Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Tennessee legislature is bought and paid for by the NRA! Really? The NRA spent less than $10k in the last 10 years in TN.

"But in reality, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund PAC in Tennessee has spent less than $10,000 on state-level campaigns in the last decade." Read the full article in The Tennessean

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Governor Lee should have cancelled the Special Session.

by Rod Williams, August 19, 2023- On Monday at 4pm the Tennessee legislature will meet in a special session to take up issues related to gun violence, mental health and related issues. Gov. Bill Lee decided to call a special session shortly after the last regular session concluded. During the middle of the last regular legislative session, the Covenant School shooting occurred putting gun violence and school safety at the forefront of concerns of Tennesseans. In response, Governor Lee proposed a bill similar to what is called a red flag law in other states that Lee called an Extreme Risk Protection Order. 

The proposal went over like a lead balloon. The legislature refused to take up the issue and has made it clear that they will not support any laws that would take a gun away from anyone. Republican leadership did not want to take up any bills in response to the Covenant School shooting and wanted to wait until the 2024 regular session to take up such issues. They did pass a law putting an armed School Resource Officer in every school, but that bill was pending before the Covenant School shooting.

Lee called the legislature into special session for the purpose of taking up his proposal for an enhanced order of protection and addressing gun violence and related issues. While the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill has not been drafted, the call (executive order calling the legislature into special sessions) sets the parameters of such a bill. It calls for a modest proposal, with adequate due process protections, that would temporarily take a gun away from someone believed to be a threat to himself or others. 

The proposed Extreme Risk Protection Order law is not going to pass. While the executive order calling the legislature into special session list the ERPO as an item the legislature will consider and act upon, Lee has not included it in his legislative package. 

In an interview with the Pamphleteer, House Speaker Cameron Sexton explains that the call does not provide for consideration of issues that many gun control advocates would like and the one item of any substance, the enhanced order bill, is not going to pass. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

I think–if someone decides to file a bill on red flags or enhanced orders of protection, I think it's important to put it in committee and let it have a vote. I think it will die. It won't pass. That's the way that would go, and I think it's important to put it in committee and let it have a vote. I think it will die. It won't pass. That's the way that would go, and I think it's important to show that that's not the direction the General Assembly wants to go.

......So there's nothing in the call that would allow a member to file a bill that bans firearms, ban any certain firearms, ban magazine size, or ban anything else, or restrict any other types of guns. That is not in the call. And so, those bills will not be able to make it into a special session. All that is off the table. 

The only thing that's in there that could be proposed is [a] red flag, and we're not passing it. We have enough people who said they're not voting for it. It’s not going to make it out of subcommittee if it gets in subcommittee. But I think as far as our state—I think it's important for us to show that in Tennessee, we're not passing a red flag law. 

If the governor's red flag law does not stand the slightest chance of passing, and as explained above it probably won't even be introduced, then I see nothing worth taking up at this time. What is being considered are some bills to enhance mental health services and those all could wait until regular session in January.  One concern I have is that the legislature may pass a law that instead of taking the gun away from a dangerous person would instead involuntarily commit to a mental hospital a person deemed to be a threat. It appears to me that involuntary commitment is more of a curtailment of one's liberty than taking their gun.  Let that proposal wait for a while. It is better to pass nothing than something bad. 

The governor's call did not even include a proposal for a requirement that firearms owners properly secure their weapons. With so far year-to-date 777 guns having been stolen from vehicles in Nashville, I think this issue should be addressed. All the call would permit is "measures encouraging the safe storage of firearms, which do not include the creation of penalties for failing to safely store firearms."

I wish that once the Govenor was convinced that nothing meaningful was going to pass that he had simply rescinded his call for the special session. If something that shouldn't wait was going to pass, or if the legislature was at least going to debate something of importance and it was timely, I would not object to the cost of the special session, but I see no reason to spend money frivolously. Channell 5 News reports the cost of the regular session will be $58,576 per day plus mileage and lodging for legislators. Also, there will be cost of security and other cost. The session will probably last about four days.

