Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The midterm results are good for Republicans, if not great

 If Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking they won last week, that’s a huge opportunity for the GOP

by Erin Norman, The Spectator, November 15, 2022 - The dust is still settling around the congressional midterms, but it looks like Republicans will retake the House by a very slim margin and Democrats will have an ever-so-slight lead in the Senate.

But with stubbornly moderate Democrats such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Republicans can be fairly confident the upper chamber will not try to advance the most extreme parts of President Biden’s agenda, even if they do increase their majority by one seat in the December runoff in Georgia. And of course, because of the flip in the House, those uber-progressive proposals will never make it up to the Senate. ... if conservatives can look past the disappointment they feel from overblown expectations, they will see there is plenty of good news. They have control in the House of Representatives and hold the majority of gubernatorial seats. ... Republicans grew support among all minority groups: +4 among Black voters, +10 among Hispanics and an impressive +17 among Asians. 

... President Biden’s rush to claim victory despite objectively losing power and his belief that such a loss communicated approval of his agenda signals that no real post-mortem will be done on the left. President Biden will use this better-than-expected showing to rebuke his potential challengers who would carry far less baggage and bring more enthusiasm to the Democrats’ 2024 campaign. He will continue to play to the progressive wing of the party, push unpopular, if not flat out economically damaging, policies and engage in the divisive politics the American people have come to loathe.

For Republicans and their 2024 chances, this is where good turns to great. (Read more)

Rod's Comment: I concur with this analysis but would add that the primary reason the midterm was great for Republicans, is that it showed Republicans the way forward. It is better to learn this now than in 2024. Victory does not lie with Trumpism but with a return to traditional Republicanism. Trmpinistas lost; Trumpism is a loser. If Republicans will learn from this underperformance and nominate anyone but Trump in 2024 and reject candidates that cleave to the myth of the stolen election, a great victory awaits in 2024.

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