Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Republican Love Fest at Union Station

There is nothing like making up after a good fight. The Republicans made up. They are united and ready to win elections!

Lamar Alexander, Ron Ramsey, Bob Corker (speaking) Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam
left to right: Lamar Alexander, Ron Ramsey, Bob Corker (speaking) Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam

This morning the Republicans had a love fest! Ron Ramsey told how much he liked Zack Wamp and Bill Haslam and how he was going to do all he could to help get Haslam elected. Zack Wamp told how much he respected and admired Ron Ramsey and Bill Haslam, and then Haslam told how much he loved, admired and respected Wamp and Ramsey and how with their help he would be the next governor of Tennessee. They did not mention all those nasty things they said about each other in TV commercials. All is love and peace and harmony.

Marsha Blackburn calls David Hall to the Stage
Marsha Blackburn calls David Hall to the Stage

The event was the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee Meeting at the Union Station Hotel also billed as a Unity Rally. About three hundred people packed the McKinley Room of the Union Station and more were in the Grand Lobby who could not get in. Numerous county Party chairman were present, as were state house candidates, and party activist from across the state.

Senator Lamar Alexander addressed the group and reminisced about how he walked across the state to win the governorship in 1978 and how the party had grown since those days. Senator Corker spoke and introduced Ramsey and Wamp and Haslam. Marsha Blackburn introduced the nine Republican candidates for U.S. House Seats.

There is good news all across the state. To a rousing cheer we learned that for the first time ever the Shelby County legislative body is all Republican.

Charlotte Bergman
Charlotte Bergmann challenges Steve Cohen in Memphis

This was a great event. It was nice to meet energized Republicans from across the state and to see former opponents united in their goal of winning elections and advancing the Republican agenda.

Rod Williams, The Disgruntled Republican; Bob Schwartz, former candidate for 5th District; David Hall, Republican nominee 5th Congressional District; and Tim Lee, candidate for State House District 55

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Friday, August 06, 2010

I am still mystified at David Hall's win.

I am still mystified at David Hall's win. I saw David Hall speak a couple times at some of the "Egg and Bacon" Summits back several months ago but then never saw him again during the campaign. He stopped accepting speaking engagements to address the various Republican clubs around the county, he did not attend the Davidson County Republican Party picnic and did not take part in the Apollo School Debate. I am not sure of his speaking skills or how he performs in a debate.

I am not the only one who was surprised by Hall's win last night. Everyone I talked to was amazed. I think David had some TV ads but I never saw them. After a while all of the ads start running together even for a political junkie like myself and I can't be sure who's radio ad I heard and whose I didn't, but I seem to recall hearing David Hall's radio ad. I know I did get one, maybe more, mailings for Hall and I saw lots of David Hall yard signs.

One theory of why David won is the "Greene Factor." Recently in South Carolina, an unemployed military veteran stunned Democratic Party activist by winning that Party's nomination for a South Carolina's senate seat despite not even running a campaign. The speculation was that since "Greene" is a comfortable sounding name and was the first name on the ballot many people voted for him unknown.

In the 5th District many Republican voters may have been focused on the Governors race and not even known who was running in the crowded field for the 5th Congressional District nomination. The name "Hall" is a solid sounding name, is very American and is the first name on the ballot.

Another theory, and one to which I subscribe, is that Hall worked his tail off campaigning directly to the voters. He may have had a strategy of meeting so many voters a day and locking up X number of votes by election day. He may have reasoned that going door-to-door and meeting voters one-on-one was a more important use of his time than attending debates or Republican breakfast groups or Republican picnics. Politician seeking office should not underestimate the power of that one-on-one contact with the voters.

So, either David Hall was very lucky to have the name "Hall" and his election was a fluke or he is a hard working candidate and a brilliant strategist. Maybe it is some of both.

Winning the nomination, now what? Hall financed his own primary campaign. Unless he is a very, very wealthy man he cannot afford to finance a general election campaign against Jim Cooper. I don't think the same strategy that won him the primary will win a general campaign against Jim Cooper, assuming there was a strategy. Hall is going to have to make himself known to political activist and donors in order to have the resources to mount an effective campaign. He is going to have to sell himself. He needs to make people with money and people who volunteer feel comfortable.