So cost is a factor in my wishing this meaningless special session was not occurring but reservations about a bill authorizing enhanced involuntary commitment of people with mental health issues is also a concern. Another reason for wishing Lee had cancelled this meaningless special session is that it will generate a lot of bad publicity for Tennessee and further enhance the already phenomenal popularity of the Two Justin's of the Tennessee Three. You know the story: The Justins and another representative took over the House chamber, used bull horns to lead a protest of gun control advocates in the House chamber, were expelled for their behavior, elected by their city councils to fill the seat vacated as a result of their ouster, then won a special election to reclaim their seat, and went on to become national celebrities. It will be irresistible for the press not to feature them on Monday. Their already incredible profile will be further raised. 

Also, Monday will be a circus. I expect pro-gun and pro-gun control advocates to have demonstrations. I don't know if security will keep the different groups apart. I don't really know if protests are planned but I will be shocked if they do not occur. Following the shooting in March thousands of gun control advocates protested downtown. I expect them to return along with a lot of pro-gun citizens who feel their Second Amendment rights are under assault. Groups are supposed to have permits to protest at the legislative plaza, but I suspect that permit or not, there will be protestors. Having a special session on the issues of gun violence gives both sides a focus for their protest. I expect people to be bussed in from out of state to demonstrate.  If we just put the issue off until the next regular legislative session, passions will have cooled and there would not be a specific focus of the protest. People have a right to protest but the State does not have to provide the setting and excuse. 

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Alice Rolli on Fiscal Responsibility


Alice Rolli is a stalwart defender of Nashville taxpayers. As a mother and a business owner, she recognizes the tremendous burden that ever-increasing property taxes have placed on families and small businesses. She’s the only candidate who has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge, vowing to oppose and veto all efforts to increase taxes. Alice is committed to fiscal responsibility and will work tirelessly to ensure that Nashville’s budget is managed with the utmost care and efficiency, prioritizing essential city services and bringing financial stability back to our city.

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Nearly 80% of All Guns Reported Stolen in Nashville Taken from Vehicles

Metro Nashville press release, August 15, 2023 - The Nashville Police Department strongly encourages Nashvillians to lock their automobile doors, secure any valuables---especially guns, and remove the keys.

So far this year, 777 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville, 24 were taken from autos just last week. The total number of guns stolen this year in Davidson County is 978, which means that nearly 80% of guns stolen so far in 2023 have been taken from automobiles.

Going hand in hand with vehicle burglaries is vehicle theft. Too many automobiles remain easy targets because keys are left inside or made available to thieves. Just like guns taken from vehicles, these stolen autos are also routinely involved in criminal activities, including carjackings and robberies.

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TheTwo Justins of the Tennessee Three get their own fashion shoot for the cover of Bazaar.


by Rod Williams, August 17, 2023- Wow! The two Justin's of the Tennessee Three just keep reaping the benefits of their expulsion from the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

As everyone who pays any attention to the news knows, the two Justins and one other legislator were expelled from the House back in April for disrupting the proceedings of a House session and leading a demonstration from the floor of the House with a bullhorn. The demonstration was to demand the legislature take action on gun reform following the Covenant School shootings. 

At the time, I opposed the expulsion, not because I do not think decorum is important and what they did was wrong, but because I predicted it would make them martyrs.  Here is what I said: 

Leading a mob in chants with a bullhorn from the floor of the chamber should never be acceptable behavior from a member of the body; the House should be a deliberative body. There should be an expected level of decorum. However, ousting is a drastic step and less severe measures should be taken first. The Speaker should call attention to the behavior of Jones and his colleagues from the podium and admonish them and warn that a repeat of such behavior will result in more drastic action.  

I know Jones is an activist and does not respect decorum. I was once at a Marsha Blackburn event where he disrupted the meeting during the prayer and had to be physically removed from the room. Then there was the time when a House Representative was engaged in dialog with protestors and Justin Jones threw a cup on hot coffee on the Representative.  I understand that the leopard is unlikely to change his spots with a mere warring and admonition from the speaker. 

