Tuesday, April 04, 2023

House moves to oust Justin Jones and two others over disrupting the House proceedings and leading anti-gun protestors in chants from the floor.


Representative Justin Jones leads gun control protestors in chants from the House floor.

by Rod Williams, April 4, 2023- Leading a mob in chants with a bullhorn from the floor of the chamber should never be acceptable behavior from a member of the body; the House should be a deliberative body. There should be an expected level of decorum. However, ousting is a drastic step and less severe measures should be taken first. The Speaker should call attention to the behavior of Jones and his colleagues from the podium and admonish them and warn that a repeat of such behavior will result in more drastic action.  

I know Jones is an activist and does not respect decorum. I was once at a Marsha Blackburn event where he disrupted the meeting during the prayer and had to be physically removed from the room. Then there was the time when a House Representative was engaged in dialog with protestors and Justin Jones threw a cup on hot coffee on the Representative.  I understand that the leopard is unlikely to change his spots with a mere warring and admonition from the speaker. 

Still, I would support something less drastic than ouster. To oust him will make him a martyr and a hero to the left. He may become an in-demand radical like Al Sharpton and get his own show on MSNTV and a teaching job at TSU.  I would support a resolution censuring the three and stripping Jones of his committee assignments. 

Of course, I have not had to serve with Jones and legislators may be at the end of their rope in dealing with him.  If in the opinion of fellow House members, he is beyond redemption, then it may be appropriate to oust him. 

If Jones was the only one who used the bullhorn and was the leader of the three and the House determines he must be ousted, maybe only he should be ousted and the other two simply admonished. 

The House should be calmly deliberative before taking action. 

To read more on this issue follow this link, and this link.  Below is a copy of the resolution to oust Jones and two other Representatives from the chamber. 

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