Saturday, November 03, 2012

Update: What happend at the Oct 23rd School Board meeting?

This school board meeting is less than an hour long and most of it is devoted to the conflict between the State and Metro over the failure of the Board to follow the State's directive to approve the Great Hearts charter application and the subsequent State withholding of $3.4 million.
At the start of the meeting a delegation of educators from Juan Joe (Yang Hoe?) China are introduced and present gifts to Director Register. I learn that this is an educator exchange that has been going on for several years. Principals from Nashville schools have visited their schools and they visit ours. I would like to know who pays for it?  Does the associated university, which is Vanderbilt?  The State Department? Or, Metro Schools?  If paid for by the State Department or Vanderbilt, I think that this is just dandy. I hope Metro is not paying for this. If anyone knows how this is funded please let me know. This is not asked or explained.

At 8:15, there begins a discussion of Metro's loss of $3.4 million in BEP state funding following their denial of a Great Hearts charter school application.  A week earlier Metro School Board members held a special closed door private meeting with an attorney to discuss the issue. This is first public meeting since that secret meeting. Metro receives annual BEP funding in ten installments. The October receipt from the state reflected the loss of state funding. Dr. Register says that because of increased sales tax revenue the school system will not experience a cash flow problem due to the loss of state funding.  At this point in time, the school board will not have to cut funds. There are no plans to cut staff says Dr. Register. As of today, says Register there is no impact on the budget. However, the technology budget can't be increased as much as he would like.

School Board Chairman Cheryl D. Mayes summarizers her recent meeting with Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman and says they agreed to disagree on certain thing, one being that Mayes says the MNPS Board did not act unlawfully in denying the Great Hearts charter application. She says they are at an impasse on how to move forward. Huffman offered no solution for moving forward and restoring the $3.4 million. 

Ms Frogge (see 19:43-30;00) is adamant that the withholding will affect children and the withholding is "an extreme punishment." She is critical of the Chamber of Commerce's position on the issue.  She says we did not break the law and the state acted improperly in withholding the money. Frogge said, "I am ready to take this to court because that is what courts are for." She said if the board is not ready to litigate, some parents are she says. She wants to Board to hire their own attorney, but is told she will have to bring that as a motion at the next Board meeting. After more discussion she provides a summary of the motion she plans to bring (34:07). 

Board member Will Pinkston says folks in his district are weary hearing about this and it is time to move on and months or years of costly litigation is not the right approach to take. He says, "like it or not local school boards are creatures of the state. What the State giveth the state can taketh away."

Board member Elissa Kim (47:55) said. "It is not about rolling over or giving up but being strategically sound."  "It's a painful thought thinking about spending many more hours of our valuable time discussing this issue and wallowing in potential litigation when we have much bigger challenges to take on."

Chairman Cheryl Mayes concludes the meeting saying it is time to get back to the work we were elected to do.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

First Tuesday Special Guest Speaker: John L. Ryder

 No meeting on Election Day !

John Ryder is a member of the Memphis law firm of Harris, Shelton, Hanover Walsh where his day to day practice is concentrated in bankruptcy and commercial litigation.

John presently serves as Republican National Committeeman for Tennessee and is a nationally recognized expert on redistricting and election law.  On the RNC, he has served on the Rules Committee since 1996.  He was a member of the Temporary delegate Selection Committee, which drafted the language of the current rules on Presidential Primaries.  He has served on the Convention Rules Committee  in 2004, 2008, and this year. He is chairman of the Redistricting Committee of the RNC and Chairman of the Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee.

He also serves as Vice President for Judicial Affairs of the Republican National Lawyers Association.
He received his undergraduate education at Wabash College and his law degree from Vanderbilt University.

If you do not attend First Tuesday, you are missing a great monthly event. To learn more, visit the website.

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Councilman Duane Dominy wants request for proposals from private developers to preserve and improve the Fairgrounds

For those of you following the fair grounds issue, you are probably aware that the city currently has a consultant developing a study on the future of the fairgrounds. The consultants are comparing two options. Option one would be to continue the present use of the fairgrounds but improve and upgrade the site. Option two would be to sell off the property and to develop a planned mixed use development for the site.