Still, I would support something less drastic than ouster. To oust him will make him a martyr and a hero to the left. He may become an in-demand radical like Al Sharpton and get his own show on MSNTV and a teaching job at TSU.  I would support a resolution censuring the three and stripping Jones of his committee assignments. 

Of course, I have not had to serve with Jones and legislators may be at the end of their rope in dealing with him.  If in the opinion of fellow House members, he is beyond redemption, then it may be appropriate to oust him. 

If Jones was the only one who used the bullhorn and was the leader of the three and the House determines he must be ousted, maybe only he should be ousted and the other two simply admonished. 

The House should be calmly deliberative before taking action. 

I was right beyond my wildest dream about them becoming martyrs. They were hosted by President Biden at the White House, the Vice President came to Nashville to have her picture made with them, the story of their expulsion made news around the world, and they were on all the important Sunday news shows and numerous other TV news cast and talk shows.  Chuck Todd of Meet the Press dropped all pretense of objectivity and fawned over them and could hardly contain his giddy admiration. It was embarrassing. Chuck Todd was not the only member of the press to treat them as saints beyond reproach. I don't think Mother Teresa ever got such loving treatment from the press. Celebrities from former President Barack Obama to singer Sheryl Crow voiced their support and admiration for the three. 

After they did become loved political celebrities I wrote, "Republicans acted emotionally rather than rationally and handed Democrats a win. Republicans shot themselves in the foot. Maybe Republicans in the House needs some anger management training." 

Of course, the expulsion accomplished nothing. In Nashville, the Metro Council voted unanimously to return Justin Jones to the House to fill the vacant seat created by his ouster and then in a special election he was reelected to the seat by an overwhelming margin. Justin Pearson was also returned to his seat in like fashion. Also, both of the Justins raised over a million dollars in campaign contributions, most of it coming from beyond Tennessee.

I know that celebrity status can be hard to explain. I still don't understand people who are famous for just being famous. I don't get social media "influencers." I don't get the Kardashians. I think the fawning of the liberal press over the Justins in weird, but it is within the context of relevant news. But Bazarr? Bazaar is a fashion magazine. It is devoted to fashion, beauty, and celebrity, and it features advertisers like Cartier and the most expensive of skin care products and other offerings of things for the rich and shallow. It just seems bizarre that the two Justins would be on the cover of Bazaar. 

Here is an excerpt from the article where Justin Jones explains his sense of fashion.

I don’t look like the other elected officials in the building. In fact, I was told that I should cut my hair and assimilate. But I know that we have to represent a new model of what legislators can look like. Someone who does not assimilate or accommodate white supremacy and these “norms” of what we’re supposed to be and who we’re supposed to appeal to and how we’re supposed to curtail our identities in order to be accepted in a space. We represent a new South.

I’m Black, but I’m also Filipino and Indigenous, and I bring all those identities with me into this legislature every day.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Take a break from politics and let me show you my garden.

Narrated by my gardening partner Lydia Hubbell.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Rae writes the Council and shares her views on the agenda.

From Raphaela (Rae) Keohane, August 15, 2023:


Since you will be voting on several matters of concern below is my opinion and questions about some matters before you tonight. 

I spend a few hours on this each meeting I would appreciate a response to my questions.

I and many others will be WATCHING you all on TV! 

Rule 28 Amendment I OPPOSE the substitute limiting the public comment period to 20 minutes for regular PUBLIC HEARING council meetings. This is very undemocratic in my opinion! But then this is the council who supported Mr. Mendes’s undemocratic charter amendment regarding citizen petitions which passed by less than the required signatures in the bill itself.  If you don’t want to hear the opinions of the public you presumably serve don’t run for council.  Proposed Amendment to Rule 28 of the Metropolitan Council Rules of Procedure.