There are also some negatives Hall must overcome such as the questionable campaign financial report and the doctored phony Marsha Blackburn endorsement. He must convince Republican activist that those were minor missteps and not representative of who he is. He needs to reassure people. He needs to make friends with Republicans. To expect donors to open their wallet, he needs to network with Republicans and convince people that he is up to the task of doing battle with Jim Cooper.

To beat Jim Cooper David Hall is going to have to win the support of a lot of moderate middle-of-the-road voters. He is going to have to take votes away from Jim Cooper. "Cooper" is a household name. Hall cannot win a general election because his name is "Hall" and he can't knock on enough doors to win a general election. I know there is a lot of anger against Cooper because of his support for Obamacare and the general Obama-Pelosi agenda. I am not sure there is enough anger at Cooper to win the election. Some people will vote against Cooper as a protest no matter who is the candidate running against him. However, I doubt there are enough of those people to win an election. People must not only vote against Cooper, some people must be persuaded to vote for Hall.

I will vote for David Hall. I support him. However, I have not yet been able to muster the same enthusiasm I could have for a Cece Heil, Jeff Hartline, Bob Schwartz or Lonnie Spivak. When people are excited they are willing to work the phone banks and take a day off from work to work the polls and join the candidate going door to door. Maybe it is simply because I have not had the same exposure to Hall as I have the other candidates or maybe it is because of the negatives mention above. I know we are all supposed to be excited about our nominee and get on board. I am on board and I am going to vote for him; David needs to get me excited.

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Hartline Statement on Election Results

August 6, 2010, NASHVILLE - Jeff Hartline and the Hartline for Congress campaign have issued the following statement regarding Thursday night's election results:

The Hartline for Congress campaign congratulates David Hall on winning the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District. Although Jeff Hartline did not win the nomination, he and the entire Hartline for Congress campaign remain committed to the campaign's primary goal: the defeat of Jim Cooper.

"I got into this race for the same reason my fellow candidates did – we all believe it is time to offer voters an alternative to the government-growing, debt-spiraling, tax-raising, job-killing policies that Congressman Jim Cooper has voted for time and time again during his long career in Congress," said Jeff Hartline, who made history this year as the first Republican candidate ever to raise six figures in campaign contributions to challenge Jim Cooper in the 5th district.

"I want to thank each and every person who voted for me or contributed to my campaign in any way,” Hartline said. "Your faith in me is humbling. Congressman Cooper is long past due for a serious challenge to his re-election. While I will not be the nominee running to defeat Jim Cooper in the general election, I assure you that I will continue to battle for the things we believe in. As the great American Revolutionary War naval commander John Paul Jones said, I have not yet begun to fight!"

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David Hall: I’m truly honored

From David Hall - 5th District GOP Nominee
Nashville, TN:

Thursday August 5th, was truly a wonderful day for the 5th Congressional District here in Middle Tennessee. I’m truly honored to have received 12,000 votes in the Republican Primary, winning all three counties within the district.

Over the past 12 hours my campaign has received tremendous support gaining both financial and grassroots momentum. It’s time to band together as conservatives and work tirelessly to unseat Jim Cooper. If you’re interested in volunteering, or willing to place a sign in your yard supporting our effort, or are able to make a financial contribution, please contact my campaign. It is through the countless volunteer hours, and the gracious contributions that we have won this primary and will claim the 5th Congressional seat.


If you would like more information about David Hall’s campaign, visit Or feel free to contact the campaign at:

David Hall for Congress

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5th District Election Returns

Below are the results for the Republican 5th Congressional race.

David Hall (R)--------11,930---28%
Jeffery Hartline (R)---10,005--23%
CeCe Heil (R)---------9,767-----23%
Vijay Kumar (R)------3,157-----7%
Bob Schwartz (R)-----2,377-----5%
Lonnie Spivak (R)----1,529-----4%
Jarod Scott (R)-------1,382-----3%
Patrick Miranda (R)--1,210-----3%
Tracy Tarum (R)-----1,128-----3%
Bob Ries (R)------------561-----1%
Alvin Strauss (R)-------320-----1%

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Nashville, TN – Bob Schwartz tonight wholeheartedly congratulated David Hall on winning the Republican nomination for the 5th District Congressional seat. Schwartz pledged his complete support and offered to do whatever he could to ensure Hall’s victory in November.

Schwartz said: “Voters in all three counties in the Fifth gave David strong support because they saw a man with the passion and the smarts that are needed in Washington today. Our problems are so severe that, really, the upcoming election will not be about partisan politics: Republican versus Democrat versus Independent. This election is a fight for the future of every person in the 5th District and for the generations not yet born.”