The study is not done yet, but I can tell you the outcome. The writing is on the wall and the skids are greased to destroy the fairground.

Option one will show that the fairgrounds area is too small for a really attractive State Fair comparable to other State Fairs and that the cost of upgrading and improving the site is so costly that it will require a major tax payer subsidy to do so. And, preserving it will not enhance the area.

Option two will show a Planned Unit Development with happy, smiling people and green parks and coffee shops and attractive boutique shopping and entertainment and attractive urban housing and maybe a dog park and a play ground and nice lighting and fountains. And it will project that this option will have a tremendous boon to city coffers when it sells off the land to a developer and will enhance and revitalize all of the 2nd and 4th Avenue area and Nolensville Road from SoBro to Harding Place and will greatly increase the tax base.

 If those are the options, which will the city choose?

Duane Dominy wants to look outside the box. Could we keep the fairgrounds, keep the current uses, keep the race track and the flea market, and maintain a place to host the gun shows and Christmas Village and the Lawn and Garden show and other events that use the fairgrounds? And, improve and enhance the buildings and grounds and maybe add other attractions? And, it not cost Metro any money, but actually make money for Metro?

Councilman Dominy has introduced a bill on first reading that would require that, "the fair board shall issue a request for information (RFI) to gauge interest from the private sector regarding the future operation of the fairgrounds property,"  This bill should pass.

I have heard rumors of a group that would present such a proposal to the city. If they could have a twenty-five year lease, they would be willing to invest major dollars in the fairground and keep the fair and existing uses. They also may have plans for a tourist attraction at the site which would give visitors to our city more to do and another place to spend their tourist dollars. There is nothing to be lost by accepting and reviewing proposals. Who knows, there may be more than one group which would like a shot at taking over the fairgrounds and maintain the current uses but enhance and improve the site. Let us see what ideas the private sector has to offer.

If you want to keep the fairgrounds, if you want to see what options the private sector may offer, then please urge your councilman to support Duane Dominy's Bill.

Below is the text of the bill.


An ordinance amending Chapter 2.78 of the Metropolitan Code pertaining to the future operation of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property.


Section 1. That Chapter 2.78 of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by adding the following new Section 2.78.020:
“2.78.020 Private operation of fairgrounds property.

Not later than January 1, 2013, the fair board shall issue a request for information (RFI) to gauge interest from the private sector regarding the future operation of the fairgrounds property. The RFI is to assist the fair board in the identification of potential options to partner with the private sector to make significant capital improvements to the fairgrounds property in exchange for a long term lease of at least twenty-five years with a portion of the revenue generated on the property to be shared with the Metropolitan Government. The RFI should specify that the existing property uses (fair, expo center, flea market, race track and livestock exhibitions) are to remain, and should seek interest from the private sector for the long-term operation of each of these functions.”
Section 2. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

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Ashley Judd says DesJarlais an embarrassment, should withdraw from race

DesJarlais should withdraw from race 
by Ashley Judd, The Tennessean, November 2, 2012

Ashley Judd

We Tennesseans have sent many principled politicians from both sides of the aisle to Washington; they have served with honor and integrity. We vote for our leaders for different reasons, but, universally, we expect our candidates to be who they say they are, to be truthful, and we share a bottom-line expectation they won’t be an embarrassment to our state or a national spectacle. (link)

For nude pics and sex scenes featuring Ashley Judd follow this link.

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Don't scrape the Electoral College

The Electoral College, Under Attack
 by Mark Davis

 The framers of the Constitution could have easily fashioned an election system in which we funnel our votes into one giant hopper, count them all on election night (hoping on each occasion that we don’t get Florida 2000 on a national level), and the winner is the candidate with the most votes. But they didn’t. And there was a reason. (link)
Like most people who are passionate about politics, I am anxiously awaiting Tuesday. I am hoping with ever fiber of my being that Romney wins. I have been unable to work the phone banks this year due to the difficulty of taking my ill wife places, but have done some phone work from home and have contributed money and blogged away and I will be a poll watcher Tuesday.  I am doing all I can do.