RS2023-2340 I SUPPORT!! EMPLOYERS SHOULD ONLY HIRE PEOPLE ENTITLED TO WORK IN THE US.  THE HIRING OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORK IN THE US HURTS AMERICAN CITIZENS AND THOSE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WITH WORK PERMITS.  EMPLOYERS WHO HIRE INELIGIBLE IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!!!!!   A resolution approving a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, for participation in the E-Verify Program.

RS2023-2342 I SUPPORT!! In the report Exhibit 1, I am looking at 6/26-7/6 I do not see 71 million plates read as reported by AXIOS attributed to Mr. Rosenberg.  According to the report 3 total reads were almost 5 million, total hit notifications were 3,902. The report looks like this resulted in 117 arrests.  If one child was saved from sex traffickers it would be worth having the LPR’S.  Maybe if we had A FULLY STAFFED POLICE FORCE more arrests would be made!   A resolution approving full implementation of license plate reader (LPR) technology by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department following the July 22, 2023 conclusion of the pilot implementation.

RS2023-2361 I SUPPORT Now this is a program I can put my mind around!  A resolution appropriating $28,250 from a certain account of the Community Safety Fund for a grant to Rocketown of Middle Tennessee for Napier and Sudekum Community Safety programs.

RS2023-2362 What is a “restorative justice facilitator” and why do we need 2?  What kind of “peer support group and therapy” is being provided?  Is it something like AA, or NA ?    A resolution appropriating $59,442 from a certain account of the Community Safety Fund for a grant to Raphah Institute for Napier and Sudekum Community Safety programs.

RS2023-2363 To be honest I am suspicious of this resolution.  It looks like you are changing from a model cure violence with a specific program to “violence interrupter” which has no specific program or data. I am also suspicious of the amounts being distributed since they are the same amounts as the resolution last meeting with money’s going to GIDEON’S ARMY which I strenuously oppose.    A resolution amending Resolution No. RS2022-1307, which appropriated funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to the Community Safety Partnership Fund to support evidence-based community solutions to interpersonal violence.

RS2023-2364 What in hell is a misdemeanor DUI? Do we have to wait till a DRUNK/IMPAIRED DRIVER kills someone before they are charged with a FELONY?   A resolution approving amendment one to an Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court Discretionary Program grant from the U. S. Department of Justice to the Metropolitan Government, acting by and through the General Sessions Court, to implement a DUI Court to serve participants convicted of a misdemeanor DUI offense.

RS2023-2370 I OPPOSE In the first place $91/2 million for 76 homes is $125K per home.  In my opinion an RFP is a better way to choose a builder than a designated set aside.   A resolution amending RS2022-1860 to change the implementation strategy for the collective or shared equity housing activity from an RFP to a designated set-aside in Barnes funding round.

RS2023-2378 I SUPPORT Especially for my neighbors at PARTHENON TOWERS who are now in a FOOD DESERT due to the closing of the PIGGLY WIGGLY ! A resolution accepting a grant from the Greater Nashville Regional Council to the Metropolitan Government, acting by and through the Metropolitan Social Services Commission, to provide nutrition services for older or disabled adults and transportation services for eligible persons.

BL2023-1869 I SUPPORT! An ordinance to amend Title 6, Chapter 77, Article I of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, regarding renewal of Entertainment Transportation certificates of public necessity and convenience and Entertainment Transportation vehicle permits.

BL2023-2010 I SUPPORT!  An ordinance amending Metropolitan Code of Laws Section 17.20.140 regarding access management studies (Proposal No. 2023Z-004TX-001).

BL2023-2062,2064 I SUPPORT.   An ordinance to amend Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by changing from RM40 to SP zoning for properties located at 106 Acklen Park Drive and Hillcrest Place (unnumbered), at the northeast corner of Hillcrest Place and Acklen Park Drive and within the 31st and Long Boulevard Urban Design Overlay District (0.78 acres), to permit 100 multi-family residential units, all of which is described herein (Proposal No. 2019SP-053-001).

