions condemning Haslam for the hiring of a Muslim women to an important post in his administration.

I agree with much of Gail's concern. I agree with her when she says this fringe is the "nuttiest members of the GOP."  We have some real loonies in the Party and some of them have gained positions of influence. There are primarily three different issue that motivate this fringe: Agenda 21, Islam and Sharia law,  and gun rights. The three issues have created three different fringe factions but there is some overlap.

The Agenda 21 people can range from those who have a mild concern to real kooks. Agenda 21 is a 20 year old UN study that encourages sustainability. Those who are fearful of Agenda 21 believe it is a plan to take away private property rights, take away our cars and drastically change the American way of life. The more extreme of the anti-Agenda 21 people believe it is a plot to kill 96% of the world’s population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride. Anti-Agenda 21 people see elements of the plot in everything from mass transit to planning and zoning, to reintroduction of Wolves into the wild, to traffic roundabouts to bikeways, greenways, traffic calming and wide shady sidewalks. The John Birch Society is the group behind the anti-Agenda 21 campaign. The John Birch Society was denounced by William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater in the early 70’s and was pretty much driven from the Party and had almost disappeared but with the advent of the tea party movement has made a comeback.

The people in the anti-Muslim or anti-Sharia movement believe the Quaran and Sunna must be taken literally and they believe that all Muslims are called upon to lie and deceive and make war on all non-Muslims. They do not consider Islam a religion but consider it a political ideology and many believe the First Amendment should not apply to Muslims. They do not believe that one can be a Muslim and be a loyal American. They think all Muslims are potential terrorist and Mosques are terrorist training centers. Looking at what is happening in Europe and the threat of radical Islam throughout the world, I understand their concern and think we should be vigilant. However, not all of Islam is monolithic, immigrant Muslim will assimilate and moderate and of course Muslims are covered under the First Amendment.

The gun rights people are mad because the guns is parking lots bill did not pass. Obviously the second Amendment is a protection against government and not a protection against your employer. The Second Amendment does not mandate that you be allowed to carry your gun onto the property of another without that person's permission, but that is the position the gun rights activist take. How one can adopt such a distorted view of a basic constitutional right, I do not understand.

I think all of these factions have the potential to be dangerous and I think they are all wrong. I agree they are “bullying” in their tactics, especially the gun nuts who are seeking to make an example out of Debra Maggart. Political activism and expressing a political opinion or petitioning the government is not in itself "bullying"however.

I do not agree with Kerr and I do not think the people who make up these faction are “hate-filled.” They are misguided and their logic is faulty but in general they are good people. I fear some of the anti-Sharia hysteria could attract the haters who may decide to commit vigilante justice upon perceived terrorist-in-waiting, but the people I know in the anti-Sharia movement are not themselves bad people.

Gail Kerr in her article also mentions an anti-gay element to this fringe movement. I have not seen that. Many conservatives look upon homosexuality at a deviancy and most support traditional marriage, but I do not hear anyone spending a lot of time or energy or placing much focus on the issue of homosexuality.

Kerr also implies this fringe movement to be racist when she says that they hate anyone who looks differently and when she quotes someone who says, “Forty years ago, these same people would be as upset if the governor hired a black person.” I can tell you with certainty, this fringe movement is not racist. I think we are over racism in America. A local leader of the anti-Sharia movement is a well-know local radio personality who happens to be African-American. The tea party and the Republican Party are well integrated and I see no vestige of racism in either. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former presidential candidate Herman Cain. and Florida Representative Allen West are prominent African Americans deeply admired by many who consider themselves part of the tea party. It is simply wrong and maybe even evidence of being "hate-filled" to call the tea party or this fringe we are speaking about "racist."

I also know Kerr to be wrong when she says this fringe is "controlled by the tea party."  The tea party is not a party or an organization. There is no membership or structure to the tea party. There are numerous tea party organizations, but no "Tea Party."  The tea party can't control anything. You can't join and you can't be kicked out. People self identify as part of the tea party. It is a movement, not an entity. 

While I am concerned about the radical fringe that has gained prominence in the Republican Party, one thing to keep in mind is that it is a fringe. The tea party brought a lot of new people into the Party, most motivated by opposition to Obamacare, run away deficit spending and an expanding role of government. Most members who think of themselves as part of the tea party never became full time activist. They attended a few rallies, expressed their displeasure and waited for the next opportunity to vote. They may have given money to a candidate or went door to door for a candidate, but most never became part of this fringe I have described.