 I do not have the same passion for Romney as a I did Ronald Reagan.  He does not stir the emotions the way Reagan did. I don't expect Romney to take the country where it needs to go, but he will stop the decline into socialism  and insolvency and put us on the right track.  I have never felt there was a more important election- not because Romney is so great but because Obama is so awful. Four more years of Obama and it may be too late to rescue our country.

I carefully follow the polls and I watch a variety of news sources.  If I watch the pundits on Fox, I feel like celebrating and think we are going to win by a landslide. If I turn to Current TV or MSNBC, I see that the Dems and leftist are as certain of victory as are the the Republicans of Fox. On balance I think it is too close to call. Which ever candidate wins, I think it will be very, very close.

What I hope does not happen, is that Romney wins the popular vote and Obama wins the Electoral College. Should that happen, Obama's election will be as legitimate as if he had won the popular vote by a landslide. What I fear is that many people who are otherwise conservative will feel Obama is an illegitimate president because the majority of voters voted against him. I fear that many Republicans will join Democrats in calling for abolishing the Electoral College.

Even it Romney does win the popular vote but loses  the Electoral College vote, I still support the Electoral College. We are a Republic and Federalism is too important to throw overboard due to one close election.

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Amazing Child Singers - Star Spangled Banner

This is a great rendition of the National Anthem sung by precious children with beautiful voices and great harmony.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Council Member Emily Evans on Education: "What we know works....

Emily Evans
Emily Evans, Council Member District 23, gave a thoughtful and informative presentation Saturday on the issues surrounding charter schools and education reform at the meeting of the Green Hills Republican Breakfast Group. She explained the Tennessee’s “parent trigger” law, the name given to laws that allow parents to convert a regular school into a charter school, and discussed what education reform is needed to make real improvements in education.

 The "trigger law" is provided for in the state’s charter school act. It says that if 60 percent of parents or teachers at any school sign a petition, they can convert a traditional public school into a charter school, provided the local school board agrees to the conversion. Unlike when the local school board rejects a regular charter school application, however, and the applicant may appeal the decision to the State Board of Education, as happened recently when the Metro Board of Education rejected the Great Hearts application, there is no appeal of the local school boards decision regarding a charter conversion application.

She gave an example of a particular school that would be a good candidate for conversion. The school is under performing and has been plagued with problems. Last year, there was a five day period in which the school could not send home any homework because the copier was broken. "It is a place where people who care can't seem to break through and change it," she said.

She explained that if 60% of the parents signed a petition to convert, the Board would have to consider it. A PTO or any group of parents could launch the petition drive she said. Then, if the Board approved the conversion, the parents could put out a request for proposals and find a company or someone to manage it. If there were parents who did not want to keep their child in the converted charter school, they could send the child to the next nearest public school.

Council member Evans said that while vouchers and charter schools may be options for dealing with the failure of public schools that they are a response to a problem and not a solution to the problem of public schools. They are not a panacea and have problems of their own. One problem with charter schools said Ms Evans, is that they drain dollars out of the traditional schools. While the dollars follow the child, some cost in traditional schools are fixed or relatively fixed cost and do not decrease proportionately to the decrease in enrollment. She said the performance of charter schools also was a "mixed bag" and not all charter schools out perform traditional public schools. Also, if charter schools grow, we are going to develop a parallel system and these charter schools will want their own facilities of which they can be proud. Now, they are meeting in basements and old building.  They will want their own campuses which means building new schools in existing neighborhoods and that is difficult to do.

Also magnet schools and academies are a solution for some parents who seek a superior education for their children but by "skimming off the best and brightest" out of existing zoned schools, the zoned school from which the children are pulled suffers from the loss of these students. Rather than charter schools and vouchers and magnet schools and academies, we need real reform of the education system.

What needs to happen is we need to change the culture of public education. We need massive reform but real reform will be difficult to achieve. One impediment to reform said Council Member Evans is a state law called "maintenance of effort," which is interpreted to mean we cannot cut the local school budget. Thus a mayor may not force reform. He can't put condition on the money that goes to schools. There is little a mayor can do to improve education.