BL2023-2070 I SUPPORT.  An ordinance to amend Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning for property located at 712 27th Avenue North, approximately 256 feet north of Clifton Avenue and within the Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit Overlay (DADU) (0.21 acres), all of which is described herein (Proposal No. 2022Z-085PR-001).

BL2023-2074 I SUPPORT.  An ordinance to amend Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County by changing from IR to OR20-A for various properties located along Clifton Avenue, approximately 205 feet east of 26th Avenue North (0.24 acres), all of which is described herein (Proposal No. 2023Z-055PR-001).

BL2023-2106 This is humorous, since you all approved all the ROOFTOP bars contributing to the NOISE level to the residential persons downtown.  You created the problem and now you are trying to fix your BLUNDER.  High School physics taught me that sound and light travel.   An ordinance amending Metropolitan Code of Laws, sections 9.20.010 to limit amplified noise and enhance enforcement in order to ensure adequate public health and safety.

As always thanks for your time and attention.


Rae Keohane is a local active Republican.  She reads and studies each Metro Council agenda and shares her opinion on items of interest and shares her email to those on an email distribution list. Having done this myself in the past, I know how time consuming this can be. If you would like to be included on Rae's email distribution list, contact her at In addition to her reporting on the Council, Rae is a facilitatior of the Nashville Conservatives breakfast group. 

To view the Council agenda and analysis, follow this link

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Monday, August 14, 2023

Alice Rolli Launches Run-Off Campaign!

From the Alice Rolli campaign, August 14, 2023- Thank you friends for joining our Campaign HQ open house yesterday! It was great to feel the energy of our citizens ready for the chance to bring Alice's executive leadership skills and collaborative regional approach to reset business as usual at City Hall!  

You can stop by to make a contribution and pick up a yard sign at 1522 Edgehill Ave., 37212, there is plenty of parking in rear of building. We'll have the office open weekdays from 10am-7pm, or call 615.910.9055 to arrange for a pick up. 

Here are 3 things to do, today, to help get Alice elected our next mayor!

1. Register to vote - must be postmarked or hand delivered by Tuesday August 15

2. Volunteer to make phone calls, knock doors, or help install our large signs.  

3. Join an upcoming fundraising event, or make a contribution, to help us advance Alice's message to bring her pragmatic and principled leadership to take City Hall in a new direction. 


Casey Newcomer 
Campaign Manager

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Tomorrow (8/15) is the deadline to register to vote.


Tomorrow (8/15) is the deadline to register or update your registration before the September 14th runoff elections. 

Most people viewing this blog probably are registered, but some may have just moved to Nashville or may have moved across town. Maybe you have an influenceable child who just turned 18, if so encourage him or her to register and vote. 

One may register online. To register follow this link.

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Rich Men North of Richmond

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Councilman Robert Swope: Call to Action!!

Councilman Robert Swope
From Robert Swope, August 14, 2023- 


Well, the Metro elections have now come and gone.   It came as quite a shock to witness just how far to the left both the Mayor's race, and Metro Council races have swung!


There are three District runoff elections for Metro Council.   Two of them are between progressives..... just a question of how far left can we really get.

There is only ONE Conservative candidate left to vote for in a Metro Council Race, and that is DAVETTE BLALOCK for Council District 4.

 for Council District 4
The fact of the matter is this:   Out of 40 Council Members, at this moment only ONE is a conservative.
   If Davette wins, she will make TWO (out of 40).

PLEASE donate today!   Any amount helps.... but we cannot stand by and let the entire Council turn into a liberal progressive dreamscape.

You can donate UP TO $1,800 today at

I beg you to consider helping keep at least 2 seats out of 40 conservative !?!

Please donate today.

My sincerest thanks !

All the Best,


Robert Swope
Concerned Conservative Metro Councilman 

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Bastiat Society Nashville will host Peter T. Calcagno, Aug. 15, "How Systematic Deficits Got Their Start and What to Do About It."


