Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Disgruntled Republican exceeds 100,000 page views last month!

by Rod Williams, August 13, 2023- This blog's page views has now exceeded 100,000 for the past month! This is unexpected. Quite frankly I don't know how to explain it, but I am pleased.  

For the last few years my blog's monthly page views had ranged between 20,000 and 40,000.  In January of this year, I lost my domain name. Prior to January this blog had been known as "A Disgruntled Republican." Due to an expired credit card on file, and my misunderstanding the communications I received, and ignoring notification telling me to act, my blog went dark and everything I had ever posted was lost. Hours and hours of trying to recover it day after day failed. It was very frustrating. At Google, I never did talk to anyone who was helpful. 

Thanks to someone who knows more about the behind the curtain stuff of blogging than I do, came to my rescue.   Finally, I was able to recover all of my post but not my domain name. I relaunched my blog with this domain name, "The Disgruntled Republican."  So, starting over with no base of readers with a new blog name, my past months views slowly climbed by a few a day until it hit 1,700 where it kind of stalled for a while. Then in about late May it started growing and then growing at a faster rate.  On July 27th it hit 17,000 page views in the past mouth and continued to grow. On August 3rd it was over 30,000. It was growing by thousands a day. Sometime in the night last night it broke the 100,000 milestone. 

I am pleased to be in a position to share my opinion and insights. I do not really know how many people read what I post. Everything I post on this blog I also post on my personal Facebook page. I don't know how many people see it on Facebook and how often something is shared. 

I know I need to do some blog maintenance like get a Facebook share button that works, reinstate Google ads and maybe make a little money, and make it easier to subscribe. All of that takes time. I have done it once a long time ago, but to do it again will be learning curve. I also need to remind myself that this is just hobby and not let blogging eat my life. Also, what goes up, may come down, so if whatever caused this jump in viewership ends, I need not to let it be devastating.  

For now, I am enjoying knowing someone is reading what I am writing. Knowing someone hears what you are saying makes it a lot more fun than just shouting into a void. 

Thank you for reading and sharing. 

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