Monday, August 14, 2023

Councilman Robert Swope: Call to Action!!

Councilman Robert Swope
From Robert Swope, August 14, 2023- 


Well, the Metro elections have now come and gone.   It came as quite a shock to witness just how far to the left both the Mayor's race, and Metro Council races have swung!


There are three District runoff elections for Metro Council.   Two of them are between progressives..... just a question of how far left can we really get.

There is only ONE Conservative candidate left to vote for in a Metro Council Race, and that is DAVETTE BLALOCK for Council District 4.

 for Council District 4
The fact of the matter is this:   Out of 40 Council Members, at this moment only ONE is a conservative.
   If Davette wins, she will make TWO (out of 40).

PLEASE donate today!   Any amount helps.... but we cannot stand by and let the entire Council turn into a liberal progressive dreamscape.

You can donate UP TO $1,800 today at

I beg you to consider helping keep at least 2 seats out of 40 conservative !?!

Please donate today.

My sincerest thanks !

All the Best,


Robert Swope
Concerned Conservative Metro Councilman 

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