Saturday, February 11, 2012

State threatens suit against boat hobbyists

The Tennessee Department of Revenue is threatening court action against a Murfreesboro man who built a small wooden boat in his garage with his 7-year-old son.
The state says that makes him a boat dealer and subject to paying extra taxes.
The boat is 14 feet long and made of wood. The family ordered the plans over the Internet because 7-year-old Carter loves to fish with his dad.
But when the Kings registered their boat and paid the boat registration fees, the nightmare started.
Letters from the Tennessee Department of Revenue say that because the Kings are boat dealers and manufacturers, they have to pay $539 dollars in taxes on the boat. (State threatens suit against boat hobbyists - WSMV Channel 4)

My view: You just can not make this stuff up! From ticketing a livery service for daring to only charge $25 for a 10 minuet limo ride rather than a mandated $45, to restricting casket sales to only licensed funeral directors, to charging someone a fine of $539 for building his own boat, it seems state and local government is determined to curtail freedom and protect established concerns from competition. Will someone in the state legislature move to repeal this law that requires a license to build a boat? 

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