Speaking of the incumbent, Schwartz continued: “What Jim Cooper and all the political professionals don’t yet understand is that we are in a historically different time. The old measures of strength and political power no longer apply. The people are motivated and educated. They have the power to reclaim the government and they will do so!”

“Jim Cooper has been in Washington so long that he actually believes that he’s a fiscal conservative. The 5th District and, indeed, the country cannot afford that kind of delusional representation any longer.”

Schwartz called for broad support for the Republican nominee. “David will be a uniter and real breath of fresh air in Washington. He’ll need a strong team around him. Together, we can make his victory possible. Together, we can lay the foundation for better days ahead.” ONWARD!

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Election results and reflections

If one logs on to the website of the Tennessee Department of Elections, one gets this message:

Due to the unprecedented volume of traffic on our web site, our servers have crashed," said Blake Fontenay, spokesman for the Division of Elections. "As a result, we will not be able to continue to offer updates on election results throughout the evening. This service was something new that we tried this year - and we apologize for the inconvenience. When we receive the final results, we will post them online in a PDF format, as we have in years past.
I had hoped to post some results and comment but those exact numbers are not available.

Senator Henry only won by two votes! Henry has been kept in office for years by the votes of Republicans. This year many people who would have voted for Henry voted in the Republican primary. We can expect this election outcome to be contested. We can certainly expect a recount and maybe a challenge.

If you are familiar with the case of Rosalind Kurita, you will recall that she was a Democrat state senator who outpolled her opponent by just 19 votes to rewin her party's nomination. However, her opponent alleged that Republicans voted in the Democrat party primary and the party took her nomination away from her and awarded it to her opponent. Although many traditional Henry supported voted in the Republican primary this year, I don't think you would have to look too hard to find three Republicans who voted for Henry. Henry, however, has not angered the Democrat establishment the way Kurita had done, so I don't know if that tactic would work. Nevertheless we can expect a drawn out process and I predict both sides will charge voter irregularities. If Henry ends up losing the nomination in a legal battle, I suspect Henry Democrats will come over and support the Republican candidate Steve Dickerson in droves.

Eric Crafton loses to David Smith in the Juvenile Court Clerk's race. I was very disappointing by this outcome. I worked the polls for Eric and the phone banks and was invested in this campaign. I have come to know Eric. He is a good person and was by far the more qualified candidate. He has a real heart for children and would have made a great administrator of this office.

I think the outcome was something like 55% for David Smith and 45% for Eric. I knew it would be an up hill battle to take this seat I but was hopeful. I thought that since this there was so much more interest in the Republican primary than the Democrat primary that Republican would outvote Democrats, which they did. I thought this would benefit Eric. If Eric would have won, it would have been the first time in the history Davidson County a Republican won one of the Courthouse seats. In addition to knowing Eric was the best qualified person for the job, I wanted Republicans to crack that Democrat monopoly on Davidson County. Another reason I wanted Eric to win, is because I did not want to see David Smith win. I don't know David, but he is the son of Mack Smith. For any who are old enough or who have been here long enough to remember the era of Bill Boner and Fate Thomas, you may recall the name Mack Smith. I suspect the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anyway, Eric lost. Apparently many who voted Republican in the primary did not vote in the General Election. Also, I suspect that Eric's involvement in the English first bill, while helping him with some voters hurt him with others and may have had a net negative impact on his candidacy for this office. I still think Eric may have a future for higher office and wish him well.

Republicans did not break that Democrat courthouse strangle hold on Davidson County this year, but this is the first time we have even had a Republican primary in, something like, 38 years. We should not give up. Even if Republicans don't win, we are forcing Democrats to spend money and effort to hold on to their seats. That is money and effort that is not being used to defeat Republicans somewhere else. Also, it may take a while to get people accustomed to having contested elections.

Looking forward to November, we have a good chance to take some State House seats. Jim Gotto's chances of taking Ben West old seat looks very good. We also have good candidates in Charles Williamson, Tim Lee, and Duane Dominy who are each challenging sitting Democrats.