The primary problem says Council Member Evans is that we have too much bureaucracy at both the state and local level. There are too many rules and regulations. The rules governing schools makes Medicaid look streamlined and efficient. Principals really don't manage. They obey the central office and comply with a bunch of arcane rules that make no sense and often become nothing more than paper pushers for the central office.

Local schools need autonomy she said. "What we know works, and it works wherever we are, is that a great principal who can hire and fire and manage his budget and develop a curriculum around the population he serves can create a great school."

If you get a chance to hear a presentation by Emily Evans on school reform, don't miss it. She made more sense than anyone I have ever heard speak on the topic. She has identified the problem and knows what needs to be done to fix it.

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You Can Reach 20 Independent/Undecided Voters in a Battleground State

This sounds like a great way to reach independent undecided voters in the last days of this campaign. If they are like me, they probably are not answering their phone. I never answer calls from unknown numbers or calls identified as political. They are probably sick of commercials and commercials can't say much in a 30 seconds. Email can be very targeted and they appear personal. Mr.  Richard A. Viguerie is the "funding father" of the conservative movement. He was a pioneer in direct mail campaigning and excels in voter targeting. No one does it better.  I just send a contribution. Please contribute. Rod

For Just $1...
You Can Reach 20 Independent/Undecided Voters
in Battleground States With a
E-Mail Ad That Lays Out How
Dangerous Barack Obama Really Is to America.
Please Choose the Anti-Obama E-mail You'd Like to Mail Here >>>
Dear Fellow Conservative:
I have a proposition for you.

I have a way for you for just $1 to reach 20 independent/undecided voters with a hard-hitting advertisement via e-mail that lays out the facts on how radical and dangerous Barack Obama really is to America.

Because we are not connected with the Romney campaign, we can say things about Obama that Mitt Romney will never say.

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State Agency Not Sure Its Funds Are 'Public Funds' | Nashville News, Weather 
By Phil Williams
Chief Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Officials with Tennessee's Housing Development Agency say they're just spending money like lots of businesses do.

Our investigation found tens of thousands of dollars for restaurants -- Maggiano's being a favorite -- and catering.

"Any idea how much you all spend on catering?" we asked Smith.

"I have not added it up," she answered.

"But you're the chair of a state agency," we noted.

"Well, this is Tennessee Housing -- this is not a state agency," he insisted.

That may come as a surprise to state lawmakers who created the agency and approve its budget.

My Comment: No comment. I am an employee of a HUD-approved, non-profit, housing counseling agency that has an association with THDA. To avoid a conflict of interest, I will not comment on this development. I am simply passing along public information.  

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charles Williamson Identifies Campaign Chicanery

Republican Candidate Offers $5000 Reward to Letter Author
Nashville, TN --- For several weeks, a letter has been circulating in Tennessee’s House District 50, and Charles Williamson is eager to chat with the author, although he’s pretty sure that she doesn’t exist.
“I’ve been focused on issues and I have been forthcoming with my contact information. I’ve had many welcome and lively conversations with constituents.” Williamson says. “If this voter really exists, I’d be happy to address her concerns. Further, if she will come forward and show her voter registration, I’ll personally donate $5000 to the charity of her choice.”
State Election Coordinator, Mark Goins, confirmed to the Williamson campaign that there is no “Glenda R. Williams” registered to vote at the equally non-existent return address of “110 Old Madison Road” in Nashville. Still, Charles Williamson is offering a generous donation on behalf of the author of the letter which challenges everything from his support of the Second Amendment, (he is life member of the NRA and carries that organization’s endorsement), to his interest in agriculture.
The issues raised in the illegal letter match almost exactly a recent negative mailer by Williamson’s opponent. Among the claims is Williamson’s acceptance of farm subsidies, which in fact, he has never taken on his Davidson County properties.
Chairman of the Nashville Election Commission, Lynn Greer, has put to rest the topics of Williamson’s voter registration and residency. “Charles Williamson is a legal resident of the 50th District and is legally registered to vote in that district,” Greer says.
"Our campaign continues to reach out to voters across our community to tell them about our plan to get more Tennesseans back to work. While others may resort to shady, anonymous attacks by mail and online, I know that voters find it refreshing to hear about the issues. They’re not interested in sideshows. We’re all tired of these desperate, malicious tactics."
The Williamson campaign has focused on the candidate’s extensive experience as a Middle Tennessee business owner and job creator who has been demonstrably involved in community service projects through organizations like the Bellevue Exchange Club and Chamber Leadership.
"It’s already forgery and mail fraud,” Williamson says. "If the money for this letter is traced to my opponent or anyone acting on his behalf, it’s also a clear violation of campaign finance law."