"How Systematic Deficits Got Their Start and What to Do About It" with Peter T. Calcagno

Tue Aug 15th 6:00pm - 8:00pm (CDT)

Richland Country Club, 1 Club Dr, Nashville, TN 37215, USA  

AIER’s Bastiat Society program in Nashville will host an event with Peter T. Calcagno, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Public Choice & Market Process at the College of Charleston.

Why has the United States experienced steadily rising deficits in the modern budget era, despite nearly five decades of legislative attempts to achieve fiscal discipline? Much of what the economics profession has written about U.S. public debt misses the central problem. Traditional approaches argue that rising deficits and accumulating debt pose risks of financial, fiscal, and economic crises or that rising deficits and the accumulated debt are not major problems but are instead the preferred solution to economic instability and slow growth.

None of these approaches can explain the Modern Budget Era Problem, which consists of two contrasting facts. On the one hand, U.S. fiscal policy has experienced a half century of business-as-usual deficits and mounting debt, even during non-emergency periods. On the other hand, business-as-usual deficits have unfolded despite 50 years of Congressional attempts to legislate fiscal discipline.

We trace the roots of today’s fiscal policy problems to changes in informal institutions, or fiscal norms, during the 1880-1930 period. During this period, the prevailing informal institution changed from what has been called the Balanced Budget Norm (BBN) to what we call the Deficit-as-Policy Norm (DAP). In short, “informal norms trump formal constraints”.

More about the speaker:

Peter Calcagno is a Professor of Economics at the College of Charleston and Directs the Center for Public Choice & Market Process, an undergraduate free market center. A Public Choice and Public Policy Project Fellow with AIER. His areas of research are applied microeconomics, public choice, and political economy. He is the Treasurer of the Public Choice Society, a Voting Member of AIER, a Board Member of the Classical Liberals in the Carolinas and has served on the board of the APEE. He is the author of dozens of journal articles and book chapters, and the editor of Unleashing Capitalism: A Prescription for Economic Prosperity in South Carolina. He earned his B.S. in Economics and History from Hillsdale College and Ph.D. from Auburn University.

Eventbrite Ticket Required. Register here.

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Disgruntled Republican exceeds 100,000 page views last month!

by Rod Williams, August 13, 2023- This blog's page views has now exceeded 100,000 for the past month! This is unexpected. Quite frankly I don't know how to explain it, but I am pleased.  

For the last few years my blog's monthly page views had ranged between 20,000 and 40,000.  In January of this year, I lost my domain name. Prior to January this blog had been known as "A Disgruntled Republican." Due to an expired credit card on file, and my misunderstanding the communications I received, and ignoring notification telling me to act, my blog went dark and everything I had ever posted was lost. Hours and hours of trying to recover it day after day failed. It was very frustrating. At Google, I never did talk to anyone who was helpful. 

Thanks to someone who knows more about the behind the curtain stuff of blogging than I do, came to my rescue.   Finally, I was able to recover all of my post but not my domain name. I relaunched my blog with this domain name, "The Disgruntled Republican."  So, starting over with no base of readers with a new blog name, my past months views slowly climbed by a few a day until it hit 1,700 where it kind of stalled for a while. Then in about late May it started growing and then growing at a faster rate.  On July 27th it hit 17,000 page views in the past mouth and continued to grow. On August 3rd it was over 30,000. It was growing by thousands a day. Sometime in the night last night it broke the 100,000 milestone. 

I am pleased to be in a position to share my opinion and insights. I do not really know how many people read what I post. Everything I post on this blog I also post on my personal Facebook page. I don't know how many people see it on Facebook and how often something is shared. 

I know I need to do some blog maintenance like get a Facebook share button that works, reinstate Google ads and maybe make a little money, and make it easier to subscribe. All of that takes time. I have done it once a long time ago, but to do it again will be learning curve. I also need to remind myself that this is just hobby and not let blogging eat my life. Also, what goes up, may come down, so if whatever caused this jump in viewership ends, I need not to let it be devastating.  

For now, I am enjoying knowing someone is reading what I am writing. Knowing someone hears what you are saying makes it a lot more fun than just shouting into a void. 

Thank you for reading and sharing. 

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