On a more personal note, I had a blast tonight. My lovely wife Louella and I started the evening off at the Union Station Hotel where Steve Gill broadcast election returns and analysis live. I also spend time in the Republican Party war room networking and chatting with fellow Republicans and watching the returns come in. I then went to the Haslam Party at the Hilton Hotel. I met and chatted with a lot of people and enjoyed the exuberance of the Haslam victory. After that started winding down, Louella and I and another couple went around the block to Lower Broad where we drank and danced and talked for a couple more hours. I do not claim to be a great writer, however if this post seems a little less polished than usual it may be due to the late hour, being tired and too many adult beverages.

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NASHVILLE, TN - Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney today congratulated Bill Haslam after voters named him the Republican nominee for Tennessee governor.

"Bill Haslam will be elected the next governor of Tennessee," said Devaney. "His experience in the private sector and leadership in local government has yielded a solid record of job creation and economic growth. Bill understands the challenges facing our state and has the knowledge, experience, and resolve to tackle those challenges head on. I congratulate Bill on his nomination and am looking forward to seeing him sworn in as Tennessee's next governor.

"I'd also like to congratulate Lt. Gov. Ramsey and Congressman Wamp on an extremely hard-fought race," continued Devaney. "Both men are dedicated public servants who have demonstrated time and again their commitment to making Tennessee a better place for families and businesses. I commend them both for their hard work on this campaign and extend my sincerest gratitude for the extraordinary leadership they will continue to provide the state of Tennessee."

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Congratulations Bill Haslam!

Louella, Bill Haslam and me at the Haslam victory party.

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Congratulation David Hall!

David Hall won the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional Distinct seat! I am speechless. I didn't see it coming. David Hall told us he was going to win and I didn't believe it.

Congratulations David. I hope you can go on and beat Jim Cooper.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Beth Campbell for the Republican State Executive Committee Committeewoman for District 21

Beth CampbellKeep Beth Campbell, Committeewoman District 21

Beth is a hardworking common sense conservative.

For a little over the past year, I have been a volunteer with the Party and have helped organize the Republican clubs across the county which have hosted the "Egg and Bacon summits." In this position, I have gotten to know the Chairman of the Party and many members of the Executive Committee. These people work hard to promote the Party's interest and it is often a thankless job. They are all volunteers and serve without pay in a job that brings little recognition.

I have probably worked closer with Beth Campbell than anyone else in the Party. No one in the Party works harder than Beth Campbell. Beth is energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking, tireless and effective. Beth knows everyone and seems to have friends in the camps of all of the gubernatorial candidates and in all the offices of our elected Republican office holders and knows who's who in Republican circles across the state. Beth knows how to get things done. Beth is diplomatic, is a peace-maker and a voice of calm in a time of crisis.

I admire and respect Beth's opponent, and think she would make a find candidate for Metro Council or some other elected position and hope she seeks another position at some point in the future. However, it would be a shame to replace someone as effective as Beth Campbell on the Executive Committee. Beth deserves to be re-elected.

What is the SEC?

The Republican State Executive Committee is made up of 66 members. Voters elect a male and female from each State Senate District who will serve a 4-year term. These SEC members are the primary board of the Tennessee Republican Party. The duties of this board are to elect a Chairman and set the budget for the Tennessee Republican Party. All members serve on various committees within the TRP.

Political Activities

* SEC Committeewoman District 21 - 2006 to present
* Member – TRP Candidate Recruitment Committee
* Tennessee Victory '08 - Volunteer office manager
* Woman for McCain Palin, Middle TN Chair 2008
* Bush/Cheney 04 – TN County Coordinator
* Member – Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee
* Member – Nashville Republican Women


* Member- Covenant Presbyterian Church
* Family – Husband, Bill Campbell, retired Headmaster

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hartline: We did not pay for the Minuteman endorsement

From Wes Hartline:
Our campaign did not pay anything for the Minuteman Project endorsement. We made no contributions nor were we contacted before the endorsement other than being asked to send our website, blog and policy positions to the Project.

I would appreciate an amended blog post on that, Rod. If left as is, it appears to the casual reader that we had to pay for an endorsement, and that is completely false.

Comment: I have not alleged that the Hartline campaign paid for the Minuteman Project endorsement and the Hartline campaign is not alleging that I made that charge. I have not searched the Hartline financial disclosures to see if they have paid a consulting fee to Election Impact Group or any other firm associated with Jim Gilchrist. I believe Jeff Hartline to be an honorable person and I am accepting his statement at face value. I am pleased to post the above message from the Hartline campaign.