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Housing Agency: 'We Have Fun' - With Public Money | Nashville News, Weather 

By Phil Williams
Chief Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It's a state agency that's supposed to help meet the housing needs of the Tennessee's neediest families.
But a NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered the Tennessee Housing Development Agency also spends lots of money having fun.

Watch this. I am very disappointing. Party, party, party! Stretch Limo's, renting out the Country Music Hall of Fame, a roomful of balloons, massive spending on frivolous stuff.

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Massive organized theft of Staats' yard signs by Cooper camp reported

Staats Campaign Asks Cooper Camp To Stop Sign Theft

The Brad Staats for Congress Campaign today urged the Jim Cooper Campaign to demand that its volunteers cease and desist from stealing Staats campaign signs in Cheatham, Dickson, and Davidson counties.  “There are always a few pranksters in every election cycle that get their kicks lifting signs out of people’s yards,” said Staats.  “We have been getting notifications every so often from supporters about yard signs going missing, but a recent event has required us to go public with this.  It has gotten out of hand.”

Staats continued, “My good friend Carl Boyd (Carl Boyd is the radio talk show host of the “Nothing But The Truth” show heard each Sunday on 99.7 WTN)  had been putting out a lot of my signs in the Antioch area and noticed that many of them were disappearing.  On a recent trip home, he saw a man in Antioch taking those very signs and putting them in his truck covered with Jim Cooper bumper stickers.  When he stopped the man and inquired about his actions, he noticed the man had over 75 “Staats For Congress” signs in the back of his truck.  After a rather unpleasant exchange, Carl was able to retrieve the signs.  This guy was not a prankster, but a thief.  These signs are expensive and we have been watching our expenses very closely.  Jim Cooper needs to come out of his bunker and put a stop to this.”  Staats has previously chided Cooper for refusing to engage him in public discussion about the issues that matter to Tennesseans.

“Perhaps stealing our signs is the Cooper campaign’s way of expressing its concern about Jim being a Democrat in a red state running for re-election on the ticket with an incredibly unpopular, ineffective President,” said Staats.

Brad Staats is a private businessman in Nashville and the Republican candidate for the 5th District Congressional Seat including Davidson County, Dickson County and southern Cheatham County.  You can find out more about Brad Staats at or on Facebook. 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TN conservative Union calls for DesJarlais to resign

The chairman of the Tennessee Conservative Union has called on Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais to resign after reports that include the congressman once urged a mistress to terminate a pregnancy.

Chairman Lloyd Daugherty said in a release on Tuesday that DesJarlais' actions have "reached a level of hypocrisy that is simply untenable." (link)
My Comment

The TCU is wrong. I stand by my position stated yesterday: Hold your nose and vote for DesJarlalis.  I would rather have a rascally Republican rather than a saintly Democrat. We have too much at stake to give away a seat. If he votes right, and there is ever reason to believe he will continue to vote right, that is what is most important. If Republicans can get him elected this term, then in two years he can be challenged in a primary if we can find a more morally pure candidate. He was separated from his wife at the time and anyway, the inappropriate actions were 14 years ago. Maybe he is a changed man. 

If it was earlier in the game and we had time to find a replacement to run, then I could be persuaded to throw him overboard, but to do so now is to hand the Democrats a seat they could not win. Republicans, Stand by your man.