Also to keep this in perspective, the Occupy movement was much nuttier than the nuttiest of the tea party. All kinds of kooks tied themselves to the Occupy movement including Nazis, Communist, anarchist and every permutation of leftist wacko nut job and conspiracy theorist. The Democrats were blessed in that the Occupy movement did not hang around long enough to gain prominence in the Democratic Party. It was a flash in the pan that disappeared.

Another factor to consider in order to keep this in perspective is that a small group who believe anything could take over either one of the major parties at the county level. In some counties, people have to be begged to take the available seats on the County Executive Committee. In some counties, a voting bloc of a dozen could take over the Party. Because a certain County party passes a resolution does not mean that, that resolution is reflective of the way Republicans think in that county.

Despite being embarrassed by the Kerr article and despite thinking she got much of it wrong, I am not disappointed to see her article published. I have been wondering how much longer what has been happening in the Republican Party could just be ignored. The grownups and sane people need to retake the Party. Good Republicans need to run for position in the county Parties. The bullies need to be stood up to, as is happening when Republican leaders rally around Debra Maggart. The John Birch Society led conspiracy theorist need to be stood up do as they were when Governor Haslam refused to sign that silly resolution concerning Agenda 21.

I hope the fringe has seen their best day and are now in retreat. I hope the John Birch Society, with their tin foil hats firmly in place, will go back to meeting in secret. I think the Republican Party will be Ok. I think sanity will prevail. At least, I hope so.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Early voting starts in Hendersonville tomorrow. Vote Debra Maggart.

Early voting starts in Hendersonville tomorrow. Make sure you get out and vote early.
For a list of early voting locations, see this link...

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Steve Dickerson Receives Endorsement From StudentsFirst
Steve Dickerson

Nashville, Tennessee – StudentsFirst, a bipartisan grassroots advocacy organization supporting common sense education reforms, today endorsed Steve Dickerson in his bid for Tennessee Senate District 20. Dr. Dickerson is a strong supporter of meaningful education reform, and will fight tirelessly to ensure that Tennessee students have access to the quality education they deserve – no matter their zip code.

 “We need bold leaders like Steve Dickerson in the Tennessee Senate to stand up to the status quo, and support common sense education reform that will improve the quality of education for all kids,” said StudentsFirst state director Mike Carpenter. Tennessee has recently made positive strides in improving education across the state. Dr.Dickerson is looking forward to building off of this progress, and continuing to push for education reforms that focus on doing what’s best for students.

“With education being one of my top legislative priorities, it is great to receive the endorsement from a group so highly committed to ensuring that each student has access to the best education available.” Dickerson continued, “When elected, I look forward to working with StudentsFirst to promote solid education reform to build a brighter Tennessee.”

Steve Dickerson is a practicing physician and founding partner of Anesthesia Services Associates. Dickerson attended the University of the South in Sewanee graduating with a B.A. in History. He then received his medical degree at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University. Steve Dickerson has been married to his wife Katrina for 19 years and they have three sons, Reid, Evan, and Bennett. For more information about the Steve Dickerson campaign or to schedule an interview with Dr. Dickerson contact: 615-519-1896 or visit

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Bob Corker’s Detractors Wrong on UN Small Arms Treaty, Too

by Ken Marrero,  Blue Collar Muse

My previous two posts which depict Senator Bob Corker in a positive light and endorse him for re-election have produced some interesting responses. The ... (link)

I am pleased to see Ken Marrero of Blue Collar Muse endorse Bob Corker and set the record straight on Bob's position on the UN Small Arms Treaty. Ken Marrero is a middle Tennessee Tea Party leader and political activist.  Rod

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The battle between Congressman Diane Black and Lou Ann Zelnick.

by Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

One of the most important primary races in Tennessee this year is the 6th Congressional District battle between Congressman Diane Black and Lou Ann Zelnick. This is the continuation of the 2010 Republican primary between these two and State Senator Jim Tracy. Black won by a few hundred votes and a bitter legal battle developed that lasted for well over a year.

The 6th District race matter for two reasons.