I did post as written the press release from the Hartline campaign in which they announced their endorsement from the Minuteman Project. In a separate post, I posted a link from Politico that tells of serious and credible allegations that the Minuteman Project endorsement was for sale. If you have not read that article please do.

While I have absolutely no reason to believe and don't believe the Hartline campaign paid for the Minuteman Project endorsement, if I was a candidate for Congress and received the Minuteman Project endorsement, instead of bragging about it, I think I would keep it a secret.

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Vijay explains failure to file

Dear Rod,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have been in touch with the appropriate authority on this matter, which is the FEC person responsible for Tennessee, who has been understanding about extenuating circumstances--as I thought you might be. I was in an automobile accident and have been under treatment and in physical therapy for about six weeks, which has severely curtailed my originally planned campaign activities, has required a medical leave of absence from work, and has caused me considerable hardship.

There has been nothing remotely willful about my difficulty in keeping current, not only in relation to the campaign, but in my own business and personal matters as well. I do not have a staff. It all has been compounded by my Treasurer having to be out of town for a period of time, and my own lack of knowledge of procedure to get anything done about the filing in his absence. All of it together has been a source of considerable stress, and I have been working non-stop to catch up every minute I can.

My Treasurer is back and our filing is taking place within a few days, as I have discussed with the FEC. In the meantime, there is no deep mystery about my campaign financial status, which you'll see when we perfect the filing. As I told Jeff Hartline publicly on my blog a week or two ago, I raised a total of about $35,000.00, and contributed about $7,000.00 in addition to that from my family savings, for a total of about $42,000.00. I have had no corporate contributions at all.

Because of my appreciation for all you do, and for your friendship, wisdom, and energetic industry in working to keep all candidates on a level playing field, I will be happy to deliver a copy of my filing to you personally if you like.
Please post this to your blog, and I will post it, along with your inquiry, to mine.


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Tonight and tomorrow: Eric Crafton, right-wing nut-job, needs your help!

Comment: This right-wing nut-job Republican is doing all he can do to help Eric Crafton. I worked the polls for half a day at the Hermitage Library early voting site on Friday and Saturday and am working August 5th and worked the phone banks Monday and Tuesday. Where are the rest of you? Eric needs volunteers to work the phone bank tonight. Please sign up now by clicking this link: I am also a right-wing nut-job and I want to help Eric. Or, just show up at the State Party headquarters at 5Pm at tonight (Wednesday) 2424 21st Avenue, Suite 200.

From Eric Crafton
Dear Friends:

They are coming after me and coming after you!

Liberal activist State Democratic Party Chairman, Chip Forrester told The City Paper on Thursday that he feels, “because Davidson County is an extremely important Democratic bastion, the state party, as well as the local party, has a strong interest in ensuring that Eric Crafton is defeated next week”, because ”we see the potential of Eric Crafton, who is a right-wing, nut-job Republican, using this [seat] as a stepping stone for higher office.”

Unfortunately, Davidson County’s Juvenile Court clerk race has been turned decidedly ugly and hurtful by liberal activist Tennessee Democratic Party chairman, Chip Forrester when he said his party is “fully engaged” to defeat Crafton, a “right-wing, nut-job Republican.”

I have tried to make this campaign about competence, not partisan politics. If politics is taken out of the mix, I am clearly the most qualified candidate and the “Chip Forresters of the world” know it. That’s why they’ve stooped to calling all Republicans “right-wing, nut jobs”!

Obviously, as it was so clearly stated above, the activist wing of the democratic party understands the importance of my bid to become Nashville’s Juvenile Court Clerk, and they are doing everything they can to stop me. The question is “are we going to let them?”

If you are ready for Republican leadership at the local level, please help me win this race by doing one or all of the following:

1. Forward this email to a friend.
2. Take someone to the polls with you when you vote. Early Voting ends Saturday at 4 pm. Election day is Thursday, August 5th.
3. Help us at 5:30p – 8p this Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at State Party Headquarters with our phone bank. Please respond to this email to let us know you will be helping and we’ll send you directions to headquarters.

In an unprecedented move, Republicans have slightly outvoted Democrats throughout early voting. We can win this race, but to do so, we must run the race all the way through to the finish line. WON’T YOU PLEASE HELP ME?


Eric Crafton

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Why is Vijay Kumar Breaking the law?