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Staats Calls for White House to Come Clean on Benghazi

Brad Staats
Brad Staats, Republican candidate for Tennessee’s 5th District House Seat, today urged President Obama to stop stonewalling the information related to the September 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the American Ambassador to Libya, Andrew Stevens.   “There are too many unanswered questions that have been raised about the handling of this horrific attack.   As the Commander-in-Chief, Obama is responsible for what happens relative to the defense of the nation.  If someone else dropped the ball, then that information needs to be immediately made known.”

 “Though the mainstream news media is giving Obama a pass on this, our Representative, Jim Cooper, needs to be front-and-center demanding an answer from the President.  When it comes to demanding accountability for the attack on American soil and the loss of American life, there are no political parties.  Remember, it was Republicans, including Tennessee Senator Howard Baker, who called upon Richard Nixon to come clean during the Watergate scandal and ultimately forced him from office.  Jim Cooper owes the citizens of District 5 an answer to why he is, once again, “missing in action” on this matter of high national security.”

Staats had previously called on Cooper to come on local radio with him and discuss these issues.  Staats appeared Monday morning on the Steve Gill Show with the intent of engaging Congressman Cooper on his record.  Cooper declined the invitation.  “The Benghazi event may be a political “hot potato”, but Tennesseans deserve to know what their elected Representatives are doing to get to the truth about the deaths of their fellow citizens,” said Staats.

Brad Staats is a private businessman in Nashville and the Republican candidate for the 5th District Congressional Seat including Davidson County, Dickson County and southern Cheatham County.  You can find out more about Brad Staats at or on Facebook. 

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State Senate Candidate Steve Dickerson’s Campaign hits 60,000th Door

An Unstoppable Ground Game- Coming to a Neighborhood near You

Steve Dickerson
NASHVILLE, TN. - Dr. Steve Dickerson, candidate for the State Senate in District 20, today announced that his campaign has knocked on over 60,000 doors in Davidson County.

“From the start of this campaign my goal was to go directly to voters with a message of job creation, lower taxes and smaller government,” said Dickerson. “Talking one on one with voters in every neighborhood in this district is the key to victory and I’m proud to announce that we have knocked on over 60,000 doors across Senate District 20.”

Dr. Dickerson’s campaign has been actively door knocking since March with the help of countless volunteers and supporters. The campaign knocked a total of 30,857 doors during the Primary, a three way race Dr. Dickerson won with almost 50% of the total vote. In the General Election, the Dickerson campaign has knocked on 31,585 doors since August alone. Including the Primary and General the total number of doors knocked by the Dickerson Campaign is 62,442.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from volunteers all over the district,” said Dickerson. “This has been a team effort and we have run a grassroots-oriented campaign to hear from voters across the political spectrum. While we have seen tremendous financial support, it is even more humbling to see everyone that has invested their time. The encouragement that we see at each door is what gives us the drive to work hard so that District 20 has a strong, sensible voice in the State Senate.”

Steve Dickerson is a practicing physician and founding partner of Anesthesia Services Associates. Dickerson attended the University of the South in Sewanee graduating with a B.A. in History. He then received his medical degree at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University. Steve Dickerson has been married to his wife Katrina for 20 years and they have three sons, Reid, Evan, and Bennett.

For more information about the Steve Dickerson campaign or to schedule an interview with Dr. Dickerson contact: 615-519-1896 or visit www.votestevedickersoncom.

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28 Newspapers (And Counting) That Endorsed Obama In 2008 Change Their Minds

What They Are Saying: 28 Newspapers (And Counting) That Endorsed Obama In 2008 Change Their Minds In

#1 –The Des Moines Register: Obama’s “Record On The Economy The Past Four Years Does Not Suggest He ...
Follow the above link to see a list, summary and link to the 28 enforcements. 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Nashville 2o4o Planning process underway

From the Metro Government, Planning Department.