First, it matters that Tennessee keep a hard-working highly capable conservative like Diane Black in Congress. Unlike too many members of Congress, including Republicans, Diane Black gets to know the nuances of complex policy issues rather than just chanting ideological talking points. She is willing to put in the hard work to develop effective solutions. As a state senator, she was crucial in ensuring that a substantial number of state programs had to be built on evidence-based models, ensuring that those programs worked.

For the Republican party to rebuild America's economy and fix health care, we need studious and thoughtful conservatives like Diane. Otherwise we risk falling into the trap that ruined us in the early 2000s. Under the leadership of Tom DeLay the Republicans in the House worried more about selling out to lobbyists and passing symbolic nonsense rather than actually governing well.
Diane Black is a natural leader for the Congressional Republicans and a great example of a citizen legislator.

The second reason to keep Diane Black in Congress is that we need to prevent the extremists from pushing the party so far to the fringe that we will lose any chance of building coalitions with swing voters who prefer conservatives but not ideologues.

Her opponent seems to be more interested in revenge and personalities rather than policy or the future of the Republican party. Voters in the 6th Congressional District should know that after losing the Republican primary for State House in Rutherford County, Congressman Black's challenger blamed elected officials for her loss rather than admit that she ran a poor campaign. Notice a pattern here?

Diane's opponent hurts the party and America by blindly lumping all Muslims into the same stereotype. Rather than focusing on the dangerous militants, she seems set on making the issue one of America vs Islam, which is unfair to millions of Muslims who are also loyal Americans. The nonsense surrounding the hiring at ECD of the highly qualified Samar Ali is just the kind of thing that rhetoric like her's encourages. 

Diane Black will put the interests of America above the demands of special interests. She will reduce unnecessary government and improve the efficiency of the necessary parts. She will support reforms that bring back jobs and strengthen education for the next generation of technology.

She will work to protect America from our real enemies, not create new or imaginary enemies.
If you live in the 6th Congressional District, please vote for Diane Black in the Republican Primary. If you don't live in the 6th, be sure to let friends who do know that it is vital to help re-elect a great Congressman like Diane Black.

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Rep. Debra Maggart Receives Endorsement From StudentsFirst

Rep. Debra Maggart
Nashville, Tennessee – StudentsFirst, a bipartisan grassroots advocacy organization supporting common sense education reforms, today endorsed Representative Debra Maggart in her bid for reelection as Representative of Tennessee House District 45.
Representative Maggart is a strong supporter of meaningful education reform, and will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure that Tennessee students have access to the quality education they deserve – no matter their zip code.
“We need bold leaders like Debra Maggart in the Tennessee General Assembly to stand up to the status quo, and support common sense education reform that will improve the quality of education for all kids,” said StudentsFirst state director Mike Carpenter.
Tennessee has recently made positive strides in improving education across the state. Representative Maggart is looking forward to building off of this progress, and continuing to push for education reforms that focus on doing what’s best for students.

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Update: What's on the Council Agenda July 17th?

The 7/17/2012 Metro Council meeting agenda is now available.Without an agenda, Council meetings can be really, really boring. With an agenda, they age just really boring. You can find  the agenda here and the agenda links to the analysis.

Several appointments to Board and Commission are being considered. One, is  the appointment of Ms. Drost Kokoye to the Human Relations Commission. Ms Kokoye is a Muslim, Kurdish immigrant. Some in our community do not think Muslims, immigrant or native born, should be given government jobs fearing they will conspire to put us under Sharia law (link). I an not aware of any opposition to the appointment of Ms Kokoye to the HRC.

Fourteen resolutions are on the consent agenda, which means they will all be considered at once and pass by voice vote unless someone moves to have a bill taken off the consent agenda. Many of these bill are accepting grants from the state. A couple of the bills authorizes the purchase of property for Greenways.

RESOLUTION NO. RS2012-343 on the consent agenda appropriates $1.8 million dollars to 28 nonprofit organizations selected to receive funding through the community enhancement grants.The biggest chunk goes to various after school programs. I see nothing objectionable in this appropriation. Follow this link to see the full list of agencies getting grants.

RESOLUTION NO. RS2012-347 on the consent agenda approves the salary for the continued employment of the chief medical director of Health. It gives him a $5000 raise.