Vijay Kumar has not yet filed a campaign financial disclosure report. He has advertising in the Tennessean. He has billboards. He has radio advertisements and television advertising. I would be surprised if he has spent less than $20,000. Who knows? Maybe he has spent $100,000.

I called the Federal Election Commission today to make sure that the FEC had not simply failed to post the summary of his report on their website. I talked to a nice man named Chris. No, Vijay Kumar has not filed the required report.

Even if a candidate self-finances his campaign he is still required to file a report. Had it not been for Jeff Hartline's filing a report, he could have avoided the controversy about paying himself a salary. David Hall could have avoided controversy about accepting corporate contributions if he had not had to file.

Who is financing Vijay Kumar's campaign? Where did the money come from and how was it spent. We have a right to know. I am contemplating filing a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

Vijay, please explain. Why have you not filed a report? Who is financing your campaign?

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A price tag for Minuteman support?

By BEN SMITH, 5/26/10, Politico- To win the endorsement of the Minuteman Project and its founder, Jim Gilchrist, you need to believe in federal troop deployments to stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. and stepped-up deportations of those who do.

You may also need to pay several thousand dollars, according to documents from three Republican campaigns that sought Gilchrist’s endorsement. Read more

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Minutemen Founder Endorses Hartline in 5th District

NASHVILLE, August 3, 2010, press realease from Hartline for Congress – Congressional candidate Jeff Hartline has received the endorsement of one of America’s foremost leaders in the fight to stop illegal immigration.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President of the Minuteman Project (, the nation's leading grassroots activist organization on the issue of immigration reform and border security, announced today that the organization is endorsing Hartline in the congressional race in Tennessee’s 5th District.

Gilchrist cited Hartline’s strong stances on securing our borders, denying illegals any form of amnesty, and cracking down on taxpayer-funded benefits that attract illegals to the United States. Hartline is a “real leader” who, as a member of Congress, “will ensure that Congress actually enforce current immigration laws to protect the jobs of Americans and the dollars of taxpayers,” Gilchrist said.

The Hartline campaign welcomed the endorsement. “Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman Project are at the forefront of the fight to stop illegal immigration, and as a member of Congress I will work with them and other like-minded Americans to make the federal government enforce our nation’s immigration laws and secure our borders, and to stop any attempt to grant amnesty.”
“For too long law abiding Americans have grown tired of watching the political establishment lack the will to enforce our nation's laws when it comes to border security and immigration policy,” Gilchrist said. He urged voters to send Hartline to Congress “to demand the Federal Government enforce our laws and secure our borders” so that America can “begin to end the chaos of illegal immigration.”

Jim Gilchrist founded the multi-ethnic Minuteman Project on Oct. 1, 2004, after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws. Called “the world’s largest neighborhood watch”, their volunteer members aid efforts of the US Border Patrol by watching for illegal activity along the US-Mexican border.

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August 2, 2010, Press release from Bob Schwartz, Republican candidate for 5th Congressional District

Today I encourage voters of Tennessee to join me in support of Bill Haslam for Governor.

Bill Haslam has the temperament and the experience that Tennessee needs at this critical time. The State’s budget constraints are serious now and may well become more difficult in 2011. Tennessee needs a Governor who has a strong track record of leading organizations in tough times.

I first met Mayor Haslam during the 2008 Presidential campaign. He showed a respect for those around him and a willingness to listen and learn. His track record in both the private sector and as a tax-lowering, pro-business Mayor make it clear to me that he has what it takes to turn conservative principles into practical solutions.

Both of the Mayor’s primary opponents are excellent, conservative Republicans. Either of them would make a fine governor! In my opinion, though, Bill Haslam is the strongest choice to lead the State of Tennessee. Bill Haslam for Governor! ONWARD!

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Exit Poll Shows Haslam, Hall, Lynn and Yarbro Set to Win Primary

Press Release from David Hall for Congress
August 2, 2010

Nashville, TN: After the 2008 Presidential elections, many experts predicted a truly unique 2010 election cycle. Evidence is mounting for these predictions to come true here in Davidson County politics. Present in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary is endless drama with money pouring in, not to mention the Republican support of Jeff Yarbro, a truly progressive challenger to Doug Henry, justified by traditional Republicans who claim that he is unable to win against their Republican nominee. Then of course you have the Juvenile Court Clerk hopeful, David Smith, who started his campaign a solid 30 months before Election Day, but the Republicans’ Eric Crafton is forging a close battle to the finish. Finally you have the Republican 5th Congressional District Primary drawing national support from Sarah Palin’s endorsement of CeCe Heil, followed by a vaguely explained endorsement from local Democrat State Rep Ben West Jr that has Democrats outraged and Republicans confused. Below is list of poll results released by David Hall, a Candidate for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, stratified by AHC Group, a local media consulting firm.