Work is just beginning on a new Nashville General Plan which will provide a vision for our city's future over the next 30 years, along with guidance for growth and development in Davidson County and much of Middle Tennessee. 
Metro government and many local agencies and organizations are leading the General Plan's development - and a Community Engagement Committee is now forming which will include a wide variety of individuals from all walks of life who are familiar with community/neighborhood /civic engagement processes.
If you'd like to be considered for membership in that Committee, please apply at the Nashville 2040 website Our Current Plan
Other Cities' Plans »

The “General Plan” – direction for our community’s future

What should Nashville look like in 20 years, or 25, or 30? And we don’t mean just the city – we’re talking about the entire region, our county and others nearby. Metro planners are starting work now on a new General Plan which will provide a vision and guidance for growth and development in Davidson County and influence future progress in much of Middle Tennessee.

Who’s leading this project?

Community Engagement Committee ApplicationMetro Government is part of a coalition of business leaders, government agencies, educators, religious institutions, and individuals which all contribute and provide leadership to the development of the General Plan. It is a true community effort, with many different people and interests represented.
All of the team members live and work in the Nashville area, and share a common goal - helping Nashville and Middle Tennessee grow and prosper in a way that will be good for the economy, the environment, and the people of Davidson County and the surrounding counties.
004 organizations and community members
have joined the team

How long will it take, and how can I be part of it?

Creating the best and most usable Plan will take about three years. Right now, we’re setting a baseline understanding of where we are today. Next, we’ll start considering where we want to be and how to get there, efficiently and sustainably. Today, at the beginning of the process, is the best time to get involved. Join us, and have a real influence on your community’s future.

If you want to get involved  at the beginning in the next plan of Nashville, here is the chance. I have submitted my application. Rod

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2016 , The Movie. Free showing Friday November 2nd

2016: Obama's America   2016, The MOVIE,  will be shown tomorrow night, Friday, November 2 @ 7:00 sharp!  

Please bring your family and friends and a chair.
Romney/Ryan Hdqts., 4108 Hillsboro Pk (Next to McDonalds).

I have seen this documentary and it is excellent. It is scholarly and captivating. Everyone should see it. Below is the official movie trailer. Rod

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Another DesJarlais mistress steps forward

A second woman who says she had an affair with Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) has come forward in an interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press, saying it began when he was her doctor.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press is providing the women anonymity but they say they have verified her identity and she was listed as a "potential witness" in Desjarlais's ex-wife's divorce filing. The women also said Desjarlais smoked pot.

This is bad news.  Does it disqualify him from office?  No. Not in my book. It is kind of slimy and makes him less than the idea candidate, but I would still vote for a personally flawed conservative over a personally moral liberal. Legalizing abortion, bankrupting our country, and advancing an agenda that destroys our liberty is a greater sin than any personal transgressions.

The events happened fourteen years ago, while he was already separated from his wife. Dating a patient is a violation of a doctors ethics, but really is that such an ethical lapse?  It may be technically unethical, but there is no allegation he took advantage of venerable women. The smoking pot?  I don't care. I would bet that if the truth be known, most people of the baby boomer generation have smoked pot. We have a president who snorted coke and a previous president who smoked but says he didn't inhale. Smoking pot is no big deal.

The most troubling thing is the effort to talk a mistress into having an abortion. I am having a hard time buying his explanation of those events.  It sounds to me like he really was trying to talk a mistress who he assumed was pregnant into getting an abortion. Nevertheless, I am sure Scott Desjarlais will vote pro-life and that is more important.

Voters with conservative values should not let the fact that Scott Desjarlais has feet of clay lead them to voting for a Democrat who will vote against all of their values.  While we would want our legislators to be moral people and role models, we are voting for legislators; not choosing ministers.  If you are in DesJarlais district, please hold your nose and vote for him anyway.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Music City Liberty Fest

Join fellow Liberty lovers for the first annual Music City Liberty Fest!
 Cost $10
Nov 3 2012 Saturday 3pm-Midnight
Bring a gently used winter jacket (we are collecting warm clothes for a local charity)
 Bob Murphy (Austrian Economics Professor)
Jordan Page, Tatiana MorozTMOT, and many more musicians and speakers!

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Happy Halloween!

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