There are several zoning bills on third reading that would interest no one except the people who live in that neighborhood.

There is really nothing of interest on this agenda. This should be a very short, boring, and calm meeting. I recommend skipping it.

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9-12'ers to buy 1/2 to full page ad in Tennessean attacking Haslam

This Friday expect to see a half-page to full-page ad in the Tennessean condemning Governor Haslam because the State Department of Economic and Community Development hired an attorney to an important post in that office, who happens to be a Muslim.  The ad is being financed by the local 9-12 project. Below is an email being circulated by the leader of the local 9-12 group:

Our 912 members have been more generous than ever imagined in contributing funds to publish our Resolution to Governor Haslam in next Friday's Tennessean. Although we're still awaiting some checks in the mail, I can tell you that our donations are enough to purchase an entire half page and then some.

When all promised donations arrive, it is possible that we'll have enough for a 2/3 page ad or, best case scenario, we'll have received sufficient funds for a full page ad to state our bona fide case to Governor Haslam and everyone across the state who reads the Tennessean.
To read more about this issue, see this post: 

Regarding Samar Ali: The Haslam administration has already answered the 912ers.

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County Republican Parties taken over by right wing fringe condemn Haslam

Apparently several county Republican parties across the State have been taken over by elements of the right wing fringe. I really hate to publicly criticize other Republicans at a time we ought to be focused on denying Obama a second term. I would much rather just ignore our differences.  However, when the right wing fringe takes over County parties and passes resolutions condemning a great Republican governor who has reformed education, enacted tort reform, cut government waste, and cut taxes, they cannot be ignored. It is time for mainstream Republicans to take the party back from the radical fringe. 

Below is the Tennessean article on this topic: 

 County GOP chapters circulate resolutions condemning Haslam
While the Haslam position on guns in parking lots and his refusal to sign a joint house resolution condemning Agenda 21,  a United Nations report on sustainability which the legislature condemned as an "insidious" communist plot, has irritated the extreme right, the thing that has really made the right wing  kooks go off the deep end is that the Department of Economic and Community Development hired a well-qualified, Tennessee native, who happens to be a Muslim, to head its international trade office.

For a related story see this post:

Regarding Samar Ali: The Haslam administration has already answered the 912ers.

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The long-awaited TN Pork Report is out showing you how the TN Government has wasted your money!

From the TN Beacon Center Website:
The Beacon Center of Tennessee today released its 2012 Tennessee Pork Report, exposing the fact that state and local governments across Tennessee wasted $468 million over the past year. This is the seventh annual report published by the Beacon Center, Tennessee’s leading free market think tank.
Examples of wasteful spending outlined in the 2012 Pork Report include:
  • $1.5 million blown on a mansion and lavish furnishings by the head of the Upper Cumberland Development District, taking Beacon’s “Pork of the Year” prize;
  • A handout worth $500,000 to build a country music museum in a different state;
  • Another $1.5 million in corporate welfare to General Motors, even after its historic $50 billion federal bailout;
  • $266,000 to a second car company, Volkswagen, to construct a massive sign atop its Chattanooga plant, visible only from the air;
  • $50,000 to haul off dead cows in Columbia; and
  • $1.3 million wasted yet again on state-owned golf courses.

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GOPizza night, July 24th

Tuesday, July 24, 2012,6:30pm  
Come meet your Republican candidates running for public office. West Nashville has several important races for the fall so we will have all of the candidates running for US Congress (TN5), State Senate 20, State House 50 and Metro School Board 9. Emceed by WTN's Carl Boyd Jr.
I received word yesterday that School Board...
Lonnie Spivak 8:21am Jul 24
I received word yesterday that School Board candidate, Ronnie Osborne will be there.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Southeast Davidson County Conservatives’ Breakfast Meeting

Saturday, July 21st  
8:30 am:  breakfast & social time
9:00 - 10:30 am:  Meeting
Bell Road @ Cane Ridge Rd (I-24E)
Breakfast Buffet or order from menu - $5.00 minimum purchase required.
Probably your last chance to hear from House District 53 Candidates before Primary: 

Ben Claybaker
Tonya Miller

Bob Ries
Candidate for 5th District
U.S. House of Representatives
Please RSVP to , (731-1793), or Councilman Duvall at

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