Republican Primary Races

333 Total Registered Voters, Who’ve Already Voted In The Republican Primary

Gubernatorial Primary

Bill Haslam - 50.15%

Ron Ramsey - 29.9%

Zach Wamp – 19.95%

A surprising fact discovered - Voter exit data shows that 1/6 of all 2010 Republican Primary Voters have voted strictly Democrat in past primaries. When questioned the most common reason given is that the Democratic Primary doesn’t offer enough competition.

5th Congressional Primary

David Hall - 29%

Jeff Hartline - 23%

CeCe Heil - 23%

Bob Schwartz - 5%

Vijay Kumar - 3%

Patrick Miranda - 3%

Lonnie Spivak - 3%

Other - 11%

Voter exit polling shows that David’s $200,000 in voter contact has put his campaign a full 6% above his closest competitors.
Democratic Primary Races

126 Total Registered Voters, Who’ve Already Voted In The Democratic Primary

5th Congressional Primary

Jim Cooper - 87%

Eric Pearson -7%
\Eric Schecter - 6%

Nothing too surprising here, Jim Cooper, the Democratic incumbent is favored to win by a landslide.

State Senate District 21

Doug Henry - 36%

Jeff Yarbro - 64%

A rather difficult race to understand but the anti-incumbent fever seems to be affecting long time Senator Doug Henry as the new blood candidate, Jeff Yarbro, is beginning to break-away.

Davidson County General Election

294 Total Registered Voters, Who’ve Already Voted In The County General

Juvenile Court Clerk

Eric Crafton - 49.65%

David Smith – 50.35%

The fact that Eric Crafton is a Republican doesn’t seem to be helping him as 1/6 of the Republican vote is made up of previously Democratic voters who tend to vote accordingly in the county general. However, this race is clearly too close to call.

Criminal Court Clerk

David Torrence - 72%

David Baxter - 28%
Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence’s positive name recognition should be enough to carry him through the county general quite comfortably.

Davidson County has been a Democratic strong hold for decades, 2010 however provides fertile ground for grass-roots Republican victories.

Wilson County Republican Primary

17th State Senate Primary

Mae Beavers- 37%

Gordon Borck- 12%

Susan Lynn - 51%

Another heated contest shows Lynn with a strong lead.
Keaton Myers - Spokesperson
David Hall for Congress


The highlighting in the above press release is mine.

I am taking this press release with a big grain of salt. A search for "AHC Group" reveals a major consulting firm headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York. In Nashville there is the American Harmonica Club and an AHC records which is a music label, and American Health Consultants. The only AHC that could be a local media consulting firm was The AHC Group which has a very sparse web page.

The AHC Group is described as "a premier outbound data collection firm providing a full range of quality services through its modern facilities located in the heart of Nashville, TN. The AHC Group combines dynamic, experienced and professional staff with advanced data management and information technologies. This means that The AHC Group can provide clients with a strategic edge by setting industry standards in unrivaled service and customized market research data collection."

The address is not give, no list of client, and no other information. Is this the AHC referred to in the press release above?

My Predictions for the 5th.
I am going to go way out on a limb and give you my gut-feeling, unscientific prediction for the fifth:
Cece Heil 34%
Jeff Hatline 32%
Bob Schwartz 12%
David hall 9%
Lonnie Spivak 6%
The remaining five split the other 7 percent.

If David Hall wins this race and gets 29% of the vote I will be very surprised. If he is the nominee, I will work to help him get elected, but I am just not believing it.

No one should be influenced by my prediction. It is just a WAG. However, I will bet someone lunch that my predictions are closer than those listed in the David Hall press release.

What do you think?

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Cece Heil announces local endorsements

August 2, 2010, Press Release Cece for Congress.

CeCe Heil's campaign brings in top local endorsements to add to her already impressive slate of National endorsements by Sarah Palin, CWA, FRC, and CWF just to name a few.

"I am so proud to have the local support from State Rep. Ben West Jr.,and his wife Phyllis, The 912 Project, Professor Carol M. Swain Ph.D.,Buford Tune, and Ricky Skaggs." - CeCe Heil

"We proudly support our friend CeCe Heil, who is running in the Primary for 5th District Congressional Seat.Ben West and Cece and Phyllis West

We are of the opinion that this country has been heading in the wrong direction and that our voices have not been heard by our current representation regarding Congressional legislation. After looking at all the candidates in this race, it became abundantly clear that CeCe has the leadership skills and the moral character needed today to be a leader in this country. She is a strong Constitutional Conservative and successful business owner, a devoted wife, mother and Christian. She believes in smaller government and lower taxes to boost this failing economy, so more people can be put on the payroll, rather than on unemployment rolls. She is opposed to ObamaCare and government take over of private industry, and so are we.

CeCe's most important attribute is that she wants input from her constituents. She believes firmly in the concept of "WE THE PEOPLE" running this country. Most importantly, we believe she has the ability to debate the issues with knowledge and intelligence, bring respect back to DC and garner the support to beat the incumbent."

TN State Rep. Ben West Jr. & Mrs. Phyllis West

"Following a forum with all 5th District conservative candidates ,912 Project Tennessee's judging committee gave its highest marks to CeCe Heil.9-12 Project
CeCe's recognition for receiving the 912's highest marks reflects our confidence in her understanding of the proper balance between the federal and state government's respective roles as described in our US Constitution. Coupled with her understanding was CeCe's skill to defend her position to citizens of every educational level. Her answers inspired great confidence that, like us, she also desires to vastly reduce the federal government and its over reaching power. We left the forum convinced that CeCe could and would defend our Constitution according to the 9 principles and 12 values for which we stand and we would feel proud to know that she is our representative."

9.12 Project Tennessee
Restoring True American Values

Carol Swain and Cece Heil "I am endorsing CeCe Heil for the 5th Congressional district. CeCe has a unique skill set and a teachable spirit. She is an accomplished attorney and a strong Christian woman who is willing to take and apply the advice she is given. I believe she will attract cross-over support from Democratic voters. Let's get behind CeCe with votes & dollars
Professor Carol M. Swain Ph.D.
Vanderbilt Law Professor

"As a business owner, a former Metro Police Officer and an expert witness on law enforcement and security matters; I am proud to endorse CeCe Heil for US Congress to represent TN's 5th District. CeCe understands and supports our nation's highest law which is the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend our God-given right to own and bear arms.Burord Tune
CeCe is a successful business owner as well and runs her own law firm. As a good attorney she understands the proper roles of government and will tirelessly work to put them back in their place! We can't afford to put another 'politician' in Jim Cooper's seat, we NEED a Statesman that will uphold the Constitution and defend our freedoms! CeCe Heil believes in a strong military and will fight to defend the American dream with backbone and steady character. I am a no nonsense kind of guy and CeCe will bring her know-how and common sense to Washington to be a Conservative Voice for us and our children! I ask that you vote for CeCe Heil on August 5th and support her campaign as you are able."

Buford Tune
CEO APPS, Retired Metro Police Dept. & Metro Government

Ricky Skaggs"I want to encourage you to go out and vote for CeCe Heil for congress in the 5th District. She is the candidate with the experience and courage to take on BIG government in Washington. CeCe is a woman led by her faith and convictions and has what it takes to get this country back on track. As a small business owner, attorney and constitutional scholar, she will fight tirelessly to protect our God-given freedoms. Please join me in supporting CeCe Heil for congress. Now more than ever we need CeCe to be our voice on Capitol Hill.

Ricky Skaggs
World Renowned Bluegrass Artist

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

a little comic relief: Robots and Martinis

Guy goes into a bar, there's a robot bartender.
The robot says, "What will you have?"
The guy says, "Martini."
The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man, "What's your IQ?"
The guy says, "168."
The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and Medical technology.

The guy leaves, but he is curious...
So he goes back into the bar.
The robot bartender says, "What will you have?"
The guy says, "Martini."
Again, the robot makes a great martini gives it to the man and says,
"What's your IQ?"
The guy says, "100."
The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser and John Deere Tractors.

The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try
It one more time.
He goes back into the bar.
The robot says, "What will you have?"
The guy says, "Martini," and the robot brings him another great Martini.
The robot then says, "What's your IQ?"

The guy says, "Uh, about 60."
The robot leans in real close and says,
So, you people still happy you voted for Obama